Thursday, July 26, 2007

Is Eddie Curran for Real?

We've had a commenter here in recent days who claims to be Eddie Curran, reporter for the Mobile Press-Register.

I'm hoping the commenter is an impostor. As a journalist with almost 30 years of experience myself, I hate to think that the profession has sunk to the level of sophomoric thinking exhibited by our "Eddie Curran."

But considering published reports that the real Eddie Curran has a tendency to behave like an ass in public, I can only assume that our "Eddie Curran" is the real article. With that in mind, I have a few questions for Mr. Curran:

* In your initial comment, you seemed disturbed that I had written that I e-mailed you regarding governmental wrongdoing of a statewide nature and never received a response. You challenged me to post the e-mail to prove I had sent it and wasn't, to use your terms, "making this up." When I published the e-mail, you didn't respond to it again. To refresh your memory of the issues at hand, I recited them in my post and invited you to contact me so that you could report the story for your readers. Your only response was some ramblings about conspiracy theories, the Trilateral Commission, and Karl Rove. Why don't you reply, either to my original e-mail or yesterday's post, with a professional response?

* I assume something or someone tipped you off regarding wrongdoing in the Siegelman administration, and you acted on that information. Good for you; that's what investigative reporters are supposed to do. But what's different about that tip and the tip I have been trying to provide you for quite some time now? Why act on one and not the other?

* The heart of the Siegelman matter seemed to be that certain people were granted improper favors (economic or otherwise) based on their political ties to the administration. In the course of that activity, the U.S. mails were used, and according to prosecutors, that constituted honest services mail fraud under 18 U.S. Code 1346. Counts related to section 1346 amounted to approximately two-thirds of the case against Siegelman. The same activity is involved in the case I've witnessed, only it involves the judicial branch (with probable connections to the executive branch). The heart of the matter? Certain people receive favors in Alabama courts based on their political ties to the state GOP and the governor's office, and the U.S. mails have been repeatedly used in furtherance of that scheme. That's honest services mail fraud. So again, why intense interest in one instance of governmental wrongdoing and no interest in another?

* Are judges somehow immune from scrutiny? Do the robes and the "Your Honor" business somehow give them a free pass. As a reporter, you are trained to be skeptical. Why not take a critical look at our judicial branch and see if they really are as high-minded as they claim to be? Republican judicial candidates almost invariably style themselves as "strict constructionists" who follow the true written law. Do they live up to those words? Why don't you check it out? And if you come across corrupt Democrats in the judiciary, check them out too.

* None of my earlier e-mails nor my post of yesterday had anything to do with Don Siegelman. So why the snarky comments that seemed to refer to conspiracies regarding the former governor's prosecution? You seem to be a bit sensitive about that subject. As for me, I'm for investigation and (if merited) prosecution of wrongdoers from either party. Our government in Alabama stinks to high heavens most of the time. But the judicial branch seems to get a free pass. I have irrefutable information that shows the judiciary's free pass is not deserved.

* Finally, why get all exorcised over my statement that you had not responded to my e-mail? Based on what I've seen, you make a happen out of not responding to e-mails, so why get worked up over it?


Anonymous said...

I have never met Eddie's father but his rep is that he is lellava lot better at lawyering than Eddie is at truth telling. As for testicles, they are big but not near as Eddie's ego. I hear that Randal Williams has a deal to publish the book that Eddie is alledged to be writing about how he helped bring down Don Siegelman. Randall has been quite successful and most of his books do well. I would hate for him to lose money on a loser like Eddie. Don's Classmate

Anonymous said...

Darn Don's classmate,
I was just sure you'd identify self instead of hiding behind that mask, tho i'm pretty sure I know who you is!
Mainly, though, I wanted to congratulate the Schnauzer. The left has long needed a vibrant answer to the rightwingnuts at Free Republic (Freepers)and, here, finally, we've got it, and in Alabama of all places! Still waiting on your call, you barking Schnauzer!
Yours in the quest for truth,