Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cops Target Woman Who Exposed Police Corruption

Officers who are sworn to uphold the law would not violate the law, would they? Officers certainly would not terrorize a citizen who helped expose police corruption, right?

Hmmm . . . looks like we would be wrong on both counts. Recent events in Tulsa, Oklahoma, reveal that cops can turn into thugs with no problem at all.

Kelie D. Barnes is a key witness in a lawsuit against the city alleging police corruption. What kind of price has Ms. Barnes paid for stepping forward? A report in The Tulsa World helps answer that question. The cops, it turns out, could not even practice their thuggery in a competent fashion:

Five Tulsa police officers--including one who accidentally fired his weapon--served misdemeanor traffic warrants and arrested a key witness Thursday in a police corruption lawsuit against the city.

The officer who fired his weapon is under internal investigation, and police refused to release his name.

Kelie D. Barnes, 32, was arrested Thursday on outstanding municipal warrants, Tulsa Jail records show.

Barnes' warrants are all misdemeanors involving failure to wear a seat belt, expired tag, no proof of insurance, no driver's license and speeding, according to jail records.

Why were cops suddenly so interested in Kelie Barnes? The Tulsa newspaper spells it out:

Barnes was at the home of her father, Larry Wayne Barnes Sr., who is suing the city and police alleging wrongful imprisonment, records show.

In arresting Kelie Barnes, police officers forced open the door after the residents failed to open the door when police announced their presence, said Capt. Jonathan Brooks, police spokesman.

Brooks said one of the officers accidentally discharged his weapon as officers forced open the door. An internal affairs investigation has been opened into the weapon discharge, he said.

"The officers had information that Kelie was in the house and they knocked on the door and announced (police) and then forced entry when there was no response," Brooks said. "The gun was not pointed at anyone and it was discharged into the ground."

What's behind all of this ugliness?

Larry Barnes has alleged that police have retaliated against him, his lawsuit states. Retaliation includes recent attempts by police to lure him into a drug deal with an informant, his suit states.

Larry Barnes was freed from prison in July 2009 after an informant said he worked with police to frame Larry Barnes and a second daughter, Larita Annette Barnes, in 2007 for selling drugs.

Larita Barnes was also freed from prison and is suing the city for alleged wrongful imprisonment. The Barneses served about 18 months in prison before being freed.

The informant, Ryan Logsdon, and former ATF agent Brandon McFadden testified in a recent police trial that they framed the Barneses with the help of Officer Jeff Henderson.

Are the cops worse than the crooks? The folks in Tulsa must be asking themselves that question.


Robby Scott Hill said...

It's just like Immortal Technique said, "They try to frame you, and say you was trying sell drugs
And throw a federal indictment on ni$$as to show you love. This shit is run by fake Christians, fake politicians
Look at they mansions, then look at the conditions you live in
All they talk about is terrorism on television
They tell you to listen, but they don't really tell you they mission
They funded Al-Qaeda, and now they blame the Muslim religion
Even though Bin Laden, was a CIA tactician
They gave him billions of dollars, and they funded his purpose
Fahrenheit 9/11, that's just scratching' the surface..."

James Greek said...

Cobb County police in Georgia pressed charges against my mom for stabbing her alcoholic boyfriend with a knife. There was a reason as to why that happened. He was being abusive and anyone who abuses a woman or a child deserves to be hurt themselves and we need someone to stand up for justice but we need to let the truth be known.

Robby Scott Hill said...

James Greek - I'm well aware of the situation in Cobb County & your mom is not the only one. Thanks for sharing. The ABC Board framed my mom for selling tobacco to an allegedly underage guy who was in fact over 19, but who was carrying a fake ID provided to him BY THE ABC BOARD that understated his age. Can anybody say entrapment? It's also a federal crime for state police to issue fake IDs after 9/11.

James Greek said...

Yeah RSH I told you about it a while back. Cobb County is screwed up and gives Atlanta a bad name.

crogers said...

