Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Incident Report Indicates Warrant Was Unsigned In The Arrest Of Legal Schnauzer Publisher

The incident report in my arrest indicates the warrant was unsigned, and that comes on top of courtroom evidence suggesting there was no warrant at all.

What does all of this mean? We still are researching the issue, but we have found Alabama law stating that an unsigned warrant is "utterly void." That suggests my arrest and the resulting five-month incarceration in the Shelby County Jail might have been conducted outside the law.

Alabama incident reports include a notation that certain parts of the report are considered officer work product and "may not be public information." We therefore are not publishing the entire report, but a copy was made available for my defense at the resisting-arrest trial, and I learned the following:

At the bottom of the second page on the report is section No. 208. The section says "Warrant Signed," with boxes for "yes" and "no." The box for "no" is checked.

Our research indicates this is not a minor detail. Long-standing Alabama law has held that an unsigned warrant is "utterly void," and we will be taking a closer look at that law in upcoming posts.


Anonymous said...

Roger, is it possible that the warrant for the new charge of resisting arrest had not been signed?

Unknown said...

Keep up the fight, Roger!

Anonymous said...

I hope you will pursue this and bring justice to everyone involved.This appears to be an outrageous abuse of power.

legalschnauzer said...

Resisting arrest is an offense that, by its nature, the officer witnesses firsthand, so a warrant is not necessary. I don't agree that it amounted to resisting arrest, but I'm pretty sure this was a case where a warrantless charge is allowed.

Anonymous said...

Karl Rove is said to be in charge, now backed by the money of the Koch Brothers.

Sheldon Adelson is somewhere, nobody knows where Shelly is hiding from being arrested as a top mob boss.

As long as Rove is running the South, first with Shelly's dirty money, now with the Koch Brothers' dirty money, there is only what gets to be the dictate.

There is to be no Roger and Carol Shuler upsetting the GOP land of gambling and whatever can be shadow exchanged in the secret government business global.

You've got Birmingham sandwiched between military, and that means whatever can be made to happen just like that. Who can do this with the military? Karl Rove's power is what is running AL.

When Rove is arrested, then we can trust America is not the fascist state it currently is.

Anonymous said...

Actually, a warrant is still required for an on view arrest. The signing of the warrant is required by law and that is where the probable cause must be shown to the issuing magistrate. The difference being that the warrant is signed after the arrest.

Anonymous said...

When an officer arrests someone on a warrant, he does not fill out an Incident / Offense report. He fills out an arrest report. I/O reports are for new crimes, such as a resisting arrest or domestic violence. Therefore, your assertion that there was no signed warrant is invalid. I bet the arrest report that was filed had the original contempt warrants and the resisting arrest charge, while the I/O had the resisting charge on it.

agent in LV said...

I've heard of arrestees getting cases thrown out because of unsigned warrants in Las Vegas. Get you a good attorney to poke some holes in that chain of evidence.

Anonymous said...


Already $3.2Bn has been dumped on the neo-Nazi unelected coup government, and Obama has knowingly and deceitfully called them “duly elected.”

Since when is gaining power through Molotov cocktails, snipers and bludgeoning the police considered “duly elected?”

This neo-Nazi power seizure has been a US project for quite a while now. Obama’s neo-con strategist, Victoria Nuland, has bragged that $5Bn of US tax money has been poured into Ukraine since the fall of the Soviet Union in order to influence the political system there. Nuland was caught on tape choosing “Yats” to be the frontman for US/NATO interests.

Arseniy Yatsenuk’s own foundation website prominently lists, as William Blum noted:

NATO, the National Endowment for Democracy, the US State Department, Chatham House (Royal Institute of International Affairs in the UK), the German Marshall Fund (a think tank founded by the German government in honor of the US Marshall Plan), as well as a couple of international banks. Is any comment needed?

US meddling in the 2004 Ukrainian elections was already exposed. The US corporate usual suspects are salivating on setting up shop in their new Nazi utopia.

This latest manifestation of covert US foreign policy should shock the entire world to its core and cause them to question just about every assumption they may have had about the US. Actual voting – democracy – is demonized in Crimea and in the other eastern provinces of Ukraine, while firebomb tossing Nazi psychopaths, who gleefully rape and strangle to death pregnant women, are promised $27Bn in IMF graft and loan guarantees to help cement their power over Kiev.

That message couldn’t be clearer.


America is worse than Nazi Germany, the world knows, but Americans are still thinking the reality is America.

e.a.f. said...

dear A, 14 May 14; 5:22 a.m. re: "America is worse than Nazi Germany". Oh, please, get with a reality check. You obviously did not live through that time, nor did you live in countries the Nazi's occupied, nor did you do time in a concentration or work camp, which the Nazi's ran.
And you certainly weren't in the Polish ghetto during the uprising.

America may have a lot of problems. But it is far from a Nazi type government.

People still have the right to go to the ballot box and unelected those who run the country. If they choose not to, then so be it.

Now as to the topic at hand, Mr. Shuler being arrested, without an arrest warrant, that is interesting. If the police came to his door to arrest him, for not complying with a court order, then they ought to have had an arrest warrant somewhere. If they didn't have one, anywhere, then someone ought to have been smart enough to "manufacture" one after the fact. If they didn't Mr. Shuler may have a very nice law suit in the making.

The paper work for an arrest warrant, for resisting arrest, would be done after the fact. You can't have an arrest warrant for resisting arrest prior to it happening. Well you could but then the police dept. would have another problem.

Nice to see you writing again. Trust things are going well with you and Mrs. Shuler

Anonymous said...

Is it necessary to have a signed arrest warrant if the court issued an arrest order for contempt of court?

Anonymous said...

