Thursday, January 12, 2017

John Caylor, who ridiculed me while I was in jail for "blogging," faces similar problems for reporting on expunged criminal record of Jeff Sessions' confidant

Jeff Sessions (right), with Thomas S. Smith Jr.
and Thomas S. Smith III
A self-styled investigative reporter, who ridiculed me on Facebook while I was unlawfully incarcerated in Shelby County, Alabama, now finds himself wrestling with similar circumstances.

John Burt Caylor reported on his Facebook page that he had just been released from a Florida jail, having been charged with publishing expunged criminal records -- and he now is wanted on similar charges in Alabama. Baldwin County Judge C. Joseph Norton ordered removal of Caylor's Web site,, because it included unflattering portrayals of Dothan attorney Thomas S. Smith Jr. and his son, Thomas S. Smith III, according to a report at (SJC).

The Smiths are confidants of U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Donald Trump's nominee for U.S. attorney general, even though the younger Smith has an arrest for methamphetamine possession in his background, SJC reports. Smith III apparently got his criminal record expunged and went on to clerk for U.S. District Judge Ginny Granade, who authored Alabama's gay-marriage opinion and also has strong ties to Jeff Sessions. Caylor wrote about the younger Smith's expunged criminal record, and that (on the surface) is what got him in trouble with law enforcement in two states. From SJC:

Apparently Judge C. Joseph Norton doesn’t believe Americans should have first Amendment Constitutional rights. Norton ORDERED the closing of, Insider Magazine, John Caylor’s website, at a time he knew Caylor was jailed for first amendment issues in Florida. Caylor had 5 Days to respond to prevent the shut down of his site. Norton knew Caylor couldn’t respond because he was a guest of Bay County Jail. NORTON THEN SEALED THE RECORD. Everything was perfectly timed and orchestrated through a consorted group of perfectly controlled public servants. That is how corruption rolls through Alabama; secret, backroom meetings where a plan is initiated, then rolled out clean and smooth in public. Typically as in this case, if it involves a court action, records are sealed, lost or expunged to cover soiled tracks and prevent the public from knowing the orchestrated truth about their public servants.

How does Jeff Sessions enter the picture, aside from his ties to the Smiths and Granade? Part of it is self preservation, according to SJC:

It appears John Caylor’s arrest and the closing of his online magazine were orchestrated to protect Jeff Sessions while he is undergoing congressional and media scrutiny prior to U.S. Attorney General confirmation hearings. Immediately prior to his arrest, Caylor had stated on Facebook that he was going to testify against Sessions’s confirmation before the Senate Judiciary Commission.

What does Caylor know, why would Jeff Sessions be afraid of him, and why would Caylor expect to be called before the Senate Judiciary Committee for Sessions confirmation hearings? I don't have the answer to any of those questions at the moment. But it is ironic that Caylor appears to be the victim of an injunction, an unlawful "prior restraint" under decades of First Amendment law, much like the one Alabama GOP thug Rob Riley and lobbyist Liberty Duke sought to have me thrown in jail.

SPC cites a portion of a letter from domain site, instructing Caylor that he must remove certain items from his Web site, per a court-issued injunction:

Dear John Caylor,

Per the attached order received you must remove the following information from the two websites above by Tuesday 12/20 in order to avoid suspension of the websites. You will need to respond to this email when this has been completed:

* First story contains a hyperlink headline stating that Mr. Smith is a member of the “Russian Mafia,” “Gangster’s Grandson,” and had his “Criminal History Hidden.” These statements are covered by the injunction. . . .


* Approximately the seventh headline reads as follows: “Click Here Ginny Granade the Lesbian Gay Marriage Judge does not want anyone to see this. US Marshall Josh Devine is working to keep it Silenced. . . . Granade is behind Judge Roy Moore Removal. I met with Judge Moore’s Chief of staff 3 to 4 weeks ago and gave him the info on Granade and Mafia. SPLC and Granade are trying to remove him. . . . ”

* Approximately the ninth headline reads as follows: “Scott Smith’s III, EXPUNGED METH TRAFFICKING record paved WAY FOR MAFIA SPY to Clerk as Chief Federal Judge Ginny Granade’s Law Clerk-Granade Reported to be Bi-Sexual is behind JUDGE ROY MOORE’S REMOVAL I met with . . . Judge Moore’s Chief of staff 3 to 4 weeks ago and gave him this info on Granade.”

