Friday, August 8, 2014

Will Mike Hubbard and Bob Riley Be Indicted In Indian Gaming Probe--And Where Is Rob Riley's Name In The Lee County Investigation?

Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard and former Governor Bob Riley are expected to be indicted by a Lee County grand jury for their alleged roles in a scheme to funnel Indian gaming money to an organization designed to fight legalized private gaming in Alabama, a source tells Legal Schnauzer.

That raises many intriguing questions, including this one: Where is Rob Riley's name in the equation? All of the original reports about the $100,000 transfer from the Poarch Creek Indians to Citizens for a Better Alabama mentioned the former governor's son prominently.

Bill Britt, publisher of the Alabama Political Reporter, has led the way on coverage of the Lee County investigation. But his article in today's issue makes no mention of Rob Riley's role in the questionable transaction. A memo on the deal, which leaked, also appears to make no mention of Rob Riley.

That is odd because an October 2012 Montgomery Advertiser article, which broke the story, had Rob Riley's name front and center.

This is from an October 23, 2012, Legal Schnauzer post titled "Rob Riley Helped Funnel Indian Gambling Money To Organization That Opposed Non-Indian Gaming."

The son of former Governor Bob Riley was the middle man in a transaction that funneled Indian gambling money toward a campaign to fight non-Indian gaming facilities in Alabama, according to a report yesterday in the Montgomery Advertiser.
Rob Riley, a Homewood attorney, received notification from the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) that it had contributed $100,000 to Citizens for a Better Alabama on June 10, 2010. Records show that the RSLC received a $100,000 check that same day from the Poarch Band of Creek Indians.

This is from an article we posted the next day, based on information from public records and published reports:

Prominent Alabama Republicans this week said they did not know that funds used to fight non-Indian gaming in the state came from Indian gambling sources. A check of public records shows the Republicans almost certainly were lying.

A $100,000 check that went to an Alabama anti-gambling organization in 2010 originated with the Poarch Band of Creek Indians and was funneled through the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC), according to a report in the Montgomery Advertiser. The same article showed that Indian gambling money, via the RSLC, played a prominent role in the Republican takeover of the Alabama Legislature in 2010.

Three key Republicans connected to the story--Homewood attorney Rob Riley, conservative lawyer and activist A. Eric Johnston, and House Speaker Mike Hubbard--said they had no idea the RSLC took money from gambling sources. But a simple check of public documents on the Web shows the GOP trio either was lying or was stunningly out of touch.

The Alabama denials are even more hard to swallow in light of recent reports that two Las Vegas casino moguls--Steve Wynn, of Wynn Resorts, and Sherman Adelson, of the Las Vegas Sands, gave more than $625,000 to the RSLC in recent months. Another report shows that Caesars Entertainment Operating Company, of Las Vegas, has given $165,299 to the RSLC.

How unbelievable were the statements from Rob Riley, Eric Johnston, and Mike Hubbard? We spelled that out, again citing public records:

We are supposed to believe that Riley, Johnston, and Hubbard were utterly in the dark about RSLC's ties to gaming? It's not a new development, by the way.

Records at show that RSLC received $15,000 from the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians in 2003, followed by a $25,000 donation in 2005. Jack Abramoff, a former GOP lobbyist and now confessed felon, represented the Choctaws at the time. In 2006, the RSLC received $100,000 from Harrah's Casino Hotels.

We learned about this after a Web search lasting about five minutes. But Riley, Johnston, and Hubbard are not capable of learning about RSLC's ties to gaming that go back roughly 10 years? These guys can't afford Internet service?

The RSLC was founded in 2002, and we know it took gaming money in 2003. That means RSLC's roots have been fertilized with gambling cash pretty much from the outset. But GOP insiders in Alabama don't know that?

Again, why has Rob Riley's name been left out of recent reports when original articles showed he was in the middle of a smelly deal that sent Indian gambling money to an organization that vowed to fight non-Indian gambling?

Alabamians, and all citizens who care about honest government, should be asking that question? They also should be asking this question: Where in the world is the Obama Justice Department, when this case appears to involve serious federal issues?



HALLELUJAH....LEGAL SCHNAUZER IS BACK...with a vengeance..and grave insights..Very pertinent question...where is Rob Riley? Is he still trying to salve the wounds of his wife and family? Hard to explain having an affair, covering it up, and then putting the man who wrote about it in jail isn't it?

Anonymous said...

It's definitely a conspiracy. No other explanation beyond all the other explanations.

Anonymous said...

can't really censor the "internets" but like gwb jr you can think dumb enough to certainly 'try'

Robby Scott Hill said...

