Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Spencer Collier files motion seeking information about contributors to the ACEGOV "girlfriend fund" for former Alabama Gov. Robert "Luv Guv" Bentley

Robert Bentley and Rebekah Caldwell Mason
A wrongful-termination lawsuit from the former head of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) seeks information about donors to a fund that Robert "Luv Guv" Bentley allegedly used to pay his mistress, according to a report today at Alabama Political Reporter (APR).

Bentley's  extramarital relationship with senior adviser Rebekah Caldwell Mason led to his resignation as governor in April 2017. Spencer Collier's lawsuit recently produced deposition testimony in which Bentley acknowledged discussing criminal investigations of myself and Donald Watkins, the two online journalists who wrote extensively about the Mason scandal for roughly seven months before the mainstream media took serious notice. Bentley also claimed in the deposition that his fondling of Mason in state facilities did not constitute inappropriate workplace behavior.

Collier's legal team, led by Montgomery attorney Kenneth Mendelsohn, now has filed a motion to compel, seeking to force Bentley to produce documents about donors to the nonprofit Alabama Council for Excellence in Government (ACEGOV), which is alleged to have been a slush fund for paying Mason. (The motion to compel is embedded at the end of this post.) Collier specifically seeks information about donations that were intended to affect the criminal prosecution of former House Speaker Mike Hubbard. From the APR article by Bill Britt:

A motion to compel disgraced former Gov. Robert Bentley to provide donors and contributions to the political nonprofit that paid his girlfriend was filed in Montgomery Circuit Court on Monday in the wrongful terminations suit brought by former Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Secretary Spencer Collier.

Collier is seeking information on donations to ACEGOV a 501(c)(4) set-up to promote Bentley’s political agenda by then-General Counsel Cooper Shattuck in February 2015.

One prominent question is whether donations to ACEGOV were intended to influence the state’s felony case against Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard.

Collier was fired from his position at ALEA after he refused to lie to prosecutors in the Hubbard case as Bentley had ordered him to do.

Collier's firing, reports Britt, grew from the efforts of Hubbard attorney Lance Bell to arrange for Montgomery lawyer and radio host Baron Coleman to file a complaint, accusing prosecutor Matt Hart of leaking grand-jury information. (An affidavit about Bell's actions, from current ALEA secretary Hal Taylor, is embedded at the end of this post.) Hubbard trial judge Jacob Walker III dismissed the Coleman complaint, but Collier says Bentley fired him largely for writing an affidavit stating that Hart was not under ALEA investigation because of the Coleman document. From the motion to compel:

Unbeknownst to Collier at the time but confirmed by Bentley in his deposition, Bentley and his staff had been meeting with Hubbard’s lawyers, legislators who were friends of Hubbard and individuals identified in Hubbard’s indictment to discuss Bentley removing Assistant AG Hart from the Hubbard case or appointing a special prosecutor to investigate the AGO. Contrary to what we all learned in 6th grade Civics Class about Separation of Power, Bentley seriously considered trying to use his Office to remove Hart from the Hubbard case. It was only later that someone advised Bentley that he did not have that power.

This likely is the strongest statement to date about coordination between Hubbard's team and Bentley's office during the criminal trial. That coordination, and related financial transactions, might have played a central role in Collier's termination. Bentley stated in his deposition that Homewood attorney Rob Riley was among several Republicans pressuring the governor to intervene in the Hubbard case. Bill Britt provides more background:

Among ACEGOV expenditures was a payment of $2,500 per month plus expenses to Bentley’s paramour, Rebekah Caldwell Mason’s, company, RCM Communications, Inc., who is also a defendant in Collier’s lawsuit. Bentley testified that Mason was also being paid through his 2014 Campaign, even two years after the election.

In Montgomery, ACEGOV was widely known as the “girlfriend fund,” because it was used to pay Bentley’s former special advisor, Mason.

“The fact that a portion of these contributions were used by ACEGOV to pay Bentley’s girlfriend, a co-defendant in this case, is clearly relevant to this case,” states Collier’s motion. “The requested information goes directly to the pattern and practice claims, the potential bias between Bentley and Mason and punitive damages.”

Collier argues he is entitled to know if any money funneled to Mason through ACEGOV came from Hubbard supporters, which would go to Bentley’s motive to destroy him.

In essence, it’s believed that ACEGOV was a honey hole to curry favors with Bentley who then may have acted to benefit donors.


Anonymous said...

Every time I read about Bentley and Mason, I feel the need to take an industrial-strength shower.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried to awaken Steve Marshall to let him know about this?

Anonymous said...

Mason might have nice boobs, but no woman's rack could be so spectacular to be worth all of this trouble.

Anonymous said...

"Girlfriend fund." Hah!

Love that phrase.

Anonymous said...

