Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Campus Crest Communities CEO Ted Rollins Has a History of Violence Toward Young People

Ted Rollins

Ted Rollins, CEO of Campus Crest Communities, severely beat his stepson in 1995, causing the teenager to be taken to an emergency room by ambulance.

Zac Parrish's exact age at the time of the beating is unclear, but he was about 15 years old. Parrish, now 33, is the managing member of Parrish Building Company in Birmingham--and he is one of two sons Sherry Carroll Rollins has by her first marriage, to an insurance executive named Allen Parrish.

Ted Rollins refused to respond to questions about the beating, and Zac Parrish denied that it happened. But two members of the Rollins family have confirmed that it happened. One of those sources is Sherry Carroll Rollins, Parrish's mother and Ted Rollins' ex wife. She says the beating stopped only after she called 911, and sirens could be heard approaching in the distance.

According to Sherry Rollins, her son's face was a bloody mask by the time paramedics arrived, and he later was diagnosed with a broken nose and numerous abrasions and lacerations. She said he still bears facial scars from the incident.

There is grim irony in the fact that Ted Rollins once acted violently toward his stepson. That's the same Ted Rollins who now markets student housing to young people not much older than Zac Parrish was at the time of the beating.

Parrish responded with profanity-filled rage when I recently asked to interview him about several issues connected to the Rollins v. Rollins divorce case. Despite the violence heaped upon him as a youngster, Parrish has been a steadfast defender of Ted Rollins and his company.

Sherry and Ted Rollins married in 1991, and they divorced in 2005, concluding the worst civil cheat job I've encountered in a court of law. The judgment by Shelby County Circuit Judge D. Al Crowson was so outrageous that it has left Sherry Rollins and her daughters, Sarah and Emma Rollins, on food stamps.

Zac Parrish
The blended Rollins family was living in a rural area near Louisburg, North Carolina, in 1995, where Ted was head of American Textile Services. Ted Rollins was mowing grass, with Zac Parrish nearby, on what seemed to be a peaceful day. Sherry Rollins heard loud talking, screaming, and dogs barking--and arrived to see Ted Rollins on top of her son, repeatedly punching him in the face.

Zac Parrish was not an imposing teenager. Sherry Rollins says he weighed roughly 100 pounds, while Ted Rollins was about 6-4, 230. It hardly could be called a fair fight--and it still is not clear what sparked it.

In fact, Zac Parrish denies that it happened. Here is an excerpt from my recent conversation with him (ZP is Zac Parrish; LS is me, Legal Schnauzer):

LS: Why did Ted Rollins beat you severely when you were 15 years old?

ZP: Ted Rollins never beat me severely, Roger . . . get your fucking facts straight.

LS: He didn't beat you?

ZP: No, unh unh, sure didn't.

LS: Really? Well, when you were 15 years old, I've been told, that you were beaten by Ted Rollins.

ZP: You've been told . . .

LS: Is that true?
Parrish then invited me to ask him questions face to face. When I said I would be happy to conduct an in-person interview and offered to set up a time, he refused to meet or answer questions.

I posed several questions about the beating to Ted Rollins via e-mail and here is his reply: "I am not in the habit of wasting time on rubbish such as yours."


Anonymous said...

I guess this explains why Zac Parrish cussed you out when you asked about Ted Rollins.

James Greek said...

God, I really hate that scumbag now.

Anonymous said...

That would not be hard to prove. There has to be a record somewhere..

This is sick.. He is a creep..

Anonymous said...

Did Mr. Rollins face legal repercussions for this? If not, he certainly should have.

Robby Scott Hill said...

Roger, I'm so glad you are exposing the culture of violence that police & courts have such a history of whitewashing. The Alabama State Bar denied me admission to the bar exam in part because one of my former co-workers hit me upside the head with a 3 liter soda bottle & I decided to call the police.
I'm going to cover some other stories this summer like the time the late Emory Folmar pulled a gun on the son of an Assistant District Attorney & nobody in Montgomery would press charges because Folmar had police files with damaging information on all of the state officials. It's time to expose Alabama's self-righteous system for what it is.

legalschnauzer said...

I have more information coming soon on the subject of legal repercussions.

legalschnauzer said...

Rob: They punished you for being the victim of a violent act? What a country!

David said...

When I was growing up in Mobile in the late 50s and early 60s Emory Folmar was vp of Loyal American Life Ins Co. He and the preident got caught running an insurance scam of folks like my daddy that worked at the local air force base. Emory left in the dark of night and wound up in Montgomery working for his brothers building shopping centers. He later got elected Mayor and re-elected until Bobby Bright beat him. He then got appointed as head of the ABC Board. At both jobs he was always furnished a driver. You see Emory was Montgomery's leading Alcoholic and it just would do for him to be driving around town.

Anonymous said...

The link to American Textile Services seems to show that his company was disbarred from doing business with the Federal Government? I wonder what they did - here's the explanation for the "A" code on American Textile Services' record: Cause
Debarment by an agency pursuant to FAR 9.406-2, GPO Instructions 110.11A or 39 CFR 601.113, for one or more of the following causes: (a) conviction of or civil judgment for fraud violation of antitrust laws, embezzlement, theft, forgery, bribery, false statements, or other offenses indicating a lack of business integrity; (b) violation of the terms of a Government contract, such as a willful failure to perform in accordance with its terms or a history of failure to perform; or (c) any other cause of a serious and compelling nature affecting responsibility. (See Code N- Debarment pursuant to FAR 9.406 2(b)(2) Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988.)

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 4:32:

Thanks for your insight. I had heard something about the term debarment in association with American Textile, but I don't know a lot about it. I've been focusing more on Mr. Rollins' activities in Alabama and less on North Carolina. My understanding is that American Textile more or less went bankrupt. I also believe that Mr. Rollins had issues with the IRS during that time frame. Need to research this a little more, but it appears that Mr. Rollins' business track record with AT is not too strong. Makes you wonder why investors ponied up $380 m for Campus Crest Communities.

jeffrey spruill said...

Makes you wonder why investors ponied up $380 m for Campus Crest Communities.


They heard about Uncle Ted Rollings wild drug/pot parties & wanted in on the fun.