Look at my situation currently with Cobb County Police and government. In 1991 3 friends and I saw a female friend meeting with Glenn Turner, Mike Archer and David Dunkerton the night she disappeared. Her remains were found 1993 less than a mile where we last saw her meeting with these officers. Glenn winds up poisoned by his wife Lynn in 1995. Chris´s brother winds up missing in the same manner as she did in 1998. I am in the process of suing top Cobb County officials for racketeering along with coming forward again to get the surviving perpetrators Archer and Dunkerton brought to justice. You can look at the dialogue and Archers statements on every documentary about Lynn Turner and each interview something new is added to his story. Now I have threatened to kick Dunkertons ass if he ever attempts to contact my disabled and elderly mother again because the SOB has my phone number on the notice of action he was provided. Now every police officer has been advised to use caution with me. I have nothing against the honest and good officers of Cobb County and being author of the 2005 petitions for Megan´s Law of Georgia now OCGA 42-1-12 and getting a minimal of 25 year sentence for 16-6-4 Child Molestation and proposing OPERATION PREDATOR BEWARE to unite this community with updated neighborhood and bus stop watches I am now having to regain my honest reputation from a fictitious first degree forgery conviction put on my background in 2006-2012 by Cobb Sheriff and Police. I feel sorry for any victim of this kind of corruption. Lynn Turner had help covering up Glenns murder until she acted alone and poisoned Randy Thompson with antifreeze because she thought she could get away with it again and the second time was for money or Randy found out about her involvement in Chris and Davids murders. Either way I no longer live in fear of this corrupt government because I much rather die standing up for what is right instead of being passive. They will probably try to frame for something else or just kill me like they did two of my friends. But I will make this public; if Dunkerton attempts to contact my mother again I will get at least one good punch in on that fat --- SOB at the 4th precinct. At least Archer has more decency than to mess with an elderly woman when the most feminine part of a woman is more manly than David Dunkerton.

Anonymous said...

Has David Dunkerton and Mike Archer come after you?

Anonymous said...

I am a recent victim of Cobb County racist biasness. I am one of many many black men that they have been wrongfully accused, tried and sentenced with the purpose to demasculate through overly accessive and abusive use of authority as well as to extort funds. I had heard stories before about how bad Cobb County was but it was never a reality until now. I was never prepared for trial by my attorney. There was a witness in my case but she never ordered a subpoena but allowed the prosecution to use my own witness (who wasnt there) against me! Her response was, "I dont think it would have made a difference." Thousands of the cases in the Cobb County court system TODAY should be reviewed and ultimately thrown out! They are very impartial to black people in particular concerning trivial traffic violations, civil and criminal violations. We are almost always assumed guilty until proven innocent whereas our white brothers would receive lesser, if any punishment, for similar crimes or violations. Corrupt police, corrupt attorney's and corrupt judges strategically detain and legally discredit and deface people like myself in order to justify the corruption. I must share my story. Let's be clear: I am not against police or the judicial system and what it stands for. But I am against those bias and impartial officials that continue to oppress people; especially black people. Disrupting lives and causing havoc in the city. They need to be put in check. They must be held accountable. I have sought legal representation to help appeal my case but to no avail. I was told to pay obscene amounts of money upfront, some said they were too busy to consider and others turned me down. The local defense attorney's must all be associated with some sort of secret society. They protect one another no matter the cause of injustice. If you are reading this and you have an understanding or have been a victim of similar mistreatment and disregard in Cobb County please help. Does anyone have a reputable attorney name or names/firm that would help me fight back? I pray my story will shine the light and pave the way for others to finally get the true justice they deserve. Thank you for your time and attention.

Anonymous said...

Do you know he works at my child's school this is so scary
I wish it wasn't true. But I remember this in the 90s.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know as well. He works at my child's school. He scares the hell out of me. Really is a cop at the schools!?

Anonymous said...

I need all possible information on Officer David Dunkerton. He works at my school and is always starting trouble. I need as many things against him as possible. We are working on getting him fired. Please help us with your information. Thanks in advance!

legalschnauzer said...

Sorry, but I don't know of an Officer Dunkerton.