Friday, February 22, 2013

Alabama Anti-Gambling Activist Faces Tax Burden, Thanks to Money Flow From Riley To Hubbard

A. Eric Johnston
One of Alabama's most prominent anti-gambling activists could face a substantial tax burden because about $1 million in campaign contributions were routed through his non-profit organization to companies owned by House Speaker Mike Hubbard (R-Auburn), sources tell Legal Schnauzer.

A. Eric Johnston, director of Citizens for a Better Alabama (CBA), says former Governor Bob Riley funneled the money through CBA to two companies owned by Hubbard, a long-time Riley ally. That revelation came in a report yesterday from Bill Britt at Alabama Political Reporter.

Britt hints at a rift between Johnston and his "pro family" organization on the one hand, with Riley and Hubbard on the other--even though all have been seen as prominent conservative voices against gambling.

The source of the rift is not clear from Britt's article. But our sources say Johnston's group might lose its tax-exempt status because it accepted funds that wound up with Hubbard's companies. That could leave Johnston with a sizable bill from the IRS, one he did not see coming. "People in Montgomery know that Eric Johnston is sweating," one source says.

Did Riley and Hubbard combine to double cross Johnston, exposing him to major tax liability? Britt's article hints at that:

How did then-Governor Bob Riley and Chairman of the ALGOP Mike Hubbard route almost a million dollars in Republican campaign contributions through a nonprofit and back to a Hubbard owned company?

“Someone from the governor’s [Bob Riley’s] office would call and say you’re getting a check for $200,000 and you’re going to get a bill at the same time from [Mike] Hubbard’s deal and you need to pay that, that is what that money is for.”

Those are the words of A. Eric Johnston a Birmingham-based attorney and anti-gambling advocate who explains the operational relationship between Bob Riley, Mike Hubbard and his 501c(4), Citizens for a Better Alabama.

Mike Hubbard was the politician who was supposed to bring honest government to Alabama? Sure doesn't sound like it from Britt's article:

The picture Johnston paints appears to be a brazen orchestration of campaign funds by a sitting governor to benefit his most faithful ally, Mike Hubbard.

Citizens for Better Alabama (CBA) was a Birmingham-based, tax-exempt group that was the public face of opposition to Sweet Home Alabama, and to shut down legal casinos operated at VictoryLand and Country Crossings. According to archived versions of its website, the CBA – run by A. Eric Johnston – has “been an advocate for the family since 1991.”

How did Johnston get into a potential tax mess? It appears he made the mistake of trusting Bob Riley:

Johnston said he had been fighting gambling for years without much help. “We really never had a knight on a white horse. . . . We just had to fight it in legislature and kill the bills.”
But according to Johnston in the last year of Bob Riley’s last term as governor that all change when the governor decided to fight gambling in the state.

According to Johnston, when Riley became interested in ridding the state of bingo gambling he was contacted by the Governor who said he wanted to help Johnston raise money.

“I don’t know why he [Riley] decided to do it [fight gambling] other than it was a propitious time to do it,” said Johnston. “Whatever he was doing was good. He was stopping illegal gambling.”

Riley's actions might not turn to be so good for Johnston's wallet. Here's why:

At the time it seemed that Johnston had found his white knight. But there was a problem, rather than making a partnership with a crusading knight, it seems Johnston had unknowingly entered into a potential devil’s bargain.

After aligning with Riley and Hubbard in 2010, CBA raised and spent over $1 million after never taking in over $50,000 in a year ever before.

Based on 2010 campaign finance and other records, the CBA was a crucial conduit for passing campaign cash through the 501c(4) into a potentially lucrative aspect of Mike Hubbard’s financial bottom-line. . . . 
Johnston said the money that his organization received was almost entirely for advertising, he said, “Mike was in that business and I thought it appropriate for him to handle it.”

