Monday, January 29, 2018

Robert Mueller interview with Jeff Sessions suggests Trump-Russia probe might be barging down 20th Street in Birmingham, thanks to Balch Bingham

Jeff Sessions and Robert Mueller
Robert Mueller's investigation of the Trump-Russia scandal might be marching down 20th Street in Birmingham, according to a Web site that is playing an increasingly prominent role on stories that involve the intersection of Russia, Alabama, and corruption -- an intersection that seems to be getting pretty crowded.

According the, Mueller's interview with Sessions almost certainly involved the softening of sanctions against Black Hall Aerospace, a Huntsville-based defense contractor.that has connections to Russia. The Birmingham firm Balch Bingham, Sessions's No. 2 financial supporter, did the sanctions work, and apparently wanted to keep that under wraps.

Sessions' announcement and rally in support of Trump reportedly was set for Black Hall Aerospace. But the location was changed to Mobile when word got out of's reporting on the Black Hall sanctions. The Balch law firm's Web site then scrubbed all references from its Web site about work it had done on Black Hall's behalf. made sure the Mueller team knew about Balch Bingham skulduggery related to Black Hall:

As we told Mueller’s team:

On or about March 2, 2017, after we had exposed them in our public education campaign, Balch scrubbed their website of all references to their successful lobbying in D.C. of changing Russian sanctions for Black Hall Aerospace. The website scrub not only created a cover-up, it magnified to what lengths Balch would go to sugar-coat the past. In addition, their [now former] top lobbyist in Washington changed his resume, removing all references to his success in changing Russian sanctions. What in the world is Balch hiding?”

From a post last week about the latest on the Mueller investigation, and its apparent ties to Alabama:

So did Sessions talk to Mueller about the Russians in his backyard and his cozy relationship with Balch Bingham?
Balch Bingham’s relationship with and lobbying efforts on behalf of Russian-linked, Huntsville-based aerospace company Black Hall Aerospace, Inc. a/k/a AAL USA, Inc. may be under a growing microscope.
In November of 2015, Balch successfully had Russian sanctions changed on behalf of Black Hall. As published, the sanctions “shall not apply to subcontracts at any tier with ROE and any successor, sub-unit, or subsidiary thereof made on behalf of the United States Government for goods, technology, and services for the maintenance, repair, overhaul, or sustainment of Mi-17 helicopters….”
ROE is the state-owned Russian defense conglomerate. 
According to our conversation with Thomas M. Countryman, the former U.S. Department of State official who drafted that exemption, the decision to make those changes to Russian sanctions came from either the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, State, or Defense.

How does this point to Jeff Sessions -- and likely make it of interest to Robert Mueller? explains:

As U.S. Senator, Jeff Sessions was a senior member of the Armed Services Committee and had a close relationship with the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). Balch was Sessions' #2 lifetime contributor when he was U.S. Senator, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Did he or his staff lobby to have Russian sanctions changed directly with DOD after meeting with Balch lobbyists? Did Jeff Sessions or his staff ever meet with Soviet-born immigrant Oleg Sirbu, the owner of Black Hall, or his management team? Did Sessions or his staff open doors at DOD for Black Hall Aerospace or their lobbyists?

Exactly three months and three days after the publication of those changed sanctions, Sessions endorsed President Trump. Originally the backdrop was going to be at Black Hall, but was changed due to crowd size.

How was that original venue chosen? Who made the decision? What favors were they seeking?

As we mentioned before, Balch scrubbed their website of their success in changing the sanctions. Worse, Balch appears to have lied about their relationship with Black Hall Aerospace to

Black Hall Aerospace, Inc. a/k/a AAL USA, Inc. was allegedly once a subsidiary of AAL Group, Ltd. which is certified by Mil Helicopters. 
Talk about tangled affairs: Mil Helicopters was merged into Russian Helicopters, which is owned by the Oboronprom holding company, which is a subsidiary of Rostec, the state-owned not-for-profit with numerous holding companies and hundreds of entities under its belt, including ROE.


Anonymous said...

There is a lot beneath the surface on that Black Hall Aerospace deal

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the evil elf dragged his old buddy Richard Shelby into the conversation with Mueller about Black Hall.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it odd that you never read stories like this at

Anonymous said...

Kudos, Schnauzer. Important stuff here, of international importance.

Anonymous said...

Ban Balch is doing good work. Folks should check it out regularly.

legalschnauzer said...

@10:34 --

You are right, and it's because these stories doesn't fit the agenda, which is rule of white conservative corporate elites.

Anonymous said...

I hear lawyers have been hitting exits in droves at Balch Bingham. I think they "hear that freight train comin, coming round the bend."

Anonymous said...

Shelby is always touting the rocket business up in Huntsville -- and I think all of us in Alabama want to see it to do well -- but how does he stay above the fray when the sleazy stuff hits the fan?

Anonymous said...

Black Hall Aerospace is a new name to me. Thanks for spreading the word, LS.

legalschnauzer said...

You're welcome, @2:13. I think Politico might be the only national outlet to pick up on it so far

Thomas S. Bean said...

Bob Mueller is a scheming, rat bastard, gutless, corrupt, lowlife with a long history of manufacturing a bogus public mask as a good solid citizen whose reputation is ineffable.

I dealt with the joker, jack ass, scumbag filth known as The FBI (Minneapolis-Sioux Falls, SD FBI....San Antonio-Austin FBI) and I assure you..."they are a worthless group of overrated jack ass psychopaths" who want all the power, all the money, and all the obedience from sniveling idiots known as citizens who are easily manipulated by these charlatan slimebags. FBI does not work civil rights, and they are the fed agency who has a monopoly on all civil rights violations (NSA wiretapping arrests, and no indictments even when illegal surveillance was used by Luquis to set up The Christina Moore murder in Round Rock, TX.).

Of course....I've never seen or heard of Minneapolis-Sioux Falls, SD, FBI ever, ever....ask me for a free interview and polygraph exam concerning "my info" concerning "FBI-NSA murders". Maybe Trump would be wise to take my second complaint, and use it to open up a fed grand jury targeting Bob Mueller.

I'd like to see Mueller pay for all his crimes of indifference.

FBI aided and abetted numerous politically motivated murders after the fact (Sen Paul WEllstone, JFK Jr, SD murders of my known associates, US Attorneys) and somehow explained themselves in front of Sen Leahy's Sen.Jud Comm when Mueller said, "...our hands were tied...we were just following our protocol..."?

That's all it takes for Congress and the media to be satisfied with FBI secret felony conspiracies usually spun as "state secrets-classified programs".

Remember: all surveillance by civilian contractors, watch groups, and joint task forces....are all interconnected with NSA. FBI DITU actually gave info to NSA resulting in targeted murders, maimings, torture, and gang stalking?

Anonymous said...

This isn't journalism. It's a book report.

legalschnauzer said...

@8:07 --

Based on what book? Hah!