Friday, August 24, 2012

Alabama Lawyer Allan Armstrong Belongs On A List of America's Dumbest Criminals

Jeff Scruggs

Few things in life are more amusing than a good dumb-criminal story. One of my recent favorites involves a burglar who left his cell phone at the scene of the crime. Needless to say, cops had an easy time tracking him down.

That guy didn't have anything on a Birmingham lawyer named Allan L. Armstrong. Our legal hero's first mistake was cheating with the wife of another man--a man who, according to court documents, is a rather large individual, at 6-5, 250 pounds.

But then Armstrong decided it would be a good idea to threaten the big man--and he did it . . . by leaving death threats on the man's answering machine. That constitutes the crime of harassing communications under Alabama law, and let's just say the evidence against Armstrong was overwhelming.

The recipient of the threat, Johnny J. "Jeff" Scruggs, did not press criminal charges because he figured the information would be put to best use in his divorce case.

And that is where Armstrong's actions are on glorious display, in a case styled Johnny Jefferson Scruggs III v. Michelle Ann Scruggs in Jefferson County Domestic Relations Court. In an affidavit dated March 28, 2008 (see below), Scruggs states as follows:

My Wife's paramour, Alan (sic) Armstrong has threatened to perpetuate acts of violence against me 
On March 8, 2008, Mr. Armstrong left three messages on my cell phone wherein he threatened to kill me and said that was what my wife wanted. 
I am in fear for my safety and that of the minor children's. Mr. Armstrong does not seem to be able to control his anger and I am afraid he may cause harm to me and the minor children and that he will cause damage to my property. I am fearful for my safety and that of the minor children's safety and believe Court intervention is warranted.

Don't you love that? Armstrong didn't just leave one threatening message on Scruggs' voice mail; he left three of them.

Scruggs also filed a Motion for Ex Parte Temporary Restraining Order (see below), which states, in part:

On March 6, 2008, the Defendant's paramour, Allan Armstrong, left three messages on the Plaintiff's cell phone wherein he threatened to kill the Plaintiff and said that that was what the Defendant wanted. A police incident report was made and the tape recordings were turned over to the Vestavia Police Department.  
The Plaintiff is concerned that without a restraining order restraining both Defendant and her paramour, Allan Armstrong, that both the Plaintiff and the two minor children will be harmed.

What happened next? We will let you know when this episode of America's Dumbest Criminals (and Lawyers) continues in an upcoming post.

  Armstrong Scruggs Affidavit
Armstrong--Motion for Restraining Order


Anonymous said...

I noted a troll at your site LS, thus, here is what I posted already, at the Lizard Throat's comments, that is the Carol Garrison and Rollins ET AL:

... David you are actually a Goliath in the world of TROLLS, you hit your dumb button and up comes your head.

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Go back to your black hole troll.

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TROLL GOLIATH aka "David" you know how to do what all you do best, so do it now, snuff yourself because you've already done so in the ignorance of what it is, truth.

Anonymous said...

It fascinates me, aka Biloxi Marx 3752 at Scribd, that the trolls in the government are equally as dumb as this guy that would do what only the most ignorant amongst us do - threaten to remove whatever stands in the way of a greater thinking process.

Competition threatens the NON PROFESSIONAL HUMAN BEINGS! "Lizards," or just using only the lizard brain(s)?

National degenerates and all the TROLLS, are by design:

"... The incident comes as the third major shooting incident of the summer in the US, following an assault on a packed cinema theatre in Colorado and an attack on a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, reviving a gun control debate in the country.

RT has published this story while the TROLL was busy doing its best pablum selling drool, don't publish the news LS, you could be next on the Troll's ? list?

Good thing you can track the postal goners anon or not.

jeffrey spruill said...

David's process of elimination(zero to fifth power test):

David W. Bouchard is a criminal attorney picking criminal judges:

David W. Bouchard – Chesapeake (member at large)

Anonymous said...

jeffrey spruill ...

Thank you for the Virginia State Bar link. What can be noted in every B.A.R. in the U.S.:

There is not one mention that the US$ is virtual credit.

Now why would the B.A.R. want to cover-up the most important question to answer in this time of a greater depression?

Especially, ALL so-called "leaders" have been well informed, for as long as most of the people who are in charge at this time, well, well aware of the virtual credit fraud is the understatement of the century.