Who was behind this financial shell game? Johnston points a finger squarely at Bob Riley. From Britt's report:

Money was being directed by Bob Riley, who told the head of the 501c(4) how the money was to be spent. Not just the large amounts but even the so-called small donations. “I would be informed by the governor’s office that I would be getting a check for 2 or 3 thousand dollars and we would have ad bills that cost that much,” said Johnston, “and that money would be for those bills.”

According to Johnston, “We ran a zero balance campaign. Whatever money came in was spent, a lot of it was coordinated through Mike Hubbard’s company.”

The Britt article references tax issues, but their implications are not clear:

Johnston supplied “Alabama Political Reporter” with a copy of CBA’s 990 IRS fillings. However, the document we received is different than the one that Johnston filed with the IRS, according to a comparison on Guide Star.

On the 990 fillings, Johnston does not itemize the over $700,000 he received from Hubbard’s Network PAC and Bob Riley’s Gov PAC. The rest of the money primarily originated with longtime big-money Bob Riley donors. Johnston, as the sole member of CBA, said, “I didn’t raise any money.”

I didn't raise any money? That sounds like the words of a man who is trying to say, "They should pay the IRS bill, not me."

That's exactly what is happening, our sources say. And Britt's report raises all sorts of questions. Did the Riley/Hubbard/Johnston scheme violate tax laws, campaign-finance laws? Did donors know their campaign contributions were going to Mike Hubbard's companies? Could this constitute fraud, money laundering, or other criminal acts under state and/or federal laws? Could Eric Johnston wind up serving as a witness against Riley and Hubbard?

As a way to unruffle feathers, and fend off a potential investigation, will Bob Riley's big-money donors bail Johnston out of a jam? Based on what I've been told from individuals familiar with Riley's business practices, Johnston probably shouldn't count on it.

Meanwhile, the CBA director might want to visit an emergency room to have his back checked for knife wounds--right between the shoulder blades.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Here is another HUGE point. The documents show that the last known destination of over $700,000 was in Bob Riley's personal PAC($292,000) and Mike Hubbbard's personal PAC($413,750). Note that Johnston's 990 NEVER SHOWS RECEIPT OF THAT MONEY.

Did Riley and Hubbard pocket it????

Anonymous said...

Micah 3:9-11: Hear this, you leaders of Jacob,
you rulers of Israel,
who despise justice
and distort all that is right;
who build Zion with bloodshed,
and Jerusalem with wickedness.
Her leaders judge for a bribe,
her priests teach for a price,
and her prophets tell fortunes for money. Yet they look for the Lord’s support and say, “Is not the Lord among us? No disaster will come upon us."

I believe disaster is headed toward the Riley Machine. You cannot use the name of the Lord to do evil and use it to fool others. I look forward to the impending smiting.

Anonymous said...

Eric Johnston had better put on his big boy pants. He decided to play in the hard-ball leagues, and this is how it's done at the top of the political heap. You had better watch your back, and Eric apparently did not.

Cheryl said...

I wonder if Bob Riley supported Eric Johnston's run for the Alabama Supreme Court. I bet the answer is yes, and that means Eric was planning to become part of the corrupt crowd that gave Luther his bogus search warrant.

I find it hard to feel sorry for Eric Johnston.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Eric Johnston turn to the fine "Christians" at Briarwood Church for help with his tax problems? Surely they will be happy to help a "brother" in need.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 7:37--

Thanks for pointing out the $700,000 in Riley/Hubbard PACs. It is a huge point, and you raise the right question about it. Did Riley and Hubbard flat-out steal it?

HLM said...

When will these big-money donors start asking hard questions about what happened to their money? Most rich people that I'm familiar with don't much like being the victims of a con game.

Anonymous said...

LS - Yes. I think they did flat out steal it.

Why would Hubbard need to run money through PACs controlled by Bob Riley's nephew BEFORE putting the money into his own PAC? Supposdly he was just fighting gambling. Why did he have to haide the money's ultimate destination so carefully?

