Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Just when it seemed we were through with criminal neighbor Mike McGarity, his niece, Kristen Milling, pipes up with a stream of nonsensical comments

Kristen and Chris Milling
Carol and I were not happy campers when we were forced, via a wrongful foreclosure, to leave our home of 25 years in Birmingham and head for Missouri. At the time, our thought was, "If there is anything positive about this, at least we will be away from Mike McGarity, our criminally inclined neighbor, for a while."

Well, that hasn't turned out to be true. One of McGarity's relatives recently sent me three harassing e-mails. I thought, "My God, I'm roughly 550 miles away -- in another region of the country -- and members of this creepy family won't leave me alone. Are they the most intrusive clod heads in the history of the planet?"

The intruder, in this instance, was Kristen Lawrence Milling, who is Mike McGarity's niece. Specifically, she is the daughter of Nancy McGarity Lawrence, who lives in Homewood and is McGarity's sister. Kristen Milling, who appears to be in her late 20s, apparently came upon a post, "Here's the Story of Family Dysfunction Behind My Neighbor From Hell," which provided details about the criminal histories of Mike McGarity and his three brothers (two of whom are deceased -- Marshall McGarity via suicide and William McGarity via AIDS; Charles Alan McGarity, who has the longest and most serious rap sheet of all of them, still is upright and breathing.)

The post included references to Nancy McGarity Lawrence (Kristen Milling's mother) and the late Edmund C. McGarity (Kristen's grandfather and Mike McGarity's father). Kristen apparently took exception to that and decided to express her displeasure to me by firing off two comments to Legal Schnauzer in the middle of the night on July 17. (It actually was three comments, but one was just a repeat of another -- I assume sent by mistake.)

I obviously don't have a problem with comments. I've enabled the comment function on this blog from the moment it started 10 years ago. I also don't have a problem with comments that take me to task on some issue; I've run hundreds, probably thousands, of such comments over the years. If a comment is reasonably coherent, tasteful, and informed -- if it has any kind of relevant point -- it likely will get past the moderation process and appear on the blog.

Kristen Milling's missives, however, were a bit peculiar, even unsettling, although they appear at the post with a link above. She was unhappy with my work, but she also was way off base about certain relevant facts, so I thought the best thing was to provide my phone number and e-mail address and invite her to contact me to discuss things if she wanted to. I left it totally in her hands -- if she contacted me, fine; if not, fine.

When I posted the comments and my response that morning, her comments quickly disappeared. I guess she deleted them, which I didn't know a reader could do. She might have done it via Google+ -- and perhaps that is possible because my blog is Google based. I followed with a query about why she had taken the time to write the comments and then deleted them when they appeared. I also noted that her name still appeared as the sender, minus the comments, so I wasn't sure what the point was of deleting them.

Mike McGarity:
A criminal in the making
As the proprietor of this blog, it's my role to approve or delete comments, and I didn't much appreciate someone taking it upon themselves to delete comments on their own from my blog. My view is that a reader should not send a comment if she's not certain about her comfort level with it running. On the other hand, if someone has second thoughts about a comment and asks me to delete it, I almost certainly would agree to do that. But to have a reader circumvent my control of this blog -- something I've never experienced before -- well, I wasn't too happy with that.

I saved copies of Millings' comments from my e-mail and published them under my own name, so they would be on the post in perpetuity. Why did I do that? Her comments reflect a mindset that seems to be pervasive in the family of the man who started all of our legal woes and has caused us untold misery.

To be sure, Kristen Lawrence Milling is smarter and classier than her dumb-ass uncle, but that's not saying much. According to her LinkedIn page, she has a bachelor's degree (2011) and a master's degree (2012) from Auburn University, both in accounting. She is a certified public accountant and worked at RSM US LLC as a senior tax associate and currently works at Spire Energy (formerly Laclede Group) as senior asset management specialist.

Spire Energy is the parent company of Alabama Gas (Alagasco). Laclede Group purchased Alabama Gas in 2014.

According to her Facebook page, Kristen is married to Chris Milling, who is a risk analyst at Regions Bank.

Kristen Milling appears to have the trappings of a blessed life. But her words, via the comments sent to Legal Schnauzer, sound an awful lot like words I've heard from Mike McGarity's mouth. They also reflect a mindset that I've seen over and over in Mike McGarity's actions.

What were those words? We will take a look at them in an upcoming post.

