Friday, January 13, 2017

Donald Trump supporters helped pay for foreign hackers to steal and leak information to damage Hillary Clinton campaign, according to dossier

Donald Trump
Donald Trump supporters helped pay foreign hackers to steal and leak information from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in order to damage the Hillary Clinton campaign, according to an intelligence dossier released this week.

Attention related to the dossier has tended to focus on sordid tales of Trump, Russian prostitutes, and "golden showers" in hotel rooms reportedly equipped by Russian spies with cameras and microphones. But by far the most important revelation from the document -- which includes raw, unverified intelligence -- could be reports about Trump supporters paying hackers, especially those from Romania.

What does this tell us? Here's how the London Telegraph described it in an article about the top five revelations in the dossier. The Telegraph ranked the financing nugget as No. 3, but it would be No. 1 in my book:

3: Trump's team knew about, paid for, and helped cover up the Russian hacking of the DNC

Not only did the Kremlin order hackers to steal and leak embarrassing emails from the Democratic Convention in order to damage Hillary Clinton . . . according to the author’s host of anonymous sources, Mr Trump’s team was aware of the operation, partially paid the hackers, and cooperated on contingency plans for a cover up should it be found out.

If this is proven to be true, Team Trump was not just an unknowing beneficiary of Russian interference. Trump supporters knew about the hacking, helped pay for it, and engaged in an effort to develop a cover-up  That points to a level of criminality that could send a sizable chunk of Team Trump, including the president-elect himself, to prison.

Information about paying hackers is on the last page of the 35-page dossier. Here is how it reads:

Many news reports have focused on Russia's alleged efforts to gather information for possible use in blackmailing Trump. But the dossier says Team Trump knowingly engaged in a conspiracy to gather and trade information with Russia, even having moles placed inside the DNC:

Meanwhile, at least one report has the dossier originating with opposition research, not by Democrats, but by a PAC connected to Trump's GOP opponent, Jeb Bush.

Has the dossier produced accurate information? It's probably too early to say for sure, but we have learned that the British spy who reportedly is responsible for most of its contents has gone into hiding. The man's name is Chris Steele, and he apparently has not been seen for more than 24 hours. From The Washington Post:

Christopher Steele, a former MI6 officer and the director of a private-sector security firm in London, was named as the author of the 35-page packet making the explosive — and unsubstantiated — claims.

According to British media reports, Steele, 52, fled his home in Runfold, a village about 40 miles southwest of London on Wednesday morning before he was identified later in the day in a Wall Street Journal report.

Before leaving his residence, Steele called his next-door neighbor Mike Hopper and asked if he could look after his three cats. Steele moved in about 18 months ago with his wife and four kids, his neighbor said.

We might learn of an explanation for Steele's disappearance that has nothing to do with Trump. But I'm guessing Steele's actions make it likely that his intelligence is on target. It also, in my view, suggests there is even more damaging information about Trump and Russia that has yet to be revealed.


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Anonymous said...

Biggest news story of past 13 months. Where is the MSM?

legalschnauzer said...

It has hit the British MSM, but not sure about here in U.S. It's right there on the last page of the dossier, hiding in plain site. Must admit I missed it myself until reading about it in a post on the Web. In my view, it overwhelms in importance any news about "golden showers."

Anonymous said...

Financial payoffs should be traceable. Perhaps they already have been traced? If so, Trump is in big trouble.

e.a.f. said...

if at the start Putin wanted to "discredit" American democracy, he needn't have bothered, the Americans were able to do that themselves, very nicely I would say, after reading your post.

Yes, normally Team Trump's alleged actions might be a contravention of U.S.A. law, however, if Sessions is confirmed do you really think any case against Trump and/or Republicans would have any traction? me not so much.

How the federal cabinet is established, in my opinion, is part of the problem. The President appoints and the Senate confirms, but they were never elected by anyone. In Canada all Cabinet ministers are sitting members of Parliament, they were elected. Even if a Prime Minister didn't fire a Cabinet Minister, come federal election time, their constituents in their ridings could decide to not re-elected them if they found their actions to be too over the top. Some may say that the Cabinet then can not have the best and the brightest in the field they are appointed to "supervise", but having had a look at what the U.S.A. has had in Cabinet, I'd suggest our Canadians are just as "bright and learned" as the Americans.