Only one answer: because he stole it.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 9:43--

Who is Bob Riley's nephew, and what role did he play here? Wasn't familiar with that angle to this.

Anonymous said...

If Eric Johnston is going to point fingers at Riley and Hubbard, he'd better have good security.

Anonymous said...

"June 19, 1995, ... When the new Republican Congress was sworn in last January, the South finally conquered Washington...."

Looking at the money trails. Interesting find LS, The New Republic on-line had the article posted in link above, note date in 1995!

Wu Wei Micah 3:9-11

legalschnauzer said...

Thanks for sharing the New Republic story. Michael Lind wrote it, and he is an excellent writer. Hope folks will check it out.

Anonymous said...

Did Riley and Hubbard conspire to commit tax fraud here? Sounds like it to me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post on this, LS. I appreciate Bill Britt's reporting, but his article left me confused. I wasn't sure what Johnston was complaining about. Now, I know.

Conrad said...

Here is Eric Johnston's big mistake: He assumed that someone who claims to be a "pro family, anti-gambling conservative" is therefore a good person. Bob Riley and Mike Hubbard aren't good people, and a lot of folks in AL have known that for a long time.

Welcome to the real world, Eric.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Adams - who runs the PACS that transferred money along with Bob Riley and Mike Hubbard (the money always went back to Hubbard as its final destination) is Bob Riley's nephew. Patsy Riley was Patsy Adams and is Johnny's blood aunt.

Some of Johnny (and his wife Kim Adams') PACS are AG PAC, Common Sense PAC, and Victory PAC. You see them frequently on Bob Riley and Mike Hubbard FCPA forms.

Anonymous said...

Agree, @9:58.

Eric Johnston could wind up like Ralph Stacy.

Anonymous said...

Reaction today from several Alabama newsmakers to this story:

Robert Bentley: "I'm SHOCKED! Shocked I tell you!"

Kay Ivey: "ZZzzzzz . . .hey whut happened? Who took my drink?"

Several GOP legislators who did not wish to be identified for fear of retaliation: "YES!!!!"

Luther Strange: "Oh thank God!!!!"

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 10:15--

Thanks for your insights about Johnny Adams. Does he have any professional credentials--lawyer, accountant? Or is he just a family political thug? (Of course, you can be a lawyer or accountant and still be a political thug. I, of all people, should know that.)

Sounds like Adams was right in the middle of all of this.

Is it also possible the RSLC was involved? Aren't they the ones who funneled Poarch Creek money through Rob Riley to Eric Johnston's group?

Anonymous said...

Can we say "greedy little bastard"?

That's what Mike Hubbard is.

Anonymous said...

Bill Britt got one thing wrong. He wrote this about Eric Johnston:

"He is respected as a man of honesty and integrity."

You've been conned on that one, Bill.

Anonymous said...

The Obama DOJ won't do anything about this, of course. Eric Holder doesn't take action on anything of substance. But what about the IRS? Those guys don't take kindly to tax scams, do they?

Anonymous said...

Why no mention of Rob Riley in this story? His sticky fingers have to be involved.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Adams is the chief lobbyist of the powerful Poultry & Egg Association, and was BEFORE the rise of Bob Riley. I think his wife Kim is a lawyer.

And yes of COURSE the RSLC/Poarch Creeks are involved. They sent $250,000 - the biggest single block of money to "CBA" although $150,000 is never shown getting to CBA, terminating instead in either Riley or Hubbard's PACs. In one interesting note, all of GOV PAC's (Riley's PAC)money was money raised from donors with no money diverted from the state GOP (unlike Hubbard's PACSwhich were primarily getting GOP-diverted money) EXCEPT for one donation routed to Riley's PAC from the party - almost $100K that originated with RSLC/PCI.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 10:37--

Many thanks. Your comments are most enlightening. When you talk about RSLC, that brings Luther Strange to mind. It's established that be received Poarch Creek money via RSLC, right? And Luther's former campaign manager, Jessica Medeiros Garrison now works for RSLC. In my mind, that raises questions about Luther's connections to the issues that Eric Johnston has raised.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't a guy on the ABC panel, the one that heard the VictoryLand liquor license deal, named Adams? Any relation to Patsy R?