Karl Rove is in the news, again and again and he is telling the news in Europe. Europe is what has the power over America, The City of London, you remember the story about all the bankers suiciding there, e.a.f.?

Well the east has kicked the Nazi Corporations of U.S.A. E.U. Israel out, in basic reality.

No more Dollar domination in trade and exchange.

e.a.f. and furthermore, America isn't Canada and Canada is as Nazi too, as was Germany. The people were all forced to be in camps. What part of camp is not what Mrs. Shuler has been in, and then there is Roger who was thrown in a camp and could have been made dead just like that.

In the event the internet wasn't enlightening people, the worst of our human beings that are agents for the criminally insane that are obviously not sane, would get away with the Karl Rove's 'USA.

e.a.f., you're in a twist about, yet again, talking about how seriously bad IT is here.

Did Karl Rove send you? How much does he pay you? Do you do him?

What is your job, exactly, to keep the people off?

Those, that are the revolutionaries that start the brush fires in the minds that need to be fully charged to get rid of the Karl Roves and ITS' trolls, once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Almost a year after an FBI agent shot and killed, under suspicious circumstances, a crucial witness in the Boston Marathon bombing case during a botched midnight interrogation in an Orlando apartment, serious questions are being raised about the FBI agent who fired seven shots into Chechen immigrant Ibragim Todashev last May 22.

Two investigations, one by the FBI itself and one by the Florida Attorney General’s office, exonerated the FBI in the shooting death, claiming the agent, never identified, had been acting in self-defense, when Todashev allegedly ran at him with a raised broom handle.

Now, in an excellent piece of investigative journalism, the Boston Globe has uncovered the identity of the agent, 41-year-old Aaron McFarlane, who joined the Bureau in 2008 after retiring on a $52,000 lifetime annual disability pension from a short stint as an officer in the Oakland Police Department.

Aside from the question of why someone who passed through the rigorous training program the FBI runs for its recruits at Quantico, VA would also qualify for a lucrative pension, it turns out that McFarlane also has a pretty checkered past at Oakland’s Police Department -- a police department that has such an extraordinary record of corruption and brutality, that since 2012 it has been operated under the supervision of a federal court “compliance director,” whose job is to see that officers don’t brutalize residents or violate their civil rights.

McFarlane, the Boston Globe reported, did more than that as an Oakland cop. The paper reports that during his four years with the Oakland Police, he was the subject of two police brutality lawsuits and four internal affairs investigations. the paper found also that McFarlane, as a defense witness in a corruption trial, pleaded the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination in refusing to answer questions from the prosecutor in that case, which involved officers .

Todashev's killer, FBI Agent Aaron McFarlane, here as Oakland cop testifying at a corruption trial, his victim, IbrahFrom left: Todashev's killer, FBI Agent Aaron McFarlane, here as Oakland cop testifying at a corruption trial, his victim, Ibragim Todashev, and the FBI crime scene 'investigation' following the shooting

The trial in question was the biggest corruption scandal in Oakland’s history. Filed in 2000, the case involved four police officers who called themselves the “Riders,” who were accused of beating and kidnapping people, making false arrests, planting evidence and falsifying police reports. The case ended up being short-circuited with no convictions under a settlement that had the city of Oakland paying damages of $10.9 million to some 119 victims of Oakland Police officer's abuse and deceit, and with the whole department going into receivership.


NAZI Germany was a historical fact and America's descent into Nazism is now historical.


Anonymous said...

After having publicly surfaced recently the state of Alabama's original, official, arresting document, accompanied by its supporting records HAVING EXPOSED IN OPEN COURT BY THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY THAT THERE WAS NOT ANY [a] WARRANT FOR Mr. Shuler, and there had never been signed a warrant for his arrest.

It would appear that all the discussions, now, would be more interesting because if there ain't no warrant; everything from the day of Shuler's bogus traffic stop appears to show signs of orchestrated maneuvering for the purpose of judicially singling out Shuler to shut him up.

Would it not be a good idea for Shelby County to provide a time-line and chain-of- events as to who, how, when, etc to be focused on; these judicial circumstances surely rise to the levels of more than reasonable request for public information involving the expenditures of tax payers dollars, tied to arrest without warrant, to these YET TO BE RESOLVED MATTERS.

Supposedly ? Alabama provides for Magistrates being available for the public to file a sworn under oath complaint, served by law enforcement; regarding a law enforcement officer, they too go before the Magistrate filing complaint under sworn oath, that it be served {ref Al code}

So......... Who had been chosen as designation warrant signer; did that individual then later change mind and not tell anyone, whereas the rolling rock down hill gathers no moss.


Robby Scott Hill said...

Amen brother.

Anonymous said...


Couple of weeks ago after speaking with individual[s] in, Montgomery's offices for the State of Alabama, I was astounded that none were cognizant of a Roger Shuler, his Judicial plight; and this occurring within offices that should have at minimum a general overview, yet, nothing.

A Alabama tax paying resident citizen having been arrested, subsequently found out by a bogus arrest warrant. Spending 5 months in jail without bond.........

Why is it that the Alabama medias have been, continuing to be so mute when involving an Alabamian's denial of equal rights, protection, and due processes. Why is his story not worthy of media interest?

But, if one of the media's personnel was falsely arrested, on bogus [no] warrant, 5 months in jail without bond, it is more than reasonable for any average mined person to believe there would be movements by medias throughout the state publishing the illegalities which Shuler has himself been subjected too, endured.

Would this when laid out for review side by side not be considered MEDIA DOUBLE STANDARDS; after all its only the Constitution of the United States that's really the point, RIGHT?

Anonymous said...

"Even more troubling, it seems as though we can no longer trust what we read in the newspaper, or take in on the network or cable news programs, because the DECEIT AND CORRUPTION HAVE LATELY reached to the very institutions charged with watchdogging the public interest."

