Sunday, April 6, 2008

Another Gotcha on Rove

WriteChic has done some serious digging and produced an excellent post that adds to the growing body of evidence that GOP advisor Karl Rove was in some kind of unhinged state when he gave his recent interview to GQ.

We had a post yesterday, drawing heavily on the work of investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, showing that while Rove was calling Republican whistleblower Jill Simpson a "lunatic," Rove himself was playing fast and loose with the facts.

Rove particularly seemed to dispute the notion that the GOP had headquarters in Virginia, as referenced by Simpson. And WriteChic has unearthed a CNN transcript from 2000, in which a report is filed from Bush-Cheney transition headquarters in . . . McLean, Virginia.

WriteChic also adds some important perspective about the way GOPers operate in the Era of Rove:

Republicans know how to take down a threat. Remember Andrea Mackris? They didn’t call her Bill O’Reilly’s producer. They called her a “low level” employee. The troops following orders who debased prisoners and themselves under the direction of the White House and Pentagon were called a few bad eggs and a few bad apples. Senator John Kerry, a decorated war hero, was swiftboated in the 2004 campaign. His service was peddled to the public as exactly the opposite of what was true. Senator John McCain adopted a baby from Mother Teresa’s Orphanage, and Karl Rove spread rumors that McCain had an illegitimate black baby with a prostitute.

Now Rove is saying a Republican attorney from Alabama is “a complete lunatic.”

GQ Magazine provided the platform for Rove which is weird since Karl Rove is the definitive anti-gentleman. But I guess there is no Character Assassin Quarterly which would be eminently more suitable.

Readers should note the profane and disturbing quote that WriteChic uses to introduce her article on Rove. This is a guy that many professing Christians have chosen to follow lockstep, at least in terms of voting. Sad--and strange.

By the way, the disturbing quote comes from a Ron Suskind article in Esquire. Rove was referring to an unnamed political operative who had displeased him, someone evidently on his own team. Imagine the venom he spews about people from the other team.

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