Thursday, March 6, 2014

"Crystal Clear" Law Proves that Legal Schnauzer Publisher is Due for Immediate Release from Jail

This is Carol, Roger's wife. The law is "crystal clear" that a preliminary injunction in an alleged defamation case is unlawful under the first amendment according to a free speech expert. Paul Alan Levy, an attorney with Public Citizen, was talking about a Virginia case styled Dietz v. Perez. But he might has well have been talking about the case of Legal Schnauzer publisher Roger Shuler because the two cases are almost identical in terms of facts and applicable law.

Levy's statement provides further proof that Shuler's incarceration is not grounded in law and he is due for immediate release. Despite the clear cut nature of the law, Levy said it is not unusual for judges to grant preliminary injunctions in such cases. That simply is a sign that laziness and incompetence run deep in America's courtroom.

From a Public Citizen article that Levy wrote:
"At the appellate level, and in the reported cases, it is crystal clear that, as the petition for review argues, a preliminary injunction against alleged defamation is an impermissible prior restraint.  But it is not uncommon to hear about trial judges issuing temporary restraining orders or preliminary injunctions against alleged defamation.  These orders are often made because they are sought ex parte and the judge does not do original research leading to clear law forbidding ex parte injunctions against speech, or because the defendant’s lawyer lacks enough sophistication to recognize and argue the prior restraint issue, or, in the end, because the trial judge just wants to do what he sees as fair.  It is also not unusual for trial judges to “split the baby” by issuing an order that gives something to both sides.  Apparently, we need more appellate precedent reminding trial judges that the First Amendment forbids such injunctions."


Anonymous said...

Just goes to show you that Rob Riley had the judge in his back pocket all along.

Anonymous said...

So what was the outcome of the hearing?

Unknown said...

.. sought ex parte ...

Right, the actual Judge in a position of ex parte would never give permission when DUE PROCESS LAW is the CAPSTONE so to speak, of the U.S. Constitution.

Ex parte is a fine way for the so called judicial to circumvent the work required and herein lies the rub, the laziest of the American people were attracted to the charging for writing words. That of course was no longer allowed and so what we got were 'billable hours'. Let's get this clear, here, the LIEYERS in the U$A don't have a clue about the MONEY.

Now how does an 'attorney' negotiate contract law, which is absolutely always written in one form or another - dealing with the exchange of the commodity 'mony'.

Sui Juris makes the statement that we don't ATTORN our RIGHTS' over to another 'representative'!

Due to? We're competent to represent our own selves in America as was intended:


How many attorneys have offered to write the writs (extraordinary) to release Roger?

Haven't seen any filings at this site to be in support of Roger and that's a crime in my opinion.

77,000+ lawyers in New York and then there are 50 more states including Hawaii where our supposed "POTUS" was born.

Yet, we're bankrupt in the department of so called 'U$D' and then the wars without end are no different than GEORGE I, and he was also mentally ill, just like the Bush that wasn't elected either, lawfully that is.

legalschnauzer said...


Attorney for the Office of the Sheriff

Rob Riley

1744 Oxmoor Road
Birmingham, Alabama 35209

Phone: (205) 879-5000


Anonymous said...

what is Roger's current status since appearing before the judge today at 9:30 AM?

Wasn't today's hearing put on court docket because of Baxley's Garrison's civil action from August 2013?

Therefore please provide details as to timeline Roger's transfer, court appearance, and return to jail.............

And what is anticipated for Roger's jailing's immediate future?

Redeye said...

I am praying for you and Rodger. That's seems to be all I can do, ask God for mercy and justice.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon @ 11:13 AM -- The hearing took place yesterday on Wednesday, not today. But I don't know what happened at the hearing or even where Roger is right now. I have not heard anything about what is going on or when or even if he is to be returned to Shelby County.

Unknown said...

Their GAME is rigged.

Get in touch with the 10th Amendment Center immediately, I'd say the moving Roger and hearing not available to the PARTY also that should have been there -- You, Ms. Schnauzer at least in CONFERENCE TELEPHONE HEARING!

Anonymous said...

