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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sex Addiction And Big Bucks Are At The Heart Of a Juicy Divorce Story In The Deep South

Glen and Danielle Rollins

Perhaps the juiciest divorce case in the country is unfolding in Atlanta, and it involves one of the wealthiest families in the South--or any other region. Best we can tell, the case presents no major legal issues, but it does involve allegations of rampant misconduct against a husband who apparently suffers from a sex addiction. And, by golly, that's enough to get our attention, especially since we've written dozens of posts about the family involved.

We're talking about the divorce of Danielle Rollins--socialite, writer, and multimedia personality--from Glen Rollins, former president of Orkin Pest Control.

If those names sound familiar, it's because they are related to Ted Rollins, a central figure in the monstrous courtroom cheat job styled Rollins v. Rollins here in Alabama. In terms of legal significance, the ongoing Atlanta case almost certainly pales in comparison to the case that unfolded in my neck of the woods, Shelby County, Alabama. Danielle Rollins probably has competent attorneys and a semi-ethical judge, so she isn't likely to get screwed over by the Rollins family machine. Sherry Carroll Rollins, on the other hand, had spineless attorneys (MaryLee Abele, Conrad Fowler, etc.) and a wildly corrupt judge (D. Al Crowson), so she and her daughters took a legal thrashing.

So why is the story of Danielle v. Glen Rollins capturing public attention, including a recent item at The Daily titled "Getting rid of a pest: Wife of Orkin heir in contentious divorce with alleged sex addict hubby"? The answer probably lies in the last three words of the headline. Danielle Rollins alleges that her husband suffers from a sex addiction--and angles in divorce cases don't get much more titillating than that.

According to published reports, Glen Rollins has sought treatment, apparently without much success, at the same Mississippi sex-addiction clinic that treated golf star Tiger Woods. That means the Rollins story surely is headed for the front pages of The Globe any day now. Here's how The Daily dives into the story:

High society in Atlanta is bracing for the high-profile divorce of Glen Rollins, an Orkin Pest Control heir — whose estranged wife claims he is an abusive sex addict. 
Danielle Rollins, who has three children with Glen, declined to talk to The Daily, but she told a Georgia judge in a court hearing last May that their $7 million house was nearly foreclosed on, and she has been unable to pay her bills, which average $286,000 a month. 
“I was incredibly betrayed by Glen with the infidelity. The financial misleadings were even more devastating to me,” Danielle testified. “We had three mortgages on the house that I didn’t know we had.” 
The case is still in the discovery phase and no trial date has been set.

You need a scorecard to keep up with all of the Rollinses, so we will lay it out for you this way:

* Brothers R. Randall and Gary Rollins are the chairman and CEO/president, respectively, of Rollins Inc., the umbrella company of Orkin and other profitable enterprises. Published reports indicate each of the Rollins brothers has a net worth of more than $1 billion;

* Glen Rollins is Gary Rollins' son, and Glen was the head of Orkin until he was fired in September 2010 after he and his siblings filed a lawsuit against their father, their uncle, and various business associates, alleging mismanagement of trust accounts.

Boxwood mansion
* Danielle Rollins married Glen Rollins in 1995, and they have three children. Their mansion, called Boxwood, has hosted some of Atlanta's finest parties. The Peak of Chic blog provides an inside glimpse of one lavish Boxwood event from 2010. Danielle Rollins is the author of Soiree: Entertaining With Style, a contributing editor at Veranda magazine, and a major presence in multimedia circles.

* Ted Rollins is a cousin to Randall and Gary Rollins. In fact, Ted and Randall have done business together, starting a real-estate development company called St. James Capital that mysteriously disappeared when the Rollins v. Rollins divorce case unlawfully shifted from Greenville, South Carolina, (where the family lived, where Sherry Rollins filed for divorce, where the case was litigated for three years) to Shelby County, Alabama.

What might be coming next in the Danielle and Glen Rollins divorce case? It could involve some fascinating twists and turns. The Daily sets the stage:

[Glen] Rollins, who was the CEO of Orkin until he and his siblings sued their father in 2010 to get more money out of the family trusts, earned $19.9 million in 2011, and $13.7 million the year before. But he has been treated at two different sex-addiction facilities, including Pine Grove in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where Tiger Woods was a patient. 
When the divorce finally does go to trial, Danielle is set to testify she first learned of Glen’s sexual addiction when she was pregnant with their youngest son, who is 10 now. “At the time she blamed herself. She thought she had problems with intimacy,” a friend said. 
Glen’s lawyer R. Scott Berryman told The Daily, “It’s a private matter. I don’t have anything to say.”

