Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Attorney, Author Andrew Kreig Visits Legal Schnauzer Publisher Roger Shuler in Jefferson County Jail

This is Carol, Roger's wife. Attorney and author Andrew Kreig of Washington, D.C. visited Legal Schnauzer publisher Roger Shuler at the Jefferson County Jail on Monday, March 10. Kreig had traveled to the state on Thursday, March 6, to take part in that weekend's commemoration of the Selma march anniversary. 

Kreig had attempted to visit Shuler upon his arrival in Birmingham on Thursday afternoon. However, officials at the Jefferson County Jail told Kreig that Shuler "was not there" despite the fact that Shuler was shown to be an inmate at Jefferson County Jail per their website and calls to the facility prior to the attempted visit indicated he was indeed being detained there. It is anyone's guess as to why officials mislead Kreig regarding Shuler's whereabouts when he stopped by the Jefferson County Jail on March 6. Thankfully, however, Kreig was able to finally meet with Shuler on Monday in the jailed journalist's second only visit by a reporter since his arrest on Oct. 23.

Kreig, executive director of the Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit Justice Integrity Project, has been covering the Legal Schnauzer first amendment case extensively since the investigative reporter's beating and unlawful arrest on Oct. 23. Following the jailhouse interview, Kreig wrote an article about his visit with Shuler which was published March 14.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

"Alabama commentator Roger Shuler's condition has sharply worsened during his nearly five months of jailing, as I learned by visiting him in Birmingham March 10.
'It's a horrible trauma to be away from your wife, your home -- and have no idea when you can get out or how,' Shuler told me in a rare interview regarding his case, in which he is being held without bond in a civil case with no possibility foreseeable freedom unless he spikes his stories in apparent violation of Supreme Court protections for the public and the press.
He said he did not even know why he was being held in the Jefferson County facility after being jailed in nearby Shelby County nearly all of the four previous months. He was able to inform his wife of his locale only because a fellow prisoner released last weekend kindly contacted her. (As of March 12, he was back at Shelby County's jail following phone inquiries by his wife.)
'I've been treated fairly well by fellow prisoners,' Shuler told me. 'But some of them come in hyped up on drugs, and I've barely escaped some vicious fights, typically over some little thing like who gets to use a phone for a 15-minute call. Anybody can get killed, and I saw it happen.'" 

Andrew Kreig also published his article on the OpEd News website. Here is the link to the article which appeared there March 16:  Jailed Journalist Sends Shocking 'Letter from Birmingham Jail'


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Krieg:

I know your personal visit surely lifted the spirits of Mr. and Mrs. Shuler; hope now that your time, and too that of your fellow advocates for equal rights/justice will organize in helping make known more publicly, nationally, how serious the extents Alabama government corruptions exist without limitations to, concerns and worries for violations of codes
or titles. [SCINTILLA RULE]

Anonymous said...

So this fellow visited Roger as an Author-Not A Lawyer ? So was it his purpose to just see what he could write about or has he offered to represent Roger ?

Anonymous said...

Still no legal representation from an attorney licensed to practice in Alabama ? Why....will no one take the case pro bono for fear of retribution or no legal aid society willing to step up?

Unknown said...

Censorship is definitely not the way the world should be.

You censor words that are sent to be in support of this post.

Yet you ask for the words to be in the court for Roger.

All the comments are vitally important to not be a 'hypocrite', which is what the so called legal system proves IT has become.

Roger has been censored, to the point of being beaten down like a prisoner of war.

Anonymous said...

Why do my comments not appear on any article I have commented on? You censoring me is the same as someone censoring you. Please post all comments so we can read what everyone thinks, not just the ones who fully agree with you and Roger.

e.a.f. said...

Not all comments are helpful in the cause, either here or elsewhere. It isn't a question of censorship, its a question of "political smarts".

When comments "go over the top" they don't help the cause. It detracts from it. It can even turn people off, people who might be able to further your cause.

I site belongs to the person who set it up. They ought to have the right to determine what is posted on it. If people don't like that, they can set up either own blog.

If like if you have a sewing blog, you don't want people commenting about hunting moose.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon @ 12:55 PM -- I don't have to do any such thing! Start your own blog if you want to run your hateful comments. I can choose to run or not to run whatever the heck I want. And give me a break! Comparing yourself not getting your comments posted to my husband wasting away in jail for months on end because of rogue, unconstitutional rulings! You're an idiot.

legalschnauzer said...