Local news station is reporting that Lowell Barron has filed papers in his case, showing $354,548 came from state AG to a campaign aide. The same one who is suing Roger. A drive to the fort payne courthouse may be in his best interest. Chief Longrod

Anonymous said...

what is the Jefferson county case number that Roger appeared in court filed by Baxley, can't locate any case action summary details?

Either one or both of the sheriff's jails are duty bound to keep advised the location and health, upon request by nearest relative [wife] of any inmate, call and request out of your concerns!

Kathryn Bauman Rubenstein said...

Honey, the Riley's don't just have the judge in their pocket; they have the whole state.
Their actions are just allowing a spotlight to shine where the cockroaches hide.

Unknown said...

... Four years ago I left the state abruptly, concerned my own fate would mirror that of Roger Shuler's or worse.

Mr. Shuler was arrested without a warrant. In Alabama's lawless society it could happen to any of us. The state has become like the old Communist controlled Russia, if you speak against the dictator you will be beaten, arrested or worse. Roger Shuler is the Riley's political prisoner.

Alabama has become the Riley's own communist state ....

GREAT ARTICLE Kathryn Bauman Rubenstein!

What is happening in the UKRAINE in this period of our EMPIRE COMMUNISM MANIFESTO, is how the whole world was supposed to be.

RILEY CULT-CLAN are the same as when the KKK ran the South, it has been more than proven that the South didn't get with the reality of the Centuries 19, 20, how can 21 be better when the past two were indeed utter failures. Or, Don Siegelman would not be incarcerated and the POTUS FRAUD would be completely exposed.

Russia has stood against the criminal insanity and, the force of Russia is much greater than the Roger Shuler and Kathryn Bauman Rubenstein!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thus, What Do We DO?!

The Rutherford Institute, John W. Whitehead,; and,

Partnership for Civil Justice, Exec Dir Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, and Carl Messineo Legal Director, 617 Florida Ave., NW, Washington DC 20001, (202)2321180, ET AL.

The real tragedy is these criminally insane murder and the torture is definitely used in chemicals to the being caught in the NAZI-Fascist Agenda/s.

Until the people of America get that the immigration problem was not a problem, the replacements for the Roger Shuler's Et Al were and are intentional.

Roger Shuler has caused problems for the NAZI Riley Criminally Insane Cult of the Global 'Elite'.

He is to be replaced with a dark skinned human that can't write English nor speak the language and certain won't ask questions for many many years.

New World Order was all about this, and we are not prepared as Roger's situation iron clad proves.

How any AMERICAN with a synapse of one spark can feel OK, is simply the brain chemistry checking out in the passing of NOT 'reality'.

REAL IS ROGER, coming to every U$ so called "Citizen", do not blink an eye because we are all Roger.

Anonymous said...

Unknown said...


The Defendant Lowell Ray Barron responds to the State’s Motion to Quash the Subpoena to Attorney General as follows:1.Senator Barron does not believe that Luther J. Strange, III (hereinafter “Strange”)will be participating in the trial of the case.2.Strange is not above the law and should appear pursuant to a duly issued and served subpoena just as all others are required to do.3.The motion is without basis.4.Senator Barron is not seeking any testimony from Strange that is or would be privileged.5.Strange has been subpoenaed (and/or will be) in accordance with the applicable rules and law. The right of Senator Barron to subpoena witnesses afforded by the Alabama Rules of Criminal Procedure rest ultimately upon the Constitutional guarantees of compulsory process. Also because the right to compel attendance is so vital to the presentation of a meaningful defense, it is a fundamental element of due process of law


Well well well.

Gotta give the attorney in the case a thank you. Appearing as though the same agenda in the government is about doing whatever. Affairs, money bribes and name a corrupt activity not in the so called 'BigGovGlobal'.

Bring the contamination home and begin the transparency true to form: we get how 'everybody' does this, so why tell on the poor ones' that get caught!

Roger did his moral duty to the U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights'. The DOUBLE STANDARDS are not agreeable to the majority.

Garrison, Strange and name a WHITE Supremacist in the South not full of the BS of 'Better Than' AND Can Do Whatever The Power Pus Filled Can Get Away With!

Censoring is NOT a good idea, mirrors toxic shame.

Hurtful or obscene is not to be tolerated, but info is vital for all as the law suit really shows.