Adams is a pretty common name, and I'm probably stretching. But I seem to remember that name connected to ABC.

Gerry with a G said...

When will people learn? There is no correlation between a man's willingness to claim that he's a "Christian conservative" and his integrity or morality.

In fact, the mantel of Christianity can be used as a smokescreen for all sorts of immorality. History is filled with examples.

Eric Johnston is an adult. He should know this.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but think of Larry Lankford when I read this. He sits in prison because of tax- and fraud-related charges that apparently were minor compared to the actions of Riley/Hubbard. Perhaps Mayor Lankford was guilty of something. But it appears to me that his main crimes were being a Democrat with black skin.

Anonymous said...

Do they make orange jumpsuits that are small enough to fit Mike Hubbard?

Anonymous said...

I think "Wee Man" the midget on "Jackass" was arrested once. If they still have his orange jumpsuit it woulp probably fit The Graftmaster perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Adams - Riley's nephew - has an interesting full name: it is John Quincy Adams. No shit.

Anonymous said...

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 12:10--

Thanks for the links to the information about Uniontown story. Must admit I'm not all that familiar with what's going on?

Can you provide some context? What seems to be Strange's motives? Are his concerns legit?

Your first link is to LinkedIn page for Amanda Pool Gonzalez. That's a new name to me. Can you shine light on her role in all of this?

Anonymous said...

Did you notice the ties of this Amanda Gonzalez to RSLC (the Poarch Creek Money Conduit and Luther's Mistress Jessica Medeiros Garrison's current employer), Ready Mix USA (owned by Paul Bryant Jr.) the AG's office, and to Jessica Gedeiros Garrison's old law firm?

The players are coming into focus here.

legalschnauzer said...

Yes, good points. That law firm where Jessica MG worked, as I understand, is very close to Bryant. In fact, I think one of the partner names is Phelps, and he was right in the thick of Greene Group.

Anonymous said...

For the link below - it is Luther's girlfriend Jessica Medeiros Garrison's PAC that routed money to big USDA grant recipient and Uniontown mayor (who has been accused of election fraud)

All Reports Late. Filed AFTER the election (illegally).

One delivered the SAME DAY as the Victoryland raid.

All money in from Paul Bryant, Jr.

Anonymous said...

Since this PAC filed these reports in clear violation of Alabama law, Luther's wife and I both demand that he arrest Jessica Medeiros Garrison.

legalschnauzer said...

Is there something special going on in Uniontown, or near it, that makes it the focus of all this?

Anonymous said...

Who knows, maybe Luther already has tried hand cuffs on young Jess. Or maybe she has tried them on him.

legalschnauzer said...

Speaking of Luther's wife, Melissa, an alert reader sent me a campaign video that featured her. It's quite fascinating, with all sorts of commentary about Luther's honesty and integrity:

Anonymous said...

That is Luther's mistress Jessica Medeiros Garrison's PAC (signed by her assistant Amanda - see Linkedin profile linked at top above).

All the money into this PAC came from Paul Bryant Jr. owned entities.

It went to the mayor of Uniontown who is accused of massive vote fraud in this election (August 2012).

Uniontown had just recieved a massive wastewater treatment grant from the USDA - did Luther or Paul Bryant strand to gain from this?

All reports filed by MDM27 PAC were filed AFTER the election in violation of law.

The year end 2012 report for this PAC WAS FILED LATE ON FEBRUARY 19, 2013 - THE DAY OF THE VICTORYLAND RAID.

The close relationship between Paul Bryant, RSLC, Luther Strange, Jessixa Medeiros Garrison and the anti-nonIndian bingo war is coming into focus.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Bentley has decided he needs to get with the program and get himself a mistress like Bob Riley, Luther Strange, and all the other GOP bigwigs. And as soon as he gets her inflated he's taking her to the GOP dinner!