Coyote Lane @ 11:33 AM -- I have no idea what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Anon 03/18/14 @ 11:19 AM

Excluding trivia law i.e. commonly seen/heard of, day in/out, litigations; there will not be found one attorney in present day or recent past
Alabama history measuring up to the moral and ethical dedications, to, in defending
another's justice; even if required at the expense of own personal financial and future political opportunities lost.

It is men, as he, that gives purpose for the common man to still believe although not always accessible, but just knowing there does exist "good men" as he rekindles fires' ambers in hearts.

The judicial cliques and their tight-knit inner legal circles, pro bono, or triple the going rates, sky is the limits rates; will not be found any record of; why, from the start unknown the numbers of conference calls discussing how to approach this case that will shut him and others also up.

Involving such serious first amendment rights' violations as these in Alabama; Alabama attorneys can't be found for the common man vs. "the system"; but rather to make mockery of their own creeds and oaths, whether privately or dog and pony shows exhibiting the flexing of their show and tell official judicial powers to shut one up.

Anonymous said...

Why can't we start a letter writing campaign to Jesse Jackson and all the others that stand up for equal rights and fill up the mail boxes and faxes to anyone we can think of for help for Roger? Would someone take charge of this and start writing letters and giving us all assignments of who to send the faxes to.. Most everyone has a fax machine or at least email. and we can fax until they run out of paper on the other end.. the squeaky wheel gets the oil first. Maybe some of the attorney's that read this blog do not want to get involved but they could on the sly tell us what to do and what to send to whom.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:56 PM 03/18/14

Under normal circumstances this gesture would have much more of a chance being successful; but obviously all those familiar with Shuler's case rightly or wrongly know his case from the start, by opponents has been engaged in
deceitful mismanagements involving government.

Jesse and the boys/girls ain't going to come, neither are any of his other high profiled "advocates for equalities", they all know who has the juice in Alabama!

Even the Associated Press when offered stories specifically concerning Shuler's case;

whomever it was with AP, said if the local press wasn't going with the stories first, they couldn't............

Does anyone know what exactly that means; censored journalism all the way into the national Associated Press rooms?

Want to get someone's attention call on/write to and request answers from AP offices throughout U.S. asking them who is deciding Shuler's story be covered up.

That shouldn't be a problem, since cover up is synonymous with Alabama government's officials

Anonymous said...

Scary isn't it? ANON 8:56 seriously a lot of us are terrified in this state due to the political Mafia.

Anonymous said...

Anon 03/18/14 @ 11:19 AM

You are probably more right than you realize when considering what happened to four attorneys interested in trying to make a difference. Individuals with their professional dedications that they applied equally to the law/people catapulted them into an arena of respect that others can only daydream about.......

There is a time and place for everything, those having built careers for advocating this and that are due to have their turns addressing their true mission statements; about their responsibility disconnects, between their advocating and reality when controversial issues surfaces about them.

Unknown said...

Carol, you post too much drool (sorry but this is the way the reality is) over the author who is also an attorney.

I've many 'friends' who are both author and attorney. Never have these entities (in my experience) been able to fight the battle of what is called 'ritualistic', in the so called COURT/S.

Therefore, the comments you get from YOUR ENEMIES may be the best you can publish for those that are true revolutionaries in this time, too. I TOLD ROGER AND YOU TO GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE.

When the so called LAW was chasing Crystal Cox and me, Roger was upping the ante in the department of his receiving lots of quiet in the leaks department.

Those that wanted him, Roger, to get the dirt out got the job done, and why is Roger the only man in jail? He won't give up his sources or shut down his blog.

Shut down the blog, get Roger out of jail, the blog world is much bigger than Alabama.

Do whatever the act is, to get Roger free. That is what I mean.

Show all the comments so the people in Alabama can know the blog was and is what the people need, then take away the real food and the people of Alabama can get the courage to get a blog going regarding this most corrupt so called 'State in America'.

What America? We know the U.S. Constitution is what George W. Bush "Jr" POTUS#43 said:

Goddamn piece of paper.