Roger may be released very soon.

Why not call the attorney that has brought forth the practices of the so called 'American Gov'.

Anonymous said...


Has Roger's confinement location been determined yet?
Call both Jefferson and Shelby County Sheriff Offices' Jails and ask, after all you are next of kin.

What was outcome of last week's court hearing held at Jefferson County courthouse?
Call the Jefferson County Clerk's Office and/or the presiding judge's secretary's office, both should have copies of case action summaries regarding filing of any motions and hearing dates set, too dispositions of said hearings.

If its where you can, please provide us with more information as to what is going on; whereby, if, when speaking to others in our making efforts to enlist help for Roger everyone is on same page; not to be embarrassed.


legalschnauzer said...
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legalschnauzer said...

Anon @ 10:51 AM -- My comment on March 6 stated that Roger had been moved to Jefferson County Jail on 3/4 for the hearing on 3/5. I talked with Roger by phone when he was moved the afternoon of 3/4 & he said he was there at Jefferson County Jail. I have been on the phone multiple times over the past several day with various officials from both Shelby County & Jefferson County Jails trying to ascertain his whereabouts & status as to when & if he will be transported back to Shelby County. I have no idea about the hearing on 3/5 & right now, it is a low priority concern. For days I was worried sick about Roger's welfare because I had not heard anything from him. I set up a prepaid phone account Friday night after getting a call from a recently released inmate of Jeff Co Jail who relayed a message from Roger. It took 48 hours--until Sunday evening--until I finally got a call from Roger & was able to speak to him. I have no idea why it took 48 hours for them to tell him his PIN #. My husband has been kidnapped & is being held unlawfully by the state in an unconstitutional kangaroo ruling & his very life has been put in serious jeopardy. I appreciate your concern, but the only ones who should be embarrassed are the corrupt people who did this to him. They are an complete embarrassment to this state.

e.a.f. said...

Its there not a writ which you can file to force a jail to produce the person in court.

Looks like Alabama is no better than Syria, both countries have journalists who disappear.

Anonymous said...

Carol @ 2:01 PM 03-10-14


You are right; when anyone in pursuit of equal constitutional rights, whatever their means, their efforts ARE on the same page not concerned for embarrassment; but to the contrary, reserved for those soiling and violating the very constitution which has provided for all men their individual equal rights.

A lot of men are selfish when involving their personal dignities; their dignity not so quickly turned back on, and not
for sale.

True Alabama political machine holds firm grip on Roger's due process; while at same time thru the flexing of their cliques' intangible force and mite; has caused or caused to be caused the making aware, conscious, cognizant, knowledgeable, the official's illegal unlawful official judicial enforcement actions/inactions that can best be described as political attempts to shut up a citizen within the state of Alabama because not liking what exercised in first amendment rights.

"Coyote Lane", what do you think, Sullivan vs. New York Times
has since become infamous in freedom of speech/press defense cases?

Unknown said...

Sorry about MIA. I've been busy in Orygone. People in the State of Jewry Political owned via the long long in the tooth Zionist Cultists, too.

The woman Cindy Lorenz has had to sell all 25 of her horses. The property is free and clear, however, an attorney who is a complete agent for the total destruction of our U.S. CONSTITUTION, Mr. Baloney I call him, his name is Maloney.

Attorney who shows up in court to personally sue for his attorney fees because he chose to represent the criminal enterprise (RICO Global), Deutche 'Bank'.

I'll have a video soon of Cindy and other people's cases, too, the State of Orygone is truly as bad as Alabama and Alabama was also owned via Jewry Political Zionists criminally insane psychopaths.

The Jewry Political is Old Testament Ghetto Hell. Gilad Atzmon is one of the best to have a simple intro to how this cult works ITS' darkness. Zionist World Congress are running the world in the western hemisphere at this time. China and Russia are not going to be slaves to the system where Roger is now a total slave and here we are 2014.

They get all the blackmail to be gotten on their AGENTS. And the Agents ARE who we know:

by how they behave as though they've been engineered to be inhuman.

The mind control is happening. People in America are being scrambled in the brain/s.