It's hard to beat a good story about sex addiction. But for real ugliness in the courtroom, it's almost impossible to top the Rollins v. Rollins case here in Alabama. After all, Birmingham resident Sherry Rollins and her daughters, Sarah and Emma, wound up on food stamps because of Ted Rollins' deceitful actions in court.

I doubt that Danielle Rollins and her children will be going hungry anytime soon.


Spasmoda said...

Let me guess, the Rollins family claims to be "pro family" Republicans?

legalschnauzer said...


You are correct, sir!

Karen said...

I want an invite to one of Danielle's parties.

Anonymous said...

Look at that house. Day--yum!!

legalschnauzer said...


Me, too.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if some of Glen's girlfriends will surface. That's always fun.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Glen and Tiger swapped little black books at the sex clinic.

Anonymous said...

Think again in re to GA judges and attnys! They are just as bad as AL in re to family court. AL actually uses GA, CA & Tx as models. Along with several other states! CA was the first which is where all this psychotic bs came from! You may recall back in 2010 senator Nancy Shaffer and her husband were found dead in there home? She was speaking out on the atrocities being done to Ga families in re to CPS. One thing Danielle may have going for her is that Ted has already tainted the name and her case became public before court.

Curious George said...

Isn't that a schnauzer running in the picture of Boxwood mansion?

legalschnauzer said...


Yes, it is, and that's why I chose that particular picture.

Anonymous said...

Yes LS, the Schnauzer definitely caught my eye as the best part of the photo.

There is the rumor mill that is saying the election is going to be the time in which Israel strikes Iran's "nuclear program."

I do not doubt for a moment with all the uncovering you have done LS, that the 'Republicrats' are to do what desperation always does:

Evil, VileEvil, we can see by the women being used as though nothing but, disposables.

Once the deed has been done, it is to be interesting to see which of the Americans get it, the awakening of the "elite" and how truly corrupt the absolute power has made 'America.'

Ben Bernanke in September, 12? 2012, stated every 'mortgage' in the U.S. is to be purchased by the Fed, now that means no one actually owns any part of 'real estate' in America.

Poor? Are we the majority in poverty while the liars, cheaters, thieves, killers move right along.

Please people wake up and know this behavior of stealing all the wealth in America is not going to stop, we have to do what these damaged women have, face the reality of addicts that are poly and whatever moves to give them a feeling of power, prey real time.

We must also sue as many of the 'judges' and others, until the corruption is no more.

FILE as paupers, obviously we've been made unable to pay to be heard in our lawsuits!

Anonymous said...

Here are BIG NAMES owners America:

"... Soros, a Hungarian-American business magnate, is the chairman of Soros Fund Management. and supports progressive-liberal causes. He is known as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England”.

.. The Berggruen Institute on Governance is under the direction of Nicolas Berggruen, a jet setting billionaire who is working tirelessly to bring about the Progressive Movement into mainstream, to destroy the very fabric of independence and liberty.

.. The Master has found his Acolyte. But the members of this organization don’t just include the rich, but the influential.

* Nicolas Sarkozy (former President of France) joined the Berggruen of Institute’s 21st Century Council.
* Alain Minc (French businessman, political advisor, and author) wrote a major piece for the New York Review of books, “An Open Letter to My Friends, the Financiers of America.”
* Guy Verhofstadt (Prime Minister of Belgium,) co-authored, with Daniel Cohn-Bendit (aka Danny the Red – former German politician), a manifesto for European reform, “for Europe.”
* Arianna Huffington (American author and syndicated columnist), at the Huffington Post, launched “what is working,” an initiative dedicated to identifying solutions to America’s jobs crisis, along with “JobRaising,” a fundraising challenge for employment-boosting nonprofits.
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* In the Wall Street Journal, Mohamed Ibrahim (Prime Minister of Somalia), which featured as “the philanthropist of honest Government”
* Gerhard Schroeder (former Chancellor of Germany) was described as “the man who rescued the German Economy.”
* Shaukat Aziz ( Pakistani economist and financier) helped found the Asian Peace Council.
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* Eli Broad (Detroit businessman), published a memoir, “The Art of being unreasonable: lessons in unconventional thinking.”
* In her address to the Republican convention, Condoleezza Rice (Former US Secretary of State) called revamping American schools in poor and minority neighborhoods “the civil rights issue of our time,” picking up a theme from the Council on foreign relations task force she co-chaired earlier this year with former New York City schools chancellor Joel Klein.
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While Hercules only had to deal with a seven headed Hydra, Freedom Loving folks have a million headed Hydra to slay. And the best sword is the truth.