As you can see by clicking this link to Caylor's Web site, it has, in fact disappeared. How could that happen? Well, it looks like a Baldwin County judge unilaterally issued an injunction, claiming certain material is false and defamatory -- even though there has been no trial, and no jury, to make that determination. That is very similar to what Rob Riley and Liberty Duke caused to happen in my case, using specially appointed and grossly corrupt judge Claud Neilson.

John Caylor
There might be at least two major differences between my case and Caylor's: It appears Caylor's arrest is based on alleged violation of Alabama's expungement law. (Published reports indicate his Florida arrest was for a probation violation.) If that's the case, Caylor's arrest is a criminal matter, and it likely does not involve the First Amendment issues present in my case. (Perhaps someone will challenge the expungement law on First Amendment grounds, and they might have a strong case, but that appears to be an issue for another day.)

It's possible Caylor did, in fact, violate the law. In my case, there never was any hint of a criminal claim (until deputies beat me up in my own home and then claimed I "resisted arrest"), and the civil-contempt charge that sent me to jail came even though I never was lawfully served with the complaint and never received a summons to appear in court.

As for Caylor, here is what Lagniappe Mobile says about the law connected to his case:

Caylor appears to be the first person in Alabama arrested under a 2014 law allowing people who have arrest records for non-violent offenses expunge those records. But the law also criminalized publication of such records, a situation that creates potential First Amendment issues and could put news organizations in danger of arrest for publishing factual information. . . . 

According to the law, sponsored as a bill by former State Sen. Roger Bedford (D-Russellville), persons charged with certain misdemeanor criminal offenses, traffic violations or municipal ordinance violations may apply to have their record expunged. Those charged with non-violent felonies can also seek an expungement if the charge was dismissed with prejudice, no-billed by a grand jury, the person was found not guilty of the charge or the charge was dismissed without prejudice more than two years ago and has not been refiled, or in the case of a pre-trial diversion program.

What happened in the Smith case? Lagniappe explains:

In Smith’s case, he was arrested in 2001 when he was 21 and charged with possession of methamphetamine, according to court records. His case was dismissed after he completed a pre-trial diversion program.

Reasonable people can debate the wisdom of Alabama's law, but as it's described at Lagniappe, Caylor appears to have violated the law, and his arrest likely was legitimate.

Caylor provided an update on his situation in a Facebook post dated January 8. Much of it is hard to decipher, so I will publish a portion of it below, in hopes readers can figure out what it means:

Senator Jeff Sessions ordered me arrested December 16th and jailed due to my published disclosures about his ties to the Mafia and infiltrating the federal courts with mafia people. He also had Court Order issued to take down "" and .org. so being in jail and unable to respond I am without a publishing platform, so much for the First Amendment compliments the Dirty Bastards you work for.

Sessions who aspires to be US Attorney General is Tied to the Russian Mafia aimed at overthrowing democracy with bullshit from so-called journalists.

Luckily the FBI's Violent Crime Gang Task Force flew in to protect me for 5 days at Panama City, FL. . . . 

So, Jeff Sessions ordered Caylor's arrest and take-down of Caylor's Web site? Sessions is tied to the Russian Mafia and has infiltrated our courts with members of the Mob? (Maybe that's why Sessions and Trump have such a cozy relationship?) The FBI considers Caylor such a valuable asset that it flew task force members into Panama City, Florida, to protect him for five days?

Wow, that's heady stuff. I'm slow to discount anything about Alabama-related corruption. Our political and legal systems are so dysfunctional that almost any explanation for it seems possible. But even by my liberal standards, Caylor's assertions seem "out there."