Interesting story, if there's any truth to what this unnamed source is saying. I've learned the hard way that despite what the Alabama State Bar claims, the Unified Judicial System will not provide counsel to indigents or waive filing fees or appeal fees. Activist judges are constantly redefining the meaning of the word indigent and redefining all statutes and case laws to suit their own purposes. When they refuse to engage in politics and decide to uphold the law as written, a special judge is appointed. Federal courts could care less about the miscarriage of justice in state courts in Alabama. Even if you have the smoking gun evidence to prove what is considered the truth under the law, how can you effectively represent yourself in court when you're in jail or about to go there? Be careful Roger. Others aren't playing fair. As they say, "All is fair in love and war," & you're smack, dab in the middle of a war zone. There is a Cold Civil War going on in America. I predict the Republican/Dixiecrats will retake the US Senate in November & we'll have a GOPer in the White House in 2017 who will make the Supreme Court very conservative. Aren't you fighting a losing battle here? As Emory Folmar used to say, "Why fight at all if you can't win?" As one recaptured runaway slave said to the other, "Where you from boy?" "South Carolina! N-word you ought to KNOW better! Shut yo' mouth while you ahead of da game boy." I'm headed to jury duty in a few days & won't be able to comment the blog much. Be careful.

Corby said...

Welcome Back Roger!

e.a.f. said...

"....and we shall rise again", as the song goes.

Now if one is the father and one is the son, perhaps one will take "the wrap" for the others. It is not unheard of for one family member to go to jail, to have the other avoid going. Whatever happens, it is to be hoped this does lead to some sort of "house cleaning" in state politics. Not holding my breath, but one can hope.

The more exposure this type of thing receives in the press, the more hopeful I am that these types of politicians will not be re-elected. The south isn't the "player" it once was in politics and given the reaction of some to the treatment of child refugees, the republicans could be toast, come the next election.

So very nice to see you writing! ...and we will rise again.....

David in S. Alabama said...

I know a lawyer who is telling that when the Lee Co. Grand Jury is through that 10 people will be indicted.

Anonymous said...

Good to see Legal Schnauzer reporting again, but I fear nothing will come from the lee county investigation. Anybody with a brain knows that many of our leaders are crooks but seems to be ok with it. Look at this last election, Mr Hubbard had no problem getting back into office. Our fears of a black president will keep these crooks in office for years to come. Then the next big fear is having a women as president. Yes as long as we give dumbasses the right to vote, nothing will change for Alabama. The crooks are having a big laugh over how easy it is to get what they want out of the Alabama voter, just have to tell them that president Obama is trying to control who get's elected as mayor in a one horse town and they will turn out in record numbers.

Unknown said...

Welcome back Roger!!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Roger. Give'em Hell.

Anonymous said...

GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK.. Sure have missed your articles . Hope all is well and you continue to inform the public..... Blessings.

David in S. Alabama said...

ATLANTA, GA. (WSFA) - A federal judge who represents the middle district of Alabama has been arrested in Georgia.

According to Atlanta Police, Mark Fuller was arrested on Saturday after he allegedly assaulted his wife.

Kim Jones of the Atlanta Police Department tells WSFA 12 News that officers responded at 10:47 p.m. to the Ritz Carlton at 181 Peachtree Street.

The victim, who had visible injuries, was treated on scene by medics, but refused to be transported to the hospital.

Fuller presided over the 2006 bribery trial of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman and HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy.

Fuller was appointed to the bench in 2002 by former President George W. Bush.

Federal Judges can only be removed from their position if they resign, die, or are impeached by congress.

Fuller was transported to the Fulton County Jail where he was charged with battery, which is a misdemeanor

Anonymous said...

as always rsh has the words, and the words are what is coming, gop in 2016 and then the same agenda until the united staters get tired of being slaves after all ... AND

when going for revenge shuler couple dig graves for all, except don't bother digging one for your sources, they do exactly what is needed to get you two to do what you already learned wasn't the best doing that can get done ...

pay attention to rsh

Anonymous said...

Southern rage against the northern take-over hasn't cooled. You're a northerner as far as the southerners are concerned. Best realize the southern attitude because that bad was a warning to you, lucky you get to stay in the south as a northerner.

You would be real intelligent to know the way the south isn't going to change in your lifetime, certainly not the way you think that the world should be, ask Don Siegelman. Perhaps to get the journalist deep probe into how the Republicans are going to take back the power, in 2016.

How are you going to write about that looming gloom and doom?

Dangerous for you to keep up what you are doing.

Robby Scott Hill said...

These continuing developments are almost Nixonesque in that the very people who put you & Don Siegelman behind bars appear to be headed to jail/prison themselves. This is the continuing saga of the Bush Family's Dixie Mafia. Put your political enemies behind bars first. Then, throw your underlings who did all your dirty work under the bus lest they decide to finger you. Fuller will wake up one morning to discover that he, like so many others is expendable also. Unless you're at the top of the pyramid, they eventually take your property & your women, even if you work for them. As Alabama Lawyer Robert Francis Nelson used to say, 10% of the men get 90% of the women & the money. The 10% is the Dixie Mafia.

Anonymous said...

What makes a person think that the United States is a working government like what the law actually is? There is a special interest group that runs the country, and that institutional fraud is continuing to own and operate the U.S.A.

Think the people that are only an ordinary character in the life stream really have a chance (snowball in hell) to be heard?


Anonymous said...

Cold 'Civil' War Robby Scott Hill says, and the civil is about as uncivilized as any one looking at the country's future can see.

There is no way the old way of any approach to problems solved is going to work. The Too Big To Fail system happens to be what everyone has to be in. A game to the owners of the casino earth. Laughing at the people who are being slaughtered for the agenda of depopulation.

Robby has seen the light.