The B.A.R. is a racket. The Supreme Court of the U.S. must get clean hands soon or the people in the U.S. need to demand a full accounting of every penny, pound, shilling, German Mark, or ? "virtual?" hidden "wealth."

Wherever the FEW BANDITS' tax havens are, IT is an intentional cause of We The People majority, in a serious Constitutional crisis.

WE CAN EXODUS from the vitiated contract and then, the leftover dupes get to racketeer the top leftover dupes.

WE CAN observe the final whimper in the bang of the fools' mission.

Anonymous said...


Censor LS??

IT meaning the technology that manufactures debt-credit, is in the power of the Jewish Mafioso. In this past century, well proven, the Jewish Mafia.

However, We The People aren't allowed to talk about this because of the ADL, the Anti Defamation League that was established, please read Little Mary Phagan, RE: ADL.

The Pope, and Queen of England, Queen of Netherlands, Queen of Spain, ET AL ruled with iron fists and no velvet gloves for a couple of centuries.

Changing batons as the "families" multiple, in the "Grand Chess Board."

We've Romney a Mormon to vote for, and it's said the Mormon Church is actually the "American Jew." I personally know the granddaughter of two of the original founders of the "Latter Day Saints," aka "Mormon" and they were definitely "Jews."

Paul Ryan a Catholic and hell bent in the making certain a mafia style "Pope Roman Catholic austerity," well-shepherded.

Obama is considered our "first Jewish President," and yet one of the richest "Jews" Adelson who owns the China Sands, is vetting Romney against Obama. Adelson is rumored "mafioso," but China and the US are in a bit of a melt down at this time, so who knows what happens next.

The Supreme Court and all the Courts in the US are owned and operated by the Federal Reserve "System" and this operation is run primarily by the so-called "Zionist Jews," as IS the US Treasury Department, also run by the "Zionist Jews."

Louis Brandeis was not a jurisprudence doctor and yet he sat on the Supreme Court, made powerful decisions such as our own currency sovereignty handed over to the Federal Reserve System. Brandeis was a staunch "Zionist Jew."

SEE NEIL BAROFSKY's book regarding Timothy Geither, et al.

The title that we do not hear and the title was applied rightfully to the "Italian Mafia," to the insane Roman Empire and the conquering of Great Britain.

How did the "Holy Dress Up Religions," get to get a pass on racketeering? Whatever name, Mafioso and / or Banditos are the same racketeering of people from the beginning of using "money," "information," and of course, "guns," to control ALL "earth."

Retirement portfolios and courts to manage the dissent.

People who in a majority do not choose to be simply a commodity of exchange in the global mafioso gulag, go to prison?!

Or worse, get dead or imprisoned in the gulag-u-s-no-exit.

Lots of debtors' prisoners, but of course and CIA et al distribute the drugs to have lots of drug addicts in prisons, too. Stock is Correction Corporations of America, primary shareholders?

Same usual suspects.

The Debtors' Corporations are the Mafioso.

Cui buono? Unjust enrichment?

Clearly, those that receive the "social credit" and do not disclose that a mafioso gets paid for the privilege to enslave Americans.

B.A.R. are the "AGENTS" to be sure the "PLEB" "GOYIM" DO NOT APPROACH THE BENCH,

The Preamble as a promised social contract has been vitiated. /rk

Anonymous said...


What Should We Do About It?

1. Boycott the Presidential Election ....

"... While Presidents Bush and Obama attempted to portray the West's global military expansion as a series of spontaneous crises, in reality, since at least as early as 1991, the nations of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, and many others that previously fell under the Soviet Union's sphere of influence, were slated either for political destabilization and overthrow, or overt military intervention. While the public was fed various narratives explaining why Bush conducted two wars within the greater global "War on Terror," and why Obama eagerly expanded these wars while starting new ones in Libya and now Syria, in reality we are seeing "continuity of agenda," dictated by corporate-financier elite, rubber stamped by our elected representatives, and peddled to us by our "leaders," who in reality are nothing more than spokesmen for the collective interests of the Fortune 500.

Image: The International Crisis Group's corporate sponsors reveal a pattern of mega-multinationals intertwined with not only creating and directing US, and even European foreign policy, but in carrying it out. ICG trustee Kofi Annan is in Syria now carrying out a ploy to buy time for NATO-backed terrorists so they can be rearmed, reorganized, and redeployed against the Syrian government for another Western-backed attempt at regime change - all done under the guise of promoting "peace."