(To be continued)


Anonymous said...

So you're saying that if someone wants you to delete their comment, you will. But in this case, she deleted her own, which pissed you off. So now you're going to dig them up from your email archive and post them anyway under your name so they can never be deleted. You're a douchebag Roger. Apparently always will be.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, 8:33, but Kristen Milling willingly submitted her comments to a news site. I've read the comments. None ask for anything to be off the record. They're written as comments to a blog post. The owner of the blog has every right to call attention to them whether the writer wants them online or not. I personally think Roger should have known that commenters can delete their own stuff and I'm surprised it hasn't come up before. But yeah, Kristen Milling sent her words to a public forum. Period. This isn't Milling's Facebook page. It's somebody else's website. If someone submits comments, they can expect to be discussed. Just like your comment.

legalschnauzer said...

@8:33 --

My explanation in the post speaks for itself. I gave this woman every opportunity to explain herself, gave her all of my basic contact information, and she chose not to respond. You might try reading the post again. I'm not "going to dig them up"; they are there and have been, at the linked post (which was published a few years back), for quite a while. I'm just now making the public aware of them, not because I was pissed off, but because of the content of her comments -- which reflect the mindset of a dysfunctional family that has caused us untold problems. She is related to a key figure in this blog's story, so I believe our readers will be interested in what she has to say. What she said certainly caught my attention.

Bottom line: I'm responsible for this blog, and I make all decisions about its content. No one is going to circumvent my gatekeeper role. I gave Ms. Milling every opportunity to explain herself, but she didn't do it, so I took matters into my own hands. You probably bear responsibility for certain matters in your life, and I'm guessing you wouldn't appreciate someone circumventing your authority. You hint that I should follow a path you probably wouldn't follow yourself.

I'll give you the same opportunity I gave her -- my email is and my phone is (205) 381-5673. You're welcome to contact me, and we will discuss.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Ms. Milling ripped off a few choice comments without thinking things through. Oops!

Anonymous said...

Once you let that fart loose there is no getting it back.

Anonymous said...

Roger, do you ever think to yourself:

"If I had just thrown those whiffle balls back over the fence, I would:

1) Still have my house in Birmingham
2) Might still have my job at UAB
3) Would not have had to move back home and get mommy's help
4) Would not have been evicted from rental home in Mizzou
5) Would not have spent several days in the loony bin
6) Family would not have sought to have me declared ward of state
7) Wife would not have a criminal record"

All because you were too spiteful (I believe Mrs. Milling calls it "hateful" and she appears to be correct) to throw whiffle balls back over the fence like 99.99999% of neighbors.

legalschnauzer said...

@9:43 --

You seem to be admitting or ignoring several things:

(1) That Mike McGarity, with Bill Swatek's help, filed a bogus malicious prosecution lawsuit against me when they both knew McGarity hadn't been maliciously prosecuted. In other words, McGarity and Swatek are abusers of the judicial system.

(2) That McGarity and a "cast of thousands" were repeatedly trespassing on our property, and the criminal trespassing case had nothing to do with whiffle balls.

(3) That McGarity and Swatek sued me with no grounds for doing so -- and you call me spiteful? Hah!

(4) That the loss of my job at UAB was tied to McGarity and Swatek -- and probably Swatek's ties to the Rileys, Canarys, etc.

BTW, there is a transcript of the criminal trespass case, where McGarity admits to trespassing. He admitted guilt, but Bill Swatek filed a malicious prosecution claim anyway. What kind of lowlife, piece-of-shit attorney does that?

To answer your question, no, I haven't thought about those things because Carol and I had every right to control who and what came on our property? Mike McGarity had threatened us multiple times, and we were not about to allow him or anyone connected to him on our property. Are you saying we didn't have that right? Are you saying Shelby County judges ruled correctly in the criminal trespass and civil cases?

If so, can you cite a single ruling by a Shelby County judge that was correct under the law.

I've posted my contact information above, so you can reach me, if you want to discuss.

legalschnauzer said...

@9:43 --

As a brief followup. Check out posts I've written on McGarity's criminal record, plus posts about Swatek's record as a corrupt lawyer. That tells you the kind of people we were dealing with. Any property owner has a right to be left alone, and that's all we wanted, especially when it became clear McGarity had a long criminal record. I suppose we're supposed to ignore that?

