Tuesday, November 27, 2007

War? What War?

I was struck by a story the other day about the problem of huge classes on college campuses.

The story, out of Boulder, Colorado, says there currently are 18 million college students in America, and that number is expected to climb by two million over the next eight years. At the University of Colorado, and on other campuses, that has resulted in huge classes.

At Colorado, for example, 33 courses have 400 students or more.

I had a "wait-a-minute moment" when I read this. Isn't there a war going on--two in fact? And our college classrooms are packed to overflowing? Is there something wrong with this picture?

What do members of Tom Brokaw's "Greatest Generation" think when they read this story? They must guffaw at the notion that our college classrooms would be crammed while the country is at war. I doubt it was that way during WWII.

And here's a question: How many of these kids jammed into lecture halls are the progeny of "support the troops" right wingers? In fact, how many of the kids themselves are "support the troops" right wingers?

I guess they just have an interesting way of supporting the troops. Perhaps all the right-wing Justins out there wear "Support the Troops" stickers while they down a few at the latest kegger or try to figure out how to get into Brittney's britches.

Only in Dubya's America.

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