Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Giuliani and Oxycontin

Will Rudy Giuliani be the Republican Party nominee for president? If so, the country might want to know about Giuliani's history with the powerfully addictive painkiller Oxycontin.

Don McNay reports in the Richmond Register that Giuliani was the lawyer who kept the makers of Oxycontin out of jail. And McNay notes the curious endorsement of Giuliani from evangelist Pat Robertson.

"The Oxycontin people made a product that the company's top executives knew was addictive," McNay writes. "They got their marketing people to push unsuspecting doctors to prescribe it to innocent patients. A lot of people went to the doctor for backaches and came out drug addicts."

And what about Robertson?

"I suspect Robertson is now out of touch," McNay writes. "Still, it is dangerous for an out-of-touch person to make personal endorsements. I am willing to bet that Pat Robertson has never even heard of Oxycontin and doesn't know about Giuliani's involvement.

"The mainstream media spends a lot of time talking about Rudolph's multiple marriages, and his friend who got indicted. They've ignored how Giuliani makes his living."

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Anonymous said...

Many drug makers create drugs which can become addictive. They do it knowingly. That is why the drugs need a doctor's prescription and authorization for sale and use.

There is nothing at all illegal about it.