Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why Does Jerry Sandusky Inspire Fear, While States Embrace Campus Crest CEO Ted Rollins?

Ted Rollins

In the wake of the Penn State scandal, state legislatures considered a blizzard of bills that would strengthen requirements for reporting suspected child abuse. By our count, 14 states passed what could be called "Jerry Sandusky laws."

These new measures appear to be a reaction to the Sandusky case, where the former Penn State assistant football coach was convicted on 45 counts of child sexual abuse. The states seem to be saying, "We want to make sure that someone like Jerry Sandusky cannot take advantage of children in our jurisdiction."

So consider the irony that states are welcoming Campus Crest Communities, a Charlotte-based development company that has student-housing projects completed, or in the works, at 36 sites across the country. No one seems concerned that CEO Ted Rollins has an assault conviction on his record, for the brutal 1995 beating of his 16-year-old stepson in Franklin County, North Carolina. The beating, which caused the stepson to be rushed to a hospital emergency room via ambulance, clearly was a case of child abuse, as defined by North Carolina law. But the case went unreported in the press, and Rollins got off with what amounts to a wrist slap in court.

The business community seems to have no problems with the ugliness in Rollins' past. Investors rewarded his company with a $380-million Wall Street IPO in late 2010. And the CEO was a guest on the Fox Business Network's "Closing Bell" on Monday, discussing his plans to make boatloads of cash by renting apartments to college students. (You can view the video at the end of this post.)

In the first few moments of the interview, Rollins states that he started Campus Crest Communities in 2004, so it existed when his Alabama divorce was finalized in 2005. That means the company was a marital asset, under the law, and ex wife Sherry Carroll Rollins was entitled to a portion of the proceeds. But that did not happen, and Ted Rollins received such a favorable result from Shelby County Circuit Judge D. Al Crowson that his ex wife and two daughters, Sarah and Emma Rollins, have been on food stamps here in Birmingham.

Liz Claman, host of "Closing Bell," seemed to have zero interest in Ted Rollins' documented history as a child abuser, deadbeat dad, and courtroom cheat. Here is a question that Claman could have asked: "Mr. Rollins, you just stated that you started a student-housing company in 2004, but a child-support affidavit dated 2005 in your Alabama divorce case states that you made $50,000 a year at that time. How could you start a nationwide company when your only asset, as you swore under oath, was an annual salary of $50,000? You must be either an otherwordly business genius or a perjurer. Which one is it, Mr. Rollins?"

In essence, Ted Rollins confessed to perjury on national television--and it zipped right past Liz Claman, who was busy gushing about Campus Crest's potential to "make money." Perhaps we shouldn't expect the Fox Business Network to ask tough questions of a CEO.

As for the rash of "Jerry Sandusky laws" in 2012, we are left to ponder this troubling question: Why are states embracing a company that is led by a documented child abuser while rushing to pass new laws driven by a headline-grabbing case of child abuse? In fact, some of the states that recently passed "Sandusky laws" also have Campus Crest apartment complexes at public universities--and no one seems to have a problem with it.

How is that for irony? Do we, as a society, only care about child-abuse cases that produce shocking headlines? What about cases that were largely kept under wraps by law enforcement, health-care officials, and the press? Do we care about those victims?

Jerry Sandusky
The stomach-churning details in the Sandusky case clearly had an impact on state legislatures, according to a report in the Christian Science Monitor (CSM). About 105 bills related to the reporting of suspected child abuse were introduced in 30 states and the District of Columbia for 2012 legislative sessions. Reports CSM:

When the child sex abuse scandal at Penn State erupted last year, public anger was not only directed toward Jerry Sandusky . . . but toward the people around him who didn't report their suspicions to police. 
In the months that followed, that anger led many states to re-examine and expand their so-called mandatory reporting laws that require people to report suspected abuse or face civil and criminal penalties. Some state laws apply to professionals like doctors and teachers, while others apply universally to all adults.

The CSM article is based largely on a report from the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). CSM puts the number of states passing "Sandusky laws" at 10, while my count is 14. Either way, let's focus for a moment on the following states: Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, and Washington.

Those four states passed "Sandusky laws" in 2012. They also have welcomed Campus Crest CEO Ted Rollins, a documented child abuser, into their environs. If that causes you to scratch your head, you certainly have company in me.

In fact, let's consider the full roster of states that have Campus Crest sites and ponder this question: Do these states care about the victims of child abuse or do they simply hope to avoid the kind of publicity that comes with a high-profile case such as the one involving Jerry Sandusky?