No matter who you vote for in 2012 - until we change the balance of power currently tipped in favor of the Fortune 500, fed daily by our money, time, energy, and attention, nothing will change but the rhetoric with which this singular agenda is sold to the public. Romney would continue exactly where Obama left off, just as Obama continued exactly where Bush left off. And even during the presidencies of Bill Clinton and Bush Sr., it was the same agenda meted out by the same corporate-financier interests that have been driving American, and increasingly Western destiny, since US Marine General Smedley Butler wrote "War is a Racket" in 1935.

2012 US Elections: Obamney vs. Rombama

War, economic collapse and poverty await Americans no matter who they vote for

by Tony Cartalucci


Anonymous said...

Legal Schnauzer,

You're an artist, an arteest actually, because you are a writer and A "journalist writer."

Demand can be sophisticated in the art of writing, in that the words are certain to be in proper order in all the English, grammar, and to the Nth degree, you know exactly this professional standard in order to be considered a serious "fine art" "cultured human."

How, can an audience, be well informed or well entertained when the artist and / or arteest has not cultured to the level of maestro, and therefore is not a virtuoso of the art form presented?

Twenty years, it takes no less than this number in a devoted passion, to actually be considered in the practice of a virtuoso and therefore, maestro of the/a fine art/s.

This behavior from the Jewish Mafioso that bosses this country into the ghetto never ending, is an abomination of our arts in the USA. John Frohnmayer, was the prominent top at the Fine Art point in America. A long time has passed since this same Russia push to corrupt, using the arts.

Frohnmayer? "Maplethorpe."

"... the US State Department, paid for their first ever single being produced by The Guardian out of some images and sounds.

NOW WE MUST PAY ATTENTION, when the US State Department pays for the Culture of Vulgarity in Russia and in America, the problem was-is, about how to turn both into other than "fine": church, Christianity and art.

Look at this country. Look at the photos you post at your site. You are a discerning journalist, a professional, a cultured human being and your eyes see the whole truth about the story.

It is a global agenda and LS, you and the other fine artists starve while the ... Pussy Riots in Russia are provided the future in a silver platter compliments of our own Jewish Mafia at home:

Pussy Riot: Secret History
Israel Shamir, 25 Aug 2012

The alleged organiser of the PR, Marat Gelman, a Russian Jewish art collector ...

Are we ready to rid ourselves of the Mafosio?

Anonymous said...

POINT? Critical time line is the election and what to do, how to serve the U.S. in restoring the power of truth and justice ..

Simple solution? No, unequivocally not. The problem solved is from the/a virtuoso, the Writer-Journalist-Artist-Arteest WHO does not take orders from TROLLS in how to bring R-E-A-L "fine art" to the audience!

"... In June 2003, AEI and the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies founded NGO Watch. It's a militantly pro-Israeli front group. It spurns truth, equity and justice. When Israel wants war, it champions it.

Zarif tried inventing reality and failed. No evidence whatever suggests an Iranian nuclear weapons program. Israeli, Washington, and other Western officials know it. So do AEI scholars. Perhaps Zarif should consult them.

Corporate CEOs and other top officials comprise AEI's Board of Trustees. Dick Cheney is one of its prominent members. Scholars include Newt Gingrich, Paul Wolfowitz, John Bolton, John Yoo, Richard Perle, Phil Gramm, Larry Lindsey, Glenn Hubbard, Charles Murray, Roger Noreiga, and Lynne Cheney.

AEI powerfully advances Washington's imperial agenda. Currently it's hawkish on Syria and Iran. It supports regime change in both countries. It's not shy about promoting war.

Maseh Zarif is AEI's "Critical Threats Project" research manager. On August 22, he headlined "Iran's military complex at Parchin and the nuclear connection," saying:
"Iran’s nuclear weapons program poses a serious threat to American national security interests. Iran has been working to develop the key components of a nuclear weapons capability for decades - covertly when it can and openly when exposed - in contravention of nuclear nonproliferation pacts it has signed and international obligations it is required to meet."

"The regime has waged an intensive denial-and-deception campaign intended to facilitate the development of critical technologies and infrastructure and, ultimately, the fulfillment of its nuclear ambitions."

PLEASE the global mafia tribe needs to be exposed point blank for what this is. And voting?

Diebold chooses, why vote.