Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sarah Palin Flaunts Her Fertility in Birmingham

In the hours leading up to Sarah Palin's book-signing appearance yesterday in Birmingham, we theorized that much of Palin's appeal comes from her demonstrated fertility--and her ability to maintain a svelte figure after producing five (count 'em, five) children.

Well darned, if Palin didn't help affirm our theory--sort of--when she appeared at Colonial Brookwood Village to sign copies of Going Rogue. According to The Birmingham News, Palin arrived in our fair city with three of her kids--Willow, Piper, and Trig--in tow, along with her mother and father.

Did Palin use her kids as campaign props for her Alabama visit? That's probably being a bit cynical of us. Who can blame a mother for wanting to have her kids nearby as Thanksgiving approaches?

But hey, that's rational thinking, which has no place in the blogosphere. So forget I ever wrote that.

Regardless of Palin's motives, the Birmingham throng seemed thrilled to be in her presence--and to have her entourage along. Gosh, you would think John and George had risen from the grave and joined Paul and Ringo for a reunion concert at one of our area's finest shopping venues.

You can check out a video of the Palin event here:

Sarah Palin Book Signing

Before we conclude, let's reconsider our question from yesterday: What do people find appealing about Sarah Palin? A video from a book signing in Columbus, Ohio, offers some insight. When people are asked for reasons they support Palin, most of them are stumped. We hear vague phrases like "she'll protect our freedoms," "she'll get spending under control," "she's a breath of fresh air."

But when asked specifically about Palin's policy agenda, the folks get blank looks on their faces. One young woman, who first appears about the 1:55 point in the video, is particularly interesting. She is nice looking, well dressed, and obviously intelligent--and the camera comes back to her several times.

Eventually, she gets this look on her face that seems to say, "You know, I really can't explain rationally why I support Sarah Palin. But darn it, I'm a bright person and there's a microphone in my face, so I'm going to try it anyway."

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Anonymous said...

You'd hope those dopey Palin fans would have more specific reasons for supporting her like maybe hope or change. Now them there's some solid reasons!