"My goodness, our checks and balances are out of whack in this country, and our priorities so far out of line, that I sometimes have difficulty recognizing the world I'm living in. [Do you?] I set these thoughts to paper and catch myself wondering when halfhearted apologies started amounting to consequences; when law-abiding, God fearing people began convincing themselves that shortcuts were the path to decency; and, when folds we'd always cast as role models started living down to their roles. Did I miss a memo? WAS THERE A MASS CONFERENCE CALL, DURING WHICH EVERYONE AGREED TO TOSS ASIDE TRAITS LIKE ACCOUNTABILITY AND RESPONSIBILITY IN FAVOR OF THE ATTITUDE THAT JUSTIFIES ALMOST ANY ACTION? Lord knows, I must have overlooked something, and at times I wonder where to look for the virtue I'm certain resides deep within us all."

".....and yet more and more I see otherwise well-intentioned folks looking the other way from what they know to be right and good and true."

"...character... You've either got it, or you don't, and no law or regulation is going to help you on this one." Stand For Something, former Ohio Congressman John Kasich.

"A striking revelation found within these studies is the fact that both right wing authoriitariansand social dominators can be accurately described as conservatives without conscience. Needles to say, conscience itself cannot be measured directly. But stated beliefs and expressed behavior often reflect the workings of a conscience.
For example, social dominators freely admit on test s that measure moral issues of right and wrong behaviors that such matters are irrevelant to them. That suggest little conscience, a fact which is often corroborated by behavior. Altemeyer noted that "social dominators believe that a really good skill to develop is the ability to look someone straight in the face and lie convincingly. Nothing show lack of conscience better than a bold faced lying."
Without Conscience, by former White House counsel John Dean under President Richard Nixon.

e.a.f. said...

Hi An...

Mr. Rove didn't send me, never met the man and don't expect to. Don't particularly like Mr. Rove's politics or those he represents.

Mr. Shuler was in an American prison. American prisons are not pleasant however, they are not Nazi concentration camps. You obviously never were in a Nazi prison camp during WW II or you wouldn't be making the comments you do.

There are many thing which have gone sideways in Canada and the U.S.A., but both countries are still some ways from being Nazi Germany. Not even Mr. Putin's Russia has made it to Nazi Germany status, as it was in the 1930s to 1945. Please have a read of a couple of history books.

The problems in Alabama need to be addressed at the polls. people need to know what happened to Mr. Shuler and people need to vote. Even with the new "voter suppression laws" in the U.S.A. and Canada, people can still vote.

So please out of respect for those who died in Nazi prison camps during WW II please don't compare the American prison system to them.

Anonymous said...


Shuler has always said from day one that the warrant, arrest, and jailing was unlawful and illegal; yet he held firm in his beliefs that he was right.

Shuler, backed up his position by choosing not to yield/give into pressures to remove information in question checked and cross checked before posting by having to remain in county jail for 5 months without chance for bonding.

Anyone reading this should do a gut-check and truthfully ask themselves, are they with such "CHARACTER" that they would defend their own rights, even if meant by going to jail, falsely.

In defense of mine and "we the people[s]" rights, without reservation I would want Shuler's
dedication. How tragic it is that when someone, from the ranks of " the little people" has the "gonads" to brave to stand to speak aloud publicly; all those that, [he's] been speaking aloud for to have a more better and incorruptible government; leaves them out in the cold to survive on their on.

Does you all have any 21st century judiciary down there, or is this a continuing example of nineteenth century controlling politics?

Very good, Anon @ 10:10 PM May 15, 2014; Character, I believe Shuler has got it, and is one who doesn't need any outside help, and can't be lost result of character assassinations whose sole purpose[s] are for the benefiting of a select few; although, none, themselves never having been heard from publicly as of yet after all this time pasting; maybe since the false imprisonment of Governor Seigelman.


Anonymous said...

barrett brown from texas state in prison and facing centuries of his life that isn't going to be other than a prison til death

one of many stories, no longer seen here on this blog, all that's here is a type of socialization of the shulers' 'reality' and that's what a web blog is ms shuler, a gathering of a log of one's own 'history'

so whether comments get published or not isn't the real issue, one comment can spark whatever needs and from there, the matter is about investing one's verve

you're showing how the programming gets very well done, rests my case

observing those that need to be observed very closely after the psychosis breakdown is applied, is as real as karl rove's power

Anonymous said...

People all know that the NSA, CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, there is not one Security Intelligence that isn't hooked in.

Question: Are the comments real?

Who are the people commenting?

Do the donations keep the blog up, now, to keep the people coming so the names and whatever information can now be gathered up and whatever the Secret Intelligence Services do.

How about this Comment, maybe there are only the Secret Service Intelligence Global now operating, IT knows everything and IT can do whatever IT wants to manufacture what is real or not

Anonymous said...

Once an ole deep south comedian from Mississippi famous for his joke telling once told of one during 1970s still remembered today about the time he and his friend went raccoon hunting, and he had climbed up in a tall oak tree. But, only to find several nest of, more than, what he was looking for. Hollering down to one below, yelling for him to shoot up there amongst him; the response came back he couldn't being so many he may shoot him. To which his response was quick, then just shoot up here amongst us, for I gotta have some help.

Since the litigating engine began its first coupling up for Shuler's nightmarish judicial "ride" through Alabama politically controlled courts; it would not be uncommon for anyone to not think there have been those having given thoughts to their own "ties that binds" situations subject to be exposed throughout this and other pending case. Point being: Would it not be safe to conclude like the comedian in need of relief, telling his friend to just shoot up there amongst them, that he had to have some relief; likewise as Shuler's case strengthens;
others meeting concerned for their own clandestine political adventuresome past at the expense of the tax payer's dollars.