If it's proven that Jeff Sessions did order Caylor's arrest, to protect certain legal and political cronies . . . well, this could become a significant national story. I'm not aware of any law that gives a U.S. senator the authority to enforce criminal law.

I've been receiving reports since last spring about Caylor being arrested in various jurisdictions, including Bay County, Florida.  In fact, I've had a few individuals suggest it might be good if I covered the story and helped bring it to wider public attention.

I haven't done that for a couple of reasons: (1) I wasn't certain that Caylor was wrongfully arrested; at this point, while I have concerns about the expungement law, it appears Caylor's arrest was legitimate.

As for the second reason I haven't moved on the Caylor story, we will address that in an upcoming post.

(To be continued)


Anonymous said...

Caylor has written a lot of interesting stuff about SE Alabama/NW Florida, which I believe might be the most corrupt region in the country. I think he is pretty well clued in.

Anonymous said...

So, you're saying Caylor was not supportive while you were incarcerated in Shelby Co.?

legalschnauzer said...

That's putting it mildly. Will have details in follow-up post.

Anonymous said...

Caylor thought he was going to testify before the Senate judiciary committee? Has he had a few shingles blow off his roof?

Anonymous said...

Caylor doesn't have much of a defense, as I see it.

Anonymous said...

Caylor has a defense. It's, "I was ignorant of the law."

e.a.f. said...

what goes around, comes around.

Unfortunately this man has now discovered what happened to you in his own real time. this does not bode well for the First Amendment. Good luck America.

john Burt Caylor said...

Dear Roger and readers: Thank You for running my story. My arrest in 2006 was blowback and retribution from several investigative cases and successful criminal federal court prosecutions and contract debarments.
The last 2016 arrest in Alabama was due to publishing hidden criminal records of Scott Smith III and his strategic placement by Senator Sessions into the federal courts - Grooming - Mafia families to protect the drug cabal run by Sessions and his associates as United States Attorney and now Senator and soon to be United States Attorney General. I have never been accused of Libeling my targets all my records – reports and documents are true. Sessions has help from FISA Court federal Court Judge Roger Vinson of Pensacola who has protected the drug importation network since his appointment by Ronald Reagan October 5th 1983 as part of Iran/Contra.
In 1992 Sessions tried to have me arrested for stealing classified documents concerning a CIA aviation company from Crestview, FL "Tepper Aviation". Tepper's principals are Who's Who of Alabama, Florida big money who live and operate at Mobile, Birmingham, Montgomery, Dothan, Abbeville, Eufaula, Al, Atlanta, Pensacola, Crestview, Panama City, Port St.Joe, FL.
Tepper purchased 19 C-130's financed by Israel in the late 80’s. Their purpose was to import heroin and cocaine for distribution into the US on their runs back from Africa after dropping off explosives, munitions, tanks and machine guns, barrels, Blood Diamonds and money were shuttled to Israel; Israel has little income and depends upon the US taxpayers and criminal activities to fund their government.
Israel has been dubbed the Promised Land of Organized Crime due their policy of not extraditing Russian Jewish Mafia Kingpins who are in bed with Zionist government. The Russian KGB (Mafia) had a plan to overthrow America by faking going under and coming back inside our government after they destroyed America with drug addiction, embezzled our banks, and robbed our national treasury, privatized our Hill Burton Act public hospitals and contracted out high level Security and Intelligence services by Executive Order of President George H.W. Bush when he gutted the National Security Act which protects America from all enemies foreign and domestic.
The KGB plan was outed by a high level defector in 1961 Anatoliy Golitsyn born August 25, 1926) is a Soviet KGB defector and author of two books about the long-term deception strategy of the KGB leadership. He was born in Ukrainian SSR. He provided "a wide range of intelligence to the CIA on the operations, as well as KGB methods of recruiting and running agents. I have read all his memos to the CIA since 1980. He has a 94% accurate rating on his analysis and predictions.
In 1992, Carr Penta Deputy Director of Intelligence, under George H.W. Bush, for CIA hired me to work contract with the DEA and other agencies to investigate the drug network, report back what was known about them as Rouge operators.
As part of my Investigative journalist/analyst function I assessed the end run in August 2016 and advised FBI heads to return to investigate Secretary Clinton and ties to the Centennial Bank on Key Marathon, FL - Conway, AR. - Clinton Foundation all protected operation's. It is easy to prove she is dirty, although Russia over did the fake news about her Comey's Press Conference killed her candidacy. I defend Comey's actions taken to protect the United States -To prove and expose a very real conspiracy by Sessions-Trump to overthrow the U.S. Government with Russia and China's help and replace it with Lenin's Kleptocracy has to be done in real-time in the Media and the nation's intelligence community