And Greece is in the middle of the battle that Perseus would be needed to battle this fight, right along side Hercules.

Read more: http://www.prepperpodcast.com/george-soros-schemes-control-future-greece/#ixzz2AuDm3EOO

Anonymous said...

"... Vaxevanis believes most on Lagarde’s List are suspect. Many may be tax cheats. They may also be involved in other illegal activities. He told supporters:

.. “I was doing my job in the name of the public interest. Journalism is revealing the truth when everyone else is trying to hide it.”

.. “Instead of arresting the tax evaders and the ministers who had the list in their hands, they are trying to arrest the truth and free journalism.”

.. “If anyone is accountable before the law it is those ministers who hid the list, lost it, and said it didn’t exist. I only did my job. I am a journalist and I did my job.”

.. He also said 15 officers Sunday surrounded the home of a friend where he was staying. They acted like German storm troopers in Greek uniforms.

See Steve Lendman @globalresearch

YOU best be careful LS, the names of lists that you have touched, are part of the BIG BLOB!

Anonymous said...

Monday, October 29, 2012
How Did Goldman Sachs Do It?
Today you can enjoy a spoof of Goldman Sachs which was found on Naked Capitalism comments by a reader of Yves Smith's blog. . .

. Lloyd C. Bankster says:
October 28, 2012 at 7:19 am

The other day, bored with co-opting members of the Finance Committee, tired of issuing zero-collateral credit default swaps, I needed to amuse myself, so I ordered Ezra Klein and Andrew Ross Sorkin to dress up in sheep costumes.

This was hilarious for a few seconds.

Then, bored with Ezra and Andy as sheep I ordered them to get down on their hands and knees and say “bah bah bah”.

That was funny for two minutes, then it got boring again. So I ordered them (still on their hands and knees saying “bah bah bah”) to polish my gold Milton Friedman statue with a buffing wheel. This was hilarious for maybe five minutes, however it took them twelve hours to finish the job.

And while those two, the crème de la crème of US journalism (ha ha) were hard at work, me half watching them, half day-dreaming about student suckers going into debt to pay back bond-funded projects for me and my people, the following thoughts occurred to me:

Now that the State has been thoroughly co-opted, meaning now that my crew (the 0.01 percent) has sold out America’s future for a quick buck, what’s next?

continued ...

Anonymous said...


"... People ask why Congress repealed Glass-Steagall, why put the country at risk of another 30s style Depression? The answer is simple: bucket loads of cash made them do it.

Did anyone believe deregulation would lead to increased wealth for the nation or the people?

Deregulation was designed to increase wealth for the chosen and talented people — If I were in charge of schools Atlas Shrugged would be required reading — oh wait, I own an 80% stake in the Ed Reform outfits run by Gates, Murdoch and Bertelsmann!. (LCB gets on the phone and speed dials Arne Duncan to dictate the first item on his Monday To Do List.)

So how *did* we get Goldman guys to control the Fed, Treasury and top positions in the Administration?

It was simple. Bucket loads of cash — the trick that never fails!

I’m thinking of attending the Goldman Halloween Party dressed as Ted Bundy this year. I’m thinking trillions of dollars in unregulated CMOs, I’ll provide margin collateral for long positions in Shanghai copper futures by writing credit default swaps on CDOs constructed from sub-prime mortgages backed by houses in Newark, New Jersey. And maybe the toxic bonds we unloaded on a few municipalites last week — hmm, let’s see — last week we did . . . Detroit, Atlanta, New York City, Laredo, Sacramento — and at least 7 more.

I’m thinking hypothecated derivatives, the total destruction of the world (except the top 0.01), rifle shots, the assassination of Brooksley Born, gambling muppet assets on a single structured finance product that bets on a steepening of the euro yield curve, issued by US investment banks by utilizing sovereign bonds from Greece and interest rate swaps with a Japanese trading house.

I love deregulation because it’s Heads I Win Tails You Lose. Every Time.