Roger has been 'taken', so to speak. Orygone did the same to Roger Weidner an attorney and prosecutor for the State, who blew the whistle early, 1970s.

How many people can you get to gather together and demand Roger be released right now.

The people in Orygone to be disappeared reappear. After being in the State Hospital and the Agents in Orygone are scarier than hell, as are the demonic agenda practitioners in Alabama.

KKK alive and well, the civil rights of the 1960s continues because what else are the Agents to do, should the Bill of Rights' function properly.

Also, U.S. Constitution as fully honored, well we'd be as schooled in law as A-B-Cs.

Why they disappeared Roger is to teach a lesson. We didn't become silent slaves to the system.

Roger is letting us know we either be silent or we don't see Roger ever again.

Gotta scream much louder - Writ of CERTIORARI TO THE SUPREME COURT OF ALABAMA via SCOTUS ... SCOTUS has been noticed on Roger's kidnap,

?? NOTICE SCOTUS the case has not been settled, yet, 2014 still doing what the law said NO, AND there is a problem with education.

When are schools going to educate every child about how this behavior of backwards isn't in any way higher intelligence.

Just WHO do the SCOTUSES POTUSES FLOTUSES think this criminally insane system is sustaining ...

Roger may as well be incarcerated in the countries: China, Russia, Israel, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Africa, GITMO, and name a country not being globalized via BIGGOVU$A. Alabama has bred for far too long, too many that appear to be in a compete SELF-LOATHING cycle of HATE CRIMES.

APARTHEID. The system is a complete Apartheid and the Genocide is also 2121.

Roger told the truth and the truth supposedly sets us free.

Dark Ages aren't enlightenment.

Get the numbers and have people sign the letter to SCOTUS regarding the Alabama RICO into critical mass criminally insane.

Anonymous said...

Commonly known of among attorneys as the "the Sullivan case" was actually after New York Times lost both in lower court and Alabama Supreme Court when heard before the United States Supreme Court was overturned in New York Times vs. Sullivan. Giving protection to media, but since, due to electronic age, to include the internet, face book, etc, and
"BLOGGING" for purpose of providing private citizens as well as media protections when not with malice aforethought.

Anonymous said...

I am a retired lawyer, no longer licensed. You need to file under 42 US Code 1983 and other related sections like 1988, for atty fee, conspiracy, etc; the declaratory judgment act (rule 57) and the restraining order act (rule 65) and habeas corpus or your husband is going to die in jail. I have seen this happen too many times.

I sent you an email as tee*******@

Unknown said...

March 12, 2014, 8:51 PM anon, thank GOD for you.

Carol you have exactly what to do and the truth is not more self evident. Do exactly as Anon 8:51PM 3/12/14 says because the absolute reality is Roger is meant to die in jail, clearly.

In Alabama the KKK is not going to go away until the fullest exposure is known:

how evil the so called "Southern Hospitality" still directs ITS' most inbred agendas.

Anonymous said...

Shelby County Gulag

Anonymous said...

Why can't the RETIRED Lawyer help Roger.. A RETIRED Judge got him there... If I were a lawyer retired or not.. I'd help Carol.. At least you can fill out the papers and tell her what to do... SHE NEEDS HELP.

choggs said...

He's not going to die. He better not!! Hang in there and please support this family.

Anonymous said...

Nazi America was intentional. Took this long to not be able to hide, the agenda.

Money insured the agenda was always about slavery.

History proves America isn't at all what the enlightenment was about.

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

Why can't the RETIRED Lawyer help Roger.. A RETIRED Judge got him there... If I were a lawyer retired or not.. I'd help Carol.. At least you can fill out the papers and tell her what to do... SHE NEEDS HELP. [end quote]

Well, the judge was not really retired. And now I see he's running for the Alabama Supreme Court.
I am 69 and not in the best of health right now until I get surgery for some ruptured discs in my back.

I sent the Shulers my email address and asked her to call me at my phone number, also supplied to her. I don't know what else I can do. I also squalled at AL ACLU on their FB pages, and they came back with BS excuses, like Roger has done all this to himself. Then they blocked me. ACLU = hypocrites! There are officials here in North Carolina obsessed with getting me jailed, and merely for content-based speech on the internet. I have fought them off since 2011, and still fighting two criminal charges.