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 1:27--

Again, thanks for your insights on this. You have expanded my horizons, and hopefully done the same for our readers.

I need to hire you as guest blogger. Do you work cheap?

Anonymous said...

This Uniontown stuff, with Paul Bryant connections, is fascinating.

LS, you've reported that Doug Jones let Bryant off on massive insurance fraud back in the late '90s. Any chance Dougie-doo and his Haskell Slaughter law firm are benefiting from this?

With Luther's connections, it seems Bradley Arant benefits somehow, right?

Anonymous said...

Do they have any big hunting clubs near Uniontown? I hear Bryant Jr. is big on the hunting club scene. I also hear that extremely unsavory stuff goes on at some of these hunting clubs--aside from all the legal corruption.

Anonymous said...

Very good.

Remember that there's one non-Indian casino still operating. I don't think I need to go into the origins of that establishment.

legalschnauzer said...

The T-town News article mentions catfish facility in Uniontown. Isn't P. Bryant Jr. big in the catfish business?

Is that the source of fishy stuff in Uniontown?

Anonymous said...

“It’s obvious something fishy is going on with absentee ballots,” (John) McMillan said in a telephone interview.

jeffrey spruill said...

How did then-Governor Bob Riley and Chairman of the ALGOP Mike Hubbard route almost a million dollars in republican campaigns contribution through a nonprofit and back to a Hubbard owned company?

Ask Ralph Reed how it's done:

Born in Portsmouth, Virginia, Reed moved often as a child, spending most of his childhood in Miami, Florida. He moved with his family to Toccoa, Georgia, in 1976, graduating from Stephens County High School in 1979. He attended the University of Georgia where he earned a BA in history in 1985. Reed was a member of the Demosthenian Literary Society, the Jasper Dorsey Intercollegiate Debate Society, and College Republicans. He was also a columnist for The Red & Black student newspaper but was fired for plagiarism. Reed later received his Ph.D. in American History from Emory University in 1991.

Anonymous said...

Mostly I veer far from this subject, blood in my veins runs red hot and alcohol is fire water ain't no doubt about - getting pissed off is a health hazard.

Have to say something now that pissed off is rearing a very ugly head to remember:

"... The affluence vanished as quickly as it came for the tribe, which had only one person living on the reservation in the early 1970s. The Pequots won federal recognition and opened a bingo hall in the 1980s before hitting the jackpot with the start of casino gambling at Foxwoods in 1992. People who traced their bloodlines to Pequots counted in a 1900 census were allowed to join the tribe, which now has roughly 900 members.

A tribal elder, Loretta Libby, said many worry about what will come next.

When the checks began to roll in for the "natives," many purchased homes, but of course. The guarantee of the money was a gamble, but of course.

But, the money was good and has been good, until the Ponzi scheme for the natives burst, too.

Many of the "Native Americans" live on "Res" because they're addicted to drugs, alcohol and trade too often in partnerships of sharing children. Laws of the Native American Counsel are not the U.S. Feds, thankfully.

China Sands isn't having many problems as a gambling casino.

That is the way it is in this century: Asian.

Asians love to gamble. Much of the gambling lure was for the Asian populations that are salivated after by the so called "Christians," who have been pretending to be other than what they are for eons.

I read something recently that reminds me of our problems in the U.S. of A.

There is south, north, east, west, midwest, and so on.

There are almost zero communities which function, even the Russian communities are failing.

The Amish left 'North' America.

Native Americans are truly one of the most tragic realities. And then just look at every speck of dirt where there is a human in the U.S. of A., and we do not get to trust an/the idea of trust.

MONEY. It is all about the money which I read is our religion, that is, we falsely worship economic freedom as "God."

Then we have the people who make something happen, those that wait for something to happen and the people who are clueless as to what may or may not be happening.