And what about the regulators you say? Remember the ones who tried to warn Congress about the dangers of deregulation, dark pools and derivatives…

Oh right, them. Brooksley Born is still living but she’s not talking. The others were lost in the Disposition Matrix. Yes, they were “disappeared”. Abducted and tortured, then dropped at night over the Atlantic ocean — either Jamie or Mike lent us one of his personal flying machines for that special op…

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There’s still some money in Social Security, Medicare 401(k)s and pensions. We’ll take that as well. Make up some story, something about a deficit or a Fiscal Cliff….oh wait, it’s already been done.

If all else fails, we still have access to the Fed’s Discount Window.

Now Ezra, now Andy, looks like you’ve got old Milton shining all purdy-like, so enough with the “bah bah bah”, shut the f**k up, get out of those stupid sheep costumes, go home and do whatever it is that you do.

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Speaking of BIG BUCK FAMILIES, that are certainly one at least one or more lists of Danielle's parties~!

Anonymous said...

Their average bills are $286,000 a month? Lawd, lawd!

jeffrey spruill said...

Is Glen Rollins on meth?

Look at his eyes in the picture in "The Daily"

john miller said...

This is in response to Anon 1:02PM. I was elated to see someone else who is concerned over the death of the beloved Nancy Schaefer, a former state senator from Georgia. This lady jeopardized her well-being by exposing the corruption of the Child Protection Services across the U.S.
Schnauzer, if you want to captivate your readers, investigate the suspicious "murder-suicide" of Nancy and Bruce Schaefer. This "murder-murder" and cover-up wreaks with conspiracy.
DHR, our CPS equivalent, is the state sponsored organized crime.
I could write volumes about DHR. Since it depresses me so much, I won't. Those of you who are interested, google "Title IV D". This is how DHR is given bonuses, such as removing a child from a home.

Anonymous said...

I would just stay married to him and he could have all the whores he wanted. Just do not come near me. I'd stay home, spend his money and do what I wanted to when I wanted to do it. Does it seem to you that he and his cousin messed up sex wise.. I wonder about the rest .. Dig that up and report it to us.. GOOD REPORTING.. I come here daily to see what you have dug up.x

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Glen's serial affairs involved women--as in adults of the opposite sex? Back in the "good old days," you usually could assume that a cheating fella at least had the decency to cheat with another woman. But in the days of Jerry Sandusky and perv Boy Scout leaders, you can't assume that any more.

Anonymous said...

Thank Bill Clinton for IV D And his Social (corruption) Security Act of 96! And the again in 05,06 & 09 Deficit Recovery Act starting around page 141 of ''05 DRA. These vile acts gave crooks free reign over our children and put huge price tags on their heads! In GA, one of the issues Shaeffer spoke out about was essentially how DHR was stealing children from happy, healthy loving homes bc the were making a fortune off them! This all with absolutely NO grounds or proven wrongdoing for doing so! Children ripped from their loving homes and put into foster care have been killed, neglected in some cases. Nancy was one of the good guys! This has begun in AL with full force! Abusive dads are told by attnys to open child support cases in their kids names to keep DHR of their backs in case the mother reports his actions. By doing so, the state rakes in $2 (from Feds ie HHS) for every $1 in child support payments it receives. As we've recently seen, that money doesn't always make its way to the custodial parent and a lot of the time, the custodial parent doesn't even know a case has been opened and state is getting money from their children! In California recently a guy came across 14 mil in undistributed payments reported it and caused a commotion! The state was trying to ask for permission to dive into money to built parks. They had plenty and bc the guy blew the whistle, he spent 18 months in solitary!

Anonymous said...

The guy does give off a gay vibe in the photo. Kinda in a papa joe Simpson kind of way.

Anonymous said...

These are also the crooked people lying on behalf of abusive parents causing custody to be switch from loving parents to parents who shouldn't have visitation rights ie child molesters!

jeffrey spruill said...

Dandy7:05 PM
How magical!

Anonymous said...

Nancy Schaefer was on the verge of turning Child Protective Services on it's head. This exposure was bringing to light some of the other corruption in our courts. I wondered when she would be killed. We lost a true hero who took a stand for what was right.

Anonymous said...

Danielle has updated her "about" on her facebook page to read "Full time single mother of three"

Robby Scott Hill said...

I'm hearing that some of the "regulars" on Legal Schnauzer are visiting Marshall County, Alabama now. Like I said, no better way for corruption in high places to stay in power than to recruit reinforcements from low places. I'm expecting Orkin to open an office in Boaz any day now.

Anonymous said...

I have heard her speak & met her at a book signing. She is lovely & extremely humble. She took care of her child who spent over a year in & out of hospitals. There was a blog about it. She deserves to get away from him. Several parties on the book were done as fundraisers for the children's hospitals.

