Monday, March 17, 2014

Why Was Legal Schnauzer Publisher Roger Shuler Detained at the Jefferson County Jail?

This is Carol, Roger's wife. Legal Schnauzer publisher Roger Shuler recently was held for more than a week at the Jefferson County Jail because of a hearing in the Jessica Medeiros Garrison case.

Shuler was transported for a 30 minute hearing on March 5 before Circuit Judge Don Blankenship. Shuler expected to be returned that day, but stayed in the Jefferson County Jail for a week before he was finally returned to Shelby County.

"I have no idea why I was detained so long at the Jefferson County Jail," Shuler said. "I don't know if it's just a case of general incompetence or someone was intentionally interfering with my case, but my experience in the Jefferson County Jail was extremely unpleasant."


Anonymous said...

I think Roger for the sake of his health, safety, and family needs to do what is required to get out of jail, out of jail he will be better able to pursue his cause.

Unknown said...

Why these government officials aren't arrested by now is a true statement of how America has fallen and can't get up.

How can these criminals that have kidnapped Roger ever be other than what they are in the whole face of the American public:


What is happening to Roger Shuler and Don Siegelman should frighten every American to the point of not doing one consumption.

Don't spend one digit on any item and this is how to stop the criminally insane.

The Alabama so called government can't operate absent the spending of the consumer.

Withhold the spending. Called the FEDERAL SPENDING CLAUSE in the Federal Judiciary that meets to tell the underclasses how the reality is.

Would be a sit down revolt to the revolting Alabama 'Gov'.

Roger's LEGAL SCHNAUZER is now a legend.

No amount of the Humpty Dumpty glue can fix the problem of the EGGS that are truly cracked.

Broke their own shells, acted like family values were and are degenerate human filth.

Needed to hide all the crimes, so picked on a journalist that was and is with a moral compass.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see a post today. Try to post something on a daily basis. It's important to let the other side know that they have not beaten you down.

Anonymous said...

Quote. "The Murrow and Sullivan anniversaries are opportunities for more than a celebration of history. Rather, they are a chance to revel in our individual freedom to speak out, and in our power to challenge the powerful."

Too: "JUSTICE WILLIAM BRENNAN, JR., citing an earlier decision, Whitney vs. California, WROTE IN THE SULLIVAN OPINION that "public discussion is a political DUTY." Brennan said the court "...against the background of a profound national commitment to the principle that debate on public issues should be uninhibited, robust, AND WIDE-OPEN, AND THAT IT MAY INCLUDE VEHEMENT, CAUSTIC, AND SOMETIMES UNPLEASANTLY SHARP ATTACKS ON GOVERNMENT AND PUBLIC OFFICIALS."
Gene Policiinski
CEO SVP Newseum Institute
First Amendment Center

Is there not any shame within Governor Bentley's office, his administration legal counsel; one must be wondering now what the conversations are being discussed in other state houses; if Las Vegas has yet to post odds on Shuler's case final outcome....

Before Shuler's case is closed for filing away for storage; I believe Las Vegas if knew the story would give odds on the 2014 2016 elections survival without being blemished result political arrogance and what has come to appear multiple malfeasances others yet to be held accountable for............

Anonymous said...

QUOTE. Offers good read.

how does your net worth increase sooo much after eight years as governor?

Ricky Stokes
Viewed 3998
Posted by: RStokes
Date: March 03 2014 7:46 PM

Montgomery: Former Alabama Governor Bob Riley came into the Alabama Governor's seat with a net worth (as reported to me) of about $1.25 million dollars.

Now the former Gover is reported to have net worth of about $25 million dollars.


this is accomplished with million dollars in no bid contracts

this is accomplished with Indian monopolies

When Bob Riley was trusted with [a mistake] the State of Alabama as Alabama Governor, he apparently took advantage of the system. Riley was able to get the accountability act passed which created state funded education groups. By design there was $20 million dollars funneled to Bob Riley for management.

The Accountability

Then some of Bob Riley's cronies who give him money, Riley has gotten tax credits for them. WOW!!!!!!

I will say, I do not know all of the details.But what I do know, this part of the State of Alabama knows Bob Riley for what he really is. Someone not to be trusted.

This part of the State of Alabama, well under Bob Riley, HE got the gold mine and we got the shaft.

Riley is working on buying legislators in this state. Riley wants some elected to further his growing his net worth.

What a shame at those who sell their heart and sole to Bob Riley." End of quote.

Anonymous said...

Bombshell: National Black Republican Association Files Articles of Impeachment Against Barack Obama (aka Barry Soetoro)
Tim Brown August 14, 2013

A conservative black citizens group, the National Black Republican Association (NBRA), has filed detailed articles of impeachment against Barack Obama, calling for his removal from office over the National Security Agency spying program, the prosecution of whistleblowers, wiretapping journalists, his torture program and the cover-up of Benghazi.

Unknown said...

The south was a construct by the international bankers [IBs]. All of America and the world earth for that matter was constructed in the early centuries, via IBs.

Ford ranted and raved about how when he was making autos, the IBs were out to get him and eventually he didn't own the auto industry no more than Disney owned animation.

Debt slavery isn't new and the disappearing of the great oracles, think about Hemlock and Socrates, Et Al. Socrates was forced to take Hemlock for being too great a philosopher to show people of ordinary 'birth' life is not what the IBs dictate. Yes the IBs were running Rome, too.

Riley and the Alabama White Supremacists are the agents for the IBs who are also primarily White Supremacists.

The good news is the billionaires in Russia are dumping Apple and Facebook and other IBs' 'Transnational Corporation Shares'.

Drones are being controlled now that one was spying directly on the Intelligence Chairman Mao, I mean Diane Feinstein.

Rileys, Pryors, Stranges, Garrisons, Et Al are not going to be other than what the whole American BIG GOV already was, before the first Cra$h (2005):

DONE. It's over. China and Russia have been waiting for the Cry me a river separation from the Ukraine.

9-1-1 "AN OPPORTUNITY", that is what BIGGOVGLOBALU$A said. Guess what Russia and China are saying about the UKRAINE crises?!


America's FRAUD has been fully exposed and Legal Schnauzer's Roger Shuler was and is on the right side of history.

$UPREME COURT U$A chose to put very addicted druggies in control of the so called super power.

Then from the top of the heap of SLOBS and ITS' BLOB, the trickle down was a Chinese water torture into the pituitary, and we see what that did: IBs choosing Rileys and the worst of our human being species to be in charge of the digital dust fraud.

Breathing deeply now the U$A as vassal to I$rael and ITS' IBs', chokes on the sound of flushing the FRAUD of digits into the universe of real change.

e.a.f. said...

When you move a prisoner and don't let their family know or make it difficult to see them, it keeps the prisoner off balance, psychologically, as it does their family.
Having people go to one prison and be told the person isn't there, isn't an uncommon tactic in places like Iran, Syria, Egypt, etc.

Alabama just has better golf courses than the countries listed above.