Friday, April 11, 2008

Return of the Jack Booted Thugs

Got home last night to see that the Shelby County jack booted thugs had paid another visit.

This time, they had taped a new Notice of Levy on our garage door. I guess this one was "new and improved," without the wrong block number that the previous one had.

This signals a new beginning for the process to unlawfully seize and auction our house. I assume any day now we will get another Notice of Sheriff's Sale, letting us know the new date that our house will be sold.

I had a conversation recently with Deputy Bubba Caudill and told him that this process was unlawful from start to finish. Bubba said he does what he's told, so I guess that means if he's told to deliver unlawful documents, he does it.

Under the law, I would suspect that Bubba and his colleague Eddie Moore are criminally trespassing every time they come on my property. Law-enforcement personnel generally are privileged to enter property, but I believe that only applies when they have lawful business. Leaving bogus documents taped to my garage door probably does not qualify as lawful business. If I'm right about that, we have members of the Shelby County Sheriff's Department violating the very criminal statues it is supposed to uphold.

Criminal trespassing is the least of what is unlawful, though, about this whole process. It really boils down to civil-rights and constitutional rights. And I will be spelling out for you the myriad ways the actions by Shelby County authorities are unlawful--and how they clearly are designed to shut down this blog.

None of this should surprise me, I guess. Evidence shows that the same Bushies who turned Don Siegelman, Paul Minor, Wes Teel, and John Whitfield into political prisoners--and are trying to do the same thing to Montgomery insurance executive John W. Goff--have connections to my case. Stealing someone's house shouldn't faze them in the least.

Of course, actions someone could take to defend their home might faze them. We'll see just how far the Bushies care to push it because I'm in a mood to push back--hard.

I'm a big Don Henley fan, and I'm reminded of his song "I Will Not Go Quietly."

Like the way Henley thinks.

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Anonymous said...

As you can see the rule of law doesn't apply in this case. Can't you just pay the $1500, keep your house and keep blogging? You are not going to win with these people.
Unfortunately, these are the times in which we live.