Wednesday, May 23, 2012

J.D. and the Janitor Provide a Moment of Sublime Silliness

We could use some silliness in these parts. And when comedy in any form is needed, we usually turn to Scrubs.

Much of the comedy on Scrubs is splendidly creative, coming with a certain depth and ingenuity. The following clip is just silly--but it's still delicious.

It involves J.D. and the Janitor, played by Zach Braff and Neil Flynn. We've already given these guys credit for perhaps the funniest moment in television history. They don't reach those heights with this clip, but they provide the kind of goofy wordplay that never fails to tickle.

What has this scene meant to me? Well, whenever I see a movie involving M. Night Shyamalan, C. Thomas Howell, or F. Murray Abraham--no matter how serious it might be--I always have to smile.

We leave you with the final scene involving J.D. and the Janitor, where we learn the Janitor's actual name--or do we?

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