Anonymous said...

He cheated on her WHILE their daughter was in the hospital. Who does that????

Anonymous said...

Danielle is going to be in Birmingham Nov 16 @ Table Matters. I want to meet her. There's obviously no reason she has to work. But it's clear that he was a huge trust brat! He sues his dad, gets fired, cheats on his wife & doubtful he's being Mr. Good Guy now! I admire her for leaving.

Anonymous said...

Not that many people judge this anymore, but it's long been rumored that Glen was bi-sexual (for example, current relationship as noted with his sister's female nanny shows women still attract), but only a handful of friends seemed aware of Ms. Rollins' desperate attempts to get him help and to hope for a lifestyle change. One only hopes the children don't suffer more, given how over the top this got before Ms. Rollins had no choice but to file divorce and "out" Glen. We get the sense she could care less that he's gay, just that he's a liar and cheat and wants to silence her without an appropriate financial acknowledgement...he could have handled this quietly years ago. Now he'll sleep in the beds he made...

I noted that this divorce was published in this blog months ago, but it took The Daily months to get wind of the story, making one wonder how far and deep the Rollins clan has influence.

Where is the father-in-law in this? Despite his own problems, he's the one person who could redeem himself by intervening and settling this before Orkin's stock and ethical reputation is malignantly affected.

If ever the courts needed to intervene objectively, now's the time.

Anonymous said...

Doubtful she has a chance of a snowball in hell getting anything. There are currently so many Rollins men being divorced right now & this family is so wealthy that they excel in litigation. My sympathies.

Anonymous said...

With the talk about sex abuse, bi-homo sexuality and the Rollins boys suing their dad, kind of makes me wonder about how they were raised. Scum doesn't grow from nothing!

Anonymous said...

Pedofiles and deviants with $$$ = scary

Anonymous said...

Be careful until all of the facts come out.

Anonymous said...

The Rollins' have deep pockets and many eyes and ears.......would urge those commenting to be aware that the jury has yet to convene on this particular matter. Danielle is a delighful person and assuming these things are all true you must admire her for her tenacity and drive in moving through it. Kudo's to Danielle for being her own person!

Anonymous said...

LS-Can you get us some details on the Ruthie Rollins divorcing Gary Rollins-Glen's Father? Only vague rumors have been out there and not since the initial filing over 2 years ago. Ruthie filed 2 days after Glen was fired by Gary and Randall.

Anonymous said...

She has been canvassing for Obama on her private plane a over Facebook. The elder Rollins woman seems to be just fine. She clearly isn't having to carve her own path.

Anonymous said...

There are 3 Rollins divorcing in Atlanta. None settled. Once in hard to leave I guess? Imagine the barrier to entry looks better than the cost to exit.

Anonymous said...

Who is the third divorcing Rollins in Atlanta?

Anonymous said...

All Rollins wives have signed prenups before their marriages with the exception of one and that would be Sherry Rollins. I am told that is why she is so poor today. The family had to control a lot of lawyers and judges to get the final outcome on that one-lots of dollars spent but not on Mrs. Rollins and her children.

Anonymous said...

Danielle does not have a prenup, nor does Ruthie Rollins. And on this case a prenup would only protect the wealthy spouse, and that is certainly not the matter in this case. Danielle by her own admittance grew up in rather humble origins. If you read some of her press interviews she is very forthright about this matter. Perhaps explaining why she is the one writing a book & attempting to make something of herself while her former husband has not worked in several years. He was an imposter. Perhaps she was the stronger one all along & it was him propped up by his family. If he had such talent, why isn't he a CEO somewhere now?

Anonymous said...

Divorce is never easy. I cannot imagine doing it in public view with so much scrutiny. I think all of the Rollins women deserve a round of applause. It cannot be a picnic married to any of the men in that family.

Anonymous said...

Correction: Danielle Rollins will be in Birmingham, Mountain brook village on Nov. 15th at Table Matters. I believe Anonymous stated 16th.

Anonymous said...

Richard Rollins wife Eleanor has been in the process of divorcing Richard (One of Randalls sons) for about 2.5 years. Check Fulton County (GA) Superior Court-civil case search for limited information.

Anonymous said...

Boo hoo who gives a rats fat ass about these rich people in their 7 million dollar homes with names! She should kept her mouth shut , sex addiction ? Really? Ever hear of a single man in a sex rehab clinic?? That's bs and no one really cares we are all out here working and trying to eat screw her and her parties. Waste of time.

e.a.f. said...

