Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Christopher Key, "vaccine police" from Birmingham, Alabama, appears at Walmart store in Springfield, MO, to threaten pharmacy workers with execution

Christopher Key

You can leave Alabama, but the state's looniness tends to follow you, even to the Ozark Mountains. That's a lesson we learned this week, thanks to a peculiar chap from Birmingham named Christopher Key. From a report at

An Alabama man known as the “vaccine police” recorded himself saying Walmart pharmacy workers could face execution for administering the COVID vaccine.

In a 30-minute video posted to Facebook live, Christopher Key went to the Walmart in Springfield, Missouri, to spread his anti-vaccine message. According to the Springfield (Mo.) News-Leader, Key and a group of supporters were in Springfield as part of a protest at Mercy Hospital over an announcement that employees need to be vaccinated or face possible termination.

The video shows Key and his group of about a half-dozen supporters arriving at the pharmacy to find doors locked and the windows closed.

”You are being put on notice!” he shouted at the door as supporters filmed. “And if they give one more vaccine, as of this day after being put on notice, then they can be hung up. And they can be executed.

Key's  rhetoric then really goes off the rails:

“What they’re doing here is they’re violating the Nuremberg Code, and if you allow one more shot to go into one more person’s body, you yourself can be executed,” he said in the video. “It’s a violation of the Nuremberg Code. I do this out of love, I’m not trying to give you any fear and intimidation. I’m just letting you guys know that if you continue to do this, that you guys will be held accountable.”

Key’s claims about the Nuremberg Code have been debunked. You can read more here.

Key and his group later told police they had come to Walmart to receive the vaccine and were refused, threatening to sue both the retail chain and the police, the Leader reported.


Anonymous said...

Here in Alabama, we have to take "credit" for Mo Brooks, and now we have to claim this loon? Haven't we suffered enough already?

Anonymous said...

Can't you insert a sentence that says, "Oops, my mistake, this guy actually is from Mississippi." Our neighbors to the west won't mind, probably won't even notice.

legalschnauzer said...

From the look on this guy's face, he seems to think this is all funny. He should try telling that to someone on a ventilator.

Anonymous said...

Who's the blonde chick in the photo? Is she a vaccine cop, too?

legalschnauzer said...

I don't know. Maybe the vaccine cop has groupies.

Anonymous said...

There’s an old saying in Alabama—I know it’s in Missouri, probably in Alabama—that says, Moronism in all it's various permutations is the most prevalent religion in Uh-Merica.

Anonymous said...