Monday, August 4, 2008

Irony, UAB, and the Legal Schnauzer

We are grateful to discover irony, and humor, wherever we can find it these days. So I just had to mention a couple of items that fall under those categories.

On the irony front, regular readers know by now that I was fired from my job at UAB, allegedly because I was engaged in blog-related activity on my work computer. Never mind that UAB's own employee grievance committee found I was doing no such thing and recommended that I be reinstated.

Here's the thing: In the most recent communication I received from UAB, human resources director Cheryl Locke intoned at some length about this allegation that I had spent an "inordinate" amount of time with personal or blog-related activity on my work computer.

So what do I see most every day now when I check my blog statistics? Tons of readers from servers at the "University of Alabama at Birmingham--University Computer Center." Those are UAB employees, folks. And they are reading my blog--on company time.

Heck, it looks like about a fourth of my readers today were UAB employees, checking out Legal Schnauzer roughly between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. I'm guessing Cheryl Locke was reading Legal Schnauzer as she wrote her memo explaining why she was upholding my termination--for allegedly doing blog-related activity at work.

I kind of hate to bring this up because all of these UAB employees probably will be afraid to read my blog at work now--and my stats will go down. But the irony was just too rich to pass up.

On the humor front, our friends at the Grievance Project send along this post about a Web site that goes by the name attorney legal*. E.M., who runs Grievance Project, says it looks like attorney legal* somehow takes my posts (and, I assume, the posts of other law-related bloggers) and turns them into a foreign language before they somehow get turned back into English. As you can see, some interesting things get lost (and found!) in the translation.

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