Anonymous said...

Very much agree with Anonymous at 9:41 A.M.

Anonymous said...

I thought Jeff Sessions was supposed to be "tough on crime." Maybe he's only tough on crime supposedly committed by black people. When the alleged criminal is one of his white buddies, Jeff is not so tough.

Anonymous said...

Roger This Caylor is a total loon. He said in a interview on the henry report that ehwa s former FBi and former DEA agent. You can listen to that here as its online.
Even crazier is this man reportedly outed Jon Carroll as a former CIA operative and put he and his family in the spotlight. I don't know if Carroll is agency or not but you do not do that to people who have served their country. You might also be interested in the not so insignificant fact that taylor has reported on lesbian hit squads being trained at Seaside beach. I wish I was making this up but you can verify all of it.,

Anonymous said...

see you have learned your lesson caylor about outing former agency operatives, suggest highly you keep JC's name out of your mouth

Anonymous said...

Caylor is 100% correct on regarding the drug trade in south Alabama. He has revealed many connections that combine Israel and US Intel connections that use resources at Eglin Air Force Base. There were multiple agents operating in that region to create discord with the southern African-American population prior to the election. One of the reasons his site was taken down was by a secret order based in his revelation of Jon Carroll aka John Carroll. Carroll worked under CIA operative Bob Baer in Iraq in the late 90's where the worked to undermine Saddam Hussein. Both were recalled and Baird and Carroll were almost prosecuted for planning Saddam's assassination. Carroll then surfaces at Auburn University and then again returns to the same town where Bob Bair lives Silverton Colorado. Tony Abbots is another operative that was assigned to Iraq and developed Kurdish resistance. both these men frequently are seen together in a restaurant owned by Israeli Jews in Apalachicola Florida. Then he vanishes again for years after 9/11 as part of paramilitary force sent in. Mr Shuler please understood that John Caylor is on the trail of multiple agency operatives that have deep cover ties to Mossad agents Carroll and Baer are linked. This all goes right back to Jeff Sessions in a pre existing plan to destabilize African-Americans communities.
This is hinted in a 2015 article released by the Guardian newspaper in London where Carroll and Abbot were shown to be one of eight by passport photos. Wayne Madsen in DC has identified a third operative that is now deceased that was on Carroll's Facebook page in multiple photos that Caylor has downloaded before they were cleaned. These are all the real reasons that John Caylor was put in jail it is because he has identified a network of CIA operatives protecting an operation in south Alabama and north Florida. This involves banks in Valdosta Georgia and Dothan Alabama and tens of millions of dollars and front companies for the CIA.
The it became known that Caylor would testify against Sessions Carroll and other operatives forced a judge to jail him, then forced a web hosting company to not even host his web site. That is a indication of what Caylor has revealed. These are all extremely dangerous men and John Caylor has exposed some of them with his investigative reporting. Please support Caylor only if his reporting stays alive will the truth really be known about domestic CIA operations.

Anonymous said...

That is correct he was going to testify. He instead outed two CIA operatives, this is what is sealed in the court order. Many of us believe that this was done by the agency to prevent him from sharing information with democratic senators that would have leaked the information to the press.

Phil Smitherman said...