Good Luck America. We're all going to need as much luck as possible, where ever we live in this world come next week. Can't possibly turn out well, if as President elect he refuses to answer questions from some media outlets because he doesn't like them or thinks their news is "fake news". So much for freedom of the press.

He is acting a like a tin pot dictator, refusing to answer questions from people he doesn't like. His comments regarding not releasing his tax returns are also troubling, he said he didn't have to release them because "I won". So he in fact is saying he doesn't have to adhere to the game rules which all previous presidential candidates have played by for the previous 40 years. Not going to end well.

And in Canada the press and the opposition parties are unhappy because the Prime minister and two members of parliament got a "free" ride on a helicopter to the Aga Kahn's place at Christmas. Yes, the ride was free and its against the game rules, in Canada, to accept such a "free ride", even if its the only way to get to the island.

Anonymous said...

The disappearance of Christopher Steele is very disturbing. I, for one, fear for his safety.

Anonymous said...

It's still unsubstantiated at this point, and until it's verified, Trump retains the upper hand.

legalschnauzer said...

You make a powerful point, e.a.f. Our democracy has been rotting from the inside for years, long before Donald Trump became a serious political candidate. This blog, in essence, is about the deterioration of our democracy because of corrupt judges, lawyers, and law enforcement. Trump is just another sign of rot.

Anonymous said...

Someone said recently that it's a bad idea to anger the intelligence folks because they can screw with you in all kinds of ways. Now, that we have Trump and his surrogates denying the contents of the dossier, I think it will be interesting if intelligence folks start releasing iron-clad proof -- videos or photos from "piss parties", financial documents showing support for hackers, etc.

Anonymous said...

I think it's hilarious that this apparently started with supporters of Jeb Bush. How ironic is that? The Bush family, thanks to Dubya, nearly ruined our country. Now Jef and his gang might save our country, by helping to bring down Donald Trump. Gotta love it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jessica Garrison cleared out her FB page etc. because she's a Bushie, and she knew Jeb gang was responsible for this dossier. Not likely to help her prospects of getting hired by Trump.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you've heard, but Jefferson county incoming DA, Charles Todd Henderson, has been charged with 1st degree perjury. Don't know the details, but for this time, at least, it seems the law caught up to a lawyer.

legalschnauzer said...

No, I haven't heard that, @2:49. Can you send any details. Has he even taken office yet?

legalschnauzer said...

Found article on Henderson story. Sounds like a scam cooked up by Riley Inc. because Henderson beat their boy Brandon Falls in election.

e.a.f. said...

Steele's "disappearance" ought not to be disturbing. He asked the neighbour to look after the cat. They guy has a wife and kids so he most likely simply relocated to void some of the media attention. Those British boys who work in intelligence are a pretty smart bunch and going to G.B. to off him? Don't think anyone in Trump's camp is smart enough to pull it off. As to the Russians wanting to off him, not likely. they have achieved their goals.

Making any intelligence people "upset" is never wise. What Trump is saying about American intelligence most likely won't be ignored by those working there. However, one Trump has his boy installed, things may change and people fired. Of course if that happens expect to see all sort of entertaining material released. Comedians will have enough material for the rest of their lives.

On the other hand, that gives Americans Pence. the upside is, he actually understands how government works, and that is also the down side along with his being ideologically drive. No Trump is not ideologically driven, he's "nutbar driven" or some such thing, in my humble opinion. Can hardly wait to see what the comedians have lined up for this evenings shows.

Mark Hayden said...