"Luv Guv" and "Home Wrecky Becky" might still wind up in prison.

Anonymous said...

Big question: Why was Bentley so interested in the outcome of the Hubbard trial? What was it to him?

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't Baron Coleman been prosecuted for perjury?

Anonymous said...

How in the hell does Baron Coleman still have a radio show? And why would anyone hire him as an attorney? He's clearly a fraud and a Mike Hubbard butt kisser.

Anonymous said...

I hope Spencer Collier and his lawyer wipe the floor with the Bentley bastards.

Anonymous said...

Collier had to file a motion to compel, so that means he had sought the information from Bentley through normal discovery channels and "Luv Guv" stonewalled.

Whatever is in the documents, Bentley doesn't want it out there.

Anonymous said...

Is Baron Coleman the guy who was aligned with that sleazebag Ali Akbar?

legalschnauzer said...

@2:40 --

Oh, yes, Baron Coleman is aligned with Ali Akbar. Here is one post we've written on that subject:


Here is another post about Coleman and Akbar, and this one shows that Coleman is a really crappy lawyer:


legalschnauzer said...

Here is another post about the absurd threat by Baron Coleman and Ali Akbar to sue me. They know nothing about the law, and I think they pulled a similar threat on Jill Simpson:


legalschnauzer said...

Oh, don't want to forget that Ali Akbar is a convicted felon:



Maybe that's why Akbar is calling himself "Ali (Akbar) Alexander" these days. A name change probably comes in handy when you have a felony record:


Anonymous said...

Bentley's so warped that he thinks he can run for office again, even though his plea agreement says he can't.

The guy has lost whatever marbles he might have had.

legalschnauzer said...

Oh, let's not forget Ali Akbar's documented tendency to troll for gay sex online, via the Grindr geosocial app:


And there are reports that Akbar has been Karl Rove's "Boy Toy" sexual playthang. That's certainly something to be proud of. That story came from our coverage of Jill Simpson's letter to an Obama White House official after Rove more or less lost it on a Fox News interview:


Anonymous said...

Why does Baron Coleman still have a bar card?

legalschnauzer said...

@4:22 --

He's buddies with Tripp Vickers at the Alabama State Bar Office of "Professional Responsibility," and that probably helps. The Alabama State Bar is a right-wing cesspool, and I'm in the process of outing them big time.

Anonymous said...

R.B. Walker could be the weakest link.

e.a.f. said...

OMG, this stuff is so wierd, you couldn't make it up. What ever happened to democracy and decency in the American judicial system is who knows, but we can say one thing, it is in my opinion corrupt. Voters appear to be only interested in themselves, and what they get out of their current government, not what is happening to their government. It makes the MAFIA look good. When governments go down this road it becomes the destruction of their democracy and their independent judicial system.

Inspite of all we read about the illA of current governments in the U.S.A., those involved continue to be elected. It says as much about the polticians as it does about the voters. In 20 years children will ask their parents what they were doing when their country went down the toilet and how countries which were once considered very corrupt now look better than the U..S.A.

Anonymous said...

Not to be mean, e.a.f., but Canadian voters aren't looking too bright, either. http://www.newser.com/story/260359/rob-fords-brother-is-ontarios-new-premier.html

Anonymous said...

I personally have told Marshall about some of the Bentley and Mason occurrences and he just plays the part of the "Aw shucks! I'm too dumb to know anything" country lawyer. There is no way he can be as dumb as he pretends to be, he is obviously bought off.

Anonymous said...



"Collier said, "Once I become confident that Ms. Dianne was responsible for recording him, I told him and ended the investigation. He wanted to know why she couldn't be arrested for planting an eavesdropping device. I explained that in my opinion, no [District Attorney] in AL or the [Attorney General] was willing to prosecute a wife for recording her spouse caught in the act of adultery. I additionally explained that we felt no crime was committed and our investigation was concluded. He became upset and stated that if she or anyone disseminated the information that he would demand that they be arrested."'


"Collier said Bentley's "daughter in law sent him a text at the end of Dec '15 or early Jan '16. The text was written in response to a "puff" piece on al.com according to his daughter in law. The text was firm and stated that if he didn't stop lying to the media about the affair, the family was going to start telling the truth... The governor called me to his office on a holiday and wanted me to drive to Jackson, Mississippi to speak with his son and daughter in law about the letter. He basically wanted me to imply that they would be arrested if they released any information. The letter was firm, but there was no threat to him physically, a demand for money [and it did not] rise to the level of harassment".

Collier said he explained that to the Governor and advised that threatening to arrest his daughter in law would be a bad idea. After a few days, Collier said Bentley accepted Collier's recommendation but added, "if they did it again...then he wanted them arrested". Bentley later fired Collier."

The old melon picker could just as well have been askin for some Mother In Law Blues!