Monday, June 10, 2013

Central Figure In The Rollins v. Rollins Divorce Story Is Injured In A Curious Car Crash on Highway 280

Sherry Carroll Rollins, a central character in the controversial Rollins v. Rollins divorce case, was injured recently in an automobile crash on U.S. 280 near Birmingham. The incident involves a number of oddities that might cause a reasonable person to wonder if this was an "accident" or a planned hit, designed to hurt or intimidate someone.

The extent of Rollins' injuries are not known; thanks largely to the monstrous cheat job she encountered in her Shelby County divorce case, she has no health insurance--and she has not received a thorough medical examination since the crash on May 24. But she tells Legal Schnauzer that, post-wreck, she has experienced persistent neck, back, chest, hip, leg, ankle and foot pain.

How severe was the impact when another driver plowed into the rear of Rollins' 2007 Subaru Forester? Her vehicle was totaled, and her passenger, daughter-in-law Kristie Parrish, has been diagnosed with a detached retina that will require surgery. It appears that nothing struck Parrish in the eye; the retina detached from the force of the crash.

Rollins was traveling east on 280, near the Whole Foods Market in Mountain Brook, when the crash occurred. Sarah Rollins, Sherry's oldest daughter, was coming for a visit the next day, and Ms. Rollins and Ms. Parrish were going to World Market in the Target shopping center to pick up some blinds for the windows in Sarah's room.

They were perhaps halfway to their destination, in the center lane, when Sherry Rollins said she felt what seemed like an explosion from the rear of her vehicle. It was 8:05 p.m. on a Friday, but Rollins states that she did not notice lights coming from behind her.

A 2011 Acura TSX, driven by a 23-year-old male nurse at UAB Hospital, hit the Rollins vehicle in the rear. Rollins says she was driving about 55 mph and estimates the other driver was traveling at least 75 mph in order to catch up to her and hit with such force. From an e-mail to Legal Schnauzer that Rollins sent about four hours after the crash:

I was going about 55 on 280 just past whole foods at about 8:00 p.m.  A car came up behind me and hit me in the rear doing about 75; I think the car is totaled. I am sore and my back hurts. My ankles hurt too for some reason. Kristie, Eric's wife, was with me. She is having a headache and her back hurts too. The paramedics came. Checked her out. She is pretty shaken. Never been in a wreck before.

I am now home by the Mtn. Brook police and have no car as the car was towed away . . . undrivable. 
Felt weird because you never expect to just be hit when you haven't hit your brakes and are driving down a three lane highway in the middle lane. It sounded like the car had exploded. It was so loud . . . fluids gushing from the car.

Rollins visited St. Vincent's Hospital the next day and was seen in the emergency room. Rollins states that, because she lacks health insurance, ER personnel declined to administer  an MRI and other tests that might have revealed musculoskeletal and internal injuries. They focused instead on writing prescriptions for pain killers and muscle relaxants. Dr. John Ammon did examine her, and this is from a subsequent e-mail that Rollins sent to Legal Schnauzer:

The [doctor] at St. Vincent's where I went Saturday to the ER to see if I was o.k. said that was probably the strangest wreck he had ever heard in the ER. He said cars don't usually follow behind you and plow into you unless you have put on your brakes. I DID NOT brake . . . the guy just hit us for no apparent reason.

The Alabama Uniform Traffic Crash Report for the incident says Unit 1 (driven by the UAB nurse) was traveling an estimated 50 mph, while Unit 2 (driven by Rollins) was traveling about 45 mph. Here is the key portion of a brief narrative:

Driver of Unit One stated he looked down to get his drink when all of a sudden the airbags deployed. Driver of Unit Two stated they were driving east on US 280 when driver of Unit One hit them from behind.

What about those oddities we mentioned earlier? Here are a few questions to ponder:

* Was the UAB nurse driving without lights at 8:05 p.m.? 

* How could the UAB nurse have caught up to a vehicle driving 45 mph and inflicted that much damage while driving 50 mph?

* How do you accidentally hit a vehicle that hard when it is moving in front of you, when it has not braked? Did the nurse's air bags deploy before impact or upon impact?

* Why did the St. Vincent's ER physician say it sounded like possibly the strangest wreck he had ever heard about? 

* The timing of the wreck is curious, just one day before Sarah Rollins visit. We have reported that Sarah Rollins is the beneficiary of a trust fund that her father, Campus Crest Communities CEO Ted Rollins, has kept under wraps. Sarah, age 19, is entitled under the law to know about the provisions of the trust fund, which was established by her grandfather (and Ted's father), John Rollins Sr. Both Sarah and her mother have been kept in the dark about the fund.

