Thursday, December 17, 2009

The wonders of Kitty Kats and Chinese Food

Two of our great passions here at Legal Schnauzer are pets and food.

As the title of our blog suggests, we are huge fans of dogs in general and miniature schnauzers in particular. And our home currently is enlivened by the presence of our two Tonkinese cats, the brother/sister combo of Baxter and Chloe.

We like all kinds of kitty kats--yellow ones, black ones, white ones, black and white ones--but if we could get another cat at the moment, we might go for a gray tabby.

In fact, a gray tabby at the Alabama Animal Adoption Society recently caught our eye. His name is Wilson, and we think he's an incredibly handsome feller--plus, we love his name; think it's a hoot and seems to fit him perfectly. You can check out Wilson's picture here.

We think Wilson would make a great little brother for Baxter. Our big girl, Chloe, is gorgeous and sweet-natured, but she's not much of a playmate for her brother. It seems Baxter could use another guy to rumble with.

Wilson possibly already has found a good home, and we hope he has. With various legal and financial stresses at the moment, we don't really need to be adopting another pet. And with both of us having been cheated out of our jobs, I'm not sure we would even qualify for adoption right now.

In a perfect world, we would someday like to get a little brother for Baxter, another miniature schnauzer, and some type of terrier mixed breed. Our world is far from perfect at the moment, but maybe dreaming about little Wilson helps us, as Jesse Jackson would say, "keep hope alive."

By the way, anyone interested in adopting a pet really should check out the Alabama Animal Adoption Society, which is in Homewood. Here are the cats that are currently available. And you can check out available dogs here.

As for food, we are into all kinds. But Chinese is a major favorite, particularly the spicy stuff--Mongolian beef, Kung Pao shrimp, schezuan beef, sweet and sour chicken. Ummm . . . I'm having a Homer Simpson moment (Donuts . . .).

Anyway, what got us to thinking about gray tabbies and Chinese food? Well, we saw this little gem from and had an LOL moment. If you are like us, you can use all of the LOL moments you can get.

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Speaking of food, here's another LOL cats gem, with a touch of the Christmas season. Enjoy.

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures


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