Monday, May 21, 2012

Drug Addiction Might Be The Central Issue In Divorce Case Against Siegelman Judge

Judge Mark Fuller

The divorce complaint filed against U.S. District Judge Mark Fuller raises a number of troubling issues. But drug addiction might be No. 1 on the list.

Lisa Boyd Fuller's complaint includes no shortage of titillating issues, including extramarital affairs and domestic abuse. But those go primarily to Mark Fuller's character outside the courtroom. Drug addiction, however, goes to Fuller's fitness to serve on the federal bench.

It also raises these troubling questions: Has Fuller's mind been clouded by illicit drug use while serving as a judge? Have civil cases been unlawfully decided because the judge was more or less high? Have some citizens, including former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, been wrongfully sent to federal prison in part because Mark Fuller was on uppers, downers, painkillers, mind numbers--or some combination of them all.

One fundamental of the American justice system is that a citizen has a right to have his case heard by a judge who does not present even the "appearance of impropriety." A citizen certainly has a right to have his case heard by a judge who isn't impaired. Lisa Boyd Fuller's complaint presents a truckload of apparent impropriety, plus signs that Mark Fuller might qualify as the Keith Richards of the federal bench.

Floyd Minor, Mrs. Fuller's attorney, has filed documents indicating that he intends to subpoena at least six drug stores in the Montgomery area for information about Mark Fuller and prescription drugs. (See Notice of Intent to Serve Subpoenas and Subpoenas at the end of this post.)

If Mark Fuller has been getting prescription drugs from six different pharmacies, what does that mean? My impression is that most Americans, for the sake of convenience, have their prescriptions filled at one or two drug stores. Has Mark Fuller been getting prescriptions filled far and wide for a reason?

All of this hints that parties who've come before Fuller have grounds to file complaints under the Judicial Conduct and Disability Act of 1980, which is codified at 28 U.S. Code 351-364. What is the purpose of the law, and how does it work? Here is a summary:

Any person may file a complaint against a federal judge that has engaged in conduct prejudicial to the effective and expeditious administration of the business of the courts, or alleging that such judge is unable to discharge all the duties of office by reason of mental or physical disability. The person files the complaint with the Clerk of the nearest Federal Court of Appeals with a written complaint containing a brief statement of the facts constituting such misconduct of disability.

The U.S. Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta would be the proper venue for complaints against Fuller. I suspect such complaints will be arriving in the clerk's office soon.

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Robby Scott Hill said...

Good thing he has all of those Federal Marshalls to protect him. Like a law license, a pistol permit is issued under state law & addiction to any illegal drug or alcohol is cause to revoke a concealed carry permit.

Anonymous said...

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Unethical, dishonest, and maybe there is an intention? Yoav Shamir's film ON DEFAMATION, wakes us up real wide eyed and bushy tailed, to see how America became a GRADE F HOLLYWOOD "movie," run by the criminally insane who own the DRUGS to kill the competition and certainly then, ANARCHY in our courts with HOLES IN THE BRAINS? How many "Justices" took that stuff in school?

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What about the Supreme Court? Are they not hearing the BIG PHARMA companies argument to get to do even more cannibal action in modern time!


James Greek said...


I am from Coffee County and this county is the worst county in the state for drugs.

Anonymous said...

Moreover, individuals capable of possessing, articulating, and acting upon meaningful ideas and information—of exercising an informed and self-determined opinion in furtherance of their shared security and welfare—have no need for a police state to "protect" them, which in all likelihood is why critical thought and public opinion are the New World Order’s greatest enemies.

OPIUM WARS, and of course the other forms of human control, Stalin, Pavlov's "conditioning."

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Maurice Stone, Eugenics, COURTS complete in complicity because all America's SYSTEMS via derivatives, operates the power corporate machine which the "Supreme Court," appears to have an incredible power over too, Bush Jr., SOFTWARE Giants now rein.

Think PERS and call what it is, R.I.C.O.

Druggies make for an easy controlled society, look what happened to China and recovery?

A very long time is needed.


James Greek said...

I think Mark Fuller faced McAililey in a drug case when he was judge and I think he came down hard on Fuller. And Siegelman appointed McAililey as DA. Thus, Fuller's hatred for him. And when Leura Canary and Billy came to Fuller to take care of Siegelman and he gladly took care of it.

jeffrey spruill said...

Six subpoenaed pharmacies!

What about the possibility of Fuller sneaking off to buy illegal drugs with one of his ho's?

There is precedent:

choggs said...

Innocent until proven divorced

Nanny nanny boo boo

Robby Scott Hill said...

Fuller sanctioned the law firm I used to work for until they couldn't afford to pay me and the actions that were the subject of the sanctions were dubious at best. I hope this costs him BIG TIME.

David said...

Fuller's prescription drug abuse sounds so much like Rush Limbaugh's Oxycotin habit. The question will there a Republican who can give cover to Fuller like they did for Rush.

legalschnauzer said...


I guess you needed to work for Bradley Arant. They were the law firm that helped get the lawsuit against Ray Scott and BASS dismissed. That's the one where Paul Benton Weeks wrote the affidavit that outlined much of the sleaze behind Mark Fuller.

legalschnauzer said...


It does sound a lot like Rush Limbaugh's little habit. I used to work with a woman at UAB who got run off because she had a back problem and got hooked on Oxycontin trying to deal with the pain.

mikkrikk said...

you may be on to something. I recall reading Fuller's written answers to questions that were posed when he had been nominated as Federal Judge. One question dealt with his health. I have thought it odd (so much so that I have occasionally thought about his answer) that he replied that his health was very good except for the typical aches and pains of getting older. It struck me odd that he would have even mentioned such a thing until now.

legalschnauzer said...


That is interesting. I'm not sure about Fuller's age, but I'm guessing he's in his mid 50s. Probably was in mid 40s or so when he joined the bench? Maybe someone has more exact info, but he doesn't look all that old in the photo that was taken at the Siegelman trial.

David said...

1. Fuller was born in 1958.

2. Fuller and Limbaugh are probably both in need of something - anything - to deal with the guilt that always follows the way these who decide to live they these two do, which seems to affect so many republicans.

Will said...

Love your blog! We provide drug addiction treatment and alcohol rehab in Surrey (UK). I've found your article to be really helpful, thank you!

R Johnson said...

The judge certainly shows some indications that he might be living as a high-functioning addict according to these documents. It is hard to believe that people can live such successful lives while addicted to prescription painkillers but it does happen regularly.