Caylor exposed in one of his articles that have been taken down a CIA front company or partially funded company operated by Bowen Ballard. He had a diagram of these corporate relationships obtained via public records. The man you refer to as John Carroll is actually Yochanan Moshe Kalev. As recent just as a few years ago on XE services (former Blackwater) web site under a list of personal it had him listed as a investigative consultant follows, " (CIA) a year's training, which included a four-month paramilitary course, parachute training, and several foreign language courses.
He is fluent in Hebrew, Italian and his native English. He is also conversant in Russian, Tajik, and Baluch."
Caylor is correction that Carroll has hard links to Sessions and was deployed to disrupt a anti-corruption effort in Dothan Alabama. the CIA backed medium that does this is the Henry Report.
This is why Caylor was jailed along with the publishing of the expunged records on Smith's son.
Caylor has records ( state real estate license ) of Carroll working at Ballard in the late eighties while attending Auburn University.
I urge you Mr. Shuler to look carefully at a federal and circuit court filing in regards to a wrongfully convicted man named James Bailey. Caylor discovered that Attorney General Luther Strange made a secret request for the agency to debunk documents that were proof positive of a former Asst District Attorney and Sheriff's alleged drug planting. CIA operative Carroll was involved in a public analysis that led to the AG successfully challenging the documents and keeping Mr. Bailey in Holman prison for life. This had agency and domestic black ops written all over it. No one has that ability but the intel community. You want a big story there it is. Sessions had this done at his request to the agency to protect him in the confirmation process. Caylor had the ability to expose this. For some reason the fact that Session was going to appointed AG was known before Trump even won the election by those operatives like Carroll. How is that possible if the elections as legit? Caylor and his colleague Madsen are not these CIA connections.

legalschnauzer said...

What is the nature of the information the CIA feared would leak to the press? Is it about Sessions?

Teddy Schmitz said...

Threefold: JS had knowledge of 1. dossier of detainment camp planning on the north end of eglin in the event of a race type of social unrest scenario where blacks would be housed. 2. shipment of drugs as caylor alludes through in the wiregrass region of alabama. 3. murdered detective who was the states first black detective named robert jackson.
caylor had knowledge of the who the why and access to documents linked to JS.

SOS - Save Our Sons, Dothan, AL said...

Roger, Thanks for continuing to leave all comments up, especially those about Jon Carroll. This person is an infiltrator in the black community in Dothan, AL. He pretends to live in Silverton in a letter he sent threatening me last week. Funny how one of the comments on this blog puts him squarely there. He is trained well in intelligence, white supremacy, inter-community confusion, because this is what he promotes in Dothan, AL. Since meeting him and understanding his mission, I have become the object of many stories on his very derogatory publication, the Henry Report. This man finds people, befriends then trashes them. He was profiled by John Burt Caylor some time ago as a serial killer. His blog's personality (if you say this) is clearly indicative of a person who befriends people, then kills them. I spent a little over a year around this person, talking to him on a regular basis, meeting with him, helping him write for the blog, blogging and I was a regular contributor until I refused to change our group's name from Dothan For Justice Now to Black Lives Matter. It became very obvious to me that this person was only in our community to start confusion, rivalry, and separation of any and all efforts towards justice.

Jon Carroll told me that he had worked killing people. Funny that since he started the blog, there have been no more outlandish killings. One has to wonder whether he is simply busy We have had many police related deaths/killings/hangings as late as (Oct. 31, 2015).

Please keep all of those comments up, as I have reason to believe that this will cause the truth to be told and this plant, can get out of our community. Apparently his job is to create confusion, pit one negro agaisnt the other and keep telling them that he is helping when he is hurting us all. Please keep writing the truth about Jon Carroll or whoever he is. Thank You Roger for an unbiased, informative blog.

Anonymous said...

There is a lot more to this than what John Caylor says, and it is not ANYTHING like he says. First, there is NO First Amendment protections for lies or defamation. Second, ask John Caylor if he was sued for defamation by the same people he claims to be outing. Third, ask him if he bothered to show up for trial. Fourth, ask him if there is a default judgment against him because he has no problem with spreading lies but a big problem with backing them up. The truth will come out and it is NOTHING like John Caylor says.

