Monday, June 3, 2013

A Wife's Investigative Skills Turn Up Information About CEO Ted Rollins' Extramarital Activities

Ted Rollins and partner Mike Hartnett
at the New York Stock Exchange
Wives throughout the ages have turned to various investigative tactics when confronted with the possibility that their husbands are cheating.

Birmingham resident Sherry Carroll Rollins was one such wife in the 1990s when she was married to Ted Rollins and living in Greenville, South Carolina. Ms. Rollins decided that a visit to her husband's office while he was away on business might yield some interesting information. She was right about that--on multiple fronts.

Ted Rollins now is CEO of Campus Crest Communities, a Charlotte-based company that builds student housing near public universities around the country. The firm has drawn more than $730 million in Wall Street investment since going public in late 2010. Rollins' primary market might be college students and their parents, but his own "family values" leave something to be desired.

We already have reported that Ms. Rollins' first trip to the office turned up information about a trust fund for her daughter, Sarah, who now is 19 years old and still knows almost nothing about the fund that her grandfather (and Ted's father), John W. Rollins Sr., established.

Sherry Rollins found limited information on the trust fund that day--but she came away knowing it existed. Here is how she described her findings in an e-mail to Legal Schnauzer:

I went to his secretary's desk. I sat down and found a yellow legal pad with a list of all his files written in it. 
One thing on the page caught my eye: Sarah's Trust Fund; it listed where it could be found on the computer. 
I went into [the secretary's] list of files and saw that the file existed. I was not computer literate at that time and could not open up the file.

Perhaps more significant at the time were Sherry Rollins' findings about her husband's apparent extramarital activities. She saw written documents that pointed to multiple affairs, and infidelity would be one of the grounds in the divorce complaint she filed in 2001.

As we reported previously, Sherry Carroll was perhaps the only individual in recent years to marry into the Rollins family without an ironclad prenuptial agreement. Ted Rollins was willing to marry her without a prenup and form a family with her two sons, Eric and Zac Parrish (ages 16 and 10 at the time), from a previous marriage. The couple would have two daughters of their own--Sarah (19) and Emma (15).

When the lack of a prenup is considered with Ted Rollins' apparent marital misconduct, he stood to cough up substantial sums of money in a legitimate divorce case. That perhaps is the No. 1 reason he apparently used family contacts to help concoct an illegitimate divorce case--getting the South Carolina divorce complaint that Sherry Rollins had filed unlawfully moved to Alabama, where Shelby County Circuit Judge D. Al Crowson issued such a one-sided decree that it has left Ms. Rollins and her daughters on and off food stamps.

What exactly did Sherry Rollins learn about her husband's extramarital activities while visiting his office? She never has pieced it all together in a precise way. But some information pointed to a woman named Holly Matheson, who worked for the Upstate Alliance in South Carolina; she now is the third Mrs. Ted Rollins. Other information pointed to a woman who worked at Emory University, the recipient of major Rollins-family philanthropy

Here is how Sherry Rollins described her findings in an e-mail to us:

Then another item caught my nervous eye; it was the phone message book. . . . The book contained call after call from Cary Sheahan, a girl who worked in the office of the director of executive health care at Emory. She was the go-to person for every Rollins family member who needed anything at Emory. Every year each one of them checks in for a full physical and stay in the John W. Rollins wing of the hospital to be checked out fully and completely. [Ted] was dating Cary, it appeared from her messages and the numerous calls to him. She left messages with his secretary about how excited she was to be meeting him and where. There were messages from me mixed in with the girlfriends' messages. I have often wondered if [Cary Sheahan] was a code name used by Holly Rollins or if he was dating Cary and Holly at the same time. 

Did Ted Rollins appreciate his wife's investigative skills? Not exactly. From Sherry Rollins:

I have often mentioned the trust fund to Ted and asked questions about it after finding the yellow legal pad with his list of files. I tore out the page with the list of files and kept it for a long time. I confronted him with it and he refused to discuss it.

Why would Ted Rollins refuse to discuss a trust fund that was established for his oldest daughter? We don't have an answer to that question, but we do have this addendum from Sherry Rollins, regarding another woman who apparently was close to Ted Rollins on a number of levels:

The person who would definitely know about the Trust Fund would be Teri McGinn, who lives in Taylors, South Carolina, near Greenville, and was his assistant for years and often talked with his father and Linda Prickett (Ted's mother). [Teri McGinn] would know all about it, as he slept with her, too. 
She works for the Golden Strip Child Center in Greenville, the organization which was set up by the Duke Endowment monies to Furman University and to Greenville for the prevention of child abuse while I was living there. Interesting that that this is where she works.
I suggest you interview her on all things Rollins. She was his other hand, she was his muse, she was his everything for most of the time we were in Greenville, South Carolina. She was his stand-in mother while I was having Emma and getting back to normal and I didn't have the time to constantly serve him. She will KNOW all about the trust fund and where it is.