I'll do what I can without getting indicted for practicing law without a license and getting extradited to the third-world sh**hole that is Alabama. First thing to do is go straight into federal court. Your state courts, like ours here in NC, are infested with a plague of rats.
JLawrence Smith
Asheville, NC

bail agent for Las Vegas said...

I wish I had that much gusto when my black lab kicked the bucket. I was just ticked off but not motivated to find justice.

Anonymous said...

When giving thoughts to all the

American servicemen and women

since WWI having died or maimed

for duration their lives in

beliefs their sacrifices were for

the securing/protecting future of

this nation's peoples and their

Constitution's Bill of Rights

they must be crying out from

their graves on Wake Island,

Bataan, Tarawa, Normandy, Chosen

Reservoir, Saigon, Bagdad, and

continuing to this day all over

Afghanistan the same thing.

Our servicemen and women are

trained, instructed, and told to

go to other countries to fight

for other's freedoms and rights

being denied them while at very

same time, presently, Roger

Shuler is the most visible

example in the hypocrisy of what

they are sent to fight and die

for, if, and since such allowed

and condoned and encouraged here,

within the state of Alabama,

should hold accountable every

elected and employed public

official their failing, refusing

to uphold their official duties

having given sworn oaths to do

so; one may conclude burdens

responsibility Alabama's

servicemen's blood shed all

result of political double

standards, bias, prejudices, and

discriminations. But, who are we,

the public to complain, after all

everyday we sit idle giving

unbridled control over the very

government belonging to the

people, who are afraid to stand

up for what they own.

Whomever reads this, and

thereafter does nothing to

contribute in some positive

fashion making known throughout

the U.S. what is happening; you

should not complain whenever

happens to you; or should this

ever be resolved, you shouldn't

come pretending to be one who


Finally, if you are a Alabamian, do you know how many ALABAMA servicemen/women have been killed since September 11, 2001?

Unknown said...

Born in the deep south and could never live in the place where the white people actually have been so compromised that they don't get the pigment in skin isn't but, natural selection in where life begins as being born in the earth.

I'm white, however my family was not from the actual south.

White skin isn't special, simply the pigment is not a shade but a tint.

JLawrence Smith
Asheville, NC

You are a GREAT SPIRIT, too. Just as Roger Shuler is.

Alabama and the whole of America got sold down the river, just like the blacks did in Africa. Who sold the blacks? The blacks sold the blacks, the Africans sold their own people just as Alabama does.

Alabama was begun as a SOCIETY via the rich New Yorkers that invested the 'money' into the south.

Of course first the south was destroyed via the rich Europeans that now are destroying the United States, again, via the Federal Reserve System's CRIMINAL FRAUD.

The International Monetary System, IMF, at this time is up for reform however, BIGGOV U$A sees this as a way to capture UKRAINE.

Yep, always about stealing another land mass to be at WAR. Big business -- the profits to the so called 'government' America.

REPUBLICANS at this time are vying for position in the IMF scandal.

That was and is, the problem for the so called south. The south was no more the south than America is a Constitutional Republic.

REPUBLICANS are about getting control again and this bunch were not exactly the best in control for the TERROR. And of course 9-1-1.

How can a country ignore the money law of sovereign and be free?

Please. When the money became a way to enslave the so called American government, then we were a nation of slaves.

Government was to be a public servant for those that were and are the entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneur is in jail because the so called government can't really find any work other than the lying, cheating, stealing that has become what gov U$A is.

Carol, look in your EMAIL and let me know you receive the COMPLAINT filed in USDC, not Southern jurisdiction however.

THANK YOU JLawrence Smith, SENDING to you too!

Unknown said...

I wouldn't try this without a lawyer, unless you are absolutely desperate to the point of seeing no way out. The summons and lawsuit must be served on the sheriff who is holding Roger, and the sheriff must be made a defendant. Which makes me wonder if they're not anticipating this by moving him to a different jail run by a different sheriff. The complaint would be at least a 2-count lawsuit claiming that Roger is being held illegally in violation of common law habeas corpus and Section 1983. The POPEHAT lawyer is a brain, has laid out in detail all the constitutional reasoning why Roger's incarceration is illegal.