These politics down there in Alabama has got to be better than grits and gravies with biscuits.

Wake up, if already then use all your senses to know what's going on up here; now including unbelievably VA Muli-mega gross mismanagement that appears to involve 40 + - veterans deaths resulting from patient treatment @ VA hospital exposing fraudulent record keeping, continuing exposing of Bengazi's four deaths and aftermaths, IRS and the list goes on and on and on............ People of the state of Alabama need to charter a plane and come up here and personally visit every congressional office; and the white house, and judiciary; the stench alone accumulating from the era of "screw Seigelman" has a smell only unto itself.

Shuler "paid" one may say for the space to voice support for constitutional rights, liberties, and freedoms, due processes, and protections. If you, as Alabamians don't search within yourselves finding the courage to muster public support, then who else, really, is Shuler to turn?
As one attorney, from out of state remarked sometime ago, he had rather pay the potential client for him not to represent the client and get someone else, rather than him coming to Alabama and being paid above average fees to defend him.
The attorney represents attitudes of many from out of state law offices' feelings.

This 2014 election Alabamians should go to polls and vote every suspect and questionable candidate out of office from the governor on down where applicable; replacing that elected position with a "rookie".

Maybe its past time to put in team leaders, players, with a wanting to work together dedication for the people of Alabama; maybe start by being given the history of Governor George Houston's governorship's accomplishments because of him kicking the bums out........

Anonymous said...

What is amazing is that these republican judges and pols are all "christians" and "good men" according to the repubes.

Anonymous said...

Police arrest Occupy movement activist Cecily McMillan during a raid at Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan, New York City, on March 17, 2012. Wed May 21, 2014, By Paul Craig Roberts

Cecily McMillan is an Occupy protester who was seized from behind by a goon thug cop – a goon thug with a long record of abuse of authority – by her breasts. One was badly bruised. Cecily McMillan’s elbow reflexively and instinctively came up, and Cecily was arrested for assaulting a goon thug. The goon thug was not arrested for sexually assaulting a young woman.

False arrests of this sort are common in the US. Indeed, they are more common than justified arrests. The police and the courts are completely corrupted institutions that reek of injustice and evil.

Cecily was locked up in Rikers Island without bail by the judge who sees his role as protecting the abuse of police and prosecutorial power. The judge would not allow evidence in behalf of Cecily to be presented to the jury.

Nevertheless, the jurors, or 75% of them, understood that something was wrong and although they were coerced into convicting the young woman they sent a letter to the judge requesting that no prison time be imposed on Cecily. Nevertheless, the judge for whom all must stand in respect in the courtroom, gave the goon thug’s victim 90 days in prison and five years probation. This was Amerika’s sendoff of an idealistic young woman who was about to receive a master’s degree from an important educational education.

The jury in Cecily’s trial did not count. At least 75% of the jurors understood that they were being coerced into a conviction, which they sought to lighten by requesting the judge not to impose a prison sentence. But the judge represents the repressive state, not justice. The jurors were out to lunch. They had no idea of the corrupt nature of the criminal political system or else they lacked the courage to stand up to it.

This insouciance is true of the bulk of the American population. They are sheeple, unaware that they have been stripped of constitutional protections and that they are propagandized into supporting the evil actions of an unaccountable government. For example, as Gerald Celente demonstrates in the current issue of the Trends Journal, the onslaught of Washington’s propaganda against the Sochi Olympic Games, alleging terror attacks, a filthy city and hotel rooms, unsafe water, and so forth, resulted in a drop in TV ratings for the Olympics and in majorities of Americans acquiring negative attitudes toward Russia and Putin. Thus, when Washington set off the Ukraine crisis, “American minds had already been pre-programmed by propaganda. Facts would not get in the way. The stage for war and hate had been masterfully set.”

As John Whitehead at the Rutherford Institute says, “If you have been paying attention to the news lately, you may have noticed that the building blocks for a police state are now in place: the surveillance networks, fusion centers and government contractors monitoring what is being said by whom; government databases tracking who poses a potential threat to the government’s power; militarized police, working in conjunction with federal agencies, coordinating with the federal government to round up troublemakers; and the courts which sanction the government’s methods, no matter how unlawful.
“Indeed, the government has been maintaining a growing list of ‘dangerous’ opinions and activities that might classify someone as an enemy of the state — a.k.a. an extremist — a.k.a. terrorist or sympathetic to terrorist activities — and thus qualify you for detention.

When a sexually assaulted American citizen can be falsely arrested for assaulting a police officer, brought to trial by a corrupt prosecutor whose false case is endorsed by a corrupt judge and convicted by an insouciant jury, you know that justice is dead in America.

Chris Hedges and Cecily McMillan bring the story home. If you read their account below and do not weep, you are a brainwashed sheeple headed for the slaughter.

Chris Hedges

Anonymous said...

Don Siegelman is out?

Well then, Alabama isn't going to change anything when the Government that employs the Government has the whole world invested in the systems of natural resources to charge for the life need.

Don is the clue here at this site, when Don's predicament is the same as your now out of jail real, then the change can be counted in real cash, not until.

And any one that can understand the time of fascism gets this.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:20 A.M. 05/24/14.

But to the contrary, Governor Siegelman is in! While present day appearances expose him as a federal prisoner; all these times since incarceration[s] have not been wasted, sitting idly by. Many are those having the "gonads" to stand and make conscious decisions, as well as taking actions in the continuing support of Governor Siegelman.

Fascism, communism, socialism, define it for what makes you comfortable; Siegelman's back and shoulders have been well rutted for/by the many others seeking to/gaining access to various solutions when tied to election year problems; "counted in real cash", commonly referred to in certain small circles as "brown bags"; those not having been seen or heard from supporting Governor Siegelman in some short-time will be scalping for courtroom seats etc.

