Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This Joke Is Funny Because It's So Close to the Truth

Here is a joke that speaks uncomfortable truths about the legal profession. Because of the lawyers' last names in this little tale, I'm guessing it originated in a state with a large Hispanic population--perhaps Texas or California.

Based on my experience, this story cuts across all nationalities and state borders. It easily could have been written with lawyers named Smith and Jones:

Taking a seat in his chambers, the judge faced the opposing lawyers.

"So," he said, "I have been presented, by both of you, with a bribe."

The lawyers squirmed uncomfortably.

"You, attorney Leon, gave me $15,000. And you, attorney Campos, gave me $10,000."

The judge reached into his pocket and pulled out a check. He handed it to Leon. "Now then, I'm returning $5,000, and we're going to decide this case solely on the merits."


David said...

What do you call 1,000 Alabama lawyers on the bootom of the gulf of Mexico? Answer: A good start!

Anonymous said...

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