The Campus Crest roster seems to vary from source to source, but our best guess at the total number of formally approved sites is 36.

States With Student-Housing Projects by Campus Crest Communities 
Auburn University--Auburn, AL
Jacksonville State University--Jacksonville, AL
Troy University--Troy, AL
University of South Alabama--Mobile, AL 
Arkansas State University--Jonesboro, AR
University of Central Arkansas--Conway, AR 
Colorado State University--Fort Collins, CO
University of Northern Colorado--Greeley, CO 
University of West Georgia--Carrollton, GA
Georgia College--Milledgeville, GA
Georgia Southern University--Statesboro, GA 
University of Idaho--Moscow, ID 
Ball State University--Muncie, IN
Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne--Fort Wayne, IN 
Iowa State University--Ames, IA 
University of Kansas--Lawrence, KS
Wichita State University--Wichita, KS 
University of Maine--Orono, ME 
University of Missouri--Columbia, MO 
New Mexico 
New Mexico State University--Las Cruces, NM 
North Carolina 
University of North Carolina Asheville--Asheville, NC 
University of Oklahoma--Norman, OK 
Austin Peay State University--Clarksville, TN
Middle Tennessee State University--Murfreesboro, TN 
Angelo State University--San Angelo, TX
Baylor University--Waco, TX
Hardin-Simmons University--Abilene, TX
Midwestern State University--Wichita Falls, TX
Sam Houston State University--Huntsville, TX
Stephen F. Austin University--Nacogdoches, TX
Tarleton State University--Stephenvillle, TX
Texas State University--San Marcos, TX
Texas Tech University--Lubbock, TX
University of North Texas--Denton, TX 
Central Washington University--Ellensburg, WA
Eastern Washington University--Cheney, WA


Anonymous said...

lETS hope the innocent arent accused{scottsboro 7]mentality

Anonymous said...

good reasons to fear, but on the other hand,rape,drugs,ambiguios laws,fear mongering, are also tools for corruption,ie:don siegelman, jullian assange, false flags ,ect,ect.

Anonymous said...

Good Gawd! Look at those shifty eyes early in the video. I wouldn't trust that guy to take out the garbage.

Anonymous said...

Culture of Corruption. Culture of Vulgarity. Culture of Sleeze.

These are the labels for our so called "free and exceptional America."

America was sent on a "Junket," as Dick Cheney said about Valerie Plame's husband who went to really see if Cheney's reality was true.

Iraq War was a mistake, George Bush has been saying.

Notice all the families that own the so called sport teams?

The same families and they all know exactly what is going on since they actually believe they're from lineages, King John.

King John did whatever he wanted and the children of peasants were no greater than the animals, except some were treated a little better should the "goyim" act like smart was a factor.

Search engine the Presidents in the U.S., Taft I do believe was the only non-"blue blood."

The Sandusky tribal predatory are an intentional.

LEGISLATURES prove they can step up and do what the law requires, when it shines enough sunshine on CONGRESS:

governmentgonewild dot org

the video congress does not want us to see, gee, how much money did legislatures rake off the sport of children traffic and trades?

The question is, how do they launder such immorality.

Ann Aiken's son committed suicide. Ann Aiken immediately in the State of Oregon, with Legislature, removed the self assisted suicide kits from the Oregon's come on right to die.

Ann Aiken is a Chief Justice.

Too bad we all do not get to be Chief Justices and have our suicides that are real, stopped by Legislatures.

Didn't Congress notice that all the wealth is being stolen and what other option than suicide?

Anonymous said...

I had the same reaction to Rollins' eyes in the video. I had read about him and seen still photos, but this was my first time at seeing him "live." Those eyes gave me the creeps.

Anonymous said...

Shifty eyes? The "Rollins" demonstrates what the ancient Sumarians taught, "Windows of the Soul, eyes."

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The Rutherford Institute’s information on Raub’s case is available at

Anonymous said...

"... It's called budget hero ...."

Ted is one of the budget hero guild!

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seeming inaccessible now, your video, very weird

legalschnauzer said...

It's still accessible on my computer. Here is the direct link, if you are having problems with the embed:

Anonymous said...

can't access your video now

thanks for your link,

going there now

Anonymous said...

no doubt about, he's a,

"Budget Hero"

.. Credit crunch alive and well, but that does not hinder his projects in 21 states and adding, and credit easier to have access to because he's public not private ..

Debt Corporations.

We've been usurped by Debt Corporations.

School should not be a sales commodity that causes debt to be repaid when the money was and is simply so easy to get for the public, we all are, correct?