Get Roger free and get the hell out of Alabama. That is what SUN TZU did, too. He wrote the Art of War, read the book carefully.

xoPornPom too

legalschnauzer said...

Coyote Lane @ 3:28 PM -- I posted no "drool" much less "too much drool" about Andrew Kreig who is an author & attorney among several other things. I only mentioned two for brevity. I wrote a strictly factual straight-forward post about his visit with Roger in jail & his resulting article on two websites. The article is picking up some traction that will hopefully prove to be beneficial. Both Roger & I felt it was important to cover. Also, if a comment is too negative, I will not post it. You would not believe the hateful comments that come through here.

Unknown said...

Oh, Carol, yes I would. Been literally chased down by the worst of our species.

Had U.S. MARSHAL DROOL to get me to meet-up 'alone'. Now the man who was head of the Black Affairs has had a heart attack. He was in the courthouse so the reality of our IT is so sophisticated, that is why Roger is in grave danger, too.

All we out here and not where he is, aren't being fed definite worse drugs than already everywhere, to accelerate his brain shriveling.

That's why the comments you get that are HATE CRIMES, post them. The gut hurts when we realize how bad our VERVE is, as the so called United States of America.

I don't care about how the human filth measures ITS' 'reality'. The focus is our true real rule of law that has been intentionally destroyed, obviously.

We must take all the ENERGIES that are coming into our 'being/s' and compost the shit that is shit.

Turn the energy around. The truth is, WE SLEEP and in our sleep we dream and in our dreams we are very very much awake.

A power we've ignored.

In our DREAM-SLEEP WE FOCUS THE INTENTION OF OUR ATTENTION into the minds-minds- we've really a great big shared brain too, in our minds we DEMAND this criminally insane addiction to criminal insanity cease-desist-stop.

Yes, Crystal Cox and I do know exactly how many paid subterranean are hired to be the most vile evil of our worst imaginations.

See the ICHING, also

Unknown said...

Emperor Jou (1154-1122 B.C.), the last emperor of the Shang Dynasty (1766-1121 B.C.). It is also a story of how Korea began its history as a nation.

As a youth, Jou was receptive to the teachings of the wise counselors of his father’s court. Jou’s over-confidence led him into what was considered to be excesses and corruption.

The downfall and destruction of Jou’s Empire began when he accepted advice from only Tan Chi ... eventually his empire became corrupt because he was so cruel to the ministers who had faithfully served him and his father ... Tan Chi demanded the hearts be cut out, from the loyal key ministers ... the only way she could be healed was to drink the blood ... Originally, the I Ching was unwritten. An author of some of the written text, King Wen, was a feudal prince during the Emperor Jou’s reign. The Emperor was intimidated by the reputed abilities of King Wen and was determined to find out if he truly had the power of foreknowledge ... Ken Wen became the “SEED OF FIRE” for the upcoming revolution that would begin a new dynasty ... His foot had been cut off under King Wei’s order, and he was filthy from having slept in the dirt ... He successfully protected that state and carried it to victory by his brilliant military strategy ... Unavoidably, the great commander of wei was defeated, losing both his army and his life. This student’s name was Sun Tse, whose book on military strategy became one of the most influential works in history ...


The Chinese and the Russians at this time, with the European Union and the Middle East owned via the WEST, all Empires readying to be collapsed into smaller or larger.

We're at a serious crossroads, get Roger out of jail.

Do exactly whatever the so called ARTICLE III COURT stipulates and get this done immediately.


Unknown said...

You controlling the emotional energy that needs to be the SEED OF FIRE, is not going to be the lightening bolt you need to get your husband out of the no good for nothing Gitmo Alabama. I respect Roger and know he is being intentionally messed with, chemicals are doing bad to him.

The most important writing the author, attorney wrote ~~ was, about the condition of Roger. Roger is not doing well and frankly, quibbling over drool as a word while Roger gets experimented on (DON'T THINK THIS ISN'T HAPPENING), is not what I want to spend focus-intuit problem solving.

Andrew and his Justice Project does not appear able to get Roger out of jail and the time is too long for that to be reality.

That is why the word drool. I find the time that Roger has spent in jail -- while people not in jail get to sell books -- a non drooling situation.

I was being rather diplomatic.

