Monday, June 17, 2013

CEO Ted Rollins Used His Daughter As A Shield When Financial Secrets Were At Risk Of Exposure

Ted Rollins and partner Mike Hartnett
at the New York Stock Exchange
Sherry Carroll Rollins put her investigative skills to good use in the late 1990s when her marriage to Ted Rollins was unraveling in Greenville, South Carolina.

One trip to her husband's office, while he was away on business, yielded evidence that their daughter, Sarah Rollins, had a trust fund that had been kept secret. That trip also produced signs that Ted Rollins was carrying on extramarital affairs with multiple women, including an Emory University health-care executive named Cary Sheahan.

A second trip to the office while Ted Rollins was away produced a scene that sounds like it came straight from a John Grisham movie. And that scene shows how far Rollins patriarchs will go to protect their secrets.

Sherry Rollins now lives in Birmingham, where she was on the wrong end of a courtroom cheat job once her divorce case unlawfully was shifted from South Carolina to Alabama; Shelby County Circuit Judge D. Al Crowson issued a bogus divorce judgment that was so one-sided it has forced Ms. Rollins and her two daughters--Sarah,  now 19, and Emma, 15--to be on and off of food stamps for several years.

Ted Rollins, meanwhile, still lives in Greenville and is CEO of Charlotte-based Campus Crest Communities, which has generated more than $730 million in Wall Street support since it went public in 2010.

You might think that the CEO of a public company would have a history of transparency on financial matters. But not Ted Rollins. In fact, he will go to extraordinary lengths to make sure certain information stays under wraps.

How did Sherry Rollins' second trip to her husband's office come about? By this time, his quarters had moved from the First Union Building to the Crescent Center, which he had helped develop for a family business called St. James Capital. Also by this time, Sherry Rollins had filed for divorce, and a Greenville lawyer named James McLaren had suggested she get certain information for use in court.

That sets the scene for Office Visit No. 2, which Sherry Rollins described in an e-mail to Legal Schnauzer:

After [Ted] moved to the Crescent Center, my mother, Sarah and Emma went to the Crescent Center after hours around 5:00 and I entered the building. I needed proof of the cost of my house and other things about the company, St. James. The lawyer, Jim McLaren, asked me to get proof of certain things for court. Sarah was playing in the rose garden and Mother was watching her, and Emma was asleep in the car. 
I went into his office as it was unattended and took files from a drawer regarding the house I lived in and other files, including the file on Sarah's trust fund.

Sherry Rollins was about to place the material in her vehicle when Ted Rollins appeared:

[Ted] walked up with a construction worker while I was loading the files. He grabbed Sarah and threatened to hold her and keep her if I didn't hand him the files. I reluctantly gave him the files in exchange for Sarah, as I knew I had files that were important to our future. He put her in her car seat and grabbed all the files.

How classy a guy is Ted Rollins? Here, according to Sherry Rollins, are the exact words he said to her:

If you want this kid, give me the G-d--ned, f-----g files.

Did Ted Rollins threaten to kidnap his own daughter--"this kid," in his words--if he did not get his files back? That's what it sounds like. One can only wonder what was in those files. One, however, need not wonder about Ted Rollins' vindictive nature. The following passage from Sherry Rollins spells that out in clear terms:

[Ted] later called the police and tried to have me arrested for breaking and entering. The office was open, and I did not break in. The police came for me the following day and threatened me. I was told to report to the police station and turn myself in. I called a lawyer locally and asked him to meet me there. He got me off of the charge. 
I went back home, and mother packed, and the girls and I drove her home to Tennessee. We were so scared--mother crying, the kids crying. I drove all the way to Tennessee, and the girls and mother sobbed most of the way. It was horrible, so scary. Then when I got back to Greenville, the police came to my house again and tried to arrest me. I called the lawyer again, and he got them to leave me alone again. I can't remember how much I had to pay the lawyer; but it was a lot.

I contacted Ted Rollins via e-mail and requested an interview on the above incident. He has not responded to that request. 

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Anonymous said...

Keep Digging---!!

Anonymous said...

Good Lord, this does sound like a scene out of a Grisham novel/movie.

Anonymous said...

"If you want this kid, give me the G-d--ned, f-----g files."

This one sentence tells you all you really need to know about Ted Rollins.

Anonymous said...

I'd said "Keep this kid." Not only am I getting everything you have in this company I will get the kid back.. I'd walked out with the files.. I would have not let that stupid looking creep call my bluff..

