Friday, December 21, 2007

Will Dirt Stick to Siegelman Judge?

Larisa Alexandrovna, of at-Largely and Raw Story, provides an update on the 60 Minutes Don Siegelman story--along with an extremely juicy tidbit toward the end.

Drawing on a blog post by Tommy Stevenson of the Tuscaloosa News, Alexandrovna reports that the Siegelman segment probably will air in January. Siegelman supporters had been expecting it to run in December.

Toward the end of her post, Alexandrovna drops a couple of bombshells:

* "And I also have to wonder from whom it was that (former Alabama attorney general Bill) Pryor took bribes and for what purpose?

* "And for those of you who love a good sex scandal, is anyone looking into how (U.S. District Judge Mark) Fuller's alleged mistress is able to maintain her lifestyle?"

Yow! How are those for kickers?

The Fuller item is particularly juicy. If you recall, the affidavit from Missouri attorney Paul Benton Weeks outlined a litany of misconduct by Fuller several years before he oversaw the Siegelman prosecution. At the heart of Weeks' charges was evidence that Fuller had misused public funds in order to provide favors for a colleague who had served under him as district attorney.

Could Fuller also have used public funds for a mistress who served under him . . . oh wait, that's a really bad pun? Better close this post while I'm ahead.

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