Sunday, December 23, 2007

Church, State, and Siegelman

Robby Scott Hill's Novationeering blog is invariably interesting and often highly entertaining.

Hill has been both recently, posting in rare form.

First, he spotlights the not-always-ethical role the Catholic Church has played in Alabama politics. In fact, he notes that former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman was viewed as a liberal Catholic, representing interests that were adverse to the church. Meanwhile, former Attorney General Bill Pryor was viewed as a conservative catholic who wholeheartedly backed the church's interests.

Hill notes that it was Pryor who initiated the investigation that led to Siegelman's downfall. Did the antipathy between the two men go beyond political differences? Did it have its genesis in religious difference? And did the Catholic church support the targeting of Don Siegelman?

Hill goes on to note my own interesting legal battle, which appears to have roots through Briarwood Presbyterian Church, a large evangelical, conservative Birmingham congregation with its own private school. This church has strong connections to The Birmingham News, and I've noted how my legal woes seem to be connected to a strange real-estate deal involving the powerhouse football program at Briarwood Christian High School.

Our ethical standards supposedly have their roots in the Bible. But do those who are most likely to quote The Good Book follow an ethical path? Hill does an excellent job of raising that question.
He also appears to be in the process of gathering some most interesting dirt on a number of Alabama politicos. I think we all will want to stay tuned for that.

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