Anonymous said...

I'm sympathetic to Sherry Rollins, but going to her husband's office and taking files was a bad idea. Not sure they had a breaking-and-entering case against her, but they certainly had a trespassing case.

Milk Dud said...

What on earth was in those files?

Anonymous said...

Here's a bet for ya . . . I bet Ted Rollins had some form of surveillance on his wife, so that he knew this was going to happen. I bet he has surveillance on her now, perhaps via GPS on her vehicle, phone taps, computer hacks, etc.

Anonymous said...


I'm with you. He played on Ms. Rollins' motherly instincts, but Ted R would have had a big problem on his hands if she had said the words you suggest.

Anonymous said...

Any chance there was information in those files about criminal activity?

Jack Russell said...

Mr. Schnauzer:

Was Ted Rollins ever deposed in this divorce case?

Anonymous said...

An interview of Vladimir Putin, Russian Federation President, live stream at the site of Russia Today, well worth reading the script.

He says quite correctly what happened here in the USA.

First the European WHITES came and wiped out the Native American indigenous and this is a historical genocide that has only the rest of the story to tell how bad THIS 'country' truly is.

Never has this abomination been actually addressed. This means the country is living in a supreme state of past vile evil overshadowing truth.

Palestine was also on the same European 'settler' agenda, and is.

Next slavery and how the USA didn't really want to stop, especially the SOUTH.

GONE WITH THE WIND. Putin uses this as his model for our 'America', WON'T GO HUNGRY AGAIN.

I took from his interview:

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Get to be a movie star or a rock star, get to have no boundaries and only live to pay an unseen monster called Federal Reserve as consumer consumption IS the SPIRITUAL TAP ROOT, tragically.

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Can't have the earth behave as though the human species thinks with higher intelligence.

Look at America. There is clearly class structure to the point where a police state can only be had.

Rollins is the LIBERAL LEFT TOP PIER ideology of control, AND this behavior by ROVE ET AL, gets paid sums of untold 'wealth?!'

OUT OF CONTROL, the so called leadership of America.

PARASITES. Ted Rollins' uses his children as a host parasite.

RIGHT are religious in the sense of so backwards there is hope only of a true shock and awe about how ignorance isn't bliss.

Rollins Ted Dead In The No Spiritual Root, is product USA after a couple of centuries of rotting lies.

legalschnauzer said...

His cousin, Randall Rollins, was deposed in ATL regarding St. James Capital. But I'm not aware of Ted Rollins ever being deposed. If not, it makes you wonder what Ms. Rollins' attorneys were thinking.

Anonymous said...

I live in Greenville, S.C. and knew Sherry Rollins at the time of this incident and as such would like to add my comments to what I know happened. Sherry went to get the file on her residence at Green Valley Country Club because her husband, Ted, kept all things, bills, records at his office. The attorney, Sherry and all of us felt these records on her personal residence and anything concerning her children were her property also. She had every right to those documents. Since she was still married to Ted Rollins, half of everything they had was hers. She walked into the Crescent Center and took the files as she did not have time to copy them as the children and her mother were waiting in the car. Her mother sat with Emma who was sleeping in her carseat, and Sarah got out with Sherry and went to see the roses she had planted while Sherry was getting the files. Then Ted Rollins and a burly backup walked up and started pulling the files from her arms. Then Mr. Rollins picked up Sarah as if he was happy to see her and then challenged Sherry to give up the files or he would keep Sarah. He then called the police and put them on her for weeks after this event. She was harassed at her door by the police, phone calls from a police detective ensued and she was chased down, written tickets, stopped for everytthing imaginable in her car each time she left the house with her children. The children became so scared of the police they cried each time they were pulled over. Ted Rollins made hers and the childrens lives miserable until he ultimately ran her and the children completely out of Greenville, S.C. I PRAY she comes back some day to haunt him where he LIVES and to make his and Holly Matheson's lives miserable as they so deserve it. They have actually earned what may be waiting for them when my friend comes back to Greenville SC to live. I hope one day the court system here and in Alabama are exposed for what they helped a spoiled rich guy do to two little girls and a very brave woman.

Jack Russell said...

If Ted Rollins was never deposed, that would rise to the level of malpractice, in my view. That should have been one of the first orders of business in this case. If Mr. Rollins was not deposed, that suggests Ms. Rollins' lawyers were compromised.

