Monday, November 26, 2007

Hoover High and Me, Part III

Was Hoover High School interested in hiring Briarwood Christian football coach Fred Yancey in late 1998, a move that probably would have netted the Bucs a proven coach, a high-profile assistant coach (Jeremiah Castille) and two star players (Jeremiah's sons, Tim and Simeon Castille)?

Did Briarwood hurriedly pull off a peculiar real-estate deal that resulted in Yancey, my former next-door neighbor, moving to a house on school property at little or no cost? Did this deal provide the financial incentive for Yancey (and perhaps more importantly, the Castilles) to stay at Briarwood, ensuring that the school's budding football program would remain a powerhouse?

Did Hoover turn to Rush Propst only after it realized that Yancey and the Castilles would stay at Briarwood?

Did the fear of losing Yancey (and maybe the Castilles) to Hoover--or some other school--drive Briarwood to engineer a shoddy real-estate deal that led to major legal headaches for your humble blogger? In fact, did Briarwood's concerns over losing its coach lead to the judicial corruption that prompted this blog in the first place?

Let's see if we can answer some of these questions. We'll do it in three parts, looking at some key facts/events, taking educated guesses at what caused these events to take place, and laying out the aftermath of these events. That's coming up in a bit.

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