Friday, March 30, 2012

Key Figure in Rollins Divorce Case Responds To Interview Request With a Tirade

Zac Parrish

(Editor's Note: The following post contains language that some readers might find offensive.)

The former stepson of Campus Crest Communities CEO Ted Rollins exploded with profanity-filled rage when I asked to interview him earlier this week about issues related to the Rollins v. Rollins divorce case, which was decided here in Alabama and has become a regular topic on this blog.

Zac Parrish first invited me to meet him in person. When I said I would be happy to conduct an in-person interview and offered to meet him the next day, Parrish became more or less unhinged. He cussed me out, refused to answer questions, hung up on me twice, and warned me never to contact him again or to write about him.

What makes Zac Parrish think I can't write about his connections to a public court case? Why did Zac Parrish display such venom when asked about Ted Rollins? Since Parrish obviously cannot keep me, or any journalist, from writing about him and Rollins v. Rollins, what does he plan to do about it--sue me, act out in violence, hire a hit man, put me on double-secret probation? I'm not sure about the answers to any of those questions.

We've written before about Zac Parrish's role in the Rollins drama. We've reported that he is the intermediary Ted Rollins has used to issue threats to Sherry Rollins about family support for her and the couple's two daughters, Sarah and Emma, who live with their mother in Birmingham. We've reported on Zac Parrish's threats to sue me in order to keep me from reporting on Rollins v. Rollins. And we've reported on Parrish's efforts to start, a Web domain apparently designed to counter my reporting.

Parrish, 33, is the managing member of Parrish Building Company and McMichael and Parrish Homes LLC in Birmingham. He is one of two sons that Sherry Carroll Rollins has from her first marriage, to a Birmingham insurance executive named Allen Parrish. During the 14 years that his mother was married to Ted Rollins, Zac Parrish was Mr. Rollins' stepson.

That must be a sensitive subject, based on Parrish's reaction when I called him on Wednesday.

I've had several e-mail communications with Parrish, which he has initiated, and he apparently has made several anonymous comments on this blog--all seemingly supportive of Ted Rollins. But I had never spoken with Parrish until Wednesday.

According to numerous conversations I've had with Sherry Carroll Rollins, her youngest son was a central figure in several incidents that helped lead her to file for divorce from Ted Rollins in Greenville, South Carolina, where the family lived. Ted Rollins somehow managed to file for divorce in Alabama, and Shelby County Circuit Judge D. Al Crowson--acting completely without jurisdiction--issued an unlawful judgment that is so absurd it left Sherry Rollins and her daughters on food stamps.

You might think that Zac Parrish would be outraged at how his mother and half sisters have been cheated in Alabama courts. But you would be wrong; he seems outraged that I am reporting on the case and the favorable treatment Ted Rollins received. Parrish clearly expressed that rage when I called him Wednesday to request an interview.

We soon will be reporting more fully on my encounter with Zac Parrish. But for now, here are a few snippets. When Parrish asked why I had an interest in the Rollins divorce case, I explained that I'm a journalist with 30 years of professional experience and a special interest in Alabama courts--and public documents show that Rollins v. Rollins was corruptly decided in Shelby County, where I live and have been cheated myself in courts. When Parrish continued to question my interest in a public court case, I offered to let him interview me, at his convenience. Here is that exchange (ZP is Zac Parrish; LS is me, Legal Schnauzer):

ZP: Roger, I personally don't give a shit about interviewing you because I have a life of my own and a family to raise, and I have no reason to give a shit what you do, Roger. You're a loser, plain and simple. You should feel ashamed of what you do, Roger. You should feel ashamed. You're a piece of garbage, you're a piece of garbage, Roger. I hope you're recording this . . .

LS: Can I ask you some questions?

ZP: No, you cannot ask me a question . . . get your fucking facts straight.

And then there was this:

ZP: I don't know why I'm even stooping to your fucking level. But if you've got something you want to know from me, or about my family, why don't you come fucking meet me face to face?

LS: I'll be happy to. You want to set up a time?

ZP: Uh . . . yeah, sure do. Name the time and place, Roger--name it.

LS: Tomorrow? I'm open . . . I'd like to do an interview with you. I would be glad to take notes, tape record it, whatever you're comfortable with. That's what reporters do; that's what I've done for 30 years.

ZP: Roger, you're not a reporter, you're a fucking idiot. You're a fucking fool that relies on real, hard-working American citizens to pay your fucking bill--you piece of garbage.

LS: Well, Zac, I'm sorry you feel that way, but you asked me . . .

Then I heard a dial tone because Zac Parrish had hung up. But that was not the end of the conversation.

Stay tuned.


jeffrey spruill said...

Since Parrish obviously cannot keep me, or any journalist, from writing about him and Rollins v. Rollins, what does he plan to do about it--sue me, act out in violence, hire a hit man, put me on double-secret probation?


He's gonna contact Chad Essick so I think you're in BIG trouble Mr. Schnauzer.

legalschnauzer said...

You might be right, Jeff. Mr. Essick hasn't proven terribly effective so far--assuming their goal is to stop my reporting.

David said...

I must he have learned how to use such crude language from his step father rather than his mother.

Anonymous said...