My real words for the time and the lack of out of jail you don't want to know because you won't post what I really and truly think.

Anonymous said...

Anon 03/19/14 @ 09:30 AM

"..a lot of us are terrified in this state due to the political Mafia".

One measure available not to be terrified of, write down all the names of individuals that you know, without any reservation, having been victims of corruptions within State of Alabama, regardless the severity of claims charged with.

Join each of these groups of names together being representative of a CLASS ACTION

Gathering all the fundamental and basic informations involving violations U.S.C. 18 are without

Should chose to go this route each litigant should expect to carry their own weight contributing to final resolve in favor of group's filing.

While at the same time there are those due to, themselves, stand before, somewhere. an honest ethical bar
of justice so that the public will know of their crimes, paid for on the tax payers' dimes!

Wanting to organize to do something, so consider aforementioned. The list of defendants will read as if a who's who.

Unknown said...

can you cut and paste? do you get the email/s?

form sent to you for filing, and you need the forma pauper or whatever the name is called in the court's file


TO-BE-NAMED, Sui Juris, Plaintiff/s,

Case No.

RE: 42 USC 42 USC §1983, §1988;






and so on

basic form, get the filing executed and send to every Judge that sits in the Circuits of the entire Federal Judiciary.

List is at the Federal Judiciary website.

Unknown said...

Anon 03/19/14 @ 09:30 AM

"..a lot of us are terrified in this state due to the political Mafia".

One measure available not to be terrified of, write down all the names of individuals that you know, without any reservation, having been victims of corruptions within State of Alabama, regardless the severity of claims charged with.

Join each of these groups of names together being representative of a CLASS ACTION

Gathering all the fundamental and basic informations involving violations U.S.C. 18 are without

Should chose to go this route each litigant should expect to carry their own weight contributing to final resolve in favor of group's filing.

While at the same time there are those due to, themselves, stand before, somewhere. an honest ethical bar
of justice so that the public will know of their crimes, paid for on the tax payers' dimes!

Wanting to organize to do something, so consider aforementioned. The list of defendants will read as if a who's who.


FILE. The ET AL allows others to file individually and with you!

The GLOBAL MILITARY COUP happened and Alabama loves this death star reality. Because Why?!

Because unfortunately the ROVE cultists got to be the big political mafia there.

Not going to change, we must change the corrupted cesspool and that means pouring as much water that is clear until the water clears.

FILE. All file in the court and paper the filth with the wipes of the U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights'!!

Anonymous said...

I still have questions over the facts of this case. Does Roger have any information that could back up his claims as to the story in question? If this is a case of Roger refusing to give up a source who gave information to him, it's a little late to bring it up. If that was the case I believe there would be people waiting in line to help Roger get out of jail. What I believe, and I think others do also, is this is a case about Roger making statements in the public domain that are not supported in fact. Please try and understand I am on Roger's side when he comes to backdoor underhanded deals those in power here in Alabama go about doing business. I don't trust the right wing politicians who take from the working man to give to the rich, but just because I don't like them I don't feel I have the right to make untrue statements in public about them. By doing this it would make me just like them and I so want to believe Roger is above that. As of today I still have not read from Roger anything addressing any facts to support what was said and I fear that I will not. It's not to late to own up to this, I think coming clean would go a long way in bringing all this to a end. Everyone makes mistakes and God is the only one to judge. I know this will not be posted but you have to know it is what most are thinking. From a personal stand point I know there is nothing man or women can screw up that the Good Lord can not make right. Coming clean about ones action is a good first step. Always know God loves both of you, and I do too.

Unknown said...

btw sensationalism via the constant word armies isn't getting Roger free.

The only respect that Alabama mafia has is for the rule of law and that is why IT stole U$ out and rode U$ hard and is ready to put us away all dead! Roger proves the fact to be truth and the self-evidence is very very real.



Unknown said...

Carol, Alabama Legal Schnauzer Higher Intellects, here is what has been going on:

America has been working on the NATURAL GAS 'prize'. This is going to be what supposedly FUELS Europe next winter rather than Russia's natural resources -- that have been fueling that part of the world since the oil, gas, Et Cetera was discovered. Changing of the owners but of course, that is a historical fact about earth's natural resources and human capital, always 'new owners'.

