Thursday, July 6, 2017

Missouri officers Jeremy Lynn and Christian Conrad join the parade of cops who presented false statements about how my wife's arm was broken during eviction

Officer Jeremy Lynn
Have you ever read internal police documents, in their entirety, about an incident that was covered in the press? I've been a daily newspaper reader for more than 50 years, and I don't recall ever seeing such documents presented, in full, to the public. Have you ever read internal documents that will be used to show cops lied to cover up their own misconduct, which resulted in severe injury to a member of the public? I doubt any reader can answer yes to that question.

We are in the process of providing just that kind of inside information about our unlawful eviction in 2015, which led to cops breaking my wife, Carol's, left arm. Do you believe that the role of cops is to "serve and protect"? We will show that they might be just as likely to brutalize the innocent and then conduct a coordinated fabrication campaign in an effort to get away with it.

We already have shown that Officers Debi Wade and Scott Harrison filed written statements that essentially claim Carol broke her own arm by thrashing about in the back of a patrol car after being arrested and handcuffed. (See here and here.) Two other officers, Jeremy Lynn and Christian Conrad, also provided written accounts of events related to our eviction. Their statements are not as detailed as the other two, but they still provide evidence that point to a cop cover-up.

First, let's look at words from Jeremy Lynn. He's the guy, according to cops, Carol pushed as he barged into our apartment without lawful grounds for doing so. We will pick up where Lynn is describing the moments just after three cops had encircled Carol, slammed her butt-first to the ground, and yanked on her arms so viciously in an up and backwards motion that it shattered her left arm. Lynn, of course, is not about to admit cops broke Carol's arm, so he joins in the parade of pathological lying:

Mrs. Shuler then sunk to the ground and sat. Lt. Conrad then retrieved Deputy Harrison's car. He pulled it up in the driveway and Deputy Harrison escorted her to the vehicle. She continued to pull away and resist walking to the car.

Once in the vehicle, she became volatile again, thrusting herself all over in the vehicle in the caged area, and I could hear her yelling and cursing from the street.

We then notified the landlord who was watching this transpire from across the street that they could take control of the property, and we were leaving.

Mrs. Shuler was transported to the Jail for assault on an LEO. Once at the Jail, Deputy Harrison stated she began to complain of her arm hurting. She was then taken to Cox to be cleared for confinement. Once there, he learned that her arm was broken.

Now, a few words from Officer Christian Conrad. We'll pick up as Conrad describes what happened immediately after cops burst through our front door:

Christian Conrad
Sheriff Arnott and Deputy Harrison took custody of the male, as myself and Lynn cleared the rest of the home. Once the home was cleared, the female began screaming out of control. I asked the female to walk outside the home. She began to scream louder as we had to forcibly take her out to the front yard. The female continued to scream and refused to comply with any directions.
The female was later identified as Carol T. Shuler (01/13/60), and the male was identified as Roger Shuler. Both were taken outside and sat in the front yard. The male was cooperative, but argued with Sheriff Arnott and Captain Lynn about the validity of the removal. 
Once both individuals calmed down and were handcuffed, Capt. Lynn, Lt. Wade, and Deputy Harrison allowed Carol to pack their personal belongings, as well as their cats. Once Carol finished packing, Roger got inside his vehicle to leave. Carol came out near the garage door and attempted to push her way back into the house. Lynn, Wade, and Harrison began moving her out of the garage when she began screaming out of control, "Just shoot me." She went outside throwing her hands up in the air. 
Carol then went out to their vehicle and placed another bag in the trunk. She then began walking back towards the house and took off running towards the front door. Carol ran toward Lt. Wade on the front sidewalk. Wade put her arms up to avoid being struck by Carol. She attempted to push Wade out of the way. Deputy Harrison, Lynn, and I ran and attempted to take Carol into custody again. I informed her repeatedly to stop fighting and causing an incident. At this point, I informed her she was under arrest for assault.
Carol fought us again until she was handcuffed. Once handcuffed, she sat down on the grass and said she was done fighting. I asked her if she was OK, and she said her shoulders were sore from being handcuffed the first time. 
I retrieved Deputy Harrison's patrol vehicle where Harrison placed her in the caged area. I then informed Mr. Shuler to leave the property and not return or he would be arrested for trespassing. No further investigation.

Notice that Conrad does not say a word about Carol flailing about in the backseat of the patrol car. Conrad claims he placed Carol under arrest for "assault," even though it was Sheriff Arnott who did that. Ironically, Conrad presents zero evidence that Carol even touched an officer, much less assaulted one. It's also odd that Conrad brings his statement to an abrupt halt, not even mentioning that cops later learned Carol's arm had been broken.

Is that because Conrad's colleagues, in their written statements, hint that he was the one who broke Carol's left arm? We're not sure about that. But we are sure that we can prove these accounts, essentially claiming that Carol broke her own arm, are false.

That will be in upcoming posts.

(To be continued)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're married to one crazy bitch. It probably would have suited you both not to act so crazed when the police came to evict both of you.

legalschnauzer said...

