Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fortifying Your Defenses in a Culture of Facebook

You might say we are the "accidental tourist" of the Facebook world. We sort of stumbled into the social-networking site and have continued to dip our toes in the water without really understanding what it's all about.

Facebook has become so pervasive, and it is so filled with quirks and oddities, that it is ripe for parody. The folks at Break Media, producers of the online comedy Man in the Box, have done a splendid send up of Facebook and the curious culture it has created.

Man in the Box could be described as "Dilbert Meets Office Space," and its episode "Facebook Abuse" focuses on the potentially invasive nature of social networking--to great comedic effect. The episode even ponders some of the deep questions posed by Facebook, such as, "What on earth is a poke? And isn't it a little creepy to be 'poked' by someone?"

Mike Polk plays Greg Bizjack, the central character in Man in the Box, who utters some classic lines that capture the wackiness of the Facebook culture.

A pesky female coworker named Judy wants to know why Greg has ignored her request to join a work-based group on Facebook. "We spend nine awful hours a day together here, five days a week," says Greg. "Why would we need a way to communicate outside of that?"

"Why are you even on Facebook if you're going to be a Grinch," Judy says, with a pout.

"I got on Facebook for one reason and one reason only: To keep tabs on all of my ex girlfriends and make sure none of them are living more fulfilling lives than I am."

"Are they?"

"Well, yeah, every one of them--across the board. But that's not the point."

Great stuff. And Greg's "work home" even looks like the cubicle I used to have at UAB. Maybe Man in the Box would like to do an episode about a guy who was cheated out of his job at a government employer because he writes a blog about matters of public concern.

But enough of that. Here is "Facebook Abuse" from Man in the Box:

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helzphar said...

I was tempted to post my response on Facebook. This video deals with all my pet peeves about it, including the excessively stupid quizzes, and the guy who starts every day telling me about his morning coffee. There's also a propensity to "out-God" -- getting more like a holy roller revival every day. What a weird world.