(To be continued)

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Anonymous said...

From the sound of this post, it's now obvious that this Terri woman had to have played a roll in the scam job done to Sherry by Duke U shrink. The industry of "child abuse and neglect prevention" is a crooked racket!!!! Ted learned about it and worked it! This racket is a pedofile's wet dream!! They protect them so that they can continue their sexcapades with their child victims! Children's Trust Fund is a perfect example! The place should be shut down and everyone working there or politically involved should be put in prison!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a post, LS! The plot definitely is getting thicker with this one.

Anonymous said...


Man, your comment got me awake this morning! I've heard from numerous sources that the real reason Sue Bell Cobb stepped down as chief justice of AL Supreme Court was a scandal involving Children's First Trust Fund, and Wendy Brooks Crew was right in the middle of it. So much for the well being of children.

Connie said...

I've been reading your blog for about two years, including almost all of the Rollins story, and this is my first comment. Got to say that I love Sherry Rollins' style. She gets mistreated over and over and keeps coming back, like the Energizer Bunny. My prediction is that Ted Rollins one day will deeply regret the way he treated his wife. I think she is way smarter than him.

Unknown said...

Children in the USA are seriously endangered. I would NEVER birth children in the USA knowing what I now know. God Good on Mrs & Mr Schnauzer for not subjecting children to the USA.

Unknown said...

Oh and Legal Schnauzer, with the reporting you are a master at, the USA could get to be worth birthing children. Now that's a true champion of the innocent, thank you.

Amy said...

Some big-time sleuthing from Sherry R. You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Teddy's computer contained a treasure trove of interesting information. Hah!

Amy said...

What a great comment, @6:15. The people who claim to prevent child abuse and neglect really are an "industry." And it is a racket. You are so on the mark!

Dougie Doo said...

As Elvis used to say:

"We can't go on together
With suspicious minds . . ."

Anonymous said...

That pic of Ted Rollins and his partner on the phones at NYSE gives me a retching reflex.

Anonymous said...

I bet this will really make Cary Sheahan's Monday morning over at Emory U!

Anonymous said...

At 7:25, this is 6:15 and I hear the same thing and from the looks of evidence that was easily acquired, it's true!

Remember months back when AL voted to let those RINO thug politicians get their hands on the general fund full of cash by telling voters that the hospitals and fire depts etc would be shut down? That yes vote meant pay day for all the thugs.

Anonymous said...

Memo to "Self":

Don't screw around with Sherry Rollins!

Anonymous said...

Again at 7:25, this is 6:15.

Sue Bell Cobb was/is an incorporator of "Children First Foundation" along with other Supremes and politicians. They promoted and pushed for that vote on letting grubby politicians get their hands on that money.

There is a man who I recently learned received death threats after figuring out how this racket works and calling Children's Trust Fund of AL out on it.

I would personally welcome their death threats! That is if they'd have the balls to say the same to me!

Marky said...

Sounds like the Rollins family owns a nice chunk of the Emory University Medical Center. As a resident of ATL, I'm not overjoyed by that news.

Anonymous said...

Wow, @6:15, thanks for sharing your knowledge! It must be even worse than I thought. Death threats, and that happened recently? Makes me think Sue Bell Cobb's resignation didn't clean up things.

Anonymous said...

Voice I'd like to hear on the other end of Teddy's phone:

"Hands up, perv, we're going to nail you for child abuse!"

Dougie Doo said...

As the Eagles used to say:

"You can't hide your lyin' eyes
And your smile is a thin disguise . . ."

Anonymous said...

Voice I'd like to hear on the other end of Teddy's phone:

"This is the IRS. We want our money."

Anonymous said...

Sherry Rollins must have a memory like an elephant. (Elephants have good memories, don't they?) Names, dates, places . . . she remembers, buddy. LS, you and her make a dangerous combination!

Samuel said...

Did Ms. Rollins' lawyers not make use of all this information she unearthed? Good Lord, that should have been gold in a high-dollar divorce case.

legalschnauzer said...


You raise a great question. Here is URL to final order of divorce in Rollins case, from Judge Crowson in Shelby County, AL. Unless I missed it, there is no mention of marital misconduct on Ted Rollins part. That probably means Sherry Rollins' lawyers didn't bother to use the information, Crowson ignored it, or some combination of both:

Anonymous said...