Sounds like you don't have a clue. If you think cops tell the truth, you might want to check out the following posts:

Anonymous said...

Is this Jeremy Lynn dude a cop or "Farmer Jones"?

legalschnauzer said...

Those two kinds of dudes tend to cross-pollinate here in the Ozarks. It looks like Jeremy Lynn is more proud to be "Farmer Jones" than he is to be a cop. I don't blame him. Last thing I would want to announce to the world is that I'm a lowlife cop.

legalschnauzer said...

Here is the latest on Laquan McDonald case in Chicago, which might be one of the worst cases of police perjury in history. If the true is unmasked, Carol's case will be about as bad -- although, thankfully, she wasn't killed; just left with a mangled arm:

Dashcam video of the shooting contradicted nearly everything police said happened the night McDonald died in October 2014. It showed McDonald walking away from police as he held a 4-inch knife, not lunging toward officers, as police had said.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Lynn looks like a pretty big, stout guy. He should be ashamed to get butt hurt because Carol supposedly pushed him. Grow a pair, fella!

legalschnauzer said...

@10:04 --

Agree that Jeremy Lynn is a big guy, who is a puss. And he should be ashamed, but mainly for being a liar. Carol never touched him, and the Probable Cause Statement in this case presents zero evidence that she did. An unknown person "advised" the author of the PC Statement (Debi Wade) that Carol "got physical" with Jeremy Lynn. That's not evidence; I'm not even sure it rises to the level of hearsay, which is inadmissible. The assault charge should have been dismissed months ago; it's no stronger than the trespass count, which has been dismissed.

Anonymous said...

Police misconduct has gotten so bad that I'm no longer surprised when I read about the crap they pull.

Anonymous said...

Kind of odd that Jeremy Lynn, in his own written statement, doesn't say Carol pushed him. Here's what he says:

"There was a female however that had been trying to force the door closed and she was standing just behind the door and was trying to force it closed. She was very aggressive and fighting against the door. She was grabbed by her arms and restrained to stop her from harming one of us or herself. During this process she was pulling her arms away from me and tried to push me back with her arms and body. She was told to calm down repeatedly and ignored those commands. She was eventually handcuffed and taken outside."

1. Lynn admits that officers made contact with Carol, not the other way around.

2. Lynn claims Carol tried to push him, but never says she actually did.

3. Lynn says Carol was "pulling her arms away from me" and then "tried to push me back with her arms and body." How do you do both of these at the same time? How do you try to get away, but then try to push back?

In the end, he never says she touched him.

legalschnauzer said...

@10:34 --

You have excellent eyes. That is one of many inconsistencies in the cops' statements, and we will address those in upcoming posts. But you nailed this one: Lynn himself doesn't say Carol pushed him, doesn't say she even touched him. And as you say, he admits cops initiated contact with her, not the other way around.

The truth is that Carol was slammed face first into a wall when Lynn threw the door open. As she was being handcuffed, someone (Lynn or another cop) slammed her head against the wall multiple times.

Anonymous said...

If Jeremy Lynn was the one who was pushed, why didn't he write the Probable Cause Statement?

legalschnauzer said...

@10:46 --

Good question, one I've pondered myself many times. Jeremy Lynn, it turns out, is head of the criminal investigations unit, so you wonder why in the hell he was at an eviction anyway. Heck, even the sheriff himself was there. All very strange. I doubt there has been another "eviction" like it in Missouri history.

Ed said...

As a cat lover, the "as well as their cats" caught my eye. Now I like you folks even more.

legalschnauzer said...


Thanks for your kind comment. Yes, we love cats -- and pets in general -- a whole bunch. In fact, Carol was trying to go back into our apartment to get the pet taxi for our boy cat, Baxter. That's when a cop attacked her from behind and broke her arm. Baxter was a special-needs kitty kat -- he was 13 and had high-blood pressure and asthma -- and Carol was trying to make sure we got his medicine as we were being evicted. She also was trying to make sure we had the ashes of our two deceased pets -- Chloe (a Tonkinese who was Baxter's biological sister) and Murphy (a miniature schnauzer for whom this blog is named). Our pets and their remains were the No. 1 thing on our minds as the eviction nightmare unfolded.

legalschnauzer said...

Hey, Ed... This is Carol, Roger's wife. Thank you for your kind comment. A quick correction -- I was trying to go back in to retrieve Baxter's litter box.
Roger mistakenly referred to it as a "pet taxi" above. He knows it was the litter box I wanted, but just called it the wrong thing. Baxter was inside his pet taxi in the car with Roger at the time I was brutally assaulted by crazed cops when they body slammed me to the ground & shattered my left arm.

Anonymous said...

As you reported the other day, federal judge Bill Pryor ruled it's perfectly fine for cops to lie to get into your home -- and the evidence they find because of that lie can be used against you, the citizen.

No wonder these cops are lying in Carol's case. I'm sure they expect to get away with it.