Monday, January 23, 2017

Ashley Madison customers revealed: Row with Montgomery lawyer Tommy Gallion doesn't keep Thomas Mancuso from trolling for possible company

Thomas Mancuso
One of Alabama's most prominent corporate-tax attorneys appears as a paying customer at Ashley Madison. Until now, Thomas Mancuso might have been best known to the general population for his near fight with another "senior" attorney at a Montgomery country club. Now, Mancuso might become best known as a client at a Web site notorious for facilitating extramarital affairs.

Mancuso has a rich legal pedigree, with stints at Haskell Slaughter and Maynard Cooper and Gale. He now is head of Thomas G. Mancuso P.C., which describes its practice as follows:

Practice Limited to Federal and State Taxation, Tax Controversies, State and Local Tax Incentives, Corporate and Business Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Entity Selection, Partnerships, Shareholder and Member Disputes, Corporate Governance, Healthcare Regulatory and Compliance Matters, Project Financing, Securities (Private Placements), Capital Markets, Tax Exempt Organizations, Estates and Trusts, Estate Planning, Elder Law, Fiduciary Litigation.

Sounds like pretty dry stuff, to the point that the firm's Webmaster apparently must use lots of capital letters to liven things up a bit. But you can bet Mancuso is well compensated, and he has at least one feisty, unforgettable moment in his background.

Thomas and Judy Mancuso
(From Facebook)
That came about two years ago when Mancuso got into a row with fellow attorney Thomas T. Gallion III. Above the Law covered the incident in a story titled "Old Lawyers Fight At Country Club, Submit Dueling Membership Revocation Letters." Reporter Staci Zaretsky starts by telling us that lawyers of a certain age are quite unpopular. (I thought lawyers of any age were quite unpopular.):

Old lawyers have earned themselves a bad reputation, especially in light of the current legal economy. They’re reviled by some as the Boomers who refuse to retire and make way for the new generation of attorneys. They refuse to adopt new technologies, they always think they’re right, and they adamantly refuse to change. This may be an unfair characterization, but many people believe it to be true, as disrespectful as it may be.

Given the harsh way some view older lawyers, of course they would be amused to see two of them almost come to blows inside a genteel Alabama country club. Imagine an attorney in his 70s allegedly screaming “you motherf*cker” at the top of his lungs, and then you’ll get an idea of what reportedly went down.

Now, this sounds good, especially after putting ourselves in slumber land by reading about Mancuso's actual practice. At the heart of the spat were dueling membership-revocation letters to Montgomery Country Club. Such matters obviously are not be to taken lightly among the capital city's moneyed gentry.

Let's allow Zaretsky to tell the story:

The attorneys involved in the altercation were Thomas T. Gallion III and Thomas G. Mancuso. Here’s what Mancuso claims happened at the beginning of the country club confrontation:

Zaretsky then turns her attention to Gallion's version of events:

Gallion, on the other hand, claims Mancuso sent him a “defamatory letter” days before the incident at the club. Here’s Gallion’s description of what allegedly happened on the day of the fight:
Gallion 1

Then we get another section of Mancuso's letter, where he provides interesting personal information about himself:

Here’s another excerpt from Mancuso’s letter to the country club president that we suspect was meant to gin up some sympathy for him as he painted himself as the lawyer with the cooler head:
Mancuso 2

So we discover that Mancuso is married, and he apparently is in less than tip-top physical shape. But that has not kept him from attempting to gather a "little something on the side," via Ashley Madison. God, imagine how ugly this scene might have gotten if Gallion had known about Mancuso's Ashley Madison membership and used that as a verbal salvo.

As it was, Gallion could not resist another pot shot at his "esteemed colleague." Writes Zaretsky:

Here’s Gallion’s response to Mancuso’s “woe is me” narrative. This paragraph makes Gallion seem like… a very special kind of d-bag who must be a big hit at parties and social gatherings:
Gallion 2

We sought comment from Mancuso regarding his activities at Ashley Madison, but he has not responded to our queries. Public records indicate his wife's name is Judy Miller Mancuso.


Anonymous said...

Oh, God, I ROFLMAO every time I read about Mancuso and Gallion almost getting it on at Montgomery CC. Love it. Now, we know Mancusco is an Ashley Madison devotee, and that makes it even better.

Anonymous said...

Mancuso deals with corporate tax stuff all day long, so I can see where he could use a little "sweetener" in his off hours.

Anonymous said...

Pearl clutchers in 5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . .

Anonymous said...

The world would be a better place if Gallion and Mancuso had kicked each other's ass.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Mancuso looks pretty darned fine to me. Maybe the old man just wanted a newer model.

e.a.f. said...

what truly amazes me is this lawyer as with others who were on the A.M. website, have money. If they want to have company "on the side", why don't they just phone an escort service and have a professional sent over. Its a lot less risky than the A.M. website. O.K. perhaps they are too cheap and think they are still "hot enough" to attract younger women. Alas, these men will never learn and as I've often said, simply demonstrate "poor judgement".