Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Who Will Benefit From Bob Riley's Deal With Paragon Source?

Alabama Governor Bob Riley is pushing for a $13-million computer-services contract with a Virginia-based company called Paragon Source LLC. Never mind that Paragon Source does not have a headquarters, phone listing, or Web site.

When Riley starts pushing for a fishy no-bid contract, that usually means a member of the extended Riley clan--or one of their close associates--stands to benefit.

Alabama Rep. Alvin Holmes apparently intends to find out what is up. He says he will seek a subpoena of Paragon Source CEO Janet Lauderdale. Holmes told Bob Lowry, of The Huntsville Times, that members of the Riley administration have been blocking his efforts to learn more about Paragon Source:

If Lauderdale doesn't honor the committee's subpoena to appear before the panel, Holmes said a lawsuit would be filed in Montgomery County Circuit Court.

Holmes has been rebuffed for nearly a month by Gov. Bob Riley's administration in his efforts to obtain more information about the firm. He has asked for the names, addresses, job descriptions and salaries for each employee.

"I know Bob Riley has been calling members on the committee," said Holmes. "He's trying to get them stop the subpoena."

Even the sleepy Alabama mainstream press, which normally gives Riley a free pass on most anything, has been paying attention to the Paragon Source story.

The Gadsden Times addressed the subject in an editorial titled "No Bid Contract? No Way!" Wrote the Times:

Something smells with this company, and it is about to receive a big chunk of taxpayer money. Our money. Money that is desperately needed to run the state’s business.

Any state agency has a phone number, an office and probably a Web site. So what gives with this firm with no office, no phone or Web site. At least, Paragon should have a Web site!

The president of Paragon, Janet Lauderdale, says the company “relies on referrals from previous clients and peers, rather than using mass marketing channels such as the Internet.”

Well, the referrals must be impressive, because the firm was awarded a $5.9 million contract last year. Those involved attempted to increase that bid by $6.9 million, the legislature stepped in and stopped it, pending closer scrutiny.

A lot of things smell about the Bob Riley administration. It's nice to see the Alabama press paying attention for a change.


Styve said...

Possibly irrelevant, but Paragon was a name that cropped up in Portland, OR, as a "security" company that was going to protect federal buildings around the time of the terrorism drills of fall, '07. That whole scenario stunk to high hell, too, so perhaps a connection?!

Anonymous said...

Are these the same usual suspects who also run the APF in Hardin, MT, and their man in charge is a multiple convicted felon, too?

Good help in America is just too hard to find other than the criminals who took control when the Pentagon did its coup d'etat ... does anyone remember 9/11?

We cannot correct the error in our accounting until we dismantle the primary source of power to destroy the US Constitution: Bush's global war on terror, "Patriot Act."

This glaring illegality allows all the miscreants (politicians) to do what it is they do: lie, cheat, steal and mass murder.

Well, there are a few good ones, however, these folks (Siegelman, et al.) are impotent since the cost of legal protection is truly a luxury. I HOPE Siegelman runs a pro se department for all Americans to assist in the court reconstruction.


Kathy Favor said...

I have known Janet Lauderdale for 35 years. To address Styve, Ms. Lauderdale has nothing to do with a security company in Portland, OR or elsewhere. As for Anonymous, Janet, the person in charge, is a female, and she is most definitely not a convicted felon.

If Alvin Holmes had bothered to investigate before throwing out accusations regarding no office, no website, no business phone, he would know that Paragon is a very specialized company that obtains clients by referral based on their reputation for excellent results. If Mr. Holmes were to ask the people in the state agency with whom Paragon does business, I'm sure he will find that they have access to Ms. Lauderdale in person or by phone as needed. In addition, there are many legitimate businesses in this day and (computer) age that are based out of a home office.

It is absurd that Alvin Holmes is mounting a campaign against Paragon before acquiring the facts. Perhaps he is campaigning for his re-election?

What I personally know is that Ms. Lauderdale is one of the most conscientious, ethical, intelligent and hardworking persons I have ever known. said...

Okay, I am a center right conservative and a small business owner to boot. I rarely have anything to agree on with Mr. Holmes; however, the Riley administrations lack of transparency on this issue is quite disconcerting. The amount seems very high to just offer consultancy on payroll services. I have thought very well of Riley's efforts to promote transparency in state spending. His actions, or lack thereof, on this Paragon no-bid seem to fly in the face of that record. I hope that he can and will fully explain to the public this issue to our satisfaction. BTW, if Ms. Lauderdale is as conscientious and ethical as you claim her to be (and I am not insinuating that she isn't conscientious or ethical), then shouldn't she be out front on answering questions since she is being trusted with a very large amount of taxpayer spending?

Anonymous said...

This is in Reply to Kathy Favor's comments.

Mr. Holmes states several times that he has attempted to obtain contact information on Paragon and Ms. Lauderdale from Gov. Riley's office without responce. I thank Mr. Holmes for stepping up and watching out for our tax payers dollars. It appears that Gov. Riley and yourself are the only two people in the state of Alabama that know Ms. Lauderdale. Was the check for the contract going to be hand delevered to Ms. Lauderdale? That's like me stopping a guy in a truck with ladders and giving him check for $5,000 to replace the roof on my house. His name was Mr. Lauderdale. After reading your comments again, it sounds like you have a stake in this deal also. Everyone should be wiery of any business that does not list an address or phone number. I bet they are not listed with the BBB either.

Kathy Favor said...

I don't live in Alabama. I am speaking of Ms. Lauderdale's character because I have known her for the past 35 years. The only stake I have in this matter is wanting to see that Ms. Lauderdale's character is not falsely maligned.

I have no idea if or why there was no response from Governor Riley's office.

Unknown said...

Who is Kathy "Favor" pun intended. Friend of 35 years? Is she Janet's girlfriend or maybe just an alias for Janet Lauderdale? It's my understanding that Janet is a very attractive lady. Hmmmmm

Unknown said...

Does anyone know where Janet went to High school. Is she on Facebook? How old is she. Does someone have a picture of her? What college did she graduate from? Where did she grow up. What is her full name. Her maiden name. Date of birth. Middle initial. Is she married or divorced? If married, to who? If divorced, from who. Is she a ghost? How can I get in touch with "Ghost Busters". Governor Bob Riley knows, let's ask him. Oh he's hiding out these days. Hmmmmmm