Mr. Nelson Mandela, South Africa, wrongfully imprisoned most of his life would be released to his sought after changing county's government. So, Anon @ 10:20 AM, one is resigned to wonder what continues to remain publicly unrevealed, publicly exposed having ties to Governor Siegelman's wrongful imprisonment.

"Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead." Mobile Bay, Alabama. ADMIRABLE DAVID ARRAGUT, U.S. Navy, Civil War.

Anonymous said...

Stress Test, Tim Geithner is the author and the bump in the road has been nothing. Transferring the wealth of people is is how "Governor Don Siegelman" is made into a zero in the world of shuffling the investments. He wasn't in the agenda of the wealth being moved around other than how he wanted to. Rove and the power structure that has Governor Siegelman locked up, are criminals and very dangerous ones.

The most dangerous fact to face about Don Siegelman and Karl Rove is that the criminal isn't locked up, the dangerous criminal is given the money that is necessary to lock people up that are in the way of the criminal racket.

Investments run the court system and the entire system of America is run on the investment system that is the money which is a globally invested commodity, too.

Rove is well connected in with that great big fascist operation. So is Don Siegelman in the reality of he gets to be in the investment of the numbers of prisoners in the investments of the entire American government.

Governor Siegelman is well aware of how the system operates.

Anonymous said...

Memorial Day, May 26, 2014



Continuing sympathy, expressions of accolades just sounds empty now.

The flag we take for granted waving every morning at the court house, across the United States! Provided for all American
citizens; how many Alabama service personnel sacrificed, by giving their own last full measures; since 2001 that others' rights, freedoms, and liberties are not being violated/denied.

"Good Luck, Charlie Brown."

Anonymous said...

Naked Capitalism is an excellent place to watch the stock market. They do the best job there, in really showing the whole deep hole we're in.

When the stock market crashes, get ready and remember as you know now first hand, Roger, MILITARIZED POLICE do whatever the payees say.

Get ready, 2014, is-was and showing to be, the year.

Dates are important. Food and water storage are vital.

Are we going to make this year into October absent the Project For A New American Century's nuke that was promised and has been stolen and hidden somewhere after South Carolina freaked out as it was almost hit?

Journalists in Ukraine are getting killed and worse. No journalist is safe in Ukraine.

Roger understands. Coming soon same Ukraine, same USA.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for Carl Rove and The Koch brothers...with their continued involvement perhaps we can be extracted from the "Mess" that has been created by the Democrats...Can't come too soon !!

Anonymous said...


The mess came from George W. Bush "Jr"., and the NEOCON Project for a New American Century.

Not really, though.

The mess was long ago, watch the video and know, IT IS OVER for K that is Carl with a K, KARL Rove and all the NAZI Cult that was also to do here as in Ukraine.

And, as Roger knows first hand, the same hands in Ukraine are here, just getting ready to have the light GREEN for the new Republican elect to keep the destruction of America as what IT is: New Order in the World.

Koch Brothers had best get their money into better places, the EAST isn't going to be playing nice anymore with the Western no due process law.

Anonymous said...


Western "minds" were indoctrinated into a thinking that came from the Roman Empire and here we are again.

East didn't think like West.

Thankfully, West met East, and now we get to learn the world has always been ROUND.

The Democrats and the Republicans are not intelligent, none, else we wouldn't be a failed so called 'super power'.

Get over the mentality that somehow the BILLIONAIRE CULTISTS are S.M.A.R.T.

Not, there are no higher intellects in the USA or the BUSH DOCTRINE ("Patriot Act", ETC), would be completely gutted. Don Siegelman would be free and the Obama fraudster wouldn't have been forced into world earth to kill the American nation.

Equal time for all the criminally insane in charge of big ship sinking Lolly Pop.

e.a.f. said...

It was interesting to read Alabama Reporter. Turns out Luther Strange has raised a few eyebrows by wanting to discard charges a local D. A. has made against 3 of his "cooperatives". Looks like Legal Schnauzer isn't the only one to notice Luther Strange's machinations.

Anonymous said...

Anon @3:22 05/27/2014

You are right. Like what has been done to Murph and Rog by Rob, once more this time by Strange result his allowing such actions has brought public attentions to himself, for the worst!

What you, e.f.a., is referring to, here again will rise to far more public interest and concerns, paralleling Shuler yes; but beyond because of state's media not reporting Shuler's case.

But these gambling matters, slot machines, raids and seizures, making local, areas, state, and national media stories ongoing for so long now on the tax payers dime is destined too soon reveal
why the interest in paper-flowing of court documents; what else tied to gambling not wanted exposed........

Maybe that God has answered some prayers, and opened a window/door via this news story surfacing, now leaving the people to do or not to do with bringing about justice for the many having been denied there..............

"God will not give any soldier ammunition who will not go into battle."

Anonymous said...



The Mob runs the south and the Mob runs the way the money gets moved around that is not other than by the age old ways of gambling, drugs, and however a racket gets the money moving.

Luther Strange and all the people Legal Schnauzer reported on are going to have the time to explain their actions.

Due process law for them is more than they have been giving us.

The money is so dirty. The Mob is one of the most important parts of the American government.

Institutionalized Fraud and the most criminal inclined are the best employees.

A very interesting time is going to prove to be from now to the elections all of the elections.

Anonymous said...

Organized Crime. The American Government has been this and struggling to be more than just a racket of crime at home.

Global lust was to be the dictators of the governments in every country in the earth plane.

They did do a good job of taking the same governing into lots of countries, the Bush Presidency. But, it was long before the Bushes that the USA was institutionalized into criminal fraud.