Roger is in jail because there was and is a new world order. The NWO is about how to own the world earth via the natural resources (nothing new) and the digital gulag. Roger was an agitator and exposed the agents that have been carefully selected for the NWO. Corrupt and contaminated and unfortunately, the worst of the species in the experimented on.

No human being behaves as criminally insane as these humans are displaying as 'officers of the government USA'.

There has been a long plan in destroying the brain chemistry and the minds are definitely zombie.

Roger is also being made into a zombie, Gaddafi warned all the people and we know what happened to him for blowing the whistle.

We've until winter, 2014. The timelines are all picked via whatever these 'entities' are.

FALSE FLAGS. These staged events have been ongoing. Sandy Hook the Dark Night in Colorado, and name every mass shooting or other DRAMA via SENSATIONALISM in the NEW YORK TIMES, for the best example.

I can't say what I think about all this because I genuinely don't know. More I learn, more real I get >> in how the END TIME is going to show up.


The so-called ELITE? Well this is a scary world.

Get Roger out of jail and everybody get safe, there isn't a lot of time here now.


LISTEN CAREFULLY and then question exactly WHAT would do this to our species Homo Sapiens!

File papers, lots of papers -- MAIL THEM CERTIFIED, you do not have to appear in the Clerk's Office to file the paper/s.

Best get safe, don't even know this can be accomplished however WE MUST STAY ALIVE.

Get Roger free and escape from that (Alabama), which may not be other than a blink in the new land mass once called North America.

Anonymous said...

And then there are those who are below the law: everyone else. These are some of the most sheepish people in the world, living in constant fear of getting sued and stripped of their savings—or arrested, intimidated into accepting a plea bargain, and locked up. They can now be detained indefinitely without a charge. They can be kidnapped from anywhere in the world, transported to a “black site” and tortured. They can be put on trial without being informed of the charge and convicted based on evidence that is kept secret from them. Their communities can be placed under martial law without cause. Individually, they can be shot on sight with no provocation of suspicion of wrongdoing. Abroad, when wedding parties and funerals are taken out by misguided drone strikes, that's a war crime—unless Washington is behind it, in which case it is just “collateral damage.”


Anonymous said...

Coyote Lane 03/20/14 @ 10:15 AM

A story told up here in Virginia involving media and politics, paraphrasing, went something like the following.

There was a businessman who had been interviewed by this newspaper's reporter and the reporter's paper went with his story. When the printed interview became known of, since local media had refused to print or air story's content, a copy was obtain from Virginia and delivered to some newspaper who still refused to "go to press" with it; a media blackout if you will.

Continuing on, the paraphrased example, having the greatest probability for total exposures are: people here are AFRAID to criticize their government, it's like they live in FEAR. They are AFRAID of losing business or their employment; or making someone mad.

Why doesn't Shuler file a hand written motion to the judge that Shuler be allowed to appear before his bench PRO SE, while at the same time filing a writ to, for, the exercising of his constitutional rights, for habeas corpus; motion the court for TRIAL BY JURY and copies of all discoveries born out of arrest.

Unknown said...

If Kreig helps Roger get a lawyer who will honorably represent him, good. But I suspect Kreig is grandstanding for his own personal benefit. Jeez, the guy is a Madison Avenue fireworks display for himself and his book.

Find out how much a local young attorney wants to represent Roger, and let's go from there. Then tell us how much money each of us needs to contribute for his legal fund. OK? And yes, I am the guy who removed my post because I did not want to antagonize Kreig. But now I wonder if Kreig is for Shuler, rather than using Shuler to advertise for Kreig.

Unknown said...

Legal Advisory Committee


Yes we people are terrorized as the program was and has been.

I'm old enough to be a member of under the desk, sirens screaming and the end of the world never came.

Kids get numbed, and adults become afraid to go into the market.

Lots of phobias we've been auto-pilot programmed.

Don't go high, don't get into a trapped container, no market place and spiders, so many fears.

Fear to say what we feel. Terror in speaking out. Feeling like SHAME is a toxic shock, delivering volts of shivering embarrassments.

We have to get like the little girl that had had enough of Apartheid South Africa.

She leaped into the air once her brother got shot dead and screamed with a voice that shattered the whole of Africa: ENOUGH!

