Monday, October 12, 2009

Legal Schnauzer Visits the Jeff Farias Show

It was our pleasure recently to drop in on the Jeff Farias Show, a syndicated progressive radio program from Phoenix, Arizona.

I told Farias how heartening it was for an Alabama blogger to appear on a radio show that espouses progressive views, something that pretty much doesn't exist here.

And I found it ironic that Jeff invited me to discuss the Don Siegelman case, recent events connected to Montgomery, Alabama, whistleblower Tamarah Grimes, and the ugly prosecution of Huntsville defense contractor Alex Latifi--while Alabama talk radio largely ignores those stories right in its own backyard.

We even discussed my unlawful termination at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), and Farias seemed amazed that I could be fired from a public institution for writing, on my own time, about matters of public concern--such as the Siegelman case. In Alabama, people tend to shrug at such actions--if they react at all.

I appeared on the October 6 show, and you can check out the segment by visiting the Jeff Farias archives. Just scroll down to the October 6 section and click on the "listen now" podcast icon. My segment starts at about the 57:40 mark.

Jeff was kind enough to invite me back for future visits, and I look forward to it. Interesting that Alabama events are worthy of serious discussion in Arizona--but not in Alabama.

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