The native says in the news report, link provided in post, about being poor -- it is not a new concept and can be accepted as part of life.

RIGHT? How about LEFT?

Maybe it is time to stop digging in the hole.

Where was the contract we people all signed in America, that said we are clueless about our money, proud of it, and never intend to grasp what the truth / reality is: it's about the money?

Just checking in here LS, never hear - see - etc., discussion regarding how to solve THE FRAUD, MONEY ECONOMICS.

Upon US, our eyes lids shut, overshadowing any intelligence, as though a blindfold brainwashing our innocent energy into ignorance.

We're being led by a dangerous band of criminally insane sub-beings.


Come on now, people -- we're not that ignorant now, after the fall.

see Part II

Anonymous said...

Part II

Wall Street criminals did not miss one "American" that could give up their wealth to the globalists' agenda(s)! The Agenda is to have every man, woman, child, beg for a nanny state global: NATO, Israel.

The crazies in America, and the south is a serious target to infest, hot climate breeds a type of silent fire - red hot .. the Roves, and his ability to fool "Christians" is very scary.

The south has an energy which is what it is. Never has been exactly a history of how the people want to romanticize.

The women writers were the south's best moment. When the southern women got together and met and wrote, the men were infuriated.

The "Little Women," won.

Deep rooted hopes can become trusted once the money gets demanded to be in our realities, OPENLY, to all: east, north, west, south, U.S. of A.

Perhaps an interview with the CASINO OWNERS, ALL, LS? Be sure to enlighten as to how the trades and exchanges for their "futures" was already derivatives up, down, and in whatever spin the heist could be.

Unknown said...

Maybe it's the scantily dressed?

"Corporeal energy" responds to the visual stimuli and this "force," confirms life.

Maybe the south needs no air conditioning, rumor is,

*far fewer would be living there.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be an inference that Paul Bryant, Jr. still has an interest in Greenetrack above . . .is that true?

e.a.f. said...

Moving money from one organization to another and then back again. Gee where I come from that is money landerying.

Did they set the guy up? it certainly would be easy to do. As they used to say; lay down with dogs, get up with fleas. People need to be very careful when some one comes along and wants to give you money and be
your friend. Its a technique frequently used by pimps to lure young women into prositution.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 4:44--

My understanding is that Paul Bryant Jr. no long has official interest in Greenetrack. But does he have a sort of "under the table" interest? I wouldn't be surprised. It seems reasonable to assume that he knows the folks who currently operate it and might run interference to ensure that they stay open.

Anonymous said...

The criminals slowly are being unmasked.

Anonymous said...

This little story tells you why quite a few Republicans hate Bob Riley and Mike Hubbard. They've done a lot of people this way.

It's why Bradley Bryne lost for gov, and it's why Bill Armistead won for head of ALGOP.

People are starting to see through Riley/Hubbard/Strange. I think that's why they are making some very reckless and dangerous decisions.

Anonymous said...

If Eric Johnston knew more about history, he would have seen this coming. Ronald Reagan started the trend of corporate Republicans using religious people for political purposes. It's been going on for 30-plus years, and Bob Riley is Reagan lite. That's why he has the phony, poofed-up hair do.

The religious types never get anything of substance from the Reagan types. When are Johnston and his ilk going to learn?

Anonymous said...

You've had a hell of a week, Schnauzer--kickin' ass left and right. Onward and upward!

Anonymous said...

I've heard of and seen bankers wearing bullet proof vests to work. It's not a joke! What I would like to know is do attorneys now do so as well? Just curious. Bradley Arant Bolt & Cummings and Haskell Slaughter types? Aren't they stupid not to be?

jeffrey spruill said...

Cockroaches always scurry for cover in the light of day.

Where were you Ralph Reed when you were called to appear before the Senate Indian Affairs Committee?

Anonymous said...

So the sourth is gonna get more sour, the gambling ideology is also flopping.