The car crash becomes even more curious when you consider that this is not the first time Sherry Rollins has been on the receiving end of a vehicle-related incident that could have resulted in serious injury or even death. Since Ms. Rollins marriage to Ted Rollins began to unravel in the 1990s, this is the third such incident.

(To be continued)  


Anonymous said...

Interesting.....Surveilance and unusual events abound within this group-be surprised at nothing!!

Anonymous said...

No way airbags deployed with a 5mph difference! Hopefully she will go get a lawyer (from out of state) to resolve issues.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the doc at St. Vincent's. Strangest wreck I've ever heard of.

B. Allison said...

Last time I checked, it's pretty dark around here these days at 8:05 p.m. Is it possible the other driver turned off his lights so Ms. Rollins would not see him approaching at high speed from behind and change lanes.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 7:47--

You make a very interesting point about air bags. I don't know much about air-bag technology, but it stands to reason that it takes more impact than that for them to deploy. I suppose the other driver could be claiming the air bags deployed prior to impact and caused the crash, but that scenario seems unlikely. I think he's saying the air bags suddenly were in his face upon impact.

Anonymous said...

The other driver looked down to get his drink, and at the same time, sped up enough to catch a driver going 55 mph? I don't think that's how human reaction works.

Marky said...

I think B Allison is onto something. If you see headlights approaching from the rear at high speed, the natural reaction is to veer out of the way. I'm betting the other driver's lights were off, and that was a key part in making sure an accident happened.

Anonymous said...

This smells worse than the stale bagel I had for breakfast--way worse.

Anonymous said...

LS, I assume you have or will have the incident report on this? I hope you will be running it with a blog post. I would be interested in knowing details. What police jurisdiction handled the case? Sounds like Mountain Brook?

legalschnauzer said...

Yes, I have the incident report and will be running it. And yes, it was Mountain Brook. Officer Stevie Wonder was on the case, with backup from Officer Jose Feliciano.

Anonymous said...

I bet this sure messed up Sarah Rollins' visit with her mother. Maybe that was the point?

Anonymous said...

The police officer who took the women home was Officer Nichols of the Mountain Brook Police Department. He was also on the scene. Case #201300011304 5/24/13 date of wreck. (called and got the case #) The guy who hit her was Shawn T. Henson; on facebook he makes pictures of his alcoholic beverages he has in bars, I think he also completed the Acura driving school, and he was not breatholized at the scene either. He works at UAB as an RN; he was wearing scrubs. His cellphone flew out the window when he got out he was hunting it. Probably making pictures of his drink, again. Also the week before the wreck he was in Buckhead, Atlanta....where he posted pictures on facebook of what he thinks of Buckhead for the first time. And all of LS readership knows who lives in Buckhead: the entire ROLLINS Atlanta clan...yes Buckhead. I am a friend of Mrs. Rollins here in Bham and this info I received recently.

Spasmoda said...

Good line about Stevie Wonder and Jose Feliciano, LS. Would love to know what kind of investigation MB cops conducted on this.

Anonymous said...

Investigation? They were looking to find a reason to throw the women in their new jail. Snazzy new jail, new office building, new fire department; Rollins and Parrish were lucky they didn't find something to write them up for as everyone is suspect now. Dollars for just need a pulse .

Anonymous said... meet the driver who ran over Rollins/Parrish on Friday night. Just looked up the guy who ran them over.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Ms. Rollins hasn't had chiropractors and personal-injury lawyers banging on her door at all hours. This kind of thing is their bread and butter.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 11:16--

You make a good point. Another driver barely scraped me a few years ago, and I got all sorts of mail from that incident report being out there. Can't remember who all I heard from, but I think it was a number of physical therapy/chiropractic outfits, probably some lawyers (not sure).

My understanding is that Ms. Rollins has met with two personal-injury law firms so far and hasn't really received much in the way of help. I would add that to the list of oddities about this case.

Anonymous said...

No ambulance was called to the scene?

legalschnauzer said...

Yes, there was an ambulance. My understanding is that they pretty much ignored Sherry Rollins once they realized she didn't have health insurance. I think they showed a fair amount of care toward Ms. Parrish, who stated she would go to ER the next day.

Unknown said...

Obama Admin has been 'leaked' as to literally falling apart. Gee I didn't notice the ilk together except like the terrorists in the Middle East.