So is Eugene Volokh. He knows this imprisonment is illegal, I am sure of it.

Why hasn't some young lawyer in Alabama sprung to Roger's aid? It's hard for me to believe he has been held this long. The 90-day criminal conviction for resisting arrest was suspended, iirc, so the apparent violation by which he is being held is for contempt of the unlawful court order of Claud Neilson.

I am trying to get mass media attention for this outrage. Sooner or later the MSM is going to focus on it, then maybe EFF or somebody with clout will come forward. EFF wrote the brief which freed alleged cyberstalker, William Lawrence Cassidy, from a prison sentence in MD, and Fed. Judge Roger Titus wrong a long and quite beautiful opinion about freedom of speech when he set Cassidy free. So you need a knowledgeable federal judge in your district like Judge Titus.

And don't be ashamed if you are broke to apply for relief in forma pauperis. I have done it before and will do it again. Yes, Lady Justice is blind but she sure does smell money, I am sad to say.

JLawrence Smith said...

Sorry. Forgot to do this.

Anonymous said...

I saw where Roger is back at Shelby County.. What happened with the Strange case?

Unknown said...

Eugene Volokh.

Defended Crystal Cox for exactly the same so called 'violation':

Freedom of Speech, IE The First Amendment U.S. Constitution.

The criminals in charge of keeping the south in the position of never being other than a cesspool of backwards flowing degenerates.

Why this isn't an outrage is because too many in the USA are poisoned in the bodies, minds, spirits to the point of critical mass toxic shock. Should this not be true then Roger Shuler would not be incarcerated - or he would have been let go by now.

Sad but true, "Lady Justice" is not only blind in America, the stab in the back and rug pulled from beneath and behind while she falls is intentional, again.

Taking bets on which way she falls isn't new, Civil War took America backwards, too.

The same criminals have the so called 'money'. Until the so called debt slavery isn't, then there will be the south to prove America the free isn't.

The "Sheriff" and the "Judge" and the career criminals are exactly as WC Fields and Charlie Chaplin too, put on film for all to know:

same ole dressers up of civilized are the true "Vulgarians".

Why can't a paperwork be shown for all to file as friends of the court in Roger's behalf, too?

Anonymous said...

ACLU is a bunch of bent morons for the majority of the cultists' "MINNOWS".

The power in the endocrine has been usurped via the poisons.

RX which are liberally applied to the system which must get up in the day and say: what am I?

That can't happen in the MINNOW "BENT"! - may as well be the NAKED FOOLS that the Roman fool took off to a place when Rome fell.

The Roman POPEHAT 'brainless' that was watching all his collection of moron minnows swim around in degeneration, while the circus burned itself down.

Obama is a Circus for all the moron minnow clowns.

South is too, burning the clowns into the ground as bent moron minnows: Garrison, Strange, Pryor, Neilson, Et Al, really have some bad karma to reckon.

Their MINNOW dancing for the Roman Empire IS NOT INVISIBLE.

No matter about Roger Shuler, the SOUTHERN MINNOW REALITY, is a global bowl of transparency.

On his return from Rhodes he ruled the emperor's now heirless house for twelve years, and the Roman world, with absolute sway, for about twenty-three. His character too had its distinct periods. It was a bright time in his life and reputation, while under Augustus he was a private citizen or held high offices; a time of reserve and crafty assumption of virtue, as long as Germanicus and Drusus were alive. Again, while his mother lived, he was a compound of good and evil; he was infamous for his cruelty, though he veiled his debaucheries, while he loved or feared Sejanus. Finally, he plunged into every wickedness and disgrace, when fear and shame being cast off, he simply indulged his own inclinations.


Meaning we are continuing to mimic the worst of the Empires in earth.

And in the degeneration, 'plunging into every wickedness, disgrace, when fear and shame being cast off, he simply indulged his own inclinations ...'

legalschnauzer said...

Anon @ 8:01 PM -- Roger said that the judge gave him 30 days to answer the Garrison complaint at the hearing on 3/5 at the Jefferson County Courthouse.

Anonymous said...

Wow I cannot comprehend this case!