Monday, July 24, 2017

Family of federal judge R. David Proctor, including son Luke Proctor and his wife, has benefited to the max from ties to perjurious Trump AG Jeff Sessions

Luke and Dana Skerry Proctor
We know that one of Judge R. David Proctor's sons worked for Jeff Sessions in the U.S. Senate. But Proctor's other son also has apparently benefited from the family's ties to Sessions, who now faces a criminal complaint related to false statements, about meetings with a Russian ambassador, he made during his confirmation hearings as Trump attorney general.

Sessions is accused in a citizen complaint of violating federal statutes regarding perjury, making false statements, and obstruction of justice. Most recently, Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak was caught on intelligence intercepts stating that he discussed campaign and policy issues with Sessions during the 2016 presidential race. The U.S. House and Senate, plus the FBI, are conducting "Kremlingate" investigations that could lead to even more serious criminal allegations against Sessions.

The evidence is mounting that Sessions sold out his country to get Donald Trump elected. That, of course, has profound implications, it sure could throw a wrench into the resumes of Jake and Luke Proctor. Jake Proctor is a 2016 graduate of the University of Alabama, and he worked for then-U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions in summer 2015.

Jake Proctor apparently is well on his way to becoming a political snake or whore -- or both. He posted photos to Facebook of himself at Donald Trump Inauguration events from January 2017. In roughly 180 days in office, Trump has established himself as probably the most corrupt president in U.S. history -- likely the only one to be "elected" with the help of a foreign adversary. So much for political principles. Jake Proctor's only principle, it seems, is, "I'll support whoever the perjurious Jeff Sessions supports." That path to power might crumble under young Mr. Proctor before long.

Luke Proctor, Jake's brother, is cut from the same cloth. He graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in 2013, and that is a nice achievement, to be sure. But did Luke Proctor -- like his brother, a Briarwood Christian School graduate -- deserve to be there? Well, he almost certainly gained entrance to the academy via a Congressional nomination -- and that likely came from then-U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions?

Was Luke Proctor truly among the most qualified cadets to enter West Point in 2009? Maybe he was. But his nomination likely did not come just from a home-state U.S. senator; it came from a senator who owed Proctor's father a nice favor -- in fact, several nice favors. After all, David Proctor (while in private practice) helped Sessions get black federal judge U.W. Clemon removed from a 1990s case in which Sessions (as Alabama attorney general) was a defendant.

Such judge shopping has been described in a federal-court opinion as "unethical behavior." But Proctor and Sessions did it anyway. They are tied together in racism, and the public record suggests the Proctor family has been receiving favors from Sessions ever since.

Luke Proctor, it appears, has enjoyed the fruits from a poisonous tree. This is from a newsletter for West Point parents, while he still was in school;

Cadet Luke Proctor (‘13, Birmingham) visited Chicago in March along with other cadets in the Black and Gold Leadership Forum. While in Chicago, members of the Forum had a chance to visit CNA Financial -- the seventh largest insurance company in the world, have lunch at the prestigious Chicago Club, enjoy a guided tour of the Chicago Board of Trade, meet with the CEO of the McCormack Foundation (a nonprofit organization dedicated to philanthropy), eat breakfast at the Union League Club, talk with both the CFO of Navistar International Corporation and CEO of Morris Communications, and visit with several members of the West Point Society of Chicago.

Looks like Cadet Proctor wasn't interested in visiting any social-justice or civil-rights organizations. I'm sure Chicago has a few, but those must be for people who don't have special ties to Jeff Sessions.

Our research indicates Luke Proctor currently is stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas. In fact, 1st Lt. Luke Proctor (5th Battalion, 52nd Air Defense Artillery) appears as a reporter for the Fort Bliss Bugle. Gee, do we have a budding journalist on our hands? If so, Luke Proctor isn't likely to learn about the pursuit of truth from his father -- or from his political benefactor, the perjurious Jeff Sessions. And he certainly isn't going to learn about it from Sessions' boss, Donald Trump.

Luke Proctor isn't the only family member who leans toward the writing life. His wife, Dana Skerry Proctor, has worked and studied at the University of Texas El Paso (UTEP), where she has been in the M.A.T. in Teaching English program. She holds a B.A. in English and American Literature from New York University and has served editorial internships at HarperCollins and St. Martin's Press.

That's a pretty impressive resume, and such internships in Manhattan certainly do not come easily. Did Mrs. Proctor have a certain U.S. senator among her references, and did that help her land such snazzy positions?

If Jeff Sessions has not helped her yet, he almost certainly will in the future -- unless, of course, Sessions winds up in federal prison first. That might take some of the shine off any references he might give.

We sought comment from Judge Proctor for this story, and asked for copies of documents where Jeff Sessions assisted his family members. Proctor has not responded to our queries.


