Thursday, December 31, 2009

What's the Real Story Behind Karl Rove's Divorce?

As we ring in the New Year, and temperatures dip in many parts of the country, progressives could use a delicious thought to warm their cockles.

We have just the ticket. Imagine this: What if there is a connection between the announcement of Karl Rove's divorce and the recent discovery of 22 million missing e-mails from the Bush White House?

What if those missing e-mails provide a paper trail that prove Rove was behind efforts to use the U.S. Department of Justice as a political weapon? What if the Rove inner circle now knows that hard evidence exists to prove he was behind numerous criminal actions in the Bush administration?

News reports about the Rove divorce have been spotty. No one reported on the divorce until it had already been granted, which indicates the court file must have been sealed for some reason. I've seen no indication that anyone in the press has seen the divorce complaint. It isn't even clear who filed for divorce--Rove or his wife, Darby?

Is this part of a pattern of special treatment for Karl "Turd Blossom" Rove? If you or I were involved in a divorce, the records would be public; not for King Karl. If you or I had abused the U.S. constitution and caused innocent people to be wrongly incarcerated, we would have been wearing orange jump suits a long time ago; not King Karl. If you or I were called to testify before Congress, it would be under oath and in public; not for King Karl.

But maybe Turd Blossom's luck is about to run out. We learn about discovery of the missing Bush e-mails on December 14. We learn about Rove's divorce on December 29.

Curious timing.

Darby Hickson Rove is an Alabama girl. And we don't grow no stupid girls down here in Alabama.

Could our gal Darby be thinking: "You know, it sounds like these new e-mails might be enough to send Tur . . . I mean my beloved husband . . . up the river to some pound-me-in-the-ass prison. (Tip of the hat to a film classic, Office Space.) I think it might be time to hit the exits, with a substantial sum of hush money in hand."

The Web already is aflutter with speculation that the divorce could mean Rove will finally hook up with GOP gay hunk Jeff Gannon.

A Rove-Gannon connection certainly is titillating, and it recalls this classic piece of reporting from Dotty Lynch of CBS News.

But the thought that White House e-mails might provide a damning paper trail on King Karl . . . well, that has to be my favorite angle.

Is this all wishful thinking on my part? Probably. But hey, it's almost New Year's Day, and a guy is entitled to dream a little at this time of year.

Karl Rove in a pound-me-in-the-ass prison? Now there's a thought to warm the spirits.

Almost makes me feel like Homer Simpson, thinking about a donut. "Ummm . . . donut . . . "


David Walters said...

Darby Hickson and I started high shcool together in 1963 in Mobile at Murphy HS. Don Siegelman was a senior that year. I have talk to him and he says he has no memory of Darby. What if one of her friends had some unpleasant encounter with Don? What it is was some grudge that she carried with her that she got her husband Karl to use his WH position to do in Don?

I have also wonder if some how she was the connection that got Karl involved with judicial races in Alabama in the early 90s.

UntiringLawPerson said...

Great post, but what really completed it was the "pound-me-in-the-ass prison" quote from Office Space. Ha ha, nice touch!

Anonymous said...

With 22 M e-mails, can't we get the whole halfascist BushCo. line-up to and including Poppy? Unlikely, with our Bush Hog-tied NAPPY (No Account President and Party of Yoo) "government". But worth the old Eternal Flamer try!

Robby Scott Hill said...

Just wanted to let Karl Rove's buddies who nothing better to do than track my Internet activities know that we may not be as rich as you guys, but we have the numbers and public opinion continues to turn against you as we build a new America that is not going to tolerate the Rove/Bush Gestapo anymore. It's not just Karl Rove. Many of you are losing your wives, your friends and even your children. Perhaps the price of admission to "the club" is too high.

The state level Alabama "Good Ol' Boys" think they are safe with Riley in power, but just wait until a victim of Rove or his friend becomes Governor or Attorney General. Payback is going to be a bitch when the people who said they were your friends decide they are going to sell you out to keep their asses from getting pounded.

Anonymous said...

LS your writing on this is incredible.

Here's what I believe is going on AND I think we're going to have ourselves a Bush-Cheney-Rove hoisted on their own, as you say, pound-ass!

For all of them in their daisy chain of f-me pumps we may finally see them wear since they all do.


VIDEO: Exposing The Bush-Cheney Cabal: Exclusive Footage of an Attempted Citizen's Arrest of G.W. Bush

by Splitting The Sky

Salty Dog said...

As a developing adult, Darby outgrew K.arl in leaps and bounds early on and grew a.part as he im.ploded.