The thugs in Alabama that have done this are either hiding from the coming legal battle that they've caused, or are so drugged in poisons that the brain chemistry actually can't think in a sane pattern.

That is how dangerous our world has been manufactured.

These agents for this criminally insane loss of due process, rule of law, aren't but mafia.

Count the number of lawyers in the USA and ask what has the system been responsible for, in protecting the simple free speech that Roger's jailed for honoring.

Every day, many times during the day, Emails, faxes, letters, whatever can be sent to get Roger out of jail.

Go to the link above and send the people an SOS for Roger Shuler.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon @ 9:36 AM -- There is nothing to come clean about, nothing to be made right, nothing to own up to, nothing to be forgiven for in this whole travesty on OUR part. We are the victims here. Do you not get that? Our rights to due process were short-circuited and circumvented and denied by a rogue, out-of-control judge at the behest of a corrupt, powerful family of thugs. They are the ones who should be begging the Lord for forgiveness, not us. The questions you raise regarding evidence would all have come out in discovery if this case had been properly adjudicated. However, it was not. And if "most people" don't understand that, I really don't know how to explain it to them in such a way that they could comprehend. It is just too ridiculous to contemplate.

Unknown said...

>> to god loves both of you and i do too << you are a hypocrite or the same old psycho troll paid to do what you did.

EXCELLENT, Carol, let the comments get outed. the dehumanized can always sting the human being, no doubt about the fact.

but, the sting having been stung, the sooner the insect dies.

Nine Federal Judges Sued for Corruption
William M. Windsor
I sent a lawsuit to the Clerk of the United States District Court for filing on October 21, 2010. It is a lawsuit against nine federal judges. I have charged them with corruption.

Notice of Filing of Verified Complaint

Verified Complaint (less the exhibits that are all orders of the various courts)


The following information is taken from the verified complaint:

"3. Upon information and belief, Federal Judges Orinda D. Evans (“Judge Evans”), William S. Duffey, Jr. (“Judge Duffey”), Joel F. Dubina (“Judge Dubina”), James Larry Edmondson (“Judge Edmondson”), Rosemary Barkett (“Judge Barkett”), Edward Earl Carnes (“Judge Carnes”), Frank M. Hull (“Judge Hull”), Stanley Marcus (“Judge Marcus”), and William H. Pryor, Jr. (“Judge Pryor”) are corrupt and have conspired to damage Windsor.




The United States Commission on Civil Rights does not act as an advocate for complainants or respondents in claims of discrimination, nor does it have enforcement powers. However, the Commission can assist you in the complaint process through its Complaint Referral Service. You may also find the Commission publication(s) listed below helpful:

Getting Uncle Sam to Enforce Your Civil Rights

This publication provides useful information on how, when, and where to file a complaint. It includes additional information for special circumstances where a person might lack citizenship, be a Native American, be a member of the military, or be institutionalized. It also lists contact information for federal agency regional, district, and local civil rights offices; selected private organizations; and state bar associations.

Anonymous said...

I just thought of something. Why has the court not appointed Roger representation? I always hear if you can't afford a lawyer one will be appointed for you.. Is he any different?? HE NEEDS HELP.. SOMEONE HELP HIM..

Unknown said...

The United States Commission on Civil Rights is composed of eight Commissioners: four appointed by the President and four by Congress. Not more than four members shall at any one time be of the same political party.

The President also designates the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson from among the Commission's members with the concurrence of a majority of the Commission's members.

The Commissioners serve 6-year terms. No Senate confirmation is required. The President may remove a member of the Commission only for neglect of duty or malfeasance in office.

Presidential Appointees

Martin R. Castro (Chair)
President and CEO of Castro Synergies, LLC
Chicago, IL

Abigail Thernstrom (Vice Chair)
Adjunct Scholar, American Enterprise Institute
New York City, New York

Peter N. Kirsanow
Partner, Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Arnoff
Cleveland, Ohio

Roberta Achtenberg
Corporate Advisor in Public Policy and California State University Trustee
San Francisco, CA
Congressional Appointees

Gail Heriot
Professor of Law, University of San Diego
San Diego, CA

Todd F. Gaziano
Vice President and Chief Legal Officer,
Quality Health Ideas
Vice President for Research and Education, Accountable Care Associates
Washington, DC

Michael Yaki
San Francisco, CA

David Kladney
Reno, NV


To every click that causes this blog to appear:

GET LETTERS TO THIS GROUP, for the sake of Roger and Carol Shuler!