Sherry Rollins is an enlightened human being. The courage she has had to have, to get the betrayal of her and her children out into the open, only she knows-understands.

Thank you Sherry for being alive, really alive and sharing with Legal Schnauzer the TRUTH to set US all free, what magnificent 'People' as a 'TEAM' ~ Roger and Sherry the leaders of our real world disorder into order.

anon as many admirers of your incredible spirits plus all the physical hard labor - giving birth to justice isn't other than what it is.

thanks forever

jeffrey spruill said...

This post makes you wonder if Uncle Ted wasn't the only p**** in town.

Must have been some kind of sadistic/sexual pleasure to augment with young Zac.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the judges in S.C. where Sherry Rollins filed for divorce thought his misconduct and affairs interesting. The judge there stated that Ted Rollins was to pay around 20,000 to her per month while the divorce was going on. Her children were in private schools, 5,000 house payment, pool guy, yard guy, and two or three men working on renovating parts of the house. Sherry was driving an 85,000 dollar Mercedes and Ted was driving a range rover. The judge in S.C. certainly was aware of his misbehavior and where and how they lived. But as it turns out Ted just refused to do anything that the judge ordered and paid nothing to the family each month, Sherry had to borrow money from her dying father to feed her kids and keep the utilities going while Ted played hide and seek with the law who had a contempt of court arrest warrant for him for 15 months. Then Sherry and the kids got thrown out of the house by the bank (mortgage holder) which was partially owned by Ted's father and Howard Baker Jr. So then Ted sent Zac Parrish to collect Sherry and the kids and a few of their belongings and move them to Bham and Shelby County in particular. There she had to find work to feed her children and Ted and Bradley Arant law firm and Gerry Durward all colluded to file a new divorce proceeding against Sherry even though she had an active case in S.C. They just rode roughshod over Sherry, the children , the active case in S.C. and got what they wanted by way of bribing several lawyers and the judge as well as local senator Richard Shelby.
The Rollins family made a campaign donation in 2003 to Richard Shelby all the way from Delaware to Alabama! See how this worked, you start with the Senator, then down to the governor, and on down to the law firm of Bradley Arant and then down to the lowly divorce attorneys.
This case smells worse than a beached whale rotting in the sun for a few months. Anyone should be able to figure out this scam. How Sherry Rollins stands idly by without having Ted Rollins jailed or maimed I am clueless. I know this family. I know Sherry Rollins. I know her struggles. I know her heart. I know how hard she has worked to keep her two little girls fed, healthy, happy and educated. She used to pawn her car title to get money to start them back to school in the fall. She is today, still pawning pieces of jewelry to make it through the end of the month. I know her, I am watching her, I am trying to help her find her way to the truth and to make someone listen to her in Alabama and in S.C. so that justice can finally be attained for her and her children.

Anonymous said...

I understand from various sources that Mr. Rollins has just purchased a $21 million dollar Gulfstream V and has spent the last week or so in St. Bart's and also in various cities in Europe.

Ted Rollins refused to purchase a tag renewal on the car that Sherry Rollins drives her children around in. He has for four years in a row caused her and the children to be stopped by Mountain Brook cops and written tickets (three per year) for expired license tag. The car belongs to Ted Rollins and Sherry is not allowed to buy the tag for the car. Now, lately, the judge has put Mrs. Rollins on probation as she did not have the money to pay the fines when she went to court in March. Judge Turner Williams who knew how Ted Rollins arranges for Ms. Rollins to get tickets each year, assigned her over to Judicial Correctional Services and put her on probation because she was poor and did not have the money to pay her fines.
Ted Rollins flies around in jets, vacations, and eats well and is fed by a personal chef in his home while his children and their Mother are chased down by the local police as if they were criminals and ultimately the mother winds up on probation with monthly interest payments for 24 months. This man has reduced Sherry and her daughters to paupers who have to beg, borrow, pay interest, go to pawn shops and buy their clothing at thrift stores.
All this while the Father and his latest female interest vacation and spend money like it is water.
I am a friend of this family and I am watching, observing, and getting ready to sell the Rollins girls story in a book deal and a possible upcoming movie.
We'll see what Ted Rollins and his family do to try and stop this. The truth works.

Anonymous said...

At 9:51, I believe the death threat I referenced occurred 2-3 years ago.

Anonymous said...

The photo of Ted Rollins and his sidekick is the true American picture of GREED; look at those faces.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that how these lawyers and judges work? Marginalize anyone who stands in their way: financially and/or character wise. They are rather well versed in this tactic. It's time for more people to notice and take action. They will continue to destroy families as long as they are unaccountable for their actions. Thank you LS for exposing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the criminal behavior of these lawyers and judges.