Sex addiction. You gotta love that term. When I was growing up you had spouses who cheated a lot & you had spouses you didn't cheat. Now we have a "name" for it & people get a pass, or hope they do. it is still the same old, cheating on your spouse. If you want multiple sex partners, don't get married.

Anonymous said...

Can't agree with comment #46-Danielle is stuck with this creep-and that he is-until she can get out of the marriage-and she is working hard at doing something that is very difficult and she is succeeding. Glen is off the radar-likely will live off the trust-was over rated for sure from the get go.There is no family member ready to lead their companies once RRR and GWR are gone-so China will probably own it all one day. Interesting group if you know them.Neither RRR ojr GWR would have been successful if OWR had not muscled through in the 60's and developed the business's. Most of what was done by OWR then could not be done now due to current regulations, etc..So cut the girl some slack-she has allready paid her dues !!

Anonymous said...

Glen is a gay, cheating low life with no skills and obviously isn't employable. He couldn't even use his family connections to get into Harvard Business School, which rejected his application. Ms. Rollins is brilliant to leave this dried up shell of a former man. I hope Orkin goes bankrupt, if only to show that there is such a thing as karma, and that her kids end up with her, to avoid the taint of his corrupted, spoiled, STD-ridden DNA. What a loser. And I hear he's a member of Young President's Organization, another organization fooled by his false pretenses. His only path to redemption is settling 50%, publicly apologizing, and finding a monastery to rot in for 20 years.

Anonymous said...

Whos is his sisters nanny that he is dating?? Does she know all this and still with him. Whew what a winner!!!

Anonymous said...

NOBODY CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

legalschnauzer said...

Based on the other 50 comments here, plus the thousands of page views I've received on this post, I would say somebody cares.

If you don't care, feel free to exit, stage left.

Anonymous said...

We care! I promise you! Looking forward to more!

Anonymous said...

I heard her speak in Gadsden, which might seem funny but she came because she met a young lady from here who asked her to come & she graciously did. She was truly one on the most inspiring women I have ever met. She was funny, down to earth & very approachable. She talked about her daughters accident & people had tears in their eyes, and she said that was what inspired her to try & do a book, then said she had filed for divorce & been sick herself with an illness while writing her book. She seems like a really good mother, talking about Southern hospitality & children being taught manners. think she is a good example of a strong woman- in fact the one parting message she gave was that we as women upheld family traditions. I did not know why she divorced but found this website just trying to find more information on her & her website. I will be praying for her. So will the rest of our little town now. I cannot imagine her holding her head up high through this but that is what I call dignity & class.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It runs in the amily & that house has to be cursed! It's Joe Rogers (Waffle House) old house... Really? He's sleeping w the housekeeper? Glen's brother married his Sister's nanny followong his divorce. And now Glen's dating the other sisters nanny! How lovely. Lovely family. Lovely values lovely family. Things that make you go hmmmmm?

Anonymous said...

Many of you folks do not know what you are saying as you don't know the various members of the family. Are some of the allegations made against Glen true, yes they are but his social climbing wife participated in many of the sexual liaisons. Her hands are equally soiled and I am just not referring to her French lover. Danielle was raised in a modest Texas family but when she married Glen, she and her mother thought and acted like she married a Rockefeller. She is an opportunist and not particularly revered in Atlanta because of the way she treats people. Her book presentations are meant to sell books thus she puts on a likable personality, do not be fooled. Danielle is out to get what she can but will never be able to get near the trust assets. Glen's father, uncle and especially his grand father are/were not stupid and planned for this type of 'raid' against the trusts. Glen has not worked because after you file suit against your father, uncle and trusted family friend over money that you did not earn, your credibility and trust worthiness are depleted. Hopefully someday he and his siblings will be able to repair the damage they have done to the once great relationship they had with their father who was nothing but kind and generous to them and their children. Despite the way he has been treated, Glen's father has tried to settle with his children, and the various Rollins controlled companies have not suffered one bit as they are well managed, very profitable and have made many employees and investors wealthy. No father should have to endure what Gary has gone through these past few years because of his children's greed. I haven't always agreed with them, but the Rollins family for all the warts that one might see, are actually a pretty good group of folks who want to use their wealth to help ease the pain and suffering of those less fortunate.
Can you say the same about yourself?