And, that means every American that has been born and realizes we're a country that is about due process law.

When the corrupt are in powerful positions and this is a forever truth in earth, then the moral of our society bring in the dirty laundry and the wash gets done.

Roger outed the dirty laundry which is not at all new in the southern states. In fact America is across the board corrupt due to the fraud of so called money.

So the Alabama rot got caught. So did the many gangsters throughout history, and now in the internet time the human filth isn't able to hide with make-up news.

Get Roger out of jail. The corruption isn't sustainable.

choggs said...

Roger was not allowed to present his side of the story. He didnt have the rights we should all have.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon @ 6:38 PM -- Because he is not in jail for a crime. He is unlawfully incarcerated because of an unconstitutional ruling in a bogus civil case. The court does not appoint lawyers to represent people in civil lawsuits. That is yet another reason this is so outrageous.

Andrew Kreig said...

Kindly let me add a few responses, particularly to Unknown and Anonymous above.

First, the whole point of having a trial is that is when a writer lays out the evidence, if it is necessary to do so. There are legal standards developed over many decades of libel law litigation in cases like this. They are not being applied, as Carol states. So it is totally premature for anyone, aside from the plaintiffs as a formality early in the process, that Roger lay out his proof.
Second there's a lot of speculation here about motives etc., including a groundless attack on me from someone who wouldn't provide a name. I'll respond simply by noting that I arranged a national interview on Fox Talk Radio for Roger tonight, and didn't even join him on it. This was a chance for him to tell his story in a dramatic way.
Obviously, people can say what they want in a comment section but the other readers would probably appreciate common sense.
Finally, let's keep the pressure on so that he gets out soon!

legalschnauzer said...

Andrew -- Thank you for arranging the interview on Fox Talk Radio & for everything you have done to help. Roger & I appreciate all your efforts on our behalf.

Unknown said...

Carol, no offense but you need to grow up. You're not a child. Perhaps you should have birthed or adopted a child. That could have gotten you a lot more fired up here, that is how it is with motherhood.

Get as mad as a mother who has been separated from her child.

Mother Otters die before they allow their young to be taken from them.

Animals in the wild are not as docile as we the American dumb.

We are pathetic in how this looks here at Legal Schnauzer.

Gotta do better, Murphy doesn't look like there was a lot of back down in her.

Unknown said...

Carol, when you get to filing paperwork, let me know. You know how to contact me.

Your trauma drama teeter totter crises addiction is too much energy and I can't give anymore to this type of situation.

You don't seem to be able to get your paperwork filed and that is what you must do as a grown up person in America.

We should have learned how to defend our rights' in the first grade of school, and earlier.

The situation is what it is and wallowing in our grief to the point of impotent wont' heal US!

legalschnauzer said...

Coyote Lane @ 12:44 & 1:02 AM -- Please go f*ck yourself!!! I have had it with you. You have some nerve! I don't need you telling me what to do & I don't answer to you. I have no interest in contacting you ever. Please DO NOT EVER invoke Murphy's name ever again!!! You are the one who is full of drama. Please get professional help. Oh did you birth or adopt a child & is that what is the hell wrong with you?? Cause something certainly is!!! Also I did not run your latest ranting comments directed at Andrew Kreig. You are a runaway freak show!!!

In addition, I will not be running anymore of your comments on this blog. I have had it up to my flipping eyeballs with you. Do you hear me??? That's it!!! You are a damn psycho...

legalschnauzer said...

Coyote Lane / Crystal Cox / PomPom -- You are all banned from here. Yes, all of your crazy multiple personalities are banned. Got it? So you can stop sending comments because they are not getting published. And guess what? You keep calling yourself a blogger. You are not a blogger. You are a commenter. I feel so much better having lost all the excess weight. Feels good to take out the trash.

P.S. -- Get help.

Larry Smith said...

