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Montgomery lawyer and right-wing talk-radio host Baron Coleman brags about costing others their jobs, but when his own livelihood is on the line, that opens the spigots of name-calling, threats, and profanity

Baron Coleman

What evidence suggests Montgomery lawyer and talk-radio host Baron Coleman -- aside from being a profane bully on the air -- is simply a rotten human being? For starters, Coleman left one radio station and landed at another roughly one month after calling Becky Gerritson (executive director of the Eagle Forum of Alabama) a "whore" and  a "bitch" and hinted at burning her house to the ground.

But the alarming side of Coleman's media shtick goes much deeper than that. Let's review the tirade Coleman launched on-air after Gerritson had the temerity to disagree with him about medical marijuana:

I've got renewed vigor and purpose. . . .

I've hired lawyers, and I'm pursuing a strategy of slash and burn, seek and destroy. If you come after me, you'd better be ready to go to the mat. . . . 
I never let someone come after me and don't take them out. Never. I will lose everything in search of making sure your life is hell. . . . I've got a new enemy, and her lawyer sucks, too. I'm going to destroy this bitch. I'm going to absolutely destroy her. Her life will never be the same. . . She has a bad lawyer who gave her terrible advice.

Coleman, it turns out, was just warming up. Here is more:

Mike Hubbard is going to prison; we did battle for years. Matt Hart and I did battle, he lost his job. An AM radio host and I did battle, and he lost his job. I don't lose, and I will blanking destroy you and everything you hold dear. Don't come after me unless you are fully ready to engage. Do not send me half-ass letters; that will not end well.

If you threaten me, I will burn your damned house to the ground. Not in the physical sense, but I will have you running back to Texas, I promise.

After vowing to destroy Becky Gerritson, Coleman brags about costing other people their jobs. (Note: The AM radio host in question is Montgomery attorney Mark Montiel, sources tell Legal Schnauzer.)What's up with Coleman? Is he well, is he dangerous, is his language that of a glorified domestic terrorist -- in an age where we seem to average one two mass shootings per month?

Let's consider Coleman's response when asked about the ugly rant he directed at Gerritson -- and that she had responded by filing a complaint with the Alabama State Bar and contacted advertisers to ask if they really, really wanted to be associated with Coleman. Writes Mike Cason, of

Asked about those comments tonight, Coleman said he stood by them. He said Gerritson’s actions posed a threat to his livelihood and ability to take care of his wife and seven children.

Let's examine that statement in light of Coleman's on-air comments cited above. First, he brags about costing other people their jobs. But notice what happens when someone else takes actions that might put Coleman's livelihood -- and his ability to care for his wife and seven children -- on the line. When the tables are turned, so to speak, Coleman doesn't like it one bit. He resorts to name-calling, profanity, and threats -- in language dripping with hints of violence.

When your livelihood and your loved ones are threatened, Baron Coleman boasts about that -- almost seems to find it amusing. When his livelihood is threatened, things aren't so funny anymore. Now, it's a serious matter, one prompting threats that could be criminal under the Code of Alabama 13A-10-15. Within roughly the past week, two University of South Alabama students have been charged with making terrorist threats for using language that doesn't appear to be any more coarse than what Coleman used.

As for Coleman, his lack of empathy for the rights and feelings of others comes real close to the classic definition of sociopathy. That radio stations in Montgomery keep giving him a soapbox seems off-the-charts irresponsible.

Would a black media personality get away with this kind of behavior -- exiting one station, after making wildly inappropriate (maybe criminal) on-air comments, only to land in the arms of another station? Not in a million years.


Anonymous said...

Attorney Baron Coleman reminds me of Trump's former attack dog, attorney Michael Cohen: a bully who, in reality, was all bark and no bite. Cohen is now in prison.
Coleman also reminds me of the Faro dealer in the classic western movie "Tombstone" -- a dislikeable character known as "Madcap" Johnny Tyler (played by Billy Bob Thornton). Madcap Johnny Tyler was one of those real-life, spineless bullies who, like Michael Cohen and Baron Coleman, rant and rave and threaten to destroy others; yet, when push comes to shove, it turns out that the threat-mongering bully is all mouth and no backbone. American historians of the 19th century west have described the real 'Madcap' Johnny Tyler as "a loud mouth, yellow-bellied slug." Ditto Baron Coleman -- a loud mouth, yellow-bellied slug. Watch and enjoy this intensely famous movie scene of a loud-mouthed bully who gets his righteous comeuppance:

Anonymous said...

I don't think Coleman is a well dude. What he did is so over the top that it makes me think his circuitry isn't wired right.

Anonymous said...

The station that hired Coleman on the rebound will live to regret it.

Anonymous said...

The people who listen to Coleman must be the same ones who stop and gawk at an awful car crash on the road.

Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure: Baron Coleman has no class. And that makes me wonder: Why are right wingers attracted to people who have no class, regardless of ideology.

Anonymous said...

Coleman is a white supremacist. That's why he and his wife are desperate to pump out all of those white children. Has nothing to do with Catholicism.

Anonymous said...

What kind of people hire this clown to be their lawyer?

Anonymous said...

Surprise, surprise . . . Coleman is a Trumpista, says he admires the Cheeto in the White House.

Daly Jeperdy said...

What is a WATB?

legalschnauzer said...

@6:20 --

Don't know.

Daly Jeperdy said...

google says thusly:

Top definition

Blog acronym for Whiny Ass Titty-Baby. Primarily refers to right-wingers who routinely bully others but whine vociferously at the mildest criticism directed their way.

In Karl Rove's retirement interview with the NY Times, he blamed everyone's hatred of him on the Democrats. What a pathetic, disgusting WATB.

#conservatives#right wingers#wingnuts#blogs#double-standard

by Bernard Hyland August 19, 2007

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. It sure fits.