SOS - Save Our Sons, Dothan, AL said...

Anonymous people are untrustworthy and hide their identities. There should be documentation or identification if you blog. This is probably Carroll, Moshe Khalev, Mose Kalev, Paul Jon Keeley, Jonathan Graham, Byron Carroll or whoever he is or his friends. John Caylor posted the documents showing that Thomas Smith III had his record expunged from trafficking Meth to become Virginia Grenade's law clerk. Now, why is he still a law clerk while Mark Overall, a black lawyer in Dothan area, who was defending blacks against known drug planting, beatings, and other horrffic accusations; was shackled and hauled off to jail for defending his clients. This person is actually being groomed by Sessions and friends to be the next Federal Judge. Why should a drug trafficker be a Judge that hears the case of drug traffickers, or work with one Why are there others who have had multiple drug trafficking charges with their records expunged too, like Harrison, 43 counts, expunged!!! Partner of George Beck, US Attorney. Why, Why, Why? Because they are all white men. Jon Carroll is an agent of confusion identifying himself as a Zionist Jew who kills people for hire. He shows up with many names and involved in very questionable activities and the FBI will do nothing to get this agent that conspires to defraud persons of their civil rights, which is a crime.
Regardless of judgments for telling the truth, the truth on legal documented evidence will always shine through. Getting a monetary judgment against the only man who has ever been arrested under a little known law which appears to violate free speech with the intent to cover up corruption, racism and favoritism is a sad, ALABAMA VALUE. It is an oddity that a federal law clerk would need to hide his true past. Is this what we should expect for justice in Alabama. Why would someone have a person arrested for disclosing the truth about a Federal Judge, then their father get a monetary judgment against that person ecause he told the truth!! What about the father's drug trafficking record? Why does he still have a law license: Because he is a white male. Exactly my point!! By Alabama standards, if he was black, he would not have a license to go defend his son. This is the point of John Caylor going to jail! He was proving a point, or several points about racism and corruption in Alabama.

SOS - Save Our Sons, Dothan, AL said...

When I tried to build a Green Jobs Training center in Dothan, AL the building was sabotaged and burned in 2014. None of the good men in Dothan stood up for me. Instead, they covered it up and/or turned their heads. This is what happens when you simply try to do right if you are African and none of these so called 'good men' stand for what is right if your skin is brown.

It is time that people saw their advantages as white privilege, that are called crimes for people of color, and plants that are sent to stir the blacks up and cause confusion be rooted out as criminals who are conspiring to defraud them of their civil rights. When will all of these lawyers see themselves. If someone is involved in criminal drug trafficking, why should they not be called criminals, instead of a federal Court law clerk, or outlaw, Operatives in America? I am lost as why these things are allowed, only in white face who work to mass incarcerate blacks if they do the same exact thing.

John Caylor told me that most of the people involved in the killing of the young black juvenile in Bay County were members of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans. Information like this is needed to be revealed. So, he was arrested for the revelation about the federal court clerk's past and for trying to get records from Bay County about the killing of a young black man. Can someone really be proud to block this man? As an African American woman with black boys, I am supportive of his investigative revelations, especially when Mark Overall was treated so badly in Dothan, AL and when I asked people to come to the court just to support Mark at his trial for allegedly resisting arrest, which was not resisting arrest at all, my child was poisoned that night. John caylor did a contrast about how Mark Overall had been treated and how Thomas Smith III had been treated and he was arrested for revealing some court documents. I do not believe that revelation of character is defamation of character. There is a difference!!

SOS - Save Our Sons, Dothan, AL said...

John Carroll's wife called me saying that he had threatened my life when I posted the information about him being wanted for the killing in the Dubai Hotel. She did not know wh she was married to and she defended me, knowing that I am only seeking justice. According to her, they were living in Silvererton, Colorado he threw her out for defending me and she had to get home to Georgia, the best way she could, selling her car, because he threw her out with nothing When she defended me, not knowing that he was really who I say he is. Apparently she had no clue who she had married, only questions about a disappearing man.