Anonymous said...

to Anonymous: Does "easing the pain and suffering of those less fortunate" include the two Rollins children in Alabama, Sarah and Emma or just particular monkeys in the atlanta zoo who don't have a big enough habitat?

I know the Rollins girls here in Alabama and I have witnessed first hand how they have been treated as Rollins , actually John Rollins Jr's, grandchildren at that. If this is how Rollins ease the pain and suffering of others I shudder to think how they treat women who are trying to make an exit after so much abuse.

Rollins and their warts you say? I say bleeding lesions of cancerous disease. There is no excuse for the way those small girls had to ride in a car with no heater in the cold of winter, how they had to live in an abandoned restaurant freezing full of roaches, how they had to move 8 times from place to place to seek shelter, how they had to change schools three and four times, how they and their Mother buy their clothing at thrift stores for 3.00 per item. Oh unless they have been dragged to NY or on one of the fathers illustrious business trips where the evil stepmother or latest controller of their Dad's funds might buy them a bauble or two to impress their Dad. Contrast is supposed to be good but this is ridiculous. I have heard they come home and hug their mother in tears after some of their "bonding" times with their Father. I also heard they usually came home to a home-cooked meal bought with food stamps and sometimes with money when Mrs. Rollins was lucky enough to have a job.

Don't ever waste your time singing the praises of any Rollins in Alabama as everyone here knows what the Rollins are. You are all a bunch of egotistical, moneyed, greedy, monkeys yourselves. Gary, Randall, Glen, the whole crowd should be jailed to have participated in the situation these Rollins girls have had to endure. Let's just hope that they grow up to look down on every last one of you. They are so much better people than their ancestors. We can only hope they will become strong women that no wealthy man can ever talk into anything. The Rollins charms might not work on two women who have been through what they have. P.S. Emma Rollins and Sarah Rollins are still enduring manipulation Rollins style from their sick deranged child abusing father Ted Rollins. I understand he cleverly arranged his divorce here illegally and cheated the children and the wife out of a place to live, any monetary assets all while flying in on a private jet and running two companies, St. James Capital and Campus Crest during the divorce while stating on his Child Support 41 form that he made $50,000 (that is thousand) fifty thousand per year working as a mortgage loan processor. (you can read about it in other LS posts) Get Real, he learned these tricks at the laps of John Rollins, Randall Rollins, Gary Rollins and all the other ruthless clan members. Don't expect any sympathy for poor Gary and Randall and the Rollins family in this neck of the woods; you should all be jailed. PS You must be doing fairly well for yourself with the Rollins or you would not be singing their praises. Sincerely, from a bystander and educator of Sarah and Emma Rollins (it is hard to fool a teacher)

Anonymous said...

I think I just threw up a little!

Anonymous said...

Reply to Anonymous at 10:33 p.m. Sounds like a personal problem.

Anonymous said...

@ 349am
No not really, a personal problem is When you defend pedofiles and then try to make those who find it repulsive feel as if they have the problem and not the pedofile. Are you condoning child molestation and assault? What's the matter? Having trouble sleeping? Conscience bothering you?

Anonymous said...

Do not judge a whole family because one or two members act irresponsibly and like rogues. Glen obviously has a number of personal problems. Ted Rollins is all those things you say and more, but do not confuse his actions as the actions of his first cousins Randall and Gary as they lead separate lives from Ted and have no more control over their first cousin as you might have with your own cousins. Ted has always taken his own path in life and not the path that his father, uncle or cousins took which was always hard work and service to others. They are not linked financially at all and I would think they abhor Ted's conduct regarding his children. Their fathers' O.Wayne, especially, and John, did not act the way Ted or Glen has, Ted has always been a rogue and irresponsible, few people would defend him.
I am not linked in any way to the Rollins family nor have I made any money from them. I am not a big fan of theirs but I can see things objectively and give credit and blame where it is due. They are not perfect by any means and volumes could be written here about their tragic, drama filled lives, but taken as a whole, they ( O.Wayne, Randall and Gary) did and do more to help others than you can imagine as they do it in a quiet and humble way. And by the way, teachers can be fooled, just look at the NEA, the amount of sex abuse cases with students and the teachers unions. And as a teacher, I would think you would take pleasure in knowing about the hundreds of college scholarships they provide to employees using their own money, not company funds.The tone of your writing is one that is filled with hatred, vitriol and venom. I can understand your feeling this way towards Ted because of his irresponsible behavior and the hurt that his children have gone through, but do not think that Randall and Gary are ANYTHING like Ted. Peace be with you.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Anon. Dec 5. 8:40 a.m.: I have always heard Actions Speak Louder Than Words...do you agree? If you expect anyone to believe that any of the Rollins you are defending as philanthropic and kind people, may I then ask, have they ever considered during the last ten years, to step up to the plate and do something about what Ted Rollins did to his own children? I don't think they have or I would have heard about it by now and seen evidence of it in the Rollins childrens lives here in Alabama. S I have read some of their newsworthy contributions to society but what have they done for their own relatives who were done in by the bad boy family member, Ted Rollins? Didn't I read also that Randall Rollins helped Ted commit fraud and perjury in the Alabama divorce case? Didn't he help cover up the company Ted owned with him? Maybe I need to go back and refresh my reading of Legal Schnauzer blogs.