Campus Crest and public credit for building the housing that Rollins is so committed to for students.

Of course this is because he is truly interested in "people." Especially the vulnerable that cannot protect from a face removal.

We must demand the SOCIAL CREDIT, that is, public computer digits, that clearly do not feel an impact such as THE ongoing credit crunch, be provided to every citizen in the US, immediately equal to the Campus Crest vouchers and no less.

Anonymous said...

wondering if video and also comments, your site appears a bit odd, hard to get to, perhaps being very carefully in the "all seeing eye?"

you b care full

Robby Scott Hill said...

How can anyone take Liz Claman seriously? In 2008, she was telling people to invest in Lehman Brothers right up until the day it was announced Lehman would be dissolved to pay its creditors. Her previous show on CNBC was all Lehman this & Lehman that, like Lehman was some sort of immortal god that could never die.

Anonymous said...

Here you go LS, write a book, too, I'm going to read this one while you write yours.' Then we can discuss the idea of art for the books, get in touch with this person, I think it's time you write your book, too:

Posted on February 9, 2012 by Dennis

A great book and a great read! Dennis Schuelke does a great job detailing his journey, the journey of a “regular Joe”, into our judicial system to try to receive the justice we all should expect. But the outcome is quite different. As you read the story you will feel like you are sitting beside Dennis at the plaintiff’s table sharing the frustration and helplessness of the injustice of our “justice” system. I came to know Dennis towards the beginning of this journey and consider him a good friend. We have crewed several aircraft together from a small Cessna 150 up to a high performance Premier Jet while flying for my company Wings of Grace. I know him to be a man of great character, which is a stark contrast to the characters he has dealt with during his relentless pursuit of justice, and simply what is right. This book is a very candid, revealing, and to-the-point account of what really goes on in a case of this nature in our country. A must read for the “average Joe” and the “professional” of the judicial system. Steve Shiveley

Posted on March 17, 2012 by Dennis
“Frankly, I don’t read many books anymore on this subject because it gets me even more pissed off. Even though you are definitely ‘preaching to the choir’, you did a hell of a job by keeping even me interested.” …

jeffrey spruill said...

I would imagine Ted Rollins being exposed for the fraud & deceptive businessman he is by LS---compelled him to reach out to a fraudulent business channel.

Anonymous said...

jeffrey spruill . . thank you . .

"Diamond Pat" link!

I've been reading about how the "languages" AND "religions," in the Middle East, especially the House of Saudi-Arabia, well are we really shocked to find the same Diamond Pat style of informing as many humans as can be brainwashed into thinking we are backwards!

BIBLE AND SWORD, by Barbara W. Tuchman, England and Palestine from the Bronze Age to Balfour.

". . . In any event, early in the Anglo-Saxon era, after the second conversion to Christianity in the seventh century, the fable began to take hold. The Roman occupation of Britain during the first three centuries A.D. had brought not only the classical mythology but a new religion from the East, the Judaeo-Christian. It spread wildly among the Celts and was firmly enough established to outlast both the Roman withdrawal in 410 A.D. and the subsequent heathen influx of the Anglo-Saxon . . . .

C H A P T E R V THE BIBLE IN ENGLISH ..IN THE YEAR 1538 Henry VIII issued a proclamation ordering "one book of the whole
Bible of the largest volume in English" to be placed in every church in England . . . .

.... on December 8. The awful moment when a British army would enter the Holy City had suddenly become a reality. The Balfour Declaration was issued to dignify that approaching moment, not only in the eyes of the world, but especially in the eyes of the British themselves.

America is England's colony. We need to change this immediately.

Anonymous said...

Robby, Liz just had to let everyone know she was from "Berkeley."

Who cares. Once upon a time that would have been a lode star, I myself did a little time there, quite wonderful in its time.

But, the same as with Stanford and any so-called university in the US, an alien invasion.

Look at her, she is the model of what we do not hope to see more of in our news for the future going forward. Barbie no brains is not getting us the enlightened information to stop the incredible pain of criminally insane running this country.

Anonymous said...

I think that crazy look in his eye was because he was attracted to the redhead and he was trying to control his thoughts and remember to talk about housing....probably hit on her on his way out or had his assistant send her flowers later..pity his wife.

Unknown said...

Ted Rollins has previous involvement with assaulting children including me on tape with Jerry Sandusky and the police department in front of fire code violating crowds at the New Mexico State University swimming pool when he was football coach and trashed reputations of victims for reporting abuse.