Thursday, November 12, 2009

Your Pets and Those Cold Rectal Thermometers

We have many fond memories of Murphy Abigail Shuler (1993-2004), our wonderful miniature schnauzer who inspired this blog.

In fact, we never drive by Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic in Birmingham without thinking about how much Murphy loved going to the vet. We're told that many dogs put up a major fuss about going to the doctor. But Murphy wasn't that way.

Actually, Murphy loved anything that involved a car ride. But even after she realized we were going to the vet, she always seemed delighted to be there. And she was crazy about Dr. Bill Christenberry, her "primary-care physician," and the other doctors and staff at Caldwell Mill.

Dr. Christenberry often commented on what a good patient Murphy was. (The same cannot be said for our current pets, the brother-sister Tonkinese cat duo of Baxter and Chloe. They do major whining and shedding of fur when they are headed to, and at, the vet.)

No matter what poking or probing needed to be done, Murphy took it in stride. The happy expression on her face only changed when it was time to take her temperature--with a rectal thermometer.

Even then, she didn't take it badly. Her expression went from "Gee, isn't it great to be here" to "Oooh, that's cold--and it's in my butt."

It's been five-plus years since Murphy died, on her 11th birthday. A day never passes without us thinking of her. Sometimes, the memories will bring tears to our eyes. But mostly they make us smile--or even laugh out loud. Murphy had a wonderful, playful spirit, and she seemed to take special delight in doing things that we found funny.

So we could not help but think of Murphy--and her experiences with rectal thermometers--when we saw this recent post at

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