China is not recovering. Uh oh.

Really and truly the Chinese nationals were being paid to come to America, the Big T boys. During the War On Terror 911 BS. That's a whole other story.

Hank Paulson US Treasury and AIG wrote an agreement. Chinese nationals, men in the age group of 'marrying,' were paid $5,000 per month, they paid no taxes for five years and no doubt that means never. Were also provided 'jobs' that lasted for five years. All was a five year plan.

Told: HEAD SOUTH. To the sourth, told to purchase property. Investing in America's "Housing Bubble." Well informed of what was going on in spite of speaking not such great American English.

The deal went south, though and the sourth is discovering the Chinese nationals aren't satisfied with the situation. Leaving in droves and taking all their addictions to cigs, gambling and other forms of mind altering doings back to China to collapse with the same ideology as was here in the U.S. of A.

Most times in reading the internet, the comments as on LS, unbelievably funny - naked capitalism has lots of young "traders" of course who are continuing to figure out how to adapt post USA Wall Street FRAUD.

Meaning that the young are adapting and figuring out how to play the Goldman Sachs corruption at their own game.

Kind of a pity to see the eye for eye tooth bad fairy story.

Betting on China's fall, unbelievable how this was done to US and now the younger than 35ish, are having some fun.

Comment at NC cracks me up:

besnook's picture

more funny stuff from the defenders of empire.

here is how it is going to work. i don't want it to work this way because i haven't been able to convince my wife to leave the country. the usa will pay dearly. as much as i want to disagree, who am i to fight history. china has two aces in the hole and a full house on the table with two cards to go. the usa is bluffing with a pair of kings showing.the chinese guy is yapping. "you yankee dog! you let me fuck your fat wife now or i make you suck my tiny chinese dick! you make choice, now!"

Anonymous said...


when humans can understand the unseen energy, then maybe the seen energy may be able to reflect the inner and a balanced state of reality can be experienced outer?

once the Chinese were greatest in the earth planet in how to live in balance with the greatest energy to be centered in, unseen and then seen

the bible and other forms of religious, philosophical, mysteries of ancient works of art - that haven't yet been able to be deciphered - are about the unseen power of invisible energy and how to understand

imagination knows no boundaries

it appears our collective imagination is in serious trouble

the stranger than strange deviants in control are controlling the imagination of how many, exactly

what is superstition

control is a form of greater than abject terror, when it is stranger than the worst deviants in control in our imaginations

possession, after a fashion

strange practices aren't exactly being in a state of higher developed understanding of the unseen, when indeed there is a seeming addiction of a mass herd of 'humans' grazing hypnotized and quite dumb on the seen as though possessed beyond all superstition

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Anonymous said...

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Article I, Section IX, Clause VII, demand this or we're going to be sorry about the PRC continuing to decide our future fate as "core values" are not "rules" and now in America the "rules" are definitely not our "core values," according to the U.S. Constitutional law.

Israel and China may agree, though, and this has been the problem. China has learned the State of Israel is indeed into the "core values" ideology of slaves and then the class that owns them. BUT USA-Israel sees China as the best oyster yet to harvest as THE PEARL LONGED FOR for so long.

Get to a bunker and practice getting out, in, out, IN!?

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type into browser international monetary fund and get, LS, one of your favorite subjects,

International Funds -

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"12 Angry Men, how our justice system ought to work"

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The study analyzed the brain scans of 83 people as they played a gambling game in which participants could either score the easy low points or hold out for possible higher rewards. Both Democrats and Republicans exhibited similar levels of risk-taking—in other words, they were equally likely to hold out for the higher but riskier rewards—but different regions of their brains were activated during these decisions.

Friday, Feb 22, 2013 05:02 AM PST
Are Republican brains different?

A new study sheds some light on the behavioral differences between conservatives and Democrats, By Laura Gottesdiener

e.a.f. said...

you mean they found brains in conservatives? must have been something along the lines of a reptilian brain.