The place has been reached, where the Americans aren't going be able to outsource the criminal racket any longer.

Home is now roasting the roost.

Southern crime can't hide anymore, the whole world is now watching. And really angry at the people that use the name of government to be the most wicked humans alive.

Anonymous said...

Anons @ 7:34 pm AND 7:44 pm

That's why, when an individual like Roger Shuler decides to publicly stand in defense of his rights, each Alabamians rights, all should appreciate. Your, anons, messages although correct, fail to go the extra mile to include R.I.C.O., that's the common denominator.

But those empowered to officially perform and act, don't/won't; others attempting to, are swatted down as if were flies subjected to various ways and means to shut them up, keep them shut up........ And it has worked, works.

"That direction Tonto, hiii yoaaa Silver, awayyyyyy

Anonymous said...

R.I.C.O., yes do that and then watch what happens. Not that Roger shouldn't sue for every right that was violated and there are literally countless.

People need to get really mad, staying sick at heart and immobilized won't kick ass.

Asses need kicking, by the filing of more than just the Shulers, that is the real tragedy.

One couple. A married man and woman, and the work of the man in that relationship causes the community to see how the news is, when reported with integrity.

Add Don Siegelman. There are so many that were being helped and now that link has been broken.

The bad, vile evil, abundantly in numbers are called bureaucrats, administrators, assistants, clerks, government low level employees. Serving higher level of the same, with various degrees and credentials to be the chosen vile evil super powerful bad global racket organized as the International Monetary Fund.

When the IMF has to pay out for all the global R.I.C.O, which is going to be by October this year, or by year-end, then the world is going to really be different.

Government corruption isn't going to get better before that time and by that time, well we don't know except scary world.

Anonymous said...


Attorney General Strange's office went before the judge this morning claiming those individuals that he [Strange] has so much unusual interest in, that are under indictments; has today claimed that they didn't work for him, his office; in [Strange's] his attempt, to no avail, to get the judge to adhere to his wants.

Where within the Alabama Constitution that Strange is falling back on to qualify his position is there located Alabame titles and codes for elected/employed officials do-overs.

Admiral Yamamoto said after Pearl Harbor attack, paraphrasing, how Japan had just awoken a sleeping giant.

So this situation, toying with the people, raising interesting court tactics and procedures may very well soon become "Watergate's" national

Help GREENE COUNTY NEWSPAPER spread the news, the facts, the truths; and hopefully other Alabama media will come to do likewise............ for the people of Alabama.

There are those in Texas that one could say that this would apply; "The Stars of Texas Are Upon You".

Anonymous said...

“Proof of the Bilderberg Conspiracy”.


Anonymous said...

So much is at stake: for whistleblowers, freedom of the press and the public’s right to know. For democracy.

That’s why five organizations — RootsAction.org, The Nation, the Center for Media and Democracy / The Progressive, Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) and the Freedom of the Press Foundation — have joined together to start a campaign for protecting the confidentiality of journalists’ sources. So far, in May, about 50,000 people have signed a petition telling President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to end legal moves against Risen.


Anonymous said...

Keep going Schnauzer, they hate you real bad, your site is a big spin, keep going, don't ever stop!

Packaging a president

In the spring of 1972, ... David Rockefeller’s coordinator for the Trilateral Commission, and Gerald Smith, U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Non-Proliferation Matters.

“we had better get off our high horses and look at some of those southern governors.”


BIG GOV IS DOING HARD TIME, now the worm has turned and the savages in power are not to win or we lose, billions and that would be not acceptable now that the CENTURY for the real New Americans and ALL People, in earth, to be FREE!

THANK U ROGER, CAROL, & ALL that have kept up ...

There was a time, when down on my luck, angry and frustrated because no on e seemed to listen, to understand and to fathom the dark clouds gathering all around us, I felt betrayed by society and took it very personally and very hard. I wanted to run away, to be alone, to feel sorry for myself, and to blame the res t of the world for the misdeeds of a criminal few.

Then, I grew up. I thought of the families of the Israelis and Palestinians killed in an ever spiraling violence of hatred whose lives have forever been destroyed by the unspeakable evil hatred represents. This hatred is not spontaneous. It has been masterfully impose d and managed from behind the scenes by the Bilderberger/CFR/TC/Round Table/RIIA controllers, who are dragging the unwilling world to its utter decimation.

I thought of millions of crack babies born in inner-city ghettos and tens of million s of opiate addicts whose future has been turned into drug addiction because a s elect few make a lot of money from the misfortunes of others.

I thought of the lies and deaths of hundreds of millions of innocent young soldiers who were sent by the slick propaganda campaigns to their demise at Verdun and every other engagement of WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, the Falklands, Panama, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc., etc., etc.

I thought of Agent Orange and the Gulf War syndrome responsible for turning strong young, square-shouldered soldiers into frail old men at the age of 30.

..... This book is also about my life , about my refusing to live in fear. Until my dying breath, I shall live as a free man, walking the earth as a free man does, with my head held high.

Only when we decide to let fear govern our actions will those whom we oppose and despise truly won.

Anonymous said...

EXCERPT FROM RSN 05/26/14 8:44 AM



Support THE GREENE COUNTY NEWS, RE. ABOVE, ongoing litigation
involving Strange's office taking over case from Greene County's District Attorney in efforts to get his [strange's] indicted employee's indictments unsealed. READ THE GREENE COUNTY NEWS 5/29

Anonymous said...



What follows is Strange in his hypocrisy during a 30 second ad bloviating about his Attorney General accomplishments. Hog wash and bull sh t; let him tell same to those to the contrary, Stange has claimed to be Alabama's #1 lawman, if so then why on his watch so many Alabamians
have been denied his offices' services and protections result of his/staff silences?