After Sept 11 2001 ,I began to visit Iraqi website put out in English. I recognized that their feeling of anger toward US foreign policy were widespread among Iraqi population. Operation Iraqi freedom was never about freedom but only control and power for benefit of foreigners.ISIS was created by unjust invasion of Iraq in 2003.Under Saddam 85 % of entire population was literate more than many parts of USA. Now after years of US intervention Syria Iraq and Libya are human wasteland.
I began to follow KCNA from the North Korean government on world wide web. Eventually my family was one of first two US family to visit DPRK as tourist.Based on foreign media from internet and my visit to DPRK I knew that DPRK {North Korea} would never submit to foreign domination.I closely followed the DPRK development of nuclear weapons and ICBM. The DPRK believes that the "H bomb of justice" is justified based on their world view expressed on KCNA. Later I followed the rebels of Donetsk who revolted against corruption sponsored by Western sources.You can not understand others until you listen to their voice. Listening and understanding leads to acceptance. It does not represent the end of democracy since no Iraqi Ukrainian nor Korean has ever voted for me. The world internet is now available to all with millions turning to news sources from international sources . Yes foreign media is part of free speech with a voice about foreign policy. But I am not a slave and will get my news wherever I want it. I accept that foreign media is not controlled by four corporate media that controls US media.
Read how media consolidation has hurt America. Support independent media. No I do not agree with what is written about Trump or Sessions on this site. I am hoping Trump and Sessions will drain the swamp . And yes there is a swamp but the consolidated media protects it since the swamp creatures serve corporate America. Set your mind free from corporate consolidated media . Create your own opinions of other countries after reading their media. And yet I voted Trump because corruption is most important issue today in USA. Support reform and breakup of consolidated media. The threat to consolidated media is threat to those who control public opinion for the wealthy. Re Establishment of the telecommunications act could open the mind of the average US citizen. That is why the breakup of consolidated media will be opposed by every means available to consolidated media . Diversity of ideas helps the marketplace of ideas. Consolidated media is a mere slave to owners of corporate media. You are never free until your mind is free to reject the control of consolidated media.

e.a.f. said...

Hayden, good post regarding reading/listening to foreign media. it does give people another perspective on the world. As to hoping Trump and Sessions will drain the swamp, not so much, they are the swamp and are adding alligators to it. Yes, western media is pretty much controlled by corporations who want only a few messages to get out. that is also why many read political and small town blogs, to get another view point and the news.

Sessions is not going to do any swamp draining. His history of racist comments aren't going to work for those of colour. that boy is so white it hurts. Trump has a lovely orange glow to him and isn't interested in the lives of people of colour. Being more than familiar with what happened in Europe and the Nazis, when I listen to Trump its not all that different. If you remove the world Muslim and insert the word Jew its all about the same. Take out the world Mexican and insert the word Gypsy it works out to about the same.

the media information on North Korea is slanted. On the other hand that is one "fucked" up country and its citizens are in bad trouble. On the other hand give the U.S.A. a few more years and it could be looking like that also.

I'd suggest the big difference between the countries you mention is if you wrote what you did here in those countries along these lines, you'd be in jail. Here nothing happens. That is a great difference, the freedom of speech. Here in North American and western Europe you can say just about anything short of hate speech and its fine. In all those other countries, you critize the wrong person, you're gone. Its how places like Iraq were kept in line. Was Iraq better off then than now. I'd have to say then, but then I wasn't the person being tortured in one of Saddam H.'s prisons either.

We in the West are hipocrits. We talk about dictatorships, but do business with Saudi Arabia all the time. Canada sells them armaments and more than one citizen is unhappy about that. The Americans keep the Saudi Royal family in power. Now is that really a good thing? Not so much. their export of their version of their religions is what fuels terrorism in some areas.

Anonymous said...

EAF: Your comments are always well-reasoned. That being said, release/confirmation of embarassing information regarding Trump removes Russia's leverage (kind of like killing your one hostage-not much leverage once the other side knows he's dead). As long as the information is not released if true, the Russians can compromise Trump. And given the fact that he is simply a disgusting human being, these allegations are certainly feasible. I believe Steele's going underground is more safety related than merely wanting to avoid the public eye. I also believe that his disappearance was probably months in the making and given his background, he will be hard to find unless he wants to be found.