Anonymous said...

I live in Greeville, and Jim McLaren is a big name in divorce-law circles here. Ms. Rollins didn't just go for a hack lawyer; she got a big timer, at least by reputation. I'm sure he charged her big bucks.

Not sure how McLaren allowed this case to get out of South Carolina and be shifted to Alabama. Makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

Keep digging is right....SNIFF, SNIFF, I thinking you are finding out that the police, the legal system, and the judges in S.C. were paid off just as the ones in Alabama were later after the Rollins girls departure from here. I observed what was done to the Rollins family here in S.C. and then I heard about what happened to them in Alabama, how they moved from place to place to seek safety and refuge where they were continually harassed by police, "friends", enemies, paid goons and even found a dead deer with its private parts chopped on their doorstep one morning, (female deer) and the children and she were so upset they could not function that day but Sherry Rollins still got the girls to school an hour and a half away, went to work, picked up the girls from daycare, and continued back to the scene where they were living 1.5 hours back and cooked dinner and got the children to bed. Legal Schnauzer, if you only knew some of the crazy things that have been done to this woman and children, you would wonder as I do, how they endured all the years of torture by Ted Rollins and how they can function and go on today. You are "scratching" the surface of this well hidden secret of the Rollins/etal and I hope you continue and dig up all the old bones until all the players are exposed. BRAVO Schnauzer.

Unknown said...


Your post is remarkable, thank you so very-very much.

My feelings too, I want there to be an energy, a power, a force so great to reckon these degenerates that have spawned from the worst of 'American Values' and that is, Pedophilia.

America has become a state of Pedophiles, these degenerates run the country and the parasitic so called STOCK MARKET - THAT IS WALL STREET, is a place to take innocence and make the pedophilia of the ROLLINS-TED CULT ABLE to appear as though enriching our future with 'learning'.

Sick and I am so with Anon@9:59AM in knowing there is an unseen power we must all tap into and take this country into a new direction of spiritual and therefore, cultural REALITY.

"... Additionally, the movie industry - the propaganda arm of America’s Pentagon - is protected by powerful lobbyists like the MPAA. Chris Dodd, the current MPAA chair is part of the government that was characterized recently by Aaron Swartz' father: “Aaron did not commit suicide but was killed by the government. Someone who made the world a better place was pushed to his death by the government.” Reading between the lines and it's clear: Mr. Swartz is calling Chris Dodd a murderer and who can blame him; threatening his son with 35 years in a Federal penitentiary for exercising his Constitutionally protected ‘fair use’ rights.

Hollywood is the only industry to get a law passed protecting it from 'banksters'. The 2010 Dodd-Frank Act outlaws ‘box office futures contracts’ meaning that Hollywood, unlike the food, manufacturing, banking, and virtually every other industry in America is immune from the monetization, securitization and hyper-leveraged speculative chicanery that has gutted these industries and hollowed them out unmercifully - with only a foreign buyer left to save the little equity (and jobs) squirming about at the bottom of America's economic barrel.

Anon@9:59AM GREENVILLE SC was one of my favorite 'homes' before moving to Alaska, 1950s!

Anonymous said...

Biblical saying about the root.

Ted Rollins is a standard in the South, unfortunately, and then of course look at OBAMA.

Root rots that need a sewer in hell.

Anonymous said...

New advertising slogan for Campus Crest Communities, geared toward parents who are considering having their children live at The Grove:

"Give us your G-d--ned kids, and we'll take care of the f----g rest."

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Addendum to the new Campus Crest advertising slogan:

"Your G----ned kids had better pay their rent on time, or we'll take your f----g ass to court!"

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 10:34--

You're marketing campaign is a hoot. It's also probably more accurate than that "fully loaded living" stuff at Campus Crest uses.

Anonymous said...

