Friday, November 2, 2007

DOJ Targeting Hillary Donors?

We have posted previously about an apparent Department of Justice campaign to investigate donors to Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards.

And we noted that such a campaign might have been behind the prosecution of Mississippi attorney Paul Minor, a major Edwards donor. The Minor case has been the subject of numerous posts here at Legal Schnauzer, and documents related to the case were presented at the recent U.S. House Judiciary Committee hearing on selective prosecution.

Now we have a report that the targeting of Democratic donors might have been more widespread than was first thought.

Scott Horton, of Harper's, notes that he when he originally posted on the subject, he received a number of comments saying his focus was "too narrow." Now Horton cites a recent Associated Press story about an investigation of a Hillary Clinton donor. This indicates that the scheme might indeed go beyond the Edwards campaign.

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Anonymous said...

During President Clinton's administration, the DOJ refused to prosecute Paul Minor, even though there was evidence that judicial bribery had occurred. When the Bush administration took over there were cases that had been shelved because Clinton did not want to prosecute any of his big donors. If anyone else had done this it would have been called racketeering. But in the U.S. it is called politics. To bad political protection is only available to the rich and powerful. They play with the lives of the rest of us.