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Dry Alabama con man Matt Osborne resorts to insulting my wife, who allowed him and a female friend into our home after my "arrest for blogging"

Matt Osborne
We've shown that political activist Matt Osborne, the "brains" behind the Dry Alabama false-flag scam, often resorts to insults when he can't win an online argument on the merits. Osborne even hurled an insult at my wife, Carol, who allowed him and a female companion into our home just days after I was "arrested for blogging" in Shelby County, Alabama. Osborne seems to become particularly unglued when the subject of his female companion -- Carol has emails and photos to suggest it was D.C.-based social-media strategist Melissa Brewer -- comes up.

Jill Simpson, a veteran Alabama political insider, recently wrote on Facebook that Osborne has worked for years with Doug Jones, whom the Dry Alabama scam was designed to get elected. That enhances the likelihood that Osborne and his friend came to our home at Jones' direction, for reasons that had nothing to do with trying to help. Writes Simpson:

Matt Osborne I hear is spreading once again lies about me starting the Liberty Duke-Rob Riley love story and Luther Strange and Jessica Garrison love story that they have been attacking me over for several years now, which I was not involved in. . .

So you all know once and for all, Osborne and Doug have worked together for years. he is part of Doug's network of very ugly operatives running such things as Breitbart Unmasked for Doug. I might add he has screwed with me for years saying all kinds of crazy things about me for Doug and also screwed with Breitbarters claiming I did this and that when it was him and Doug Jones, his rotten Russian-bot buddy.

As for Melissa Brewer, how sensitive is that subject? Let's consider some of our interactions with Osborne on Twitter, which came after we had shown Osborne's claims that he acted within the law on Dry Alabama were false. In fact, Osborne's actions violated 18 U.S.C. 371, the same statute that Special Counsel Robert Mueller used to indict Russian nationals for interfering in the 2016 presidential election. From our back-and-forth with Osborne on Twitter, where he uses the handle "Stephen Miller's Fright Wig":

Matt Osborne sez:
The person who drove to Birmingham with me is my girlfriend. Her name is not Melissa and at no time did she say that was her name. Catol is simply misremembering her name. Melissa is the name of the person who started that fundraiser for you. I don't think it raised a lot but she was not involved in Dry Alabama. Neither was my girlfriend, who is apolitical. She told me after that you two struck her as looney tunes. I defended you at the time but now I can see that she was right.

(Note: I was in jail at the time, so not sure how Osborne's girlfriend could conclude I was "looney tunes." Carol, just a few days earlier, had come upon a scene in our basement that made her think I had been murdered, so a reasonable person might conclude she was a bit stressed. But Osborne's girlfriend concluded Carol was "looney tunes." Sounds like the GF is as caring and empathetic as Osborne himself.)

Legal Schnauzer sez:
We have photos of Melissa Brewer, and she's the same woman who came to our house. Carol isn't misremembering anything. Not sure why you persist in lying about this, but I guess that's become a way of life for you. Perhaps your careless actions have put Melissa in a pickle, and she's not going to be happy about it?

Matt Osborne sez:
LOL Melissa Brewer is not my girlfriend. She lives in Washington, DC, has married a completely different man and taken his surname. LOLOLOL. You are totally proving my point by insisting on this. They look absolutely nothing alike. For one thing, Melissa is about 100 lbs heavier! LOLOLOL

Legal Schnauzer sez:
I didn't say Melissa Brewer was your girlfriend. I'm saying Carol was there, we have photos of Melissa Brewer, and Carol says Melissa Brewer is the woman in our home. You aren't "proving" anything about me because I wasn't there; I was in jail, if you recall. You can take it up with Carol if you want, but she -- understandably -- thinks you are a creep. Carol has told me for several years -- long before Dry Alabama came about -- that the woman who came with you to our home said her name was Melissa Brewer, and she was the one in photos we've seen. Your insistence on lying about this makes me suspect the two of you came into our home under false pretenses, at a time of extraordinary stress, and attempted to pull a con job of some sort -- and we now know you have a taste for that kind of thing.
Melissa Brewer
This is where Osborne comes thoroughly unhinged and even insults Carol. It's classy stuff, especially for a fellow who poses online as a supporter of women's rights:

Matt Osborne sez:
Right, it's a huge CONSPIRACEE!!! against you, one in which we delivered groceries and spent an hour chatting and left, all to FOOL HER into... what, exactly? What was the objective of this nefarious scheme?

Carol is borderline personality. She's so borderline that she gets kicked out of borderline support groups, she's so borderline. She can't remember my girlfriend's name so she latched onto the name of the woman who generously started a fundraiser for you while you were in jail.

I sent Melissa an email this morning. She find this as hilarious and ridiculous as I do.

So go ahead, Roger. Make a police report about a visit you got under "false pretenses" six years ago. Go ahead, I freaking DARE YOU, you have no hair on your ass if you fail to do this. CALL THE FBI. I want you to! LOLBUCKETS

(Note: Osborne again shows his ignorance of the law. I'm not talking about a criminal complaint for trespassing; the statute of limitations on that long has run, and it's not a federal matter, so I wouldn't call the FBI. I could, however, file a civil complaint for trespassing, which has a six-year statute of limitations in Alabama, so there still is time for that.)

Matt Osborne further sez:
Melissa says her name was on the food basket she sent Carol, that's probably how she got Melissa's name. "No good deed goes unpunished" they say. 
(Note: Osborne, again, is clueless. Carol did not receive a food basket from anyone -- Melissa Brewer or otherwise. Osborne and his female companion handed Carol a bag of groceries, and that was it. Carol doesn't remember seeing a name on it.)

Matt Osborne further sez:
Feel free to call me at (931) 452-1571 if sanity overtakes you for a moment.

Why would I want to call an admitted con artist like Matt Osborne? I can't think of a reason.

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