To Anon: regarding how a lawyer like Jim McLaren allowed Mrs. Rollins to get thrown out of her house while he sat idly by......I was her friend here, (Mrs. Rollins) and I can only tell you how I think Jim McLaren let this happen to her. He was PAID to let this happen to her. Even the guy, one Richard Delano Pinckney, was hired by the Rollins/et al to befriend her, set up a business for her, and ultimately just to get her set up with McLaren as her attorney. Then after that happened, Mr. Pinckney disappears. Nowhere to be found. I believe that when Mrs. Rollins went to see David Wilkins, state representative and private attorney, he sent her to a private detective. From there they put Mr. Pinckney into Sherry's life and the childrens...and then from there Mr. Pinckney took Mrs. Rollins to see Jim McLaren ,and the straw man, Mr. Pinckney paid the very large sum of $50,000 for Mrs. Rollins retainer (which was ridiculous in the first place). So if you follow my drift here, first Mrs. Rollins goes to see David Wilkins, who later becomes Ambassador to Canada appointed by G.W. Bush, and Wilkins sets Mr. Pinckney into action who ultimately leads her to the Republican choice of Jim McLaren, divorce attorney, and the powers that be pay him his hefty fee as Mrs. Rollins didn't have a dime. She was being fed by her ailing/cancer ridden Dad in Tennesse. Ultimately David Wilkins appoints a new family administrative Judge, Aphrodite Konduros, to hold her finger on the pulse of the Rollins case in court here until she could be thrown out of her house with her children and become forced to move to Alabama. I am sure all of you in Alabama know what happened there. Screw Rollins girls X 2....(S.C. and AL) which leaves us to wonder: What are they going to do to her NEXT???????

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 12:07--

Thanks for your information. The role of Ambassador David Wilkins in all of this is quite interesting. Here is his Wiki bio:

Here is bio from his current law firm:

Anonymous said...

Legal Schnauzer: I was just wondering if Mrs. Rollins intends to go back in front of the court in Shelby County so that she can confront that court on the lies and the fake documents in her case? I was reading that Al Crowson, the Judge who took an early retirement after the Rollins case in 2005 has now gained access to the Bench once more when Hub Harrington became ill. Do you think Crowson is back on the bench once more because he must know that Mrs. Rollins is on the prowl for a lawyer once more to go back into court? Are these shysters willing to do it to her one more time?

legalschnauzer said...

I'm not certain, but I think Crowson returned to the bench when Gov. Bentley appointed Mike Joiner to Court of Criminal Appeals. Not sure why Crowson accepted that appointment, but it's certainly possible that he did it in order to keep control over the Rollins case. My impression is that all of the Shelby Co. judges are corrupt and take marching orders from the Crowson/Joiner/Reeves axis of evil, so I'm not sure it matters who is on the bench or who gets your case.

Robby Scott Hill said...

Huntin' clubs ain't new to this land.
Just another name 4 the Ku Klux Klan.
Teachin' they kids to shoot a deer silently, hopin' they'll turn a gun on a minority.
Racist judges wearin' black robes instead of white ones.
To let a white man loose when he wrongs a black one.
They said this blog was forbidden
That it couldn't be written.
Exposin' the fact that bar commissioners want our history re-written.
To cover up their crimes
Laid bare by Roger's Rhymes.

Richard Dawson?
He never saw so many Family Feud's and broken law firms.
That's why this blog is AWESOME!


e.a.f. said...

Now if some investigative reporter at a major news paper would just do an article on Ted Rollins. If he'd screw his wife and kids around like this, how is he treating the stock holders of the companies. enquiring minds might want to know. Lets see the Wall St. Journal, New york Times, Washington Post, etc.

Ted Rollins is obviously not bothered by such things as morals, ethics, etc. Can't image why anyone would even want to sit down to dinner with him or play golf. Gee, in Canada, the Hell's Angels have higher standards than Ted Rollins.

The treatment of women in some of the American states is less than ethical. It might be a good subject for a documentary feature for such things as Frontline on PBS or Doc Zone, on C.B.C.

Might make a good PhD thesis, comparing the treatment of women in divorce in southern American states and compare it to another country, such as Canada or a European country with progressive divorce and child support laws.

Part of the problem may be how divorce and child support are regulated in the U.S.A. In most western countries the matter is dealt with an a national level. You can go anywhere in the country but the divorce and child support laws are the same. In the U.S.A. the matter is left to each individual state and in there lays the problem. That will not change give the rights of States to establish many of their own laws but perhaps given children need to be protected and all the children are American citizens it might be better if all American children had the same protection.

Anonymous said...

Eaf, this is going on in every state in the USA! No state is immune. Your solution is exactly what is causing the problems and making it easier for these roach thugs to operate I.e.; UNIFIED JUDICIAL SYSTEMS!!!!

So I graciously request that you keep your ethnocentrism in Canada. Our system when applied legitimately works better for us.. It's just broken for the time being. There are signs that the overhaul is shifting some what and for that I'm grateful and hopeful!

Now if we could get rid of Holder!