But has the manpower and time to exhaust pursuing litigations in Greene County attempting to take over from local District Attorney his case, on pretense that three indicted, working for Attorney General's office really wasn't his employees, what a crock.....

One can only wonder what the behind close doors conversations where about last evening in New Orleans at the Republican Leadership gathering having to do with what being heard about going on in Alabama politics........, will Governor Bobby Jingel, or Governor Sarah, Palin, or all others as truths become more and more public, look themselves to Alabama's Republicans; maybe there is more to the Siegelman persecution than has first met their eyes.

All these people are required by law to give under official oath to the state aand/or federal constitutions to defend and protect same, faithfully discharging of their duties, so help them God.

Today reported, there has never been in recorded history anytime that the congress has ever had this low of approval rating.

Well, no wonder, first look no further than Dexter and Union Streets.

The masses of "little people", "we the people" sometimes, it seem as if were the Jews during WWII being herded as if were cattle to go wherever the Nazis said to; when at first, many times could have existed long enough to resist against inhumane recklessness.

After 12 years, if Alabamians choose to not go to polls and vote to change this administration, then accept what you didn't vote for to change; and there should not be another letter to the editor and/or bloggers complaining about anything having to do with politics in Alabama. By our not voting we will all reap what we sowed.

Anonymous said...

Strange video/audio ad correction

not, RSN


Anonymous said...

When the people of America became debt slaves the U.S. Constitution was over, the slavery wasn't allowed not in the 13 Amendment and then the 14 Amendment was also and is also moot. Come on.

Digital debt is slavery. The Strange agents for the tyrants that put us into debt slavery, well until the changing of the change as debt changes, there is only going to be the Stranges that are obviously mentally ill. Law school didn't teach him the U.S. Constitution and that means he isn't qualified for the job or any job that requires his oath to the U.S. Constitution.

Law school in America sold debt slavery and Wall Street retirement and that isn't exactly working out for Jurisprudence.

To not honor the U.S. Constitution is treason. Why would debt slavery be a commodity that the schools of law are ignoring, 13 Amendment ignorance is not bliss here.

Anonymous said...


Hopefully everyone reading this
has been closely following immediate events, ongoing, involving release of U.S. Soldier, a Taliban prisoner.

For the past couple of days one of the more commonly USED words referred to SPECIFICALLY THIS matter has been, OATH.

From judges, attorneys, retired generals, judge advocates, retired C.I.A. personnel etc. all emphasizing not only the moral and ethical weight obligated to upholding same involving military's oaths.

Aforementioned having to be said to draw attentions to the seriousness and reality of fulfilling one's duty under official oath[s]; to understand that this nation, its governments all facts/truths be known cannot function pick and choose selectively when who is guilty of having VIOLATED THEIR OFFICIAL OATHS......


Both refusing to investigate, individually, or in concert, yet equally involve themselves in same avoiding their official oath to not investigate; this unresolved police officer's assassination has gone way to long, and these past few days has risen to the surface the meanings and values of the definitions official oaths, intentionally violated by choices of cognizant actions under color of law while performing in official capacities.
Originally the reward actually offered, was covered up from public; all this time it has been cloaked for obvious reasons.
Governor Riley, Governor Bentley both have been contact too requesting assisting for this widow, the very next day after she buried her husband, not one official has ever yet to come to her door, write, or call.

An honorably discharged Vietnam veteran, husband, father of two; after his return from Vietnam and having witnessed how illegal drugs can destroy young men's minds once becoming a police officer wanted to work towards that goal, steering youths and young people away first before becoming addicted themselves and losing their futures to illegal narcotics. As a result of affirmative action, he got his opportunity, [that killed him] he dedicated himself to saving lives of young people while at same time investigating the drug sellers and pushers.

For doing so he would he would give the ultimate sacrifice by giving his last full measure.

After duty, waiting assassin at near point blank range with double barrel sawed off 12 gauge shotgun's, at same time, blasting of double ought pellets into his upper torso; lived long enough to yell out one word, his wife's name; for you see he was gunned down near street in front of home, near midnight hour she ran out into cold rain drizzling moonless night searching for what she didn't want to find.

He was quickly losing his breaths through gaping massive wound in chest as he died, as she sat on wet ground holding his head and shoulders up off the ground cradling them in her blood soaking lap and arms.

This was a good man, because of upholding his official oath to his badge and duty trying to make a difference; ask yourself, how many young men and women had he lived may have been steered away from illegal drug addictions?

Maybe he was just so dedicated that he really believed he could make a difference, but unfortunately forgetting one thing, he was a black man; and he didn't stay in his place........

Finally; a few years ago an out of state news reporter had the opportunity to interview a Alabama businessperson. Responding to the reporter's question, paraphrasing, ...it's like living in fear, everyone is afraid to criticize local government, that they may lose their job or business.

Anonymous said...

Being white in America isn't good unless one of the whites that are angry about being born.

Wasn't Doc Holiday who said that, he was angry for being born ...

The appearance is the white people born with teeth set on edge aren't exactly sane. Alabama so called society is truly known globally for being a Supremacist hell hole of white crackers cracking the whip to this day.

Black in America, just can't imagine how being any darker skin than white would feel life is having a fair chance in earth.

There's the rub, earth and nature somehow got forgotten and how can that have happened. Forest Charter (Magna Carta) gave humans all, the right to be under the law of nature and not 'man'.

We have not progressed. We have not and are not evolving. The leaders running the American government are criminals.

The government in the U.S. isn't a legitimate government.

Bilderberg Group meet up and "Steer" US. How we get to be, and Africa, too. Not one 'African' shows up invited to Bilderberg meet-ups to steer their country the way the dark skinned choose to live.

