Friday, July 13, 2007

A Republican Mouthpiece?

Scott Horton of Harper's has been presenting overwhelming evidence for some time now about the biased and shoddy reporting of The Birmingham News on the Don Siegelman case.

We have joined the chorus all this week by showing how the News reacts differently when alleged wrongdoing involves Democrats as opposed to Republicans. We have contrasted the News' aggressive, award-winning coverage of the two-year-colleges scandal in Alabama (involving mostly Democrats) with its head-in-the-sand approach to covering wrongdoing by Republican judges, which we will outline in detail here on Legal Schnauzer.

No wonder our local judicial hacks--people like circuit judges J. Michael Joiner and G. Dan Reeves and district judge Ron Jackson (all of Shelby County)--feel free to cheat people with impunity. And they do it in the name of an attorney like Bill Swatek, with his long history of ethical violations, and Swatek's client, who has at least eight criminal convictions in his background.

The Birmingham News may leave robed criminals like Joiner and Reeves alone. But the Legal Schnauzer plans to grab them by the pant legs and hold on for dear life. A schnauzer hanging onto your robe can become quite uncomfortable after a while. (At least, that's our guess; we don't wear robes here among the great unwashed.)

Sadly, Alabamians need to turn to Harper's to find out what's really going on in our state.Here is Horton's latest. More evidence that Alabama's largest newspaper is a Republican mouthpiece.

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