My concern is with the continuous befriending then tearing down of people in our community who are trying to help, and when I report this man to the FBI, they do nothing, even when it involves outright lying to a Federal Officer, the same threat that the FBI officer has been making to people in our town will get the arrested, when the stories are so outrageous that they sound fake Why should black people have someone in their community that creates division, confusion and is an admitted killer. Who is the anonymous person that defends this type of behavior. Is this a lawyer with a past? I work fr justice, for anyone, any race, yet, this Jon Carroll, for no good reason, often mentions me in a bad light, when all that I am doing is exercising my legal rights for justice in America. Why the facist activity against me? Why the negative propaganda, when I had not bothered to even speak to him between May 2016 and January 2017 (He showed up at the Rashad Richie event and was cordial, yet I did not contact him afterwards until he accused me of using his copyrighted work, claiming that he had sued me when he did not). What is he so afraid of? Who does he work for? Who is he? Yeah, the anonymous person who claims that there is so much more to the story sounds like a Dothan Attorney whose son works for Virginia Grenade after having his record expunged for trafficking Meth and who braggs about using a little known law, to arrest John Caylor for exposing it and also saying that they got a judgment against Caylor so the truth about a Federal Law Clerk can be kept hidden and the drug traffickers who probably worked with him will have a Friend of the Court when their cases come up. Is this really justice? I ask. What would have happened if he was a black man? Why is Jon Carroll friends with these people? Why doesn't he really sue me? The world would see who he really is and he cannot afford to have the truth known. This ilnk shows Jon Carroll at the bottom middle. He hides as the Henry Report with a P. O . Box in Silverton, CO but is from around here near Abbeville, AL. Funny when you post the truth, others fall silent. Where are the comments about this. Is it OK for everyone to turn their heads. Why isn't the lawyers demanding that this plant, who is wanted internationally for murder be taken away, or do they want him here to continue to terrorize and divide our community? Officers of the law can turn him in to Interpol, I cannot. This is a little known snafu when someone is wanted by Interpol!! The FBI has been notified, making me think that they are allowing this FBI, I know you read this blog, can you please remove this person from our community?

Anonymous said...

SOS: The irony of you taking a person to task for posting an anonymous comment when you operate under a pseudonym is not lost on me. SMH...

legalschnauzer said...

@4:46 -- You enjoy being dense? My real name is all over this blog, along with my real e-mail address and phone number. On the right-hand side, under "About Me," is my real name, Roger Shuler. You can't figure that out? Congrats for posting perhaps the most ignorant comment I've ever seen on the Web. SMH

Support the blue said...

Not really sure why this relentless obsession with John Carroll is the apparent topic here. " SOS Save our sons" is aka Ruth Nelson who claims to live in Dothan. Reality Atlanta GA.
Her long winded rants are self explanatory.
I'm just lost to what it matters if Carroll worked for the CIA , DOD, or whomever. The CIA is not allowed to operate domestically so this strange theory that the CIA is running a operation in Dothan Alabama is hard for anyone to believe.
The man she is eluding to in Dubai was a Hamas leader deeply involved in terrorism, including funding bus bombings in a Israeli city and plotting attacks in Europe.
Ummmm in case Ruth Nelso is not aware there is a war against these Muslim extremists.
Where were you on 9/11 ?
Maybe people like Carroll and others who were sent after our nation' enemies are deserved of our thanks and do not to have their family drug through the mud here Mr. Shuler by a black Muslim from Atlanta who has twice filed bankruptcy.

John Burt Caylor said...

Dimwit: CIA not allowed to operate in U.S. Read Executive Order 12,333 by Reagan in 1981. Prez Reagan specifically allowed CIA to operate and infiltrate American Police Depts.

John Burt Caylor said...

John Byron Carroll is has a 3 inch penis according to his estranged wife who left him in Colorado after he set up the Bundy Brothers to be executed by the FBI. Carroll works for Israel and the zionist Jews who are same ones who guarded and worked concentration camps for Nazis during WWII.