Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wesley Clark Pulls No Punches

General Wesley Clark pulled no punches in a speech Friday evening at the annual Jefferson-Jackson fund-raising dinner in Birmingham.

Glynn Wilson, of Locust Fork News, reports that Clark said former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman was the victim of a political prosecution. Clark called Siegelman "a great American" and an "honest man" who was "unjustly confined" by a rogue Justice Department.

"It's the wholesale politicization of the Department of Justice," Clark said. "It's a stench of corruption that has run from the White House, through Jack Abramoff . . . "

Clark lamented lost opportunities over the past seven years in numerous areas, including health care, education, civil rights, energy, and the environment. "We didn't have to fight that war in Iraq," Clark said.

The general added that George W. Bush is "the worst" president in the nation's history.

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