To Andrew Kreig: I am the mean ol' retired trial lawyer who took a poke at you in this thread, March 20, 3:04 p. m. I just forgot to finish filling out the form before uploading and "unknown" is the default ID. Look. Roger needs a lawyer and needs one quick. If Alan Colmes interviewed him, great! But I couldn't find the interview.
You could represent Roger pro haec vice if he has Alabama counsel... and file a petition for writ of habeas corpus and a 1983 lawsuit for TRO and declaratory judgment in the Alabama Federal District Court. Why don't you do that? When I was a young lawyer, I used to serve as local counsel for big guns all the time. But I am no longer licensed. I can't do anything but sit here frustrated that Roger and Carol are being terrorized and suffocated by corrupt officials in a rogue state. People die mysteriously in our jails here in North Carolina, and our state judiciary has gone phony here too. That's what I worry about for Roger, who needs a gunfighter like you, or Aaron Caplan, or Eugene Volokh.

I worry about the First Amendment too. It is being with vague and overbroad law all over the country.

And gee, I sure am glad Carol cleared out some of the clutter. This thread has been a magnet for nuts.
Larry Smith, Asheville, NC 8285822828 buncyblawg.com

Larry Smith Asheville said...

OK, I got the interview and didn't mean to give the impression it is not there. Firefox didn't want me to have it until I kept trying. I am listening to it, and it should shock the conscience of people everywhere who believe in the Bill of Rights.

Thanks, Andrew Kreig, for setting up this interview. My apologies for being such a curmudgeon.

Anonymous said...

Did the radio interview happen, and if so is published or available for streaming or listening to?

e.a.f. said...

Carol, thank you for telling Coyote Lane where to go and how to get there. His rants have been a tad over the top for some time. Good on you.

Constructive criticism is one thing, ranting and raving another.

Thank you to Mr. Kreig for taking an interest in Mr. Shuler's case and helping.

To those who wish to "dump" on Mr. Kreig, go find something useful to do. Criticizing people who are actually putting some effort into Mr. Shuler's case's, is not helpful.

Mr. Kreig has made an opportunity available to Mr. Shuler he would not otherwise have had. Thank you again Mr. Kreig.

To those who want to do something useful and don't know what to do. Go stand outside the jail and the State House with a placard. Living in Canada, its a little hard for me to do, but I've written the Gov., Luther Strange, the Sheriff, and politicians in Alabama. Yes, Mr. Shuler's blog is read here and its on the blog roll of another progressive blogger.

legalschnauzer said...

e.a.f. @ 5:09 PM -- Thank you for your comment. It is such a breath of fresh air here. So nice to hear from someone who isn't a raving lunatic for a change. Please continue to comment often as your views are a welcome addition. And you don't have to deal with Coyote Lane and her multiple personalities any more. I know she has bashed you in the past and I did not appreciate that. Roger & I are grateful for your support.

Anonymous said...


I found the interview. God Bless.

Larry Smith, Asheville said...

Roger Shuler's news story of tyranny in Alabama is going viral. I just googled "roger shuler" and using 'search tools' found forty hits on the Shuler story just for the last 24 hours. Even the Italians have picked up on this shocking story about a journalist imprisoned for exercising his Constitutional right to freedom of speech.

Andrew Kreig has been busy too.

Keep it alive, folks! Keep it going!

Unknown said...

Roger, I am so glad you are now home with and the babies. We have become quite good friends since you were incarcerated. Please know that I am with you on whatever choices you make, and that I became aware/involved because Don Siegelman asked me to. He is your loyal friend and looks up to you, as am I. Tell Carol to call me if she or you want to talk. She has my number on her cell.

legalschnauzer said...

Thanks so much for your friendship, Helen. It's great to be free and communicate with free people again. This experience has given me a whole new perspective on what Don Siegelman has been through. Will pass word to Carol. Hope we can meet soon.

Anonymous said...

I am really glad that Krieg diligently covered your case and took up your cause. truly I am because you need more people in that industry willing to look out for colleagues.

What bothers me though is I have a hard time believing he would have so much as signed a letter in support had he not had a special interested in your case and I wonder if he would have been interested in your case if not for his existing, intense interest in the Siegelman case.

Krieg has been asked to lend support to other journalists in similarly severe straits, even with more provocatively straightforward facts than your case, and has refused to even put his name on a blurb, never mind write blog articles.

He complains that various organizations wouldn't sign off on a letter, mention it, or sign a petition, but he is no different when asked to do the same thing in other cases.