I've known a few homebuilders over the years and have generally found them to be professional, articulate folks. Most of them deal with complex projects that can involve a lot of people and unexpected problems. It usually requires decent communications skills to work out stuff in the construction business. I'm surprised that Mr. Parrish is not capable of expressing himself in a somewhat professional manner. Makes me wonder why this particular topic set him off so, especially when it was the first time you had talked to him. Sounds like he's been agitated about your blog for quite some time.

Max Shelby said...

Not at all an accusation towards ZP, just a suggestion: Since Alabama has the same dreadful 'Stand Your Ground' law that FL has (thanks not former Sen Larry Means-D & spineless DINO senate dems in 2005) I wouldn't be keen on meeting him face to face.

Anonymous said...

I'd be careful meeting any of that bunch. You will end up like Gabby's stepfather on Desperative Housewives, at the bottom of a construction site with a building over the top of it. Of course we will know which one.. They will call it Schnauzer Groves and we will have Robby to find where the body is hid! If I met him.. It would be in a public place with protection. THOSE BUG FOLKS will exterminate you!!! If you are not careful!x He sure is educated using all those F words.. I was always told IGNORANT folks had to use those terrible cusswords because they were not smart enough to insert the correct word. I hope he did not get that bad home training from his mother. I doubt it.. Probably from elsewhere

legalschnauzer said...

Max: In the second part of our conversation, Mr. Parrish made comments that indicate he had no interest in an in-person interview; I can only assume he had some form of intimidation or violence in mind, with his suggestion of a fact-to-face meeting. I didn't realize it at the time that's what he was thinking. But after giving it some thought, I think that's probably what he had in mind. Wonder where he learned that kind of thought process. Will be reporting soon on Part II of our conversation.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I've missed it, but how come this blog and the Atlanta Journal Constitution aren't all over the next great Rollins family divorce?

I overheard in Atlanta three weeks ago that Danielle Rollins has filed for divorce from Glen Rollins because of "several hundred" infidelities and that even two months at the same in-patient sex clinic Tiger Woods attended couldn't cure him of his itch.

I feel bad for the family. They've given a lot to charities in Atlanta. But with all you report here about other family members, some of which seems hard to believe, one can only hope that Glen will be the first Rollins male divorcee to act with dignity and actually take responsibility for himself and to look out for his kids and soon to be ex as their mother. I hope he takes the high road.

It's sad what's happening to that family. Too much money or financial freedom or whatever has led the Rollins family to lose our Georgian family values.

Good luck to them.

jeffrey spruill said...

You're a fucking fool that relies on real, hard-working American citizens to pay your fucking bill--you piece of garbage.


Mr. Schnauzer: Do you ever wish you had a mega/super rich step father with all those business/political connections?

I think I now understand why Mr. Parrish acted with such disregard toward his mother & step sisters.

Anonymous said...

You be very careful LS. The so called money of each state, county, city, is what operates the so called U.S.A.

The money in each state, county, city, is of course owned by the Federal Reserve System, the Fed.

A Member Bank runs its fiefdom for the Fed. Atlanta has its courts that are the envy of the world, a well placed Mafia with all the chosen bandits running the credit and printing Federal Reserve Notes machine.

Debt is not wealth. Readying all the people for food stamps is by design.

Look at the Americans with credit to spend and the debt to give to the others who do NOT have the never ending Fed's Federal Credit to spend.

Predators vs. producers.

The end of the story has not been seen.

The beginning of the story is not in the slightest idea of a promise knot tied to a golden age.

We need the best storytellers so, STAY ALIVE LEGAL SCHNAUZER.


e.a.f. said...

Poor old Zak. You have to feel sorry for the man. He is obviously under some mental strain. I would suggest he avail himself of proffesional services to assist him in over coming whatever is bothering him.

Actually his rant was quite funny. It reminds of those cartoons where the little dog is in mid-air & barking like crazy.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

U nailed it. I've witnessed it. Money walks and the girls suffer.

Anonymous said...

You need to lay off the tv. You have no idea of that which you speak. I promise. This is all getting way out of control , things are being exaggerated

Anonymous said...

Truth is he's lived it. We all have. We work hard for a living. We don't have to defend ourselves against this guy who has NO clue what is fact and what is fiction.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Stop please you are causing drama! Write about how the Birmingham Humane Society is slaughtering adoptable dogs by the thousands! You'll never be able to "get justice" for Mrs. Rollins and her girls by doing this. Please. Please let it be.

Anonymous said...

Seriously please stop.

Anonymous said...

You have it all wrong ZP a key player?? You listen to the wrong person. Now stop. It's very upsetting to the girls.

Anonymous said...

Checking in on the comments. The American ego is a fascinating party.

Parties are part of the program in the United States of America.

The parties all agree to do the best of an ability as higher thinking organisms, to hear a whole truth.

What is in a real story?

Is there really an other than the Hollywood version of the US of A?

Making believe the life we most all the people all the time do not get to live, is happening.

Pretending the real life story or stories, such as the family also named Rollins receiving public credit, that is, food stamps.

Up the amount of the Electronic Balance Transfer [EBT] allotment. That is correct, the Federal Credit can provide what is owed to the Rollins on the EBT and certainly family Rollins all agree the computer digital keystrokes and or the printed Federal Reserve Notes do work so use the tools of the trade, elegant technology.


Anonymous said...

Are you interested in political/judicial corruption with another divorce case with a college professor/minister, his father/minister who is the head of an organization against gambling in Walker Co that is just bizarre?

legalschnauzer said...

Sounds interesting. Feel free to send me any info you might have.