So, former MRS. ROLLINS, Sherry and her daughter Ms. Parrish, should do what all high profile people do that are standing for dignity: stay very invisible.

Do not go out and about except to be where nothing like what just happened, happened.

SLEEPER CELLS are very real.

Mr. UAB RN? Right.

BETRAYED, BETRAYAL, word(s) for Obama's tantrum.

Remember any 'human American' that stands for due process law, truth, justice, and any higher level of 'culture' are to be exterminated or imprisoned.

Correct on how lucky the two women were, huh Bonnie Wyatt, for not being charged and thrown into a jail where opps, can't find 'em

Anonymous said...

Revelations about US domestic spying and the NSA's massive PRISM web-surveillance program have harmed not only trust in the Obama administration, but also confidence in US bond markets, which could have dire consequences.

In 1968, President Lyndon Johnson allegedly remarked – after CBS anchor Walter Cronkite reported that the US had become mired in a stalemate in the Vietnam War with no way out – “If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost Middle America.” A month later, the president announced he would not run for re-election.

LS: you're America's Cronkite and thank you!

The ultra-liberal ‘Obamabot’ website Daily Kos, one of the sites that put Obama over the top in 2008 and 2012, as well as others in the Obama-can-do-no-wrong camp, have started to ask some difficult questions about America’s domestic spying and the PRISM program. Liberals are recoiling at the stench of Obama's actions.

Anonymous said...

Coyote is right! Sherry needs PO Box, move her residence to a gated community and join a trustworthy church! I'd say she has between now and the time her youngest reaches adulthood to get her game on! After that the bullseye is permanantly stamped on her forehead!

Wouldn't hurt to make friends with the mechanics at the local private airport.

Unknown said...

ANON @ 12:47PM

Americans need to understand the world has collapsed according to the disorders of the last five and more, "US Presidents" selling the US as though the war machine for those that have done this game for as long as we know.

Those that know and stand, the Sherry Rollins and all who are standing against the vile evil, are targets.

BRADLEY MANNING is being destroyed for having the supreme conscience to be 'human' and stand against the FAKE OBAMA FEEL GOOD BRAND OF DESTRUCTION-DEATH.

Sherry Rollins is a target and there is a big hit mark to get rid of her and the children that are waiting for 'money'.

Ask Princess Diana about standing in India against the British Empire and land mines.

ROLLINS FINANCIAL PEDOPHILE STOCKS ARE ALL THAT THE EVILDOERS COUNT ON, unfortunately his children also must take on the sins' of father with sour teeth cut on rotten whatever.

Land mines are still in India making bank for GB and the genocide of getting rid of any and all 'opposition' gets done in so many interesting ways: Male nurse from UAB?! Brain dead!?

Diana of Wales and Dodi Al Fayed were supposedly in a race where the light caused the driver to crash, Diana wasn't dead and then when Prince Charles got to the hospital, Diana got dead.

Sherry should indeed follow the excellent advice of Anon.

Steve said...

Doesn't motoring insurance come into play here? From a UK perspective the US medical scene is all fucked up but surely in a car accident insurance details are swapped and the hospital then sorts it with the motor insurers. Also the fact that the driver of the following car was not breathalyzed is beyond curious!

Robby Scott Hill said...

Your reports about the courtroom influence of hunting clubs on judges and juries, the disproportionate investigation and punishment of black judges and lawyers compared to whites & the ability of these hunting clubs to elect their own to judicial seats and higher offices tells me something. These hunting clubs equal the Invisible Empire Ku Klux Klan. White Power is back in a big way.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is a just a car crash similar to the countless others that occur on 280? Inattentive drivers, excessive speed and alcohol are factors that contribute to numerous car crashes everyday. It would be interesting to see the accident report in its entirety.

SophiaB said...

Please do not confuse true liberals with CIA plants like Kos. The thing is psyops is all about getting us all confused & fighting with each other.

You do a tremendous job observing & reporting what you see. We are apparently waking up as a COUNTRY to the continuous damage to ourselves and our planet by the military-industrial complex. Those evildoers have no party affiliation.

This is a both/and equation, not either/or.

When the sheeple finally wake up, I hope it will not be too late.

legalschnauzer said...


Thanks for your comment. You will be interested to know that I got banned at Kos, largely for writing about the corruption in this Rollins v. Rollins divorce case. A squadron of "liberal" lawyers will attack anyone on that site who writes truthfully about compromised judges. I'm sure a lot of smart, well-intentioned people post on that site, but it really is an elaborate ruse at the upper echelons.