Saturday, July 21, 2007

Simpson Returns Fire

Dana Jill Simpson is responding with vigor to the press release issued recently by Louis Franklin, U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Alabama.

Scott Horton of Harper's reports on Simpson's reply here.

Simpson refers to "false and gross distortions" in Franklin's press release. She also wonders if Franklin's statements violate ethical standards, particularly related to a case that is on appeal. She says she knew the Riley people would come after her and is reminded of a quote from her grandfather: "Only a hit dog hollers."

Simpson also raises an issue that will become a key part of our story here at Legal Schnauzer. Under the Alabama Rules of Professional Conduct, an attorney who becomes aware of unethical conduct on the part of another lawyer or judge is required to report it. Simpson says this is a key reason she came forward in the Siegelman matter.

Attorneys in my case repeatedly failed in their duty to report wrongdoing by other lawyers and judges. We will be dealing with this issue in detail here at Legal Schnauzer.

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