Just like America has been in the humanitarian business globally, of course to give people of earth the opportunity to be free in the truth of feeling safe at home here where nature births all life.

Anonymous said...

America is rotting out from within. Long neglecting its needy and poor currently living in war zones called inner cities, an angry, growing, disenfranchised class that has also had enough finds itself with nothing left to lose. With more than half of this country’s two plus million Americans of color trapped in prisons, the US is but one false flag away from declaring martial law and unleashing its FEMA roundups. Targeted will be those fighting back, the activists, dissidents, dissenters, the destitute, any and all Americans not part of the one third of the US population that make up the military security complex will be considered fair game. All those Halliburton-refurbished and newly built, empty privatized prisons at tax payer expense await to be filled by shackled and betrayed Americans of all colors.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

“If Jeffrey Sterling is indeed the source, he can be charged under the Espionage Act for having leaked confidential information. And if he isn't the source, James Risen might be forced to say who it was anyway,” Soulier added.

The head of the Reporters Without Borders Americas desk emphasized that the jail sentence could have a chilling effect on reporting on national security issues.

“If prison is a possibility, who will continue risking their freedom, and how will the public have access to information on such matters?” she said.

“That is why Reporters Without Borders asks the United States government to implement a comprehensive shield law to protect journalists from abuses,” she concluded.

Risen was subpoenaed to testify about a confidential source that the NYT Journalist used for his 2006 book State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration. The prosecutors want his testimony at the trial of Jeffrey Sterling, a former CIA officer suspected to have leaked classified information to the author.

In 1972, the US Supreme Court ruled in Branzburg v. Hayes that the First Amendment does not protect reporters against subpoenas by a grand jury.

The United States is ranked at the 46th position in the Reporters Without Borders 2014 World Press Freedom Index. It fell 13 places in comparison with 2013.


watchers watch all bloggers and the watchers don't want the bloggers or readers of blogs to know how really scary scary scary world

Anonymous said...


ExposeFacts: For Whistleblowing, Journalism and Democracy

Launched by the Institute for Public Accuracy in June 2014, ExposeFacts.org represents a new approach for encouraging whistleblowers to disclose information that citizens need to make truly informed decisions in a democracy. From the outset, our message is clear: “Whistleblowers Welcome at ExposeFacts.org.”

ExposeFacts aims to shed light on concealed activities that are relevant to human rights, corporate malfeasance, the environment, civil liberties and war. At a time when key provisions of the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments are under assault, we are standing up for a free press, privacy, transparency and due process as we seek to reveal official information—whether governmental or corporate—that the public has a right to know.

Go Journalist / Publisher Blogger Extraordinaire GO & get some digital 'credit' returned to U & the MRS Schnauzer!

Anonymous said...


Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.

Lawyer, researcher-writer, and advocate of judicial accountability and discipline reform

Proposal for a documentary on two unique casels of their coordinated wrongdoing | Exposing Judges' Unaccountability and Consequent Riskless Wrongdoing

Anonymous said...

Eric Cantor loses primary in big upset; Lindsey Graham avoids runoff
By Deirdre Walsh, CNN Senior Congressional Producer
updated 5:58 AM EDT, Wed June 11, 2014

Karl Rove is spinning his bat cave to Diebold or else!

e.a.f. said...

Thank you for directing me to the newspaper article.

It would appear the "injustice" system of Alabama simply can't leave people alone. You'd think they might want to spend some time on gang violence and white collar crime, or even drinking and driving. But no, they go after a person whose only "crime" was to exercise his First Amendment Rights. It would appear they haven't given up. But then it is doubtful the Rileys and their ilk will give up on their attempt to turn the Shuler's into dust. It reminds me of the line from Shakespeare, "the lady protest too much".

In 2008, a documentary, titled, "Trombo" was made. it is about Dalton Trombo a brilliant screen writer who appeared before the "maccarthy" hearings and decided to exercise his First Amendment Rights. He was one of the first of the Black Listed 10, to be sent to jail for doing so. These men and one woman had their lives destroyed. They lost their jobs, money, homes, in some cases families. If they worked it was under other names.

The documentary is brilliant, with some great actors reading Trombo's letters. What is striking is this happened in 1951 and it wasn't until 1960, when Otto Preminger wanted to list Dalton Trombo's name in the credits as screen writer, that he was able to work openly again. When he won the Oscar for best screen play, "The Brave Ones"it was as R. Rich. No one picked up the Oscar.

What is truly scary, is that nothing has changed in the U.S.A. since the 1950s. If you exercise you Right to Freedom of Speech, you can go to jail and people in office will destroy your life.

The next time the U.S.A. decides it needs to ride to the rescue of some other country to "ensure" its democracy, perhaps it would be better if they stayed home and ensured Freedom of Speech for Americans.

I am left with the impression, that the Rileys are very afraid of Mr. Shuler, or why else persue this all. Perhaps Mr. Shuler got it right, because if its just so much hot air, you'd think the Rileys would simple ignore it all. That's what most people do. Of course this is an object lesson most likely to others. "Attack" the "political elites" (such as they are) and we will destroy you.

At least Alabama makes Mississippi look good. Then Alabama is starting to make some other dictatorships around the world look good. Oh, right I remember, you can go to jail for making negative comments about Vladimir Putin and the President of North Korea. So the question which begs to be asked is, "what is the difference between Alabama and Russia, and Alabama and North Korea?" Answer: Alabama has more T.V. sets and ATVs.

Anonymous said...

Where have you gone? I so enjoyed reading your articales. I miss you all. A link or something would be great so I can once again read your messages. Please let me know how to find you again. Thank you for all you have done judy.harney@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Alabama Nazis railroaded this man for exercising his free speech. Discusting pigs. Corruption, nepotism like its 1860.