You don't know a thing about how neighbors might act. I think there are a lot of people out there, big gun lovers, who would have put a bullet in McGarity's brain. You know gun lovers like that? I do. McGarity's lucky I'm not one of them.

legalschnauzer said...

@9:42 --

Hah! That's a delicate way of putting it.

legalschnauzer said...

@9:29 --

Thanks for a well-stated comment. Must admit I still don't know the circumstances under which a commenter can delete his own comment. I assumed Ms. Milling could do it via Google+. Am I correct about that? Are there other ways it can be done? I'm curious about this from a technical angle because I had never encountered it before.

Anonymous said...

Is Swatek the guy whose son was found dead beside the road from huffing? If so, he must be a proud father.

legalschnauzer said...

@10:29 --

Yep, that's Bill Swatek. His son, Chace Swatek, was found dead by the side of the road, near a construction site. Tough way to go. Here are URLs to a couple of posts I wrote about Chace's death from huffing:

Anonymous said...

@9:43 --

Are you aware that homeowners can be sued if trespassers are injured on their property? Insurance rates can sky rocket or be withdrawn.

What about damage trespassers cause on property? What if a baseball lands on Shuler's property, and he doesn't see it while out mowing, hits it, and ruins his mower. What if such an event causes injury to Shuler or someone else. Had McGarity shown any sign that he was going to take responsibility for such events.

Why did McGarity buy his property if it wasn't big enough to suit his needs? Why didn't he find a place with a bigger yard?

Shuler has reported that McGarity threatened to sue him, I believe for "harassment," indicating McGarity is a litigious sort. Shuler was supposed to ignore that?

Anyone who allows trespassers to take over their property is asking for trouble. I'm one neighbor who wouldn't stand for it. And I doubt you would either, although you're not honest enough with yourself to admit it.

Anonymous said...

This is 10:29 . . .

Mr. Schnauzer, thanks for the update on Chace Swatek. I remembered that case, but had not read the posts in a while.

I wonder if Bill Swatek ever thinks, "If I had just been a better father, I would still have my son."

Anonymous said...

I went back and read Ms. Milling's comments, and she sounds like a whiny, entitled, spoiled, self-obsessed brat. She might know numbers, but she appears to have the social skills of a shrub. I see no signs that she cares at all about anyone else's rights or concerns.

No wonder she wanted to remove the comments. She comes across as a twit.

legalschnauzer said...

@11:11 --

That's how the comments came across to me, too. And that really hits home when you've been dealing with that mindset from her criminal uncle for years. She is self-involved to the max, and that kind of thinking cause all of our legal problems. Mike McGarity seem to think we weren't entitled to control who and what came on our property. He essentially wanted to use our property, without paying for it. I'd call that a form of thievery.

Anonymous said...

@9:43 --

You seem to be confirming what Mr. Shuler has claimed all along -- that his firing at UAB was a political hit, having nothing to do with any alleged deficiencies in the workplace. You seem to be indicating that you know something about the back-channel activities that led to Mr. Shuler's termination.

You seem to be confirming what Mr. Shuler has claimed all along about Mr. McGarity's lawsuit -- that it was brought without any support under the facts or law.

Finally, you seem to be confirming what Mr. Shuler has claimed all along -- that Bill Swatek is a low-rent lawyer, who makes a habit of bringing baseless lawsuits.

All of this makes me think you are a lot like Mr. McGarity and Mr. Swatek. All three of you seem to have serious character deficits. Anyone with integrity, who knows what you apparently know, would have reported misconduct to the proper authorities. But you apparently haven't done it.

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but my impression is that you have little or no integrity.

legalschnauzer said...

Memo to @4:44 --

Your comment contains multiple references to "us" and "we." But you don't identify who "us" and "we" are. Without that identification, the comment makes no sense. Actually, it makes no sense, regardless, but if you care to ID "us" and "we," readers at least have a chance to figure out what you are trying to say. Feel free to give it a shot. Otherwise, your comment stays in the dumpster.

Anonymous said...

So Chace Swatek was a child of privilege, but he wound up dead by the highway, killing himself by huffing? That's pathetic.

legalschnauzer said...

@7:46 --

Well, his father is a proven perjurer, and I imagine being "raised" by someone like that can be hard on your mental health. Imagine being "raised" by a proven fraud, cheat, and perjurer. It's got to be tough, so I feel for Chace Swatek from that standpoint.