Anonymous said...

Proctor must think the whole point of being a federal judge is to enrich yourself and make life as cushy as possible for your kids.

Anonymous said...

Can we all say "white privilege"?

Anonymous said...

Help me find the vomit bag!

Anonymous said...

These folks are like pigs at the trough.

Anonymous said...

The Proctor kids were born on third base, and they probably think they hit a triple.

Anonymous said...

If war breaks out in Syria or North Korea or Paraguay or wherever, I'm betting Luke Proctor's young white ass stays planted at Fort Bliss, TX, writing for the Bugle. At least that was the plan. It might change if Jeff Sessions gets indicted.

Anonymous said...

The Proctor kids are white, Christian, and moneyed -- and their daddy is a federal judge, thanks to Jeff Sessions. I'm sure they need a "hand up" in this society.

Anonymous said...

That list of places Luke Proctor visited in Chicago is hilarious. He wasn't about to go anywhere near a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter or a hospital that serves the poor.

Anonymous said...

The Russia Connection Is There A Perjury Case Against Sessions?

By Helen Klein Murillo, Steve Vladeck Monday, July 24, 2017, 11:36 AM

Anonymous said...

Are the staff and operators of the LS blog acting as unlicensed Proctorologists?

legalschnauzer said...

@6:44 --

Hah! Yes, we have a highly trained, dedicated staff of Proctorologists.

mongrel nation said...

There is no there to your posting this information on people who have not been found guilty of any crime by a jury of their peers. Ravings and innuendo degrade you, who as an educated man,should know better. I detect in your writing about much on this blog as suppressed rage because they have managed to make something out of their lives while all you seem to be able to do is carp and complain that you are missing out because something inside your head says you're better than everyone else, but you just can't seem to figure out how to cash in on it. Go back and read Plato's creation Socrates and see what a quagmire the questions of ethics create. That we all have a little larceny in our hearts should be obvious. To hold others up to ridicule while there is something wrong with you that has gone unnoticed by yourself is even worse than the fact some people are able not only to get by with small crimes and misdemeanors and get ahead without being caught. You would do well to consider writing fiction where these things you can be killed for saying some day might damn well make you rich and respected. Just saying. Opinions may vary according to how you tend to consider advice from someone who worries about you.

legalschnauzer said...


Yours is maybe the strangest comment I've seen in the history of this blog. You don't tell us who you are, so I have no reason to care about your opinions, one way or another. But I think a few brief responses are in order:

(1) Where does it say someone has to be found guilty of a crime to be a subject of reporting on this, or any other, blog or news site? As an educated man, you should know that's nonsense.

(2) What "ravings and innuendo" are you talking about? I notice you provide zero examples.

(3) What "suppressed rage" have you detected on this blog? If you can detect it, must not be too "suppressed" right? What's the matter with rage? Shouldn't we be enraged about certain issues, like injustice? You are too busy reading Plato and Socrates to feel rage? Jesus expressed rage, and he was darned near perfect, so why can't I?

(4) So journalism has become the equivalent of "holding others up to ridicule"? How do you figure that? You must be from the Donald Trump School of Journalism.

(5) What is this "something wrong with me that has gone unnoticed by me"? Care to enlighten? You know me well enough to know what is wrong, or right, with me? And you have the credentials to make such an assessment? Pardon me, but I doubt it.

(6) What have I written that can get me killed? If I'm writing about "small crimes and misdemeanors," why would someone want to kill me? You seem to be admitting that my reporting is accurate and important, contradicting everything you've written up to that point.

(7) You claim to be "someone who worries about me." Well, who are you? If I don't know who you are, why should I care whether you worry about me or not? Why is it any of your business to worry about someone who writes about "small crimes an misdemeanors"?

(8) You seem to be someone who thinks he is way more clever than he really is. I notice your blog consists of one post, dating back to 2010. Sounds like you did a heckuva job of building an audience. If you look in the mirror, you might notice a little rage because you've been unable to lay down a thought that anyone cares about. Maybe you also will realize there is more than a little wrong with you.

Anonymous said...


I've seen river bottoms that are more clear than your writing. Hope you aren't depending on that to make a living. Also, you suck as a philosopher.

You probably don't even get the irony of you pointing a finger at someone and claiming "there is no there" in their work.

Anonymous said...


That's one heck of an impressive blog you've got there. One post in seven years. That's an impressive body of work. Sure makes you qualified to critique one of the top 50 law blogs in North America.

I think you are in over your head, just a tad, bub. Of course, it probably doesn't take much to get in over your head.

anagrams for assholes said...



Is there a difference?

Looks like just a few letters to me.

legalschnauzer said...

Anagrams --

I like your comment, and your handle. Sounds sort of like a funky Jeopardy category. Cool!