Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Do Cats Really Serve a Purpose as "Watch Dogs"?

We long have been surprised at how much time our kitty kats, Baxter and Chloe, spend looking out the window. We thought cats were supposed to be aloof and unconcerned about what goes on around them. But ours seem to be summoning their inner "watch dogs."

Baxter and Chloe are endlessly amusing, and we get a kick out of their efforts to look like they are guarding the premises. We long have suspected that they really aren't of much use in the security department--and now we have confirmation, thanks to the fine folks at LOL Cats.

We often get chuckles from the antics of the I Can Has Cheezburger crowd. But as the proud owners of two "vintage" Nissan Sentras, dating back to 1994 and 1985, we found this one particularly priceless:

funny pictures - Good news!   Your car isn't too crappy to steal!
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