Anonymous said...

I do agree with you that 'actions speak louder than words,' people who actually work for, are friends with or know Randall and Gary can judge for themselves as to their character and their charitable works. But since you and I are on the outside and do not see what actually goes on behind closed doors, our scope of information is limited. Remember that Ted is a first cousin to Randall, grew up 1,000 miles away and there is a 30 year age difference between the two. If they saw each other twice a year, how much exposure did they have to each other? Randall and Gary can't control their own children yet you expect them to control Ted? You mention that Randall committed perjury, if that were true, I can assure you that the prosecutor would have filed charges against him. To my knowledge, none have been filed.
Look, I am not going to defend Ted as he has acted like a scoundrel on multiple occasions. Again I say to you, how much control do you or does anyone have over a cousin who lived in another state? Ted has made his bed and he must answer for his actions. I do not know the divorce case the way you do so I can not comment except to say that there are at least two sides to every divorce. But Ted has a full brother and 7 or 8 half siblings, why aren't you critical of their action/inaction, shouldn't they be first to hold him accountable or help/chastise Ted?
It will be interesting to see what happens in Glen Rollins' divorce case. I suspect she will hit him and get 1/3 of what his own net worth is, she will not be able to touch the trust. Glen's mother (who is divorcing his father) is paying his bills and bought him that ritzy townhouse in Atlanta, there isn't much for Danielle to fight over. She will then need to find a new sponsor to help her maintain the lifestyle that she has become accustomed to. Neither party has clean hands in this situation! Merry Christmas!

legalschnauzer said...

I will chime in here and point out that perjury is probably the most under-prosecuted crime in the U.S. I would say about .00000001 percent of perjury cases are prosecuted, and that's probably a high estimate. Randall Rollins committed perjury in his deposition of the Rollins divorce case, and I have published the documents that prove it. You can go to the search function on my blog and type "Randall Rollins deposition," and it will bring up the evidence.

The fact a prosecutor hasn't pursued a case in no way means an unlawful act wasn't committed. For one thing, I'm not aware that Sherry Rollins has filed a criminal complaint--although she probably should. With no complaint, no prosecutor even has taken a look at the issue.

But it's there in black and white, and it cannot be disputed. Randall Rollins lied under oath and went out of his way to help Ted Rollins cheat his ex wife and two daughters.

Ted Rollins is not the only scoundrel in that family. I appreciate that you hold Randall in high regard. But the record in the Rollins divorce case tells a different story, and I've read it.

If Ms. Rollins files a criminal complaint and it lands with a serious federal prosecutor, Randall Rollins will be in deep doo-doo, along with his cousin, Ted. They both could wind up in orange jump suits.

Anonymous said...

I only hold Randall Rollins in high regard concerning his charitable efforts and work ethic, otherwise the guy is not one of my favorites, and I am sure he helped Ted however he may have. I am not disputing those allegations at all.

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This is a very informative article. I am glad to have discovered your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe. I remember Glen working for me as a young teen when I was a Manager with Orkin. Oh well, guess you never know.

Anonymous said...

Are you aware that the Rollins Divorce trial begins on December 3 2013 in FultonCounty with Judge Lane presiding? Judge Lane was also the presiding judge in the highly publicized Usher child custody case but was found to have financial ties to Ushers legal counsel, Why is no one talking about this? Has the Rollins family paid off one more judge? Sure does look that way!

Anonymous said...

Glen's dating a golddigger by the name of Morgan Pickard. They will be going to Africa on a 2 week trip soon.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Glen got the house- his girlfriend Morgan Pickard has moved in with him as well